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Wizardess Heart - Vincent Knight - A Semi-Comprehensive Review

I was going to wait until more people had finished the route - but I just can’t.  This route made me salty as hell.  And I’m not the only one - @glyphenthusiast said that after reading it, she was “as salty as a family-size bag of Lays potato chips”.  I haven’t had a Lays potato chip in about five years, because they’re that salty.

So here are my feelings on Vincent’s route.

Pros:  Vincent is really hot.

Cons:  Everything else.

More under the cut - and as usual, SPOILERS, AHOY!!!!

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Niko Sato's Girlfriend
  • Asami: *notices Korra is pacing back and forth* Honey will you relax?
  • Korra: *begins to bite nails* I can't! This is her first time bringing home a know and Im worried! Im her mom I have a right to!
  • Asami: *smiles softly* Well im her mother as well and I don't recall you being this stressed when all she talked about was boys as a kid.
  • Korra: *stops pacing and sighs* That was because I was all set to intimidate any guy she brought home back then...but I cant hit a girl if she breaks our baby's heart! *huffs* How was I suppose to know she was Bi?
  • Asami: Well she did learn from the best.
  • Korra: You're not funny!
  • Asami: *moves forward to place chaste kiss on Korra's lips* Calm yourself im only teasing. Besides, who would mess with the Avatar's daughter? Not a smart girl. Besides we taught her to be careful about who she trusts.
  • Korra: *smirking slightly* That title "avatar mom" would mean nothing to a hormonal teenager. I think id rather face Kuvira 100 times over again then relive when Niko hit puberty...
  • Asami: HA HA HA, so funny if I remember correctly I WAS the one that handled that!
  • Korra: *smiles playfully an wraps Asami in a hug* this is another reason. They'd be facing me and have to survive the wrath of an angry CEO with a cute butt.
  • Asami: *narrows eyes and whacks korra's shoulder* Hey! None of that we dont wanna scare off her-
  • Niko: Mom? Ma? I'm home!
  • Asami: We're in the kitchen! *gives Korra a pointed look* Be nice and no lighting your eyes up just to freak this girl out!
  • Korra: You know me so well.
  • Niko: *pokes head around corner* Is my girl here safe or should she borrow some of the probending gear in the attic?
  • Asami: *smiles* We're both sane at the moment I promise.
  • Niko: *tugs gently as a slightly taller girl with light skin with long dark brunette hair steps in* Guys this is Satsuki.
  • Asami: Hello!
  • Satsuki: Ms. And Ms. Sato it's lovely to finally meet you!
  • Asami: Likewise. Niko has told us a lot about you!
  • Niko: MOM!
  • Korra: *observes the united forces logo adorning black jacket that the slim girl is wearing* Hey Satsuki. You interested in the UF?
  • Satsuki: *smiles brightly as her grey eyes light up* It's my dream to become top general. I started in the scouting legion when I was 12 and just graduated the naval academy scholarship program here in the city two years ago.
  • Korra: *greatly impressed* No kidding?
  • Satsuki: *stands proudly and smiles gently* Next month I take my flight exam to pass for my overall Comander in Training start up!
  • Korra: *eyes widen commically* You've already finished all three levels of training?!
  • Satsuki: *suddenly bashful* Yeah almost um I was a military brat for a while and my parents let me sign up early for the basic training and stuff. Its nothing special...
  • Niko: *smiles* nothing special?! She graduated all three courses years in advance as top of her class! She's brilliant and skilled beyond every one in the entire UF!
  • Asami: *Looks over to Korra teasingly* I don't know honey, suddenly the whole intimidation thing looks like it'll result in you getting a beat down from a 17 year old girl.
  • Korra: *smiles and nudges her wife* No need for any fights. This ones a keeper.
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  • Based off that amazing drawing by KYUH