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Stay Professional! Final

NSFW! Work AU! Explicit smut, some fluff and slight angst? : Jungkook x Reader

Part 1 / 2 / 3 / 4 / 5 / 6 / 7 / 8 / 9 / 10 / 11 / 12 / 13

Summary: Jeon Jungkook’s persistence landed him a place in your heart- although a special spot for him was already there to begin with. He was more than just a pretty face. Not only was he exceptionally skilled in bed, he’d gotten to a point where he lived to spoil you… in more ways than one. 

A/N: This is the last chapter of Stay Professional! Quite possible that it’s the most steamy chapter too! Please be aware that this chapter involves explicit smut! NSFW! Derogatory terms, dirty talk, over-sensitivity, spanking.. just full on rough and kinky fucking. Read at your own risk! DomJungkook! x SubReader

You opened your eyes slowly due to the blinding sunlight that pierced through Jungkook’s polished glass windows. You patted around the king-sized mattress, in search of a warm body that’d hugged you all night long. A small smile spread upon your lips at the memories of the passionate love-making the night before. 

“Jungkook?” You called out in an unusual nasal morning voice and waited for a response as you stretched and bathed in the morning sunlight. 

A quick shuffle of feet trotted from across the hallway and Jungkook immediately made an appearance, an effervescent grin on his radiant face. 

“Yes?” He beamed and crouched over your small frame to plant a loving kiss on your forehead. 

You couldn’t help but let your grin grow as big as his from the loving actions he’d spoilt you with. You suddenly noticed that you weren’t wearing anything underneath the white sheets so you pulled them up higher above your chest and Jungkook’s grin turned into a smirk. 

“You can’t suddenly get shy now, can you?” He licked his lips and briefly brushed them over yours, a quick peck to temporarily satisfy his growing desire to relive last night. 

“Don’t tempt me again, sweetheart.” He planted raspberries down your neck and you giggled at the sensation of his soft lips and puffs of air from his cheek. “This time, I really will punish you.” 

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“Listen, we have very thin walls and I heard you crying in the shower, are you okay?”

Jughead Jones is technically homeless. Your family hates you. These are just facts of life. 

When Archie Andrews decided to take both of you into his home, and his father was okay with it, it astonished you both. 

You all quickly adjusted as roommates, with the two boys sharing a room and you rooming in the guest bedroom. The Andrews are so hospitable and you are so grateful for them getting you out of that situation, but there have been some long lasting affects you weren’t expecting.

It’s late at night when you get in the shower that all of these affects start coming down around you. 

You miss your dog, you miss your old bedroom, you miss the comfort of the couch in the living room. While your siblings and father definitely didn’t want you around, your mother seemed like she could stand her ground if she ever wanted to, so you miss her even though you think you shouldn’t. You miss privacy. Hell, you even miss your old dresser and night stand lamp. You feel as if this is all lost, like you’ll never be able to regain what you’ve left behind. 

It’s almost like you run away, but it’s worse because you still have a roof over your head, so you feel like you can’t be sad about it. You feel as if you have to be strong, like if you’re not then everything else will come crashing down around you. 

Before you know it, these thoughts of guilt and loss and loneliness come crashing down around you, and as the water hits your face you realize it’s not all coming from the shower head. 

You’re crying, and now that you realize you’re crying you begin to hyperventilate. You don’t want to wake anyone, so you try to keep the sobs quiet. After all, maybe a good cry is all you need. 

The next day, you and Jughead are alone in the lounge, sitting on the couch. He seems quieter than usual, more still. He’s got something on his mind, and you can tell. You two have been friends for ages, so you fold your arms and look over at him. 

“What is it?” you ask, plain and simple.

“What? Oh nothing.” he says, almost surprised, as if you talking has pulled him from his thoughts.

You sit there in silence for a few moments, content to accept that as your answer. You knew that when Jughead didn’t want to talk, he didn’t, so there is no use in you trying. 

You begin to pick up your bag when you hear him clear his throat.

You look over at him and raise your eyebrows. 

“Are you okay?” he asks you. 

It’s your turn to be surprised, as you’re not quite sure how to respond to that. It’s clear on your face, because he then shakes his head and stammers to try and explain himself.

“Listen, we have very thin walls and I heard you crying in the shower, are you okay?” he asks.

The sincerity of his tone makes your heart ache all over again, and you have to keep yourself from reliving the memories of last night all over again. 

You begin to nod your head ‘yes’, which slowly turns into shaking your head ‘no’. 

Then, Jughead does something surprising, he reaches out to you and wraps his arms around you. He pulls you into a hug, sitting on the couch. 

You’re stiff at first, not really sure what he’s doing, but soon let yourself sink into his chest, his heartbeat a comforting presence amongst the chaos of your brain. 

You’re determined to not make this first hug your last. 


Sorry i havent been posting over the last few days. Since I’m writing a scenario about a RFA halloween party currently where some of characters will be drunk, I thought I’d do a head canon about it ahaha.I might do a RFA reacts to a drunk MC soon if ye would like that so let me know!! Hope ye enjoy it x


  • You two went over to Zen’s for while
  • You were only planning on having a couple of drinks
  • However you noticed that Yoosung was trying very hard to keep up with Zen while drinking
  • Zen was used to drinking, Yoosung was not.
  • As you noticed him getting very drunk you told him maybe he should stop drinking
  • ‘I’m not drunk MC, you’re drunk!!!!’
  • He got up and got anther drink and you just rolled your eyes
  • He came back crying and apologizing.
  • You told him like twenty times it was okay be he wouldn’t stop
  • You decided it was time to go home
  • You hugged Zen goodbye and called a taxi
  • Yoosung sulked the entire ride home with his head n your shoulder 
  • When you tried to put him to bed he threw a little tantrum but eventually agreed
  • He held you tight all night, with his head on your chest
  • He was mortified the next day as you nursed his hangover 



