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SciShow/SciShow Kids Video Maker Wanted

Missoula-based production company seeks a talented, smart, and creative full-time video maker to help us share educational content with the world through SciShow Kids, SciShow, SciShow Space, and SciShow Psychology: a group of YouTube channels with over 600 million views and 4.5 million subscribers. We’re expanding and sharing more content with more people and we’re looking for great personalities to help us. Accepted applications through January 20, 2017.

Here’s some of what we’re looking for:

  • Confidence in working with the Adobe Creative Suite, particularly Premiere and After Effects 
  • Experience working on a film set and anticipating needs
  • Confidence in explaining and animating complex concepts for very young viewers
  • Familiarity with SciShow and online education content
  • Passion for creative projects, and for accuracy and clarity in scientific communication
  • Interest in writing scripts a plus
  • Local to Missoula or willing to relocate to Missoula
  • Ability to work independently and on a team
  • Flexibility and ability to take direction
  • Sense of humor and willingness to share ideas
  • Ambition to grow as a video maker and animator

Nerds of all sort encouraged to apply!

Please submit this application no later than January 20, 2017.

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Do you have any spells about jobs? Any kind of job spells. I applied for a competitive position and I need all the luck I can get.

[Spells for Luck]

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Cambodia’s female construction workers

Cambodia’s construction industry is booming, and high-rises are being built across the capital of Phnom Penh. With the city’s population doubling over the past four years, it has begun its transformation into a sprawling metropolis.

The industry employs a large number of migrant workers who flock to the capital in search of work.

Around a third of these workers are women, and photographer Charles Fox’s latest project documents them on the building sites.

Some of the women are just starting out, others hone skills learnt in the provinces, while others are from the masses of workers who returned from Thailand in 2014 after a crackdown on illegal migrant workers.

Many of these women have come to the capital with their family and friends, relocating to live and work on the building sites.

The sites can often be dangerous and female workers can receive lower wages than their male counterparts.

Despite this, the women of Cambodia’s construction industry are hard-working and driven, remaining resilient to the risks they face.

All photographs by Charles Fox.

“The Florence Nightingale of the Confederacy”

A native of Mississippi, Newson’s war experience began with her buying supplies with her own money and assisting the Southern Mothers’ Home Hospital and the Overton Hospital.

Following where the need for help was, she soon relocated to Kentucky, working grueling hours to make up for the need. Her work continued to move her around the south, eventually earning her a position as a matron for the Foard Hospital in Chattanooga, Tennessee. She continued working in numerous locations until the end of the war.

She spent the entirety of her wealth during the war on supplies and supporting the medical effort.. She died after a battle with illness on January 18, 1919. Pic Pinterest.


On this day in music history: March 13, 1984 - “Heartbeat City”, the fifth album by The Cars is released. Produced by Robert John “Mutt” Lange and The Cars, it is recorded at Battery Studios in London from July 1983 - January 1984. Following the release of their fourth album “Shake It Up” and the subsequent tour, The Cars take a year off to rest, and for band members Ric Ocasek and Greg Hawkes to work on solo projects. When they reunite in mid 1983, they relocate to London to work with producer “Mutt” Lange, fresh off of his successes with AC/DC and Def Leppard. After working with Roy Thomas Baker on their previous albums, the band find that Lange works in a far different manner. Meticulously building the rhythm tracks from the ground up, drummer David Robinson does not play live drums on the album at all, instead the drum tracks are created from samples of drums and played back through a Fairlight CMI synthesizer. Without losing their quirky and eclectic edge, the band create an albums worth of songs (written almost entirely by Ocasek alone) that maintain those qualities, but are radio friendly and accessible. It spins off five singles including “You Might Think” (#7 Pop), “Magic” (#12 Pop), “Drive” (#3 Pop) and “Hello Again” (#20 Pop, #8 Club Play). The singles are supported by a series of clever eye catching music videos beginning with the first single “You Might Think”. The clip is directed by Jeff Stein (“The Kids Are Alright”) and features fashion model Susan Gallagher. The tongue in cheek video is one of the first to utilize computer generated graphics and effects. The clip is an instant hit on MTV, and later in 1984 wins the very first VMA award for Video Of The Year. The videos for “Magic”, which features Ocasek appearing to walk on water, “Drive” featuring model Paulina Porizkova (later married to Ric Ocasek) and directed by Oscar winning actor Timothy Hutton. “Hello Again” is directed by and featuring a cameo by pop art icon Andy Warhol. All four videos become staples on MTV, and other music video channels throughout the year. The album cover outer gatefold features the painting “Art-O-Matic Loop Di Loop” by English pop artist Peter Phillips. The album is remastered and reissued as a hybrid SACD and as a 180 gram vinyl LP by Mobile Fidelity Sound Lab in 2016. “Heartbeat City” peaks at number three on the Billboard Top 200, and is certified 3x Platinum in the US by the RIAA.

