Hey there, YOI fandom!

Are you interested in figure skating?

Would you like to find more amazing IRL figure skaters but don’t even know where to begin? Well, I might be able to help!

I am by no means an expert in figure skating, and I’ve personally only been a causal fan of figure skating since I saw Yuzuru Hanyu in the Sochi Olympics in 2014. But Yuri on Ice relit my interest in the sport and made me want to do some research on the current competitors in the Grand Prix series and I wanted to share some of my findings with you.

I’ll be linking a few videos that I think you might enjoy below and if you also have any personal favorites, feel free to reblog and share them with the rest of us so that we can all enjoy a variety of different skaters!

(Also this post won’t feature Yuzuru Hanyu because as much as I love him, I think everyone in this fandom already saw a video or two of him.)

Let’s start with Deniss Vasiļjevs (Latvia). Sounds familiar at all? It’s this boy

At 17 years of age, he is just making his Grand Prix debut at this year’s Rostelecom Cup and NHK Trophy. I am linking his Free Skate from 2016′s Rostelecom below, since it really is a thing of beauty. (His jumps and spins are top notch.)

And while we’re talking about Deniss, let’s talk about his coach!

Stéphane Lambiel (Switzerland) is a two-time Grand Prix Champion (and many more things, but let’s agree that you’ll check out his Wiki page if you want to know more), who retired in 2010 and moved onto a career as a choreographer and a coach, and is currently coaching Deniss.

But let me tell you the guy was awesome as a skater. Take this video for example. (Skating in a suit? Yes please.)

He’s a beautiful, beautiful man. (who posts selfies with Deniss on his Twitter all the time)

But alright, maybe let’s take a look at a woman for a change, shall we?

I think by now we all know Evgenia Medvedeva (Russia), the main representative of the YOI fandom in the figure skating world, don’t we? Friendly reminder that that cute fangirl is also a Grand Prix, European and World Champion and she achieved that in her debut year in the Senior division.

But let’s take a look at her in action. There’s a chance you’ve seen her Sailor Moon program, so let’s look at her recent performance at Skate Canada instead.

She’s beauty and she’s grace. Need I say more?

Now, YOI also encouraged me to look for skaters in my own country. Unfortunately my own country is Poland and we are notorious for… not having any figure skaters… BUT. I did find one! He is not necessarily perfect but he’s a reminder to look up the skaters in your own country because you might be surprised with what you might find.

Ryszard Gurtler is 17 and currently a competitor in the Junior Grand Prix, scoring some victories in smaller European competitions (he is also from my hometown and is actually a friend of a friend so what the hell, I might actually meet up with him!). I personally love his recent program from Ostrava, but you will most likely see the differences between this and the Senior ones you’ve seen above.

Alright, this post is getting long so I think I’ll end it here. Perhaps you’ve heard of all the skaters mentioned here but hopefully you got to see their beautiful programs and perhaps got motivated to do some of your own research, and that much will make me happier than anything!

Like I mentioned at the beginning, feel free to attach your favorite performances in the reblogs so that we can all experience a variety of different figure skaters from all around the world and perhaps discover our new favorites or people we want to support! ^^

Hope you enjoyed!

This scene

This scene means absolutely everything. 

After years of being put through things they never would’ve imagined, not knowing if the other was alive or dead.. Here they both are

Finally, together, on the same side. In the same place. Able to be themselves.

And able to have the conversation they’ve been waiting for and wanting ever since their first meeting. They can finally get to know each other, hear each others’ stories. And turn the understanding they’d reached into a path towards achieving their goal- to change their wrong world. 

Just look. Look at the way Amon turns toward that familiar voice, how he looks at Kaneki

He looks at him with his entire soul in his eyes. (Seriously what a gorgeous panel.) He’s finally seeing his full face for the first time :’) but you know he recognizes those eyes, that voice, that white hair. His eyes are so gentle, and tired, and full of emotion. A little haunted. But he looks so beautiful.

And he calls Kaneki by the only name he knows him by.. Eyepatch :’) Just like old times. If that doesn’t bring a smile to Kaneki’s face I don’t know what will. 

He still doesn’t even know Kaneki’s name, but here they are. Finally able to have the conversation that’s been led up to for years. With this, so much can change, including each other. I’m sure Kaneki will help Amon to accept what he is now, and control his new strength and grow into it. And Amon will be able to give Kaneki the same guidance that he has ever since their first meeting.

On this little bench is where I’m guessing their conversation will happen. On the rooftop of the building, under a night sky (something that was always associated with their relationship).

This is seriously too beautiful. This means absolutely everything.

Opal Mending Spell 💎

a steven universe inspired spell to help heal a bond between two people who don’t always get along

“I forgot how great it felt to be us.”

