a relit cigarette never tastes the same and that’s all I’ll ever preach on rekindling old flames.

//A character I made inspired by the headcanons I and hazelnut1313 talked about in skype yesterday. If I end up using her, I’m blaming you, Jules.

The Journey

My relit tapered candle
Only shows two steps ahead
An eager flame that wavers
In these uncertain woods.
I never meant to travel
Unprepared and barefoot
But we are not the keepers
Of our own vitality.
I take rest in a clearing
Slowly cross each river
Stung by thorns and briar
Racing for an exit-
To reach what I was promised
That glimpse of where I came from
My back upon the meadow
With sunlight in my eyes.


today was red and blue

red // today the sun shined on our heads and turned the back of my neck a shade darker than the rest of my skin. today red began running in my veins again, spurring me on. the red that flowed within me reminded me that i can live and i will live and that living is not a chore but a beautiful, wonderful gift that only i can control. red relit the love within me, reminded me that love is not absent from me, that i love my family and my friends, and even though it’s hard sometimes, i love myself. i stared down at the brilliant red of the floor of the boat we were sailing on and i saw all that could be.

blue // today the sky was the same shade of blue as my jeans, and i could see for miles and miles and miles. my soul is blue and i have always been aware of that; today blue reminded me that i am ALIVE and i am FREE and i am okay. although i wear the tattoos of such traumatic memories they will help me grow and learn. blue told me it’s okay to float, that not all of us have a straight and narrow path to walk down. that sometimes the ripples of the water might attempt to break me, but at heart i am the calm water of a lake. i stared up at the endless blue sky and i saw all that i am.

Just Your Luck

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by Androids_in_Metropolis

Draco and Harry have been a happy couple living together since the Battle of Howarts. Neither of them wanted anything, let alone a child. They hadn’t even thought about the matter before.

That happy peace of mind-It’s just us-didn’t last long, however, when they were discovered to be the last living relitives of the young and troubled Lucky Blue.

Words: 2259, Chapters: 1/?, Language: English

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tfw your mom tries to tell you that you CAN aford the things you say you cant afford when in relit you y literally can no bc you have like no money to your name and cant work????

The fandom collaborative challenge thing I always think would be cool to do is run some sort of bigbang-esque thing where writers and artists team up and then do comic pages/some sort of sequential art.

It is our expression that the flux between that which isn’t and that which won’t be, or the state that is commonly and absurdly called “existence,” is a rhythm of heavens and hells: that the damned won’t stay damned; that salvation only precedes perdition. The inference is that some day our accursed tatterdemalions will be sleek angels. Then the sub-inference is that some later day, back they’ll go whence they came.
—  Charles Fort, “The Book of The Damned”

thank you clothing companies for your amazing sizings. as a relitively short girl with hip curves like no other and large breasts (im only 130 pounds so it’s v disproportionate) shopping is a nightmare. dresses are nearly impossible to come by, shirts never fit right unless they’re men’s, jeans are too long (but that is an easy fix), and don’t even get me started on bras & bikinis. after a long day of trying to find a couple things to add to my closest I usually feel horrible. I feel like my body is weird, gross and even unattracrive. that’s until I realize something. the fashion industry has a set ideal body type, and most people don’t fit into it, so what?? my body is beautiful and I love every inch of it. it’s not my fault clothing doesn’t fit, and I shouldn’t be upset about it. i’m upset that clothing companies haven’t made a larger variety of sizes to accommodate us.

TODAY was relitively exciting for staying home like i was stressed in mid afternoon but since 4 pm to now(9) ive been feelin very good. thanks to all my fanz

@readasaur, *sigh* I wish my tale was one of badassery, and courage. But it is not. So I am just going to exaggerate it a bit. But this is 100% true. Growing up my brother and I hated each other with a ferocious passion. Durring the summer we were constantly dragged along to our relitives houses about 30-45 minutes north in Opelousas. Opelousas is the type of play that you hate, unless you live there. But I digress. I have always been the dorky nerdy kid. Even more so around my cousins who were all more into the urban hip-hop culture and so was my brother. So he was so cool to them. Which made him show off… a LOT. And I was is punching bag. On this day specifically I was hating being at my cousins house. The batteries on my game boy pocket had died, so playing my copy of Pokemon Red version was completely out of the question. I was about 10 years old so that means my brother was about 17 or so and I had caught him smoking with another older cousin. Naturally him being my sworn enemy, this was the perfect opportunity to strike. Once our eyes made a solid connection I could feel my heart beating in my throat. Which made it difficult to breath or swallow. I had to act fast, I had to run faster. I turned around to find my 2 commanding officers, Mom and Dad. But I was alone, behind enemy lines with my nemesis. I had forgotten my parents had gone to the store. Which was obviously the perfect opportunity for a teenager to secretly smoke a cigarette. I tried to call one of my parents, but nothing came out not one single breathe. Because I was being choked. Upon detection my brother had panicked. He now had me in a powerful choke hold. My body 4 feet from the ground kicking furiously. All I remember is him saying “what you gon do? What you gon do?” and then nothing. I had passed out. Once I came to. He was as apologetic as Kramer at the BET awards. This was perfect I had him right where I wanted him. I looked him right in the eyes as I got on my feet, to make sure he would never forget my battle cry to victory. I said these legendary words, “I’m tellin.’”. I could see the fear in his eyes. I ran full speed to the first grown up I could find. I had gotten at least a 10 second head start. Until I felt the sharpest pain I had ever felt (at that point) in my life. I could feel wetness on the back on my ankle. I dropped to one knee to look at my injury only to find a pocket knife lodged into the back of my foot. He had panicked so much at this point, he threw a knife at me to keep me quiet. “Foolish”. I thought as I suppressed my tears. The battle was over, I had won. It was time for my ultimate weapon. I took the deepest breath my 10 year old lung could gather. And released the flood gates. I screamed until my parents showed up. And it was over. My victory tasted just like burger king kids meal with a golden pokemon card inside.

Recently relit for the first time in more than a decade, the 270-foot-long illuminated sculpture “Generators of the Cylinder” by Michael Hayden lines a pedestrian corridor in #dtla #losangeles #pershingsquare #internationaljewelrycenter #som #lighting #sculpture #lightsculpture #neon #reflections #art #michaelhayden #artist #design (at International Jewelry Center)