Follower Friday: lustforthoughts

Follower Fridays is a series of profiles highlighting members of Gaysian Third Space to showcase the diversity of gaysians in the Community. This week’s featured member is @lustforthoughts.

Who are you?

A Vietnamese Montréalais Cali-Texan navigating the seas of boredom and singledom.  I’m defined by my tank tops, awkward overbite, and alarming love for Sex & the City.  I also enjoy occasional walks to the pub–reminiscent of my UCLA undergrad days.

Where are you from?

I was born and raised in Montréal; but immigrated to California a while back for school.  Texas is my current home: I relocated last year for work.

What do you do?

I’m a fourth grade teacher by daylight and Johns Hopkins graduate student by moonlight.  I’m pursuing an MS in Education to expand my teaching practice and widen my impact within the education system.

What are you passionate about?

Creative writing.  When I was an ELL student in California, I carried a French-English dictionary around to write poetry (and learn English) during recess.  I fell in love with Dr. Seuss and Shel Silverstein: I’d rehearse, rewrite, and read their poems to my teachers and interventionists.  Though my words were limited, my thoughts were infinite.  

At UCLA, an Asian American Studies course introduced me to API playwrights who used creative writing as a means for navigating social consciousnesses.  Their works inspired me to further venture into poetry.

What is your dream job (real or fantasy)?

After a few more years in Texas, I see myself settled back in California.  My dream job is to teach English or social studies in a Catholic high school, where I’ll have the avenue to explore my Catholic identity as well.  

If you could change the world with one idea, what would it be?

“Qui n’avance pas, recule.“
           – ” Those who do not move forward, recede”.

“Confession” The reunion

【告白】再会カル愛 by りんたろう

part 2 of [this]  Like I said before, the artist doesn’t want her art to be reproduced, so I will respect her wish. You can click on the link to see her art from pixiv.

pg 1

Rintarou: This time, I will paint you a story about our heart broken Karma from two years later in the future.

pg 2

K: It’s about time for lunch.  

say, It’s been two years since that time.  

I’m quite glad that my job was interesting enough to take it seriously, otherwise, I wouldn’t be able to get that memory off my mind.  

here, you slipped this.  

O: thank you very much….

pg 3

K: Okuda!?

O: Ah, Karma!

Could it be that your workplace is around here?

What a surprise.

K: no no, what do you mean by around here?

O: Recently, I was relocated to work here. To think that I run into you again in the same country is such a coincident.

K: you didn’t tell me anything about this.

O: sorry~ I forgot.  

But you know, I’m really happy that you’re here. I’m so helpless, I haven’t made any friend yet.

O: it would be great if our lunch time suit our schedule.

K: Okuda-san

pg 4

K: I still haven’t forget that day. you rejected me.  (enough, let’s just clear this doubt between us)

Please understand that I don’t have any ill intention toward you, but at this point, I don’t have those kind of time on my hand anymore.