  • Zen had been working so hard on his newest show 
  • So you were both so relived when the last night finally arrived
  • When the show was finished, you both headed to the after party
  • You were having a great time until you noticed Zen getting drunker and drunker
  • He started off just drinking beer
  • But then moved on to drinking whiskey
  • you had seen Zen drunk plenty of times but never this bad
  • He got really angry at one point when he thought he saw one of his costars flirting with you
  • ‘MC let me go I’m gonna hit him!!!’
  • ‘Zen nooo he only asked me where the bathroom is!’
  • This was your cue to leave
  • You linked arms with Zen as he stumbled 
  • You took a taxi home 
  • When you arrived home, Zen starts aggressively kissing you
  • You push him off giggling telling him he’s too drunk and needs to go to bed
  • He follows you into the bedroom and gets into bed with you 
  • He drunkenly tells you how much he loves and appreciates you
  • Over and over again
  • Until he passes out 


  • Jaehee hardly ever drank because she never had time
  • You decided to invite the RFA members to your house to celebrate the opening of the cafe 
  • You were happy to see Jaehee let loose a little
  • She had been drinking wine 
  • But was talked into taking a couple of vodka shots with Zen
  • Soon after this Jaehee was a mess
  • She starts bashing Jumin left right and center
  • Seven tells her to calm down 
  • ‘Shut the fuck up Seven OH Seven’
  • She obsesses over Zen, more than usual
  • You drag her into the bedroom and tuck her in 
  • But once you leave 
  • She comes back out 
  • ‘Jaehee you can barely walk on your own two legs’
  • ‘I could walk on TEN legs right now’
  • You bring her back to bed again and rub her head till she falls asleep
  • She does not want to work the day after


  • You both are gone to dinner with Jumin’s dad
  • This was your first time meeting him
  • Throughout the night, Jumin’s dad would not stop flirting with you
  • This was making Jumin very frustrated so he drank a lot of wine to calm himself
  • I’d say he drank around four bottles of wine  
  • It was always hard to tell if Jumin was drunk or not because he always managed to keep his composure 
  • So when he started fumbling and slurring his words you knew something was up
  • He started going on random rants about topics that made no sense
  • You realized it was time to go home when he started showing pictures of Elizabeth the 3rd to the waiters and staff 
  • So you called Driver Kim
  • You walked out of the restaurant, holding a wobbling Jumin 
  • Jumin proceeded to bring up random topics in the car home while talking to Driver Kim 
  • Once you got back to the penthouse 
  • Jumin laid down on the floor and played with Elizabeth 
  • You told him to get up for bed but he ignored you 
  • You picked up Elizabeth and brought her to the bedroom and he quickly followed 
  • He passed out with Elizabeth in his arms


  • Seven hardly ever drinks alcohol 
  • So when he told you he was going to drink at Yoosung’s birthday party 
  • you were like um ok??????
  • Seven made the bad decision of drinking vodka that night and well 
  • Got hammered
  • At first he was up singing and dancing the entire time
  • Shaking his booty
  • Annoying everyone with his usual antics expect amplified 
  • But later on that night
  • He started getting verrrrryyyy deep
  • Talking about his struggles and problems 
  • When he started being unable to form proper sentences you decided to bring him home
  • You and Saeran worked as a team lifting his pretty much lifeless body into bed 
  • As you slipped in beside him, he started asking annoying question as you tried to sleep
  • ‘MC???’
  • ‘Yes babe?’
  • ‘Do you think horses can talk to eachother?’
  • ‘Goodnight Seven..’
  • He wakes up moaning about how sick he feels
Be My Soldier

Charlie Puth x Reader

Title Inspired by Bea Miller’s Enemy Fire

Words: 1,656

Summary: Reader is a professional photographer .In the past you have traveled the globe, capturing breathtaking photos of famous singers. Now you’re job is to capture singer songwriter,Charlie Puth. You have actually taken worked with Charlie before but that was purely platonic. Now you have captured more than just an image.

Y/H/C : your hair color

Y/E/C :your eye color

Warning: cute fluff,teasing, cursing, just a tad of smut ;)

  Standing in front of the backstage doors, you and the rest of the team, wait for rehearsal to start. To do the usual thing, set up cameras on stage and do test shots.The only thing keeping you from total bliss was the fact that you have to deal with him.

As the fancy sport car rolled into the garage you rolled your eyes staring down at the camera screen. Another photographer , Sam, elbows you and causing you to his, “what’s up I’m a little busy”

Sam grinned, “so you didn’t tell me how the date went with-”

“Shut up”

“Come on everyone knows you went on a date with him

“SAM” you say raising your voice, she nods chuckling to herself, “what is it now?”

“I was just remembering Charlie going on and on about how happy he was the other day. When I asked what was up and all he said was he had a really good night”

“Well nothing happened” you lied.

“You and Charlie have been close since the day I got this job.”

Shrugging you start to get defensive,“So? That doesn’t mean anything”

“I got this job 3 years ago and you two are basically inseparable. In all honesty I would be shocked if you guys didn’t bone”

You scoffed trying your best not to smile, but you couldn’t help it. Now that the ruggedly handsome man had stepped out of the car, every emotion you were once holding back, was pounding to break free.

The second those god damn hazel green eyes locked onto my y/e/c I felt my stomach fill with butterflies and no matter how hard I tried to look away I couldn’t.

