Live Good is a duo EP by Atlanta artist Gavo Stone and Rello (aka Rell EZ). It is also the first EP by both artist which feature production by Christian Munro,Jay Cue of NRK,B.RY Da Stevens,Mr.Nevermind and Kisai The Spooniest Bard. Visit their bandcamp and listen to their Music. Gavo Stone x Rello

Download: Gavo Stone x Rello - Live Good 

This EP can be described as a diverse work of music which has something that anyone can dig and jam from here on out. The theme of Live Good can be described as where these two artist want to be with their music. Their dreams you may say,wanting to make those dreams into reality and what its gonna take to get there. Each song tells a story in a way touching on subjects such as Personal Struggle,Partying,Sex,Drugs,Love,Hate and Life the way these young men see it and what they’ve been through so far. Live Good is progression,riding music that also relays a message to you if not a message something that make you feel good while listening to it. I hope you take time to listen to whats on this record and don’t take it lightly. This is the beginning…