O: ? but I didn’t reject your work offer.

I really didn’t.

K: nononononononno. (then what the hell was that “now way” back then)

(Could it be !?  She couldn’t tell that my proposal to her!?)

(that’s exactly it!!)

O: but I..

pg 5

O: It’s also because I like you. (TN:no, not romantically but as an admiration)

That time at the airport,  I was really happy.  

And from my circumstances at that same time, I came to learn something about my doubt.  

If I were compare myself to you, would I be able to walk in your shoes. I wondered if I even have what would it take to have the confidence to stand by you.

I thought I would just be in your way that’s why I didn’t hold back my answer.

In those days when I first started working, my feeling was a little disheartened I couldn’t put anything into word properly.  

That’s why my answer to you…..  this feeling/sentiment of mine was un needed for that moment.  

pg 6

O: but hear me out on this.

My feeling for karma-kun isn’t the same as those days anymore.

I’ve changed in these past two years.  

All these experiences I’ve gained are the hard work I put in. I feel like I have confidence in myself more than ever now.

That’s why, one more time, I fell in love with you as I am to my work.  Let’s do our best.

This is my confession to you this time.

pg 7

O: from now on let’s eat lunch together again.  

Ah!! I just realize that I don’t have much time anymore , so I’m going to leave the food aside.

K: that’s ok I’ll take it.

O: Thank you very much. This time will be my treat then.  Contact me again sometime!

K: (WHAT THE HECK WAS THAT.   You’re telling me after all that she didn’t get the point, I don’t get her at all. It’s way too damn late.)

pg 8

K:(But right now, I feel really happy.)

(I thought I can finally break though this doubt but nothing has changed at all!!)

 (TN: In another word, he want to unbound himself from that moment at the airport in part 1, well that ended in a failure just now)  

Waitress: Um… customer..

K: I’m OK.

(carelessly making confession to me like as if I’m her co-worker)

(Can someone like her be that slow?)  

(This taste horrible) Receipt please.  

side Kanji: All because of work…

pg 10

O: Why did I….   ohh did I really said that.

(TN: man this one was really challenging to translate at my level, I had trouble with a few grammar here and there but I tried my best to convey the artist’s feeling in full words. So, if any translator spot anything missing, feel free to contact me :)  

Stranger// Choi Youngjae

Originally posted by jinyoungiepark

Pairing: Youngjae x Reader

Genre: Fluff

Summary: “I’ve been forced to move to another country where I don’t know the language or culture, and you were nice enough to help me out. I can’t understand any of what you’re saying to me, but your smile sure is nice…”

Author’s Note: More Youngjae scenarios written for my favorite Youngjae stan~ enjoy!

xoxo Sara

Alright (Y/N), you thought to yourself as you lugged around your carry on’s and your suitcase, both things seeing to weigh down both your body and your spirits, You can do this.

You were used to this; lugging around suitcases to your new location, to your new home where you’d be residing for for work, relocating and restarting your life so you can continue working for your company. One thing you weren’t used to, though, was moving to another country.

You had worked for a production company, a trainee if you will, for the production of music. You had helped put together a lot of incredible dances for boybands in America that seemed to do well, so your company has decided to relocate you to Seoul, the heart of South Korea, to see if you can do the same there.

The only problem is that you had no idea what you were doing here. Besides of work, of course. But you knew nothing about Korea. You didn’t know culture, customs, heck, you even shaky on  language for the most part. Your company had said a translator would be provided for you, but he was nowhere to be seen and was surely left back at the airport.

You had taken lessons in Hangul shortly before your transfer, trying to learn simple phrases to help you get through the city and read signs and whatnot, but nothing advanced right now.

You had gotten lost in thought, when someone had tapped your shoulder. You turned around slowly, to meet a large smile in front of you. The smile belonged to a boy, who seemed to be your age. He held out to you one of your favorite tanktops, saying something in Korean before handing it to you.