"Morning everyone” he hugged, fist pumped,and high fived everyone but he paused as I stood in front of him. Only inches away from each other I gazed at his eyes as he smirked, “good morning ”

The words so simple yet so intoxicating as they fell off his lips. My mouth opened to speak but Charlie leaned in close to my ear and I gasped,“ remember to be professional”

It was the norm for you to hug Charlie around his back but in this moment you wrapped your arms around his neck and whispered,“ you know I can be very professional.. ”

I let my words drag while slowly pulling away, just far enough, so even the slightest turn would cause our lips to touch.And you could hear him take a deep breath and shiver causing you softly laughed,“ don’t you worry about me baby”

Stepping backwards I let my arms fall to my side and picked up one of the duffel bags, that had some gear for the show, for tonight. “Come on guys let’s set up”, the team cleared their throats since they all knew you and Charlie are a…well whatever you are, they knew.

As you turned your back to Charlie you looked over your shoulder to see him biting his bottom lip, and his cheeks a light shade of red. This all sent shivers down your spine but as Charlie ran past you, you couldn’t believe what was going on.

Charlie POV

Y/N was such a tease and when her arms let go of me all I could think of was wrapping mine around her waist and pulling her closer to my chest. In fact, that’s all I’ve thought about since last night. Just having her so close.

When Y/n called her team in to rehearsal In knew I had to do something before it was too late because after tonight there will only a few chances to make a move.

So why not now? I thought.

I ran to her side quickly and pressed my palm on the small of her back and I knew that would get her attention. The sudden and quick movement she took drew me to a halt before I guided her down to the hall.

“9:00 my place?”

Biting her lip she turned from the rest of the team who was ahead of her, and she put her breathtaking y/e/c on mine, “ you know this isn’t very professional ”,she started and I lowered my hand ever so slightly and I could feel her shiver from underneath it.

“Maybe” Y/N paused for a moment and stood in front of me,“under one condition”

Without any type of hesitation I replied,“name it”

I could notice how she was leaning in and I followed her move but predictably she swerved away kissing my neck,“ remember good things come… to those who wait”

Putting my head in the crook of Y/n’s neck I left a trail of kisses starting from her bare shoulders to the jawline,“ you’re such a tease”, I said grinning like crazy.

“Yeah I know but you love it”

“We can’t- you especially can’t miss rehearsal. Besides where would we go?”

The sudden urge to pull her into my arms took over and I was so close to lifting her off the ground  and take her,“the hotel is only 10 minutes away”

She smiled, taking my hand in hers,“as much as I would love that I can’t miss rehearsal. It’s my first day back and lets not forget I have a manager who gave me a deadline”

As I grip her hips I can feel her to collapse and it instantly causes me to chuckle, “Y/n…baby….”

“You uh…you  definitely can’t miss rehearsal” she cleared her throat and I gave up resting my head in the crook of her neck, taking in perfume she was wearing-it warmed my heart knowing that she was wearing it- but eventually, I had to get up .


A devilish smirk was spread across her lips and I raised an eyebrow,“I’ll see you at 9 ”

I bit my lip,“cant wait”

Rehearsal ran smoothly, I practiced on all the songs, and I got to take some stolen glances of Y/n as she made sure everything was ready for tomorrow. God she looked stunning but I honestly couldn’t wait to get back to the hotel.And as I got there my mind wouldn’t stop spinning.

Sitting on on the edge of my bed I sighed frustrated looking through my phone it was nearly 9, I hated the antsy feeling that she was going to come over. With hopes to calm my nerves I turned on the radio ,and scoffed as my own fucking song came on. I couldn’t help but see the irony in Suffer coming on as I was literally suffering. All I could do was think about her.

As the day went on I lost sight of Y/n and from the looks of it now I might only see her during the concert. Glancing at my phone -that I threw aside earlier- I pondered on a thought.

I put it to the side for another night and was startled by the hotel door opening.

Your POV

Slowly you opened the to Charlie’s room and hoped that you weren’t too late.


The moment our eyes met, bliss.

While  you took off your shoes, he stood up from the mattress and leaned against a wall next to you, “good first day back?”

You hesitated to nod and simply rested your head on Charlie’s chest which led him to run his fingers through your y/h/c hair.

“What happened?”

Tightly wrapping you arms around his torso you sigh, “nothing I just wish…. I could have seen you more today”

Pulling back ever so slightly I witnessed Charlies lips flatten and he shoved me away playfully,” I was actually worried you were going to say it sucked or something¨

“I’m sorry” you said with a contagious laughter.

“Ugh but really how was it?” Charlie asked again grabbing your hand.

“It was great and I couldn’t wait to come here so let me change and we can do pizza, or whatever¨ you said casually.

Charlie winked as I unfolded our laced hands before going into the bathroom. Slipping into one of Charlies white tees, I walked from the bathroom to the bed sat on the bed behind Charlie. Patiently waiting for you, with a joyful smile, Charlie patted the ,mattress and you sit beside him.

Tracing the edges of every visible muscle in his arms you smiled,’ I just wish I could relive last night forever’’

I could faintly see him run his hands down his face and a smile grew on his lips,“ Really?”

I shifted from behind him and sat at an angle,‘Yeah I was amazing. No regrets’' 

Your eyes looked into his memorizing hazel ones like you were searching for something and you could tell he was doing the same. Charlie gradually turned around leaning in,cupping your face as his lips collided in sync with yours. Eventually your back was pressed to the mattress and Charlies hands roamed freely on your body. 

As the pace seems the pick up you roll over, finding yourself straddling Charlie,its obvious that he smiles because he always found you to be attractive when you were being dominate. He lowered his hands from the small of your back without a second thought and gripped you hard. 

For a very brief moment Charlie pulled away and I took this time to catch my breath while he spoke,“you have no clue how long I’ve wanted to do this’' 

“I can only-” you were thrown off guard and back in you first position underneath Charlie, you couldn’t help but laugh, “a little warning next time”

Charlie pressed his warm lips against your collar bone and pulled back realizing what you said,“ theirs going be a next time?’' 