💎 gather: a pearl and amethyst, and a yellow candle, lavender, ivy and mint

💎 wrap the candle with the ivy

💎 embed the pearl and amethyst into the candle

💎 burn the lavender and mint in the candle. 

💎 as it burns, text, call, or contact the person you want to mend your bond with. 

💎 don’t rush things, it doesn’t need to heal all at once. the candle can be relit many times, for as many calls as you need.

The rain is slicing at us now and you’re smoking a cigarette you’ve relit eleven times and you’re telling me about the afterlife and about everything you believe, you’re telling me about the riverbed and everything you want to see, and it’s cold and I feel alone with you here and maybe I’d love you if you hated me just a little, if every now and then you spoke to other girls just a little, if you hurt me the way I hurt you, just a little.
—  #172- excerpts from the book I’ll never write
Pune nişte sare pe rană şi lasă-mă să plec
Ştiu deja perioada prin care trebuie să trec
Eşti un cerc vicios, un vis prea frumos
Să devină relitate, aşa că-ntoarce-mă pe dos
—  El Nino
‘Jack the Nipple’ said Womlbs puffing deeply on his wife, 'is not only a vicious murderer but a sex meany of the lowest orgy.’ Then my steamed collic relit his pig and walkered to the windy of his famous flat in Bugger St in London where it all happened

A little Holmes/Watson slash by none other than John Lennon, circa 1965.


[Watson narrating:]
“‘Jack the Ripper,’ said Holmes puffing deeply on his wife [AHEM], 'is not only a vicious murderer but a sex meany of the lowest order.’ Then my esteemed colleague relit his pipe and walked to the window of his famous flat in Bugger St. [AHEM] where it all happened.”

👏I have never stalked a relitive of Matt, Edd or Tom
👏I have tumblr to look at art and post my own
👏I wasn’t around to harass tord larrson
👏I watch Eddsworld for the inspiration and memorys it gives me and not because its ‘gay’
👏I love the show but some children in this fandom need to grow up a bit and think about their actions
👏Thank you for reading <3

They say a relit cigarette never tastes the same, but as a nicotine addict I can say with certainty that there are times when I’d do anything for just one more hit. And there was a time before cigarettes when you were my drug, and I would’ve crossed oceans and moved mountains for one more taste of you, no matter how many times I had tried and failed to rekindle our flame.

Excerpt from a book I’ll never write

November 2016


Once on a full moon my cousin and I were doing a ritual in a circle outside. We messed up of course, we fumbled things of course, but to this day that was the most magickal circle I have ever cast. We were meditating, and speaking to the powers that be when a gust of wind picked up and blew out our candles. Slightly disheartened, I went to light them again. Before I could, they relit them selfs. 

I know, scientifically, a candle can relight if there is a gentle enough wind on it directly after it goes out. You may have seen someone do it as a party trick. Blow out a candle then snap their fingers close to the wick to make it re-ignight.

But see, to us, it was magick. So what if there’s a science behind it? That doesn’t take away the fact that magick was involved. 

And I think that’s important to remember with all magick. Science doesn’t make it less valid. If anything it makes it more valid. Science can say yes this is real. I think that’s wonderful, and no less mystical. 

Peter from “Narnia” is all grown up (and still gorgeous!) in the new “Little Mermaid” trailer

We’re giving you ten seconds to think of your childhood movie star crush. If you didn’t immediately think of Peter Pevensie from The Chronicles of Narnia series then you missed out. Actually, maybe you didn’t miss out on the cutest kid crush you could have. Narnia’s Peter — or should we say, William Moseley — is all grown up and starring in the new Little Mermaid. We thought our crush was snuffed out. But alas, the flame has been relit. We’re in love with Peter all over again.

If you weren’t one of those kids who was crushin’ on the eldest Pevensie sibling, we’ll give you a refresher as to who he is/what he looked like.

He’s dreamier than enjoying a Turkish Delight on a cold Narnia’s eve sitting fireside with Mr. Tumnus!

And don’t worry. Grown up Peter — er, William Moseley — still wears his hair in that tousled look all us preteens were wild about. It’s simply styled in a more mature way now. Just look at this comparison of armor-clad Peter next to Moseley’s new Little Mermaid character, Cam Harrison.

Walt Disney Pictures / Conglomerate Media

Same guy, just on a new fantastical mission in life! He traded a talking lion in for a mermaid, and we support his decision.

Walt Disney Pictures / Conglomerate Media

From what we can gather from the trailer, Moseley plays a journalist covering “The Little Mermaid of the Mississippi,” who he ultimately must save from the circus ringleader/voodoo priest holding her captive. If he can save Narnia, then we know Peter — sorry, Moseley — can save a single mermaid.

Behind the scenes shot of @loretoperalta and me on the set of #alittlemermaid link to trailer in bio.