Thank you,” you said shakily, one of the few phrases you actually knew from the classes you took suddenly paying off. The man nodded, peering over your shoulder to a small piece of paper that your company had given you to try and help you navigate your way to the apartment complex they owned.

“JYP!” The boy smiled at you softly, before beginning to speak again. You attempted to follow his lips along with what he was saying, trying to decipher even a lick of what he was saying. But soon, you were lost in thought at you stared at his smile. His smile seemed so heartwarming and inviting. It was a wide tooth grin that complimented his cute eyesmile as he spoke, leading you to trace over all of his features with your eyes. he had a cute mole under his eye, and his nose crinkled when he talked slightly. His hair looked soft, although you could smell that it had been freshly processed.

He kept talking, none of which you understood. So, as politely as you could, you stopped him and muttered another sentence,

“I’m sorry. I don’t speak Korean.

The man stopped, eyes wide as he nodded. “Oh!” He exclaimed, letting out a soft laugh. His laugh made you feel light and less embarrassed, his hand leaning on your shoulder slightly.

“Do you speak english?” he asked politely.

You nodded, rubbing the back of your neck as you smiled back at him.

“I am okay with my English,” He said, “I still study it. I work for JYP too. I can show you the building!”

You let out a sigh of relief, clutching your chest as you looked at him, “really?”

“Yes!” he smiled, gestured for you to follow him, “it’s this way!”

After a while of the boy making conversation, you couldn’t help but find his shaky English incredibly cute and adorable. He spoke to you fluently with some sentences, sentences he obviously thought about for a long time due to the long pause in between, while other sentences were a bit shaky as he got more and more excited about the topic you two were talking about. Soon, he stopped in front of a building.

“This,” he said, gesturing to the building, “is JYP entertainment.”

You smiled at the boy, taking his hand and shaking it softly. “Thank you so much for your help!”

The boy nodded at you, cheeks flushing as he rubbed the back of his neck, “My name is Youngjae. What’s yours?”

“I’m (Y/N),” You smiled at him, taking your bags again, though Youngjae didn’t allow you to. He took your carry on’s and smiled.

“Here, let me help.”

彼と添い寝でしたいコトぜんぶ 真瀬智晴 (Kare to soine de shitaikoto zenbu • Mase Tomoharu)

Apricot has announced the fifth volume for the Kare to soine de shitaikoto zenbu series! This volume will feature your husband who has come to visit you since being relocated away from you for work.

Synopsis (Paraphrased):

智晴 (Tomoharu) is your husband who is two years older than you. After being married for one year, Tomoharu has been separated from you because of a job transfer to another location.

However, on his time off, he has returned to be with you.

Even though there is limited time for the two of you, you spend it with each other carefully, immersed in the depths of your mutual love.

CV: 四ツ谷サイダー (Okitsu Kazuyuki)

Release Date: February 26th, 2016.


Back in 2009, about 2 weeks before I quit Warner Bros Animation and relocated to Korea to work as staff at JM Animation & Mir Studio, I was contacted by Peter Chung to help him work on his new, CGI animated Cartoon Network Tv movie, “FireBreather.” I was unable to commit as I was leaving the country, but he showed me the amazing 2D character designs for a 1minute, 2D animated sizzle piece he had done to land the gig. Naturally, upon seeing it then, I felt the 2D was far superior than the final, CGI film. Shame this wasn’t the direction they went. It’s 6 years old and still impressive.

Reed Stewart thought he’d left all his small-town troubles—including a broken heart—behind when he ditched tiny Bloomville, Indiana, ten years ago to become rich and famous on the professional golf circuit.  Then one tiny post on the Internet causes all of those troubles to return … with a vengeance.