He ran his hand through your hair and you nodded,” oh there is definitely going to be a next time’’

“ Definitely"

favourite books published in 2015 [7/?]

Willful Machines by Tim Floreen
“This stranger who could do handstands and quote Shakespeare from memory, this goof with the huge grin and inappropriately loud but nevertheless charming laugh: how like an angel, how like a god.
Me, a dud of a First Son with a robot obsession, poor social skills, and enough baggage to sink a freighter: how like a loser, how like a freak.”

In honor of Percy’s birthday. Happy birthday, Perseus! Thank you (and Rick Riordan) for making my life better <3. Shout out to the amazing Kari (@quietlykeen) for betaing it on her own birthday! You rock, Chica!

The smell of bacon woke him up. Percy could hear faint voices coming from downstairs. He tried to move, but his left arm was pressed against the bed. Annabeth was still on his arm, fast asleep and keeping his arm trapped there. He blinked a couple of times, trying to escape from the world of dreams that was calling him to come back. He needed to find out who was making the noises…and cooking the bacon. Percy slowly moved Annabeth’s naked body away from his arm, trying not to wake her up. Memories from last night flashed in his mind, making him blush. He couldn’t believe he had done that, he couldn’t believe Annabeth had asked him to do that. He was pretty sure Annabeth wouldn’t wake up soon. She was usually the one to wake up first, and he guessed he must have tired her out too much. The thought made him blush even harder.

He successfully freed his arm and was able to get up off the bed. He started to look for his clothes, but the first clothes he saw were Annabeth’s lacy underwear, making his brain bring more memories from last night; her body moving against his, her screams of pleasure…Percy shook his head trying to clear his mind. There was someone cooking in the cabin and he needed to find out who they were, no time to relive last night.

Percy finally found his clothes and put them on. He fixed Annabeth’s blankets, making sure she was covered, he kissed her forehead and left the room (following his nose to the smell of bacon).

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Morgan Rielly - Part Ten

Shorter post but exciting things coming…. 

When I close my front door behind me I can’t help but lean back against it. My head hits the wooden frame with a soft thud and I close my eyes.

               It was nearly two in the morning already and I had walked over to Morgan’s at six.

               And I hadn’t even wanted to leave.

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Treat You Better (Cameron Dolan x Reader)

Summary: You’re the side chick of a guy whose girlfriend catches him cheating on her with you. You attempt to befriend her and, to your surprise, she accepts.

Warnings: Swearing, cheating, sad Cam :(

Word Count: 2,024.

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What A Small World Part 2

Part 1, Part  2 

Pictures aren’t mine, taken out of Pinterest.

Words: 4408

Pairing: Mark/Reader

Genre: University AU/Angst in future chapters/Smut in future chapters

Previous Part: Part 1

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Like the Heart Goes Chapter 4: Let go of the hurt inside

Pairing: Rob Benedict x Reader

Summary:Breaking up is hard. Especially when you are going through it publicly. Rob and Reader are doing just that; trying to navigate the difficulties of an emotional breakup while still trying to remain civil enough to work together, and adding inquisitive fans and over involved friends to the equation certainly isn’t helping.

Still reeling from an embarrassing night, Reader spends the next day avoiding Rob. Unfortunately, she can’t escape the fact that their friends and their fans are completely oblivious to their split.

Note: Just a quick chapter to move the story along. Chapter 5 will be some backstory and then we’ll get to the good stuff.

Word Count: 2738

Warnings: angst

Catch Up:  Chapter 1  Chapter 2  Chapter 3

The next morning, you woke up with the worst headache you have ever had. Your head throbbed and your vision was blurry. You could taste the alcohol in your mouth still, along with other unpleasant tastes. You had a brief flashback of you definitely throwing up in the toilet in the middle of the night; hair being held back by the ever-thoughtful Rob. Even during a breakup that he had initiated, he managed to remain the good guy. You still hated him a little bit for that.

You felt a sudden wave of embarrassment now that you were awake and reliving the events from last night. You had made a fool of yourself; drinking yourself into stupidity and subsequently saying things to Rob that you didn’t want to say. Of course, most of the night was lost in your mind, but leave it to you to remember the cringe-worthy parts.

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Walburga: Stop this foolishness, boy! You wouldn't want to relive that last night at the Manor before you went running to those filthy blood traitor Potters now, would you!

Remus: *under his breath* Shit… 

Sirius: *stares* What… what the hell are you doing here?

Walburga: *eyes narrow dangerously* Don’t you speak to me that way boy.   

Sirius: *stares for a moment* *plasters on a sloppy grin* My apologies Burgy… what an unexpected pleasure it is to see you. It’s been a long time…

Sirius: … Definitely not long enough. 

Walburga: *glares furiously* I’m here for your brother, not you. 

Sirius: Oh, of course… Reggie. The royal arse-kisser. 

Remus: *nervously* Sirius, don’t… 

Walburga: Look at you…. drunk… disgraceful… despicable. 

Sirius: That’s a lot of D’s. 

Walburga. *snaps* DISGUSTING! *glares at Remus* 

Walburga: … As the company you keep. 

Sirius: Oh dear… that’s your cue to leave Wally. 

Sirius: I’m not nearly drunk enough to be keeping you company, momsy. How about you hobble along now and go haunt your other son? My repulsive friend and I have some shagging to do. 

Walburga: *chokes*

Remus: *splutters* We what now!?

Sirius: *shrugs* Unless you’d like to stick around. Creepy… but I mean… We all know how much you love that whole “incest” thing… so I suppose I shouldn’t be surprised.