A post shared by William Moseley (@goodproblemstohave) on Mar 10, 2017 at 10:54am PST

His new slogan will be, “For Narnia and for Aslan! And also for The Little Mermaid of the Mississippi!” It’s a little long-winded, but it’ll have to do.

Check out the trailer below to see our boy back at it again. You’ll definitely be just as enchanted as you were when Lucy Pevensie chucked a snowball at Peter after he tried to apologize for not believing her when she told him a fantasy world existed within a wardrobe filled with musty fur coats and he laughed and threw one right back at her.

Come on guys, you know the scene we’re talking about!

Plus, this new film looks as magical and unique as it’s animated Disney predecessor with the same name. We think it’ll be the perfect vehicle to help us rekindle our nostalgic crush. And duh, mermaids are cool too.

Went to listen to Frank Gaard speak this morning at the Minneapolis College of Art & Design. Relit my motivation in my personal journey through art.

His art subjects focus on sex, religion, and politics. Generally anything and everything taboo.

I want to write down some of the quotes I pulled from his convo just so I remember them and because I really enjoyed everything he had to say:

“Influence is the key to immortality…it boils down to that burn to make things more beautiful.”

“As a creative, we produce in a consuming society.”

“Creative people get the most harsh criticisms of their work from the least creative people.”

“Art is suppose to be a garden.”

“One of the ways we save the world is by reusing materials…making art out of shit!”

“When you see a dumpster full of scrap wood and 2x4’s remember that it once was a beautiful tree.”

When it comes to rekindling old flames,
I’ve always been told
that a relit cigarette
never tastes the same.
But as a nicotine addict, I know
if you’ve gone too long without a drag,
the already familiar taste
will be the sweetest thing
to ever touch your tongue.
What I’m trying to say is
your absence only strengthens my craving,
and it has been far too long
since I’ve breathed you in.
—  you’re toxic

FINALLY! It’s finished!

This is Khalia for @youwakeupinadungeon.  She’s an NPC from their rather interesting sounding campaign, an immortal antagonist and the mother of Elena (the last character I drew).  

She’s an Ifrit (which is a race of fire elementals) princess who was essentially reincarnated into an immortal sage (beings of godlike power).  She’s involved in some world ending stuff  but isn’t evil per se, she has just been (as far as I understand) manipulated into the role of antagonist by Hes (her actually evil wife).  

Khalia was a relitively easy character to figure out in terms of her appearance - her skin is pinkish and her hair has in it all the colours present in fire (I’ve drawn her in the midst of casting a spell and I imagined that her hair would actually become fire when she casts spells or when she becomes very emotional).  

Her clothing on the other hand is another story… I tried so many different variations.  Since Khalia is originally from a vaguely Arabic culture, her clothing was meant to reflect that.  It was also specified that her clothing be very dark in order to set off her skin colour.  Initially everything I tried was just looking really plain and not at all worthy of what is (I assume) a level 20 character. The fact that the clothing had to be essentially black was proving to be a big challenge.  Eventually I decided that her clothes themselves should be made somewhat of flame and this semed to solve the problem but it still took a couple iterations to get something that I was happy with.  

Thanks so much for this character, such a challenge and a real pleasure to design!

Keep those characters coming people!! 

Jane the Virgin-Chapter 58

I love that whenever I watch this show I have no idea what’s going to happen. It’s great like that.

Okay, so first off: Jane and Petra. I’m happy Jane finally called it quits in their rivalry. I love it so much better when they are on the same team and not trying to one up each other. I want to see more Jane and Petra helping each other at parenting stuff. Don’t get me wrong, I LOVED this electione episode for so many reasons and once again tip my hat at the writers for their creativity.
2. Rogelio and Mateo.
Can we talk about how freaking cute those two are? I love it. I want more of that please.
3. Rogelio and Xo
In this episode we saw a few old flames get that spark relit and one of them was Ro and Xo. I was aboard this ship from the start so I can’t say that I’m dissapointed. It is a little repetitive and if they are going to get together then they should just do it because I think they would have a more interesting story together.
4. Alba
LOL. I loved the dress scene, it was so funny and just so relatable, regardless of age. We have all gone through that one time where we try to be smooth and completely fail. It worked out for Alba, for some of us though……
5. Alex
I’m diggin it.
6. Jane and Rafael
Yes, I think that they are working towards making Jafael end game and the whole Petra thing is like one final go that isn’t going to end well and people will get closure on why they don’t work out. I really would have preferred if they had remained co parents. So I think Jane is going to try to date again and then fail at it and Petra and Rafael are going to fail and this will bring Jane and Rafael closer as friends because they will confide in each other.
7. Petra and Rafael
Should of stayed as friends. I really like that other guy (chuck?). But he scared me this episode. Tone it down a bit bro. And Petra really liked him too. I wonder if that will come into play in future episodes?

Can’t wait to see where we go from here.