Becky Flowers has worked hard to build her successful senior-relocation business, but she’s worked even harder to forget Reed Stewart ever existed. She has absolutely no intention of seeing him when he returns—until his family hires her to save his parents.

this book might feature the two dullest professions possible 

[080516] My Fanaccs from SHINee’s Chicago Fanmeet!

Okay, here it begins!

First of all, the management/organization wasn’t bad, it was crowded but the organizers managed everything properly. There was good security and from what I saw no one was touched or “checked” inappropriately. I was in 106 and it’s funny that apart from my 2 friends (Lily & Jasmine), there was a “Rosie” and “Daisy” near my seats lol all flowers~
The venue was pretty packed and I said hello to lots of Shawols. I don’t know if you guys are on Tumblr or if you remember me but I’m very glad I met you people! This was actually my “farewell trip” (I’m getting relocated to Singapore for work by June end, so bye bye, US lol) and it was best fucking trip!

Fanaccounts (in random order) :

The boys didn’t look tired like I thought they would be and they looked happy and adorable. They acknowledged a lot of fans, they made eye-contacts with everyone and smiled at people taking their pics/videos. The fanmeet was approx 2 hours. They were touchy and buttpats were given too lol, especially 2min. I’ve seen them before and they look so beautiful now. Pictures don’t do them justice. They looked healthy and happy.

They chose 20-25 fans to play the charades game, the fans were split into each member’s team. There were two very cute 70 years old Shawols who went to Minho’s team! He bowed deeply to them too!
Onew got the animals category, Jonghyun got movies, Taemin got school, Key got musical instruments(?) and I don’t remember Minho’s lol but he was competitive af! He kept pouting and disturbing others lol Jongtae hugged their teams!

Onew did a very cute Giraffe and bunny charade, Jonghyun did Jurassic Park by pointing to his face xD
2min kept messing with Key and his team when it was their turn. The whole thing was hilarious. Onho lost. Onew got 9 points, Jonghyun got 10, Key got 10, Minho got 9 and Taemin was the winner with 12 points! As punishment for losing, Onho had to do aegyo and Jongtaekey just moved and sat down to watch lol

Onew played gangster girlfriend and was faking a chewing gum. Minho kept aegyoing around him and fake kissed him. The venue was roaring with laughter lol. 

They changed outfits 3 times and every performance was flawless and it’s amazing how energetic, they were! They performed Everybody, Sherlock, Hello, Lucifer, View etc.

After each performance, Key would stay back in the dark area to correct his hair and Minho would pull him forward lol Onew is really the calm, gentle guy. He kept looking, swaying and smiling at everybody. At one point, he was going to link arm with Taemin but Taemin moved away, too busy looking at fans lol.

Onew was asked about Dots, Taemin was asked which was his favorite - PYN or Drip Drop, he said Drip Drop. Minho was asked which actor he liked/wanted to work with, he answered Brad Pitt. The fans were asked whether Minho is more handsome or Brad Pitt and everybody yelled “MINHOOOOO!” He got cutely shy :3

Key was asked the secret behind his skin/what cosmetics he used and he replied “use the one we endorse” (Saem) lol. Key said he was looking forward to Jonghyun’s comeback and told us to look forward to it too. He was playful and sassy like he always is. Jonghyun was asked who he would like to collab with next and he jokingly said Minho would act too much (as in take away the spotlight), so, he chose Onew. He said their debut was the best thing that happened and Jongkey bickered. Jonghyun kept saying all of them cried and Key was, like, “what all? I didn’t cry! it was only you” lol. His English was fluent, actually all of them spoke good English and there was less Korean.

They showed “View” making footage. They showed the Ontae pool scene making and Taemin’s back-flip was so smooth~
Actually Taemin is fluid lol he has no bones. His giggles are the cutest. This is my 2nd time seeing them (saw them once before in 2012 at a fansign) and Taemin has matured a lot *feels like a mom*

Oh, there were lots of fanboys too! One of them shouted ILY to Jonghyun and he replied “me too~” lol. Jonghyun kept smiling with his head tilted. He was adorable!