Remus: *dies inside* 

Walburga: *shrieks* YOU WRETCHED LITTLE-

Sirius: *smirks* Bye m-U-m! *slams the door in her livid face* 

Phoenix Rising - Chapter 1 Eric X OC)

Rating: M (violence/swearing/smut :p)

Genre: General/Drama/Angst

Thanks everyone for the re-blogs and support!!! IT IS SO AWESOME!!! 

@emmysrandomthoughts @beautifulramblingbrains @iammarylastar @tigpooh67 @bookwarm85 @frecklefaceb @mom2reesie @elaacreditava @badassbaker @captstefanbrandt @jaihardy @treeleaf


Here it is, the continuation of Eric and Fox, please enjoy!!


Fox sighed and absently moved her hand to rub her lower abdomen; she bumped against Eric’s nose and giggled as he growled playfully back up at her. Sprawled on the couch, Fox was skimming a large book, trying not to read too much and freak herself out. Her feet were propped up on the coffee table and she gently ran her fingers through Eric’s hair as she read. Eric was flopped beside her, his head resting on her lap, stroking tenderly along her lower belly, murmuring quietly to it.

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A Catholic friend and I often have conversations about her faith and my lack. Neither one seeks or even wants to convert the other, but the space between us is an accepting one and she knows she can air out her doubts without condemnation for or against from me. Our most common reply to each other in these moments has been “And how does that make you feel?”

In a moment of complete lack of mental brakes, she asked me for my opinion on Mass, and I let slip the inconsiderate answer of “It’s a magic ritual.”

The silence that followed felt like bricks falling on my head.


So I did. I explained what Mass looks like to a complete outsider (which I am), especially if you remove any references to Christianity. “Just because the old man in the white robes sez magic is a no-no, doesn’t mean magic isn’t happening. Magic doesn’t have to be announced as magic to be magic.”

Then I went further and compared the procedures and actions in Mass with what would be regarded as a “full blown magic ritual” by outsiders today, and then tied it back to known magical practices and reconstructed secret society practices in the Roman Empire. “Now I know I’m talking out my ass here, but there is a lot of comparative work to be found to back up what I’m saying, it just takes slogging through a lot of very dry academic works to find it. I just happen to come across enough summaries for it to make this kind of sense to me.”

She sat quiet for a few more minutes. The bricks crumbled into sand.

“Magic is a… no-no… like you said.” She smiled as she said “no-no”. “But you have a point about determining what is magic. I was taught that anything that didn’t have help from the saints or wasn’t brought about by prayer or the will of God was magic, and that all magic was of the Devil. But now that you describe it without the labels I’m used to… it does look different. And by different, I mean the same.”

We sat in dusty settling silence for another minute.

“And how does that make you feel?” Our voices jumped in unison. The laughter that followed was in harmony.

“Some would say you’re telling me a blasphemy.”

“Some would say I am a blasphemy.”

“Does that mean Mass is wrong?

“That means Mass is something I want to experience.”

She stared at me so fiercely, the room was swept clean. “Stop hoarding words!”

“Mass is not wrong. For one thing, I am not the arbiter of that decision. What you experience as Mass has evolved over literally millennia. It is a set of rituals accepted by both those performing them and those being performed on. It is a key tenet of your faith, and I will be the first person to defend your right and desire to partake in it.” I sighed and stared at the ground. “The magical portion of Mass will literally go right over my head. My apostasy is an insulation and a barrier. I don’t want to go for that. I want to go for the community. For the feeling of being part of something with other people. To be just another person in the crowd. I didn’t get that at the churches I used to go to. Because reasons. I’d like to experience that, but I don’t know the ritual. I don’t know what to do or when to do it and even if I looked up on the internet what to do, I don’t think I have the gumption to go alone. Sometimes a flaming sword is hella overkill when human nature does the job for free.”

The space seemed emptier somehow after I spoke. I remained staring at the ground because I was afraid I would start crying in front of her. I have a reputation to uphold!

“I’m going to Mass, tonight.” Her tone wasn’t just stating a fact.

“And we live too far apart, and your family does not know me, and there would be too many other discomforting questions that I would not be comfortable answering.”

She nodded. Our time ended and we both went back to work.

The next day she met with me again.

“I went to Mass last night. And I tried to see everything from your point of view, even starting from getting out of the car. And it was like seeing it new all over again! I never noticed the art on the ceiling! Or how tall the windows look from inside! Or the way all the voices of the crowd seem to go away when you step in! Or how brilliant the altar is!”

She kept going on about all the things she was noticing for the first time despite having gone to Mass in this particular building for a decade. She described looking at people’s faces as they walked in with worry written over their faces, and how those faces relaxed and melted as the service soothed them. She described her sorrow that I wasn’t there to share the experience, and that now she understood why I would feel like an outsider even with her beside me. She described her recognition that Mass was a magic ritual with the words and the droning and the actions and the responses, and her realization that there was a lot more to the idea of magic than scary demons and evil books along with the realization that the religion she has faith in is a lot more “magical” and living than she realized.

She said she left Mass with a stronger faith than what she went in, because she understood the contract between her and God a little better now.

And she was okay with that.

She finally looked up at me, and asked if I was okay because I was silently crying.

“Yea. I’m fine. Watching your face as you relived last night made me happy in ways I lack the words to describe. Thank you for sharing your experience with me.”

“You’re not upset that you managed to make my faith stronger, Apóstata?”

“Why the hell would I be upset about my friend being more at peace with herself?”

“… Well, when you put it that way…”

And how does that make me feel? Conflicted as hell

Or as I told my reflection: “I’m being called back in a different way, a different manner. I don’t understand it.”

Afterward (Day 2)

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First read Day 0 and Day 1

Sara kept her eyes resolutely closed. If she opened them, she reasoned, she’d have to think about things like clearing out the rest of Jacob’s things, and deciding when Mike should return to school, and finding a damned good therapist (or three). But if she kept her eyes closed, she could continue to feel Michael’s fingers tracing circles on her back, dodging deftly between her scars.

