Folklore again! This time it’s a Källrå, with a little frog-friend. I think the closest translation in English would be something like “Lady (as in the equivalent of Lord) of the well/spring” .

Many Nordic creatures are at least somewhat malevolent, causing diseases and the like, but the Källrå is a bit special in that they rarely hurts anyone in the stories about them, and they said to cure disease if you send a small sacrifice, like a coin, down a well or spring with a Källrå living in it, and then drink or bathe in the water. 

Some sources speak of them being able to turn into various animals, like a snake, fish or frog. I personally think frogs are really cute so that’s what I imagine this one can transform into. 

I drew a myling again! They are my favorite ghost-children after all. 

They’re rarely this happy (usually they’re crying) but there are stories where they dance so I thought I’d try drawing one dancing. 

They sing super creepy songs too. Usually about how they were murdered. 

If anyone is interested in knowing a it more about what a myling is, I made this post some time ago where I explain it