Lights in Stones

When one achieves such an absurdly long existence as I have, you find yourself observing lives like candles. A spark of fire burns through a white wick and ends as a black spec sitting above pooling wax. The red-orange light fades, cools, the wax settles to the ground. The lengths of the wicks are strings of fate, the wax is flesh, the flame is the soul’s connection. However, the soul may fade before the candle is burned down. What shall become of the rest?

Should the spark be alighted once more?

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  • Mom:hannah what are you doing oh my god
  • Me:I'm well, I'm just watching attack on titan
  • Mom:why are you lying upside down off the couch??!?!
  • Me:*whispers* Levi talked to eren... (Slowly pulls blanket over face and body)
  • Mom:you need professional help
  • mom:I'm turning off the wifi
  • Mom:I honestly don't even know what you are saying
  • Me:just watch an episode with me
  • ~30 minutes later~
I’ve tried to let go of what I thought was real. A lost connection on their behalf, less than a spark remained, a red ember you could say of a friendship that burnt out a long time ago. For me that fire was still there, it just needed the right amount of effort to become a flame again. The flame went out, and someone else relit you.

i see people pass around this quote that says “a relit cigarette never tastes the same. that’s all i have to say about getting back with exes” and those kind of metaphors really irritate me for some reason. i think it has a lot to do with the fact that you could find any unrelated parallel to support any idea, but that doesn’t necessarily mean what you’re saying has any truth or value to it. i could apply the same line about relit cigarettes to pretty much anything else, and it would be awful advice. it’s not always sensible to give up on something you’re pursuing because of one failure, even if you justify it with some cool words. with relationships, especially, getting back with an ex is something that’s so situation specific and you really can’t listen to anyone but yourself when it comes to those sorts of things. a vague generalization that was written with the intent of being distributed and consumed on a massive scale definitely isn’t something you’d want to depend on for that kind of advice.

don’t let people try to pass stuff like that off as real wisdom. if someone ever used that cigarette line on me in person, i would probably tell them “in that case, it’s a good thing people aren’t cigarettes”

FINALLY! It’s finished!

This is Khalia for @youwakeupinadungeon.  She’s an NPC from their rather interesting sounding campaign, an immortal antagonist and the mother of Elena (the last character I drew).  

She’s an Ifrit (which is a race of fire elementals) princess who was essentially reincarnated into an immortal sage (beings of godlike power).  She’s involved in some world ending stuff  but isn’t evil per se, she has just been (as far as I understand) manipulated into the role of antagonist by Hes (her actually evil wife).  

Khalia was a relitively easy character to figure out in terms of her appearance - her skin is pinkish and her hair has in it all the colours present in fire (I’ve drawn her in the midst of casting a spell and I imagined that her hair would actually become fire when she casts spells or when she becomes very emotional).  

Her clothing on the other hand is another story… I tried so many different variations.  Since Khalia is originally from a vaguely Arabic culture, her clothing was meant to reflect that.  It was also specified that her clothing be very dark in order to set off her skin colour.  Initially everything I tried was just looking really plain and not at all worthy of what is (I assume) a level 20 character. The fact that the clothing had to be essentially black was proving to be a big challenge.  Eventually I decided that her clothes themselves should be made somewhat of flame and this semed to solve the problem but it still took a couple iterations to get something that I was happy with.  

Thanks so much for this character, such a challenge and a real pleasure to design!

Keep those characters coming people!! 

Not the aerialist of the draconis order but a master glider, with immense stamina, the Purple Throated Copper Dragon is one of the oldest of the flying dragons. It is a specie that has been relitively unchanged for centuries based off of fossil records. 

Yearly migrations propel them from their mountain homes to fresher hunting grounds and ideal brooding conditions.

Purple throated copper dragons have rather poor eyesight but have a very keen sense of hearing and smell. It is their sense of smell that is most important in migration  Equipped with 4 pheromone pits, 2 on each side of their stomach, the dragons release a broken, yet steady stream on chemical gas. This gas is what the dragons will follow to their destination. Millions of dragons will use the same passage way, replenishing the gas stream, so a shift in the winds or storms will not completely eradicate the invisible stream. The “gas ways” will be retraced by other family groups  allowing other dragons to follow the most potent and regularly followed gas way. 

Here an elder drake makes what is most likely his last long journey to the migratory spot. All the while being pestered by a mated pair of Piranha Dragons.