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Mondays: A Stiles Stilinski Imagine

Just something I wrote on impulse, yes there’s Love Actually (I’m Newtmas trash I’m sorry), enjoy x

Mondays were the worst. It was common knowledge, but this Monday? Well this Monday was by far the worst.

First period. Economics with Coach which meant him moaning about how shit his weekend was.

That’s life Finstock, deal with it.

Then it was a Chemistry test with Harris which apparently made up thirty percent of your final grade.


Lunch was the best part of the day. Lunch meant spending time with your friends. Spending time with Stiles.

You were so lost in your thoughts that you didn’t notice Lydia sneak up beside you.

“So?” the redhead inquired.

“So, what?” you replied, confused.

“So what? Y/N, you promised you’d give me details. You know about you and Stiles…you know.”

“Oh yeah, that,” you replied. A look of unintentional disappointment must have appeared on your face as you felt Lydia’s hand upon your arm, almost comforting you.

“You did do it, right? I mean, you guys have been seeing each other for six months, it’s about time.”

“Yes, Lydia. I’m aware of my relationship status, thank you,” you snapped. You really hated Mondays.

“Oh my god. You didn’t do it.”

If you could’ve smiled on the inside you would’ve. This perhaps was the first time in her life that Lydia Martin had been wrong about something.

You had been planning how to tell Stiles that you were ready for the next step the whole of last week. When he’d told you that he was taking you out on Sunday, it had seemed like the perfect opportunity.

So you’d waited until you two were sitting on a picnic blanket under the stars, your head resting on your boyfriend’s shoulder, his arm around your waist. But that would’ve been too easy.

“Shit, I just remembered I told my dad I’d be back at the house by ten. You can come too if you want, I’ll order a pizza, we can watch a movie.”

“Star Wars?”

“I was thinking more Love Actually.”

The fact that Stiles was offering to watch your favourite movie instead of his had made you melt, and you just couldn’t decline his offer.

So you two were snuggled up on his couch, halfway through a pepperoni pizza, and you just didn’t think life could get any better.

You were at the part in the movie where Sam said he was in love when you’d said it.

“I think we should have sex.”

Stiles had paused the movie.

“What did you just say?”

“I said, I think we should have sex.”

“Um okay. Are you sure? Have you thought this through? I mean-”

“Stiles. I’m not some cliché teenage girl who thinks their virginity is golden. And even if I was, I’d be more than happy to give it to you.”

That’s when Stiles had crashed his lips against yours and well, you and him knew how that story ended.

You were about to tell Lydia just how wrong she was, and how amazing he was, when a strong pair of arms snaked around your waist, ones in which you sighed into, instantly putting you in a better mood.

“Hello,” Stiles breathed, nuzzling his nose into your neck.

“Hi,” you sighed, thoroughly enjoying the feeling of his skin on yours. After last night, it was most definitely something you could get used to.

“Last night was great,” he breathed again, placing a kiss on your cheek.

“Yeah, it was,” the butterflies in your stomach fluttering ten to the dozen.

You could’ve have stayed like that for the rest of your life, but you were so wrapped up in the moment that you forgot that Lydia was standing next to you.

“You liar.”

“I’m sorry?”

“You liar. You let me think you guys didn’t do it. You so did it. Oh my god. Wait till I tell Malia.”

“Lydia, what are you talking about?” Stiles asked.

“She’s talking about the fact that we had sex. And her and Malia, being the fantastic friends they are, are going to talk about this non-stop until I give them every single detail. Am I right?”

Lydia nodded.

“She’s right.”

Stiles looked at you, smiling.

“And that’s a problem, why? I don’t really see the issue with reliving every moment of last night.”

You turned in his arms, slapping his chest.



“You know Y/N, I might have an easier job getting details from Stiles than you. What do you say Stiles?” Lydia interrupted.

You glared at Stiles.

“You do and I’ll get Liam to kill you.”

“Okay, okay I won’t say anything” he raised his arms in defence.

“Anything boring,” he added in a whisper loud enough for you to hear.

You rolled your eyes at him, used to your boyfriend’s antics. You slipped out of his arms, grabbing your books from your locker.

“Where are you going?”


“I still don’t understand why you decided to carry it on for senior year.”

“Because I’m an idiot.”

“An adorable idiot.”

“I think you’re talking about yourself there babe.”

A look of mock offence appeared on Stiles’ face.

“Hey, I’m not an idiot. Adorable, yes. Idiot, no.”

“Whatever you say Stilinski. I gotta go, see you at lunch okay?”

You pressed a chaste kiss on his lips, the pair of you smiling at each other, before you headed off down the corridor.

You soon heard footsteps behind you, and a hand grabbed your arm pulling you back.

“Stiles,” you whined, “I’m gonna be late.”

“I know, I know, Miss Punctual and all that. I just wanted to say that you should come over after school,” he stepped toward you, lowering his voice as he spoke to you.

“Maybe we can continue what we started last night?” he said it as a question, however, you knew it was more of a promise than a suggestion.

You bit your bottom lip, smiling at the boy you loved.


His face lit up, as it so often did around you.

“Great, see you at lunch,” he kissed you on the cheek for what seemed like the hundredth time in under twenty four hours, before running off.

Okay, so maybe Mondays weren’t that bad.


Exo Reacting to their S/O dying in a car accident.

》 FAQ // Masterlist 

Xiumin - He’d completely and entirely blame himself. It was him who’d started the argument, it was him who said the words that made you storm out of the house, it was him who didn’t chase after you. He was barely able to function after he got the call saying that you had passed away after swerving off the road, and he’d spend months in denial. After it finally clicked that you were gone, he’d never be the same happy, outgoing person he used to be, only the empty shell of his old self.

