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Vigil Wolves

Location // Portland, Oregon

For Fans of // Misery Signals, Alexisonfire, Counterparts.

The majority of Vigil Wolves current members Bryan, Kyle, Leland, Jacob and Forrest had played together in various bands through out the years leading up to the inception of VW now located in Portland, with roots going back to the early 2000’s. During this time, the three founding members of Vigil Wolves, along with their respective bands at the time, were responsible for helping birth and cultivate a very lively youth scene on the Central Oregon Coast that saw shows in local dives and rentals draw crowds of hundreds and bring in bands (and fans) from all over the country, cementing themselves as important figures in the Oregon Coast DIY Metal and Hardcore scene of these early days.

It’s this creative energy and voracious passion that has finally paid off allowing them to realize the dream of putting together a tour that incorporates shows with national acts that are being booked now; as well as a selection of new songs for their debut EP, Vacant Hands, which was recorded and produced independently by the band and engineered by guitarist, Kyle Gilmer, in his home studio. This was released digitally on June 24th, 2014 and is gaining momentum, popularity and plenty of social media attention. Find your FREE copy streaming on soundcloud, or you can purchase the debut on Itunes.




- Rellish


In Light of Us
Location // Minneapolis, MN                                                                            

For Fans Of // Parkway Drive, I Killed The Prom Queen, The Devil Wears Prada

Calling all hardcore Metal Heads! If you respect the music for the genre and not the image, then In Light of Us will surely impress. With elements of classic metal from the good ol’ days plus their own influences shining through to spice things up, ILOU create their own extreme fusion of metalcore flavour.
Founded in January 2013 when Garret, Justin, Josh, Kevin and Kory decided the world was ready to hear the hottest thing to merge into the current post hardcore scene; I’m reminded of faves of mine like Parkway Drive, I killed the Prom Queen and The Devil Wears Prada; however after a listen, you’re free to make your own judgments of course.  
Though still just sucklings, there is a worldly wisdom in the lyrics, popularity among fans and a list of artist’s who’ve shared the stage that is sure to peak anyone’s interest…Panic! At The Disco, Alesana, Get Scared and Jamie’s Elsewhere. Find the free download of their new EP titled On Trial here and make your own conclusions, though mark my words, of one thing I am sure…they shred!
Twitter/YouTube: @InLightofUs
Instagram: inlightofus_mn

- Rellish