We were given “happy 8th anniversary” banners and we held it up real high. They looked touched, Jong couldn’t speak and looked like he’d cry but he stayed and tried reading each banner. Even Minho had moist eyes. Minho took out his phone and took pictures of us and Taemin looked at all the pics that he took. Minkey kept lingering and saying that they’ll come back. Onew said thanks too. 

Guys, I’m a happy person and my voice has gone from all the yelling and I consider myself lucky that they came to US just when I’m about to leave this country!
My World Is Filled With Cheer And You - bleep0bleep - Teen Wolf (TV) [Archive of Our Own]
An Archive of Our Own, a project of the Organization for Transformative Works
By Organization for Transformative Works

“It was a last minute decision. Single parents with children draw attention to themselves in this type of neighborhood, and this department didn’t have a big budget to relocate all the werewolf and werewolf sympathizers that were targeted on this list. We’ve combined a lot of our relocation assignments. It ended up working out that another family, Mr. Stilinski and his son, looked like a good fit for you guys, so you’ll be sharing a home with them for the time being.” Markowski grins at him. “Congratulations! You’re married!”


In which Derek and his daughter are displaced just in time for the holidays, matched up with Stiles and his young son in a government protection program.

Do anything! Something! Because you start a revolution one decision at a time, with each breath you take. Just don’t go back to that miserable place you go every day. Show me it’s possible to be an adult and also be happy. Please. This is a free country. You don’t have to keep doing this if you don’t want to. You can do anything you want. Be anyone you won’t. That’s what they tell us at school, but if you keep getting on that train and going to the place you hate I’m going to start thinking the people at school are liars like the Nazis who told the Jews they were just being relocated to work factories. Don’t do that to us. Tell us the truth.
—  Matthew Quick, Forgive Me, Leonard Peacock

“I been in a long-distance relationship for a while with an old coworker of mine and I think I’ve fallen hard for him. While I know he cares deeply for me and wants me to come out West, I can’t help but be nervous for the future. Even though I feel like we can do it, many of my friends believe relocating for love doesn’t work. When I get really paranoid and worried, I find solace in Tangled. Hearing all of my insecurities expressed in Mother Knows Best (Reprise) somehow takes away all the doubt”



Hi guys! I’m Cheyenne, a mentally ill and physically disabled queer artist from Flint, Michigan. I had to move to California after a domestic violence situation made me homeless in December 2014. Unfortunately, after a few months of living here I realized my mental and physical medical needs will not be met here. I have no support system and am in a very bad and scary place mentally and physically and unable to move out because of astonishing cost of living in OC.

It is because of this that I have decided to relocate. I work a part time minimum wage job and am struggling to support myself and my partner, let alone save up to move out. It is because of this that I have decided to reopen commissions, as well as raise the prices slightly. I hope that you can understand.

If you are interested in commissioning me for work, please feel free to email me at 
If you are unable to support monetarily, please consider reblogging! I can’t get make money without being found! 

Thank you for your time!

Shoulders & Up Black and White Portrait:

Digital file, full size, 1 character - $40
     + Physical print delivered within USA - $25-50

$25 per additional character, up to 3
Coloured solid or gradient background free addition

Shoulders & Up Colour Portrait

Digital file, full size, 1 character - $55
      + Physical print delivered within USA - $25-50

$35 per additional character, up to 3

I will need a minimum of 1 mid quality reference to work from.
Payment via paypal.
Willing to make 2 changes before extra charges

This cipher hunt is so exciting!!!

I hope Alex Hirsch considers selling copies of the puzzle! I’d love to suffer for 24+ hours on a bill puzzle!

I’m so proud of all of the people working so hard on the puzzle together!!! Sleeping in shifts? Having to relocate the puzzle multiple times? Working so long on a puzzle that’s almost solid yellow??? They’re amazing!!!

Good luck!