Luhan - Luhan wouldn’t care about his manly image anymore, he was hurt, and he didn’t care if anyone saw him cry. He’d lost the person he loved the most in the world in the matter of minutes. He called you after you got off of work, making sure you made it to your car without anyone grabbing you. It felt like seconds before he got a call from the hospital, and it felt like hours when they said that you’d gotten into a collision with a drunk driver. He was supposed to protect you, and he felt like he failed you.

Kris - Kris would give his I don’t care facade in a heartbeat. After receiving the call from the hospital, informing him that your car had been flipped in an accident. He would slowly tear himself from the inside out, only letting a few people actually see how much it affected him. He’d lost the woman he loved, the woman he was planning to spend the rest of his life with. Nothing would ever be the same, and no matter how hard he tried to rid the memories, he found that couldn’t; they were all he had.

Suho - Suho would completely crumble once he heard the news of your head on collision. You were his everything, and he’d lost you in the matter of minutes. He’d spend a lot of his time sitting on the ground of your shared apartment, staring at the walls that held oh so many precious memories of you. His friends, even though scared for the health of their friend, knew better than to tell him he had to leave those memories behind. You were his everything, and he’d never get over the fact that he’d lost you.

Lay - Lay would be trapped in disbelief. He wouldn’t want to believe that another car had crashed into you. He wouldn’t want to believe that he’d lost you. You meant everything to him, and he was the one who always promised that he would protect you. He would try to deal with the mourning and the guilt alone, only to realize that he needed his friends now more than ever. They helped him with small smiles and open arms, knowing that he loved you with his entire heart and soul.

Baekhyun - Baekhyun would try his best to keep on a mask for everybody, when in reality they could all see how much he was breaking. Even with the mask, they could all see how he was no longer smiles and screaming, but mostly looking into the distance with a look of longing. He wanted you back, but he knew that was impossible. Baekhyun would keep up with his fake smiles, knowing that you’d want him to be happy. So he’d live for the both of you, in the way that you would have wanted.

Chen -  Chen would feel like his entire world had collapsed when he heard about your collision with a drunk driver. Everyone could see how it affected him. He no longer played pranks, they reminded him to much of you. He barely slept, haunted by the nightmares of your death. He barely ate, his stomach always feeling like he couldn’t. But no matter what he’d keep his smile, just because he knew that’s what you would have wanted. For him to be happy, so that’s exactly what he’d try to do.

Chanyeol - From the moment the hospital called to inform him that you had swerved off the road, Chanyeol would cry. He would cry, scream, wail as loud as he possibly could. There was no point in holding it in, you had always been his rock, and now you were gone. He wouldn’t know how to function anymore, and his friends would try to do everything in their power to help him. But how do you help someone who’s going through that? Even they could see that he was completely and utterly broken.

D.O - D.O would do everything in his power to hide his tears from the crowds of people. He didn’t want their pity and their apologies. He only wanted you. But that was impossible. He could picture everything in his mind. The car barreling towards you, your shrill scream, and then everything going quiet. He didn’t want to believe that you’d gone through that alone, and he wished nothing more than it being him inside the car instead of you, but he knew that you can’t go back in time.

Tao - Tao wouldn’t be able to control the whirlpool of emotions he felt once he was told of the collision. He’d promised that he’d always protect you, and he always felt as though he’d failed you in more ways than one. He should have gone with you. He shouldn’t have let you drive. He shouldn’t have let you get hit. But it happened, only leaving behind the pictures of your existence that Tao would hold onto with every fiber in his body . Because that’s what you do when you love someone, you never forget.

Kai - Kai would become immobile the moment he’d been told that you swerved on black ice into a streetlamp. He’d blame himself, for letting you drive in the first place, and not being there to protect you. He no longer glowed, his eyes had lost their shine, and his smile was no longer big. He’d be stuck reliving the last night he saw you, the last conversation, the last kiss, his last goodbye. He’d later find himself continuously call your phone, knowing you wouldn’t pick up, but just to hear your voice again.

Sehun - In front of the camera, it would seem as though Sehun hadn’t really been affected. He’d be a little quieter, and dozing off more often, but he’d keep a hard facade up for the fans. But once he was behind closed doors, everything would fall apart. Sehun would spend most, if not all, of his time in his room staring at a wall with constant tears falling down his face. Your death affected him more than he showed, and only those who were close to him would see it.

- Admin H

Honestly, I’m relived

Last night, I came out and told my family I’m kind of dating a guy and like him a lot. It was really nerve racking and scary, but my family was so supportive and understanding, and it just reminds me how blessed I am to have such a supporting family. It also reminded me that not everyone has it that easy. To any of my followers who are struggling with this, and with a family who doesn’t support who they really are, please know you are loved, supported, and are valid. No matter what anyone else thinks or says, you are who you are, and there is nothing wrong with that.

Let me show you (Chanyeol drabble)

Summary: Chanyeol wants you to know that he only has love for you.

Type: Barely angst, slight smut??? idk

Word Count: 1,311

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“Y/n, at least hear me out before you do something we’ll both regret!” Chanyeol yelled at you, his hand gripping yours, effectively stopping you from zipping up your suitcase. 

“Something we’ll regret? Like what? This relationship?” You spat at him, yanking your hand from his. A flash of something hit chanyeol’s face, before he composed himself again, looking at you in the eyes, your own slitted at him. 

“I’m gonna forget you said that.” His voice was flat, leveled out, calm. I scoffed. 

“Okay, so, I can forget about being with you these past 11 months.” You shrugged, hands mockingly coming up as you watched Chanyeol’s face twitch with a twinge of anger. 


“Yah! Why are you being so dramatic? Why won’t you listen to me?” Raising his voice, chanyeol waltzed up to you, his height seeming much more intimidating than it had before, his eyes burning with light rage at you.

“You think I’m being dramatic? You were kissing that girl!” You yelled at him, your arms stretching themselves at your side as you stepped back from his again, distancing yourself from his arms length.

“No I wasn’t, I already explained that to you, y/n.” You had your eyes casted downward, but his voice was much softer as you furrowed your eyebrows, thinking back to an day earlier.


“Chanyeol-ie~” you had sung, slinging your bag over a chair in the living room, your eyes had scanned the layout, devoid of Chanyeol. You had cocked your head to the side and decided to walk towards your shared bedroom, figuring he might have been in there. The long hallway echoing your light footsteps. As you had approached your door, you had begun to hear small whispers echoing in your hallway, ears pricked up at the noises. 

‘Is kyungsoo here?’ You had thought, figuring as much, since he was usually over. Smiling to yourself, you grabbed the brass doorknob, and had lightly pushed the door open, your eyes scrunching up as you saw another body sat with Chanyeol on the bed. Only, to find that it wasn’t kyungsoo,It was a girl, her arms wrapped around Chanyeol, her mouth attached to his, while he clutched at her arms. Her mouth moving against his as you felt a sharp pang hit you and cause you to gasp. 

Abruptly, upon your entrance, her eyes had bulged, she had pulled away, got up and ran past you, her black hair whipping you in the cheek, your eyes seeing red, tears brimming and threatening to fall, chanyeol’s mouth had opened and closed, he had attempted to grasp you, before you had viciously wiped your cheeks and ran outside, grabbing only your keys as you ignored his shouts at you. You had drove off, trying your best to not think and stay steady on the road, before getting to your friends house, her door opening as she enveloped you into a hug, collapsing into her and curling up on the couch, with a strong headache following from crying yourself to sleep. 

When you awoke the next morning, you glanced at your phone and saw 47 messages and 16 calls from Chanyeol, and you abruptly turned your phone off. Sighing loudly as you struggled to not relive last nights events, not even bothering to wash your face as you had cautiously made your way to your house, during the time Chanyeol was supposed to be at work. You had jingled your keys in the lock, peeking your head around the silent apartment, letting out a sigh as you had begun to collect some of your things. A hand reached out and caught you, causing you to yelp, as you flipped, your tongue getting caught in your throat as a tired looking chanyeol stared at you, his eyes red and puffed. 

“Let me explain, please.” Was all he had said.

And now, you sat on the edge of your bed, fingers clutching at the smooth fabric, thinking over what he told you.

 "She kissed me, I didn’t stop her, I should’ve. I was surprised.“ He had said. 

"She had said she had something important to ask me, I thought she needed some help with something. But, she just…kissed me."He fidgeted in front of you as you thought back to his explanation. Your breath calm and even. 

"I don’t know.” You finally said, brushing your bangs out of your eyes as you looked up to finally meet his. 

“I need time to think.” Barely above a whisper, chanyeol’s eyes bulged at your last statement.

 "T-time? How long will you need?“ He asked urgently, coming closer to your figure. You rubbed your arms, closing your eyes.

 "I don’t know, chanyeol." 

"I need to know.”

 "I can’t tell you right now.“ You leveled with him, opening your eyes and surprised at how close he had gotten. 

"Y/n, please.” He whimpered, squatting low on the floor, he placed his head on your knee, the sudden closeness causing you to tingle.

 "I don’t know what to tell you chanyeol.“ You whispered, barely audible to even yourself. Your eyes watering again. 

"Please, please…” He mumbled, over and over again, his lips starting to place butterfly kisses on the tops of your clothed thighs.

 "Chanyeol.“ You warned softly, your hands coming to push at his shoulders, gripping the soft fabric. 

"Y/n.” He breathed, letting go of your thighs as he suddenly pulled you into his arms, your body feeling weak as you hit against him. He mouthed at your cheek, your hands gripping his shirt even tighter as you felt a wet substance fall from his eyes.

 "I’m sorry.“ He’d murmur into your ear, his mouth kissing at it as you felt you arousal beginning to peak. 

"C-chan-ah.” Was all you got out, before he sat down next to you and pulled you onto his lap, kissing down your neck and massaging the tops of your ass from behind.

 "I didn’t mean to hurt you.“ Was all he’d whisper again, kisses dipping into your shirt collar as you shook your head, feeling yourself slowly melt.

 "Please, Chanyeol.” You’d half talk, half moan out at him, not really sure what you were asking for. 

“Let me show you, that I didn’t mean it, that I only love you.” He said, much clearer now, his movements now still as he clutched at the bottom of your tee, fingers playing nervously around the edge of it. His member was half hard and poked into you lightly. 

You wanted to say no, to stay mad and stubborn, but his wet eyes and rosy lips caused you to numbly nod your head yes, a smile gracing his lips a moment later as he pulled your shirt up, and your face down to him, his warm hand tingling up your skin as he begun to grind above into you, eliciting small sharp gasps.

 "I love you so much, y/n.“ His voice came from his place on the top of your breast, as he mouthed greedily on it, your face watching in awe. 

"Say you’ll forgive me.” He flipped you on the couch suddenly, laying you against it as he pulled off his shirt, exposing his toned body as he pricked at your jeans button, sliding your pants off as you assisted him. He placed his mouth at the very tops of your panties, your breathing even more ragged as he looked up at you expectantly. 

“I don’t know yet.” You breathed honestly, taken by his eyes as they dropped a little bit.

“Let me help you decide.” He began placing kisses on the top of your underwear, his warm breath and wet tongue massaging you through it as you shook lightly on the couch. 

Okay.” You breathed, and with that, he slid your panties off, to show you how much he really loved you, and only you.