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baseball pants;

member- taekook x you

genre- enough fluff to fill a baseball stadium

words- 1,218

summary- you and tae are the embarrassing type and jungkook looks really good in baseball pants. polyamorous!au + sports!jungkook

a/n- sooo this was so cute to write, i hope you guys like it! especially you, baseball pants anon! 

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Out on the horizon, the sun was just beginning set, showcasing a beautiful work of art with wisps of orange and red and pink and purple painted across the previously light blue sky. The current sunset made it worth the lingering heat from the previously sweltering evening hours. Well, the sunset and Jungkook. 

“I got us some Cracker Jacks!” Taehyung says excitedly as he plops down on the metal bleachers beside you. You give him a grin and take one of the bags from him with glee.

“Thanks babe!” you reply while giving him a quick kiss on the cheek. You rip it open hurriedly, the sweet smell of caramel popcorn immediately filling your nostrils. You practically drool. 

“It hasn’t started yet, right?” he asks as he situates himself on the hard bench. You shake your head. 

“Nope, you’re just in time!” You momentarily sit down your precious snack and reach behind you. “He’s so going to kill us,” you predict with a giggle as you pull out the signs. Earlier today when Jungkook had left to go meet with his team, you and Taehyung got to work. Together you made two signs, both obnoxious in terms of loud colors and big letters. They were decorated wih cheesy cheers that you two had found online and kiddie drawings of baseballs and stick men. The touch of glitter was what made you two decide that they were just embarrassing enough to fit your needs. 

“His face will turn so red that it’ll match their uniforms,” Taehyung adds and you both crack up into loud laughter, causing Jungkook to turn your way from his place in the dugout. You two only give him an enthusiastic thumbs up, which he narrows his eyes at. 

A few minutes later, it’s time for the game to start. Since Jungkook’s team is playing at home, they have to be out on the field for the start of the inning. You watch carefully as he jogs out to his position- which is shortstop- and take a moment to relish his handsomeness today. Most of the time, Jungkook would be wearing at least one article of black clothing. It’s his favorite color to wear. But when it came to playing baseball, he actually looked like a boy next door. Every game, he’s clad in an adorable red baseball jersey with his teams name emblazoned on the front, matching white pants and red socks with a stripe of eye black beneath each eye. His hair is always messily tucked under his red cap, curly pieces sticking out from the nape of his neck ,and he never fails to be chewing his favorite bubblegum, making huge bubbles inbetween batters. It was simply the greatest thing in the world. 

“Yeah, go Kookie!” you cheer loudly. Taehyung sighs from beside you. You turn to look at him with a small frown. “What’s wrong?" 

He whines and drops his head onto your shoulder and nustles it around playfully, like a puppy. "Jungkook just looks so nice out there. I just wanna grab him and kiss his beautiful face,” he mumbles and you laugh, but nod.  

“I can relate.” You lock eyes with Taehyung and both of you bust out into laughter again. If Jungkook saw you that time, you were sure he’d think you were up to something. 

When you two manage to finally quiet down, you begin to watch the game. The first batter is up, and it only take him two pitches to make contact. The ball zooms straight out, and you watch with glee as it lands right into the glove of Jungkook. He doesn’t hesitate to throw the ball to first base, successfully aiding in the first out of the ball game. And of course, this doesn’t go unnoticed to anyone. 

“Whoo, way to go Kookie!” you scream in glee as you clap you hands together. Taehyung eagerly holds his sign up high and waves it from side to side. Out on the field, Jungkook catches a glimpse of you two acting like complete goofballs and you swear that, even from your place in the bleachers, you can see his cheeks flare up bright red. 

“We’re totally embarrassing him” Taehyung comments as he notices the behavior of the younger boy. You nod. 

“Oh definitely. But you know he loves it. I mean, if it was so bad, he would stop telling us what time and where these games were,” you say with a smirk. You were right; if Jungkook really didn’t like you two coming out and making him all flustered, he would stop inviting you. 

The game continued on, and to your disappointment, it was a fairly uneventful game. Jungkook’s team is really talented, so they easily took a lead on their opponents. Of course, every single time Jungkook made a good catch or hit the ball, you and Taehyung went wild with your signs and cheers. Other people watching the game were most likely growing very irritated with the way both of you were acting, but you couldn’t bring yourself to care much. At the end of the day, it was all for fun. 

It’s over before you know it and Jungkook’s team prevails, as always. Once he says goodbye to his teammates, he makes his way towards your and Taehyung’s position by the car. His baseball bag is slung over his shoulder and a big smile found it’s place onto his face as soon as he sees you two. You impatiently begin to run towards him at full speed, barely giving him time to react before you spring up into his grasp. 

He latches his hands around your lower back as you wrap your legs around his waist. You give him a sloppy, big, wet kiss on the cheek. “You played great, Kook!” you exclaim. He groans in disgust but gives you one back anyway. 

“Thanks baby. I try.” He gives you a cocky smile and you slap his shoulder. “Ow! You can’t treat winners that way!” he protests but you just shrug. 

“Watch me!” you fire back and smack his shoulder again. You bicker playfully for a moment until you approach Taehyung, who flicks you both on the head. 

“You two are making me seem like the most mature one,” he scoffs, but grins. He leans over and gives Jungkook a short, sweet kiss. “And that terrifies me." 

"Eat it! Eat it! Eat it!” you and Taehyung chant as Jungkook holds up his eighth piece of pizza. Since he won, Taehyung insisted he had to eat a whole pizza by himself. He had almost gotten the whole thing down, until it came to halfway through the eighth piece. 

He shoves the rest of the pizza in, chews, and swallows. “Done!” he exclaims, but groans right after. “I’m so full, you assholes." 

Laughter ensues right after his jab at you two. "You l-o-v-e us,” you insist and throw your arm around Taehyung, who nods along with you. Jungkook rolls his eyes, but he’s smiling big enough to make them crinkle up into his head. 

He sighs. “Even though you embarrass the hell out of me, I do love you nerds.”

Taehyung smirks and gestures with his hand the shape of a ‘c’. “Well you know what I love? Your butt in baseball pants." 

[Drawing of a stick-figure girl napping on a couch, drooling and holding a turkey leg. Above her is the word, “THANKSGIVING,” and below her, “The one day of the year spoonies can blame their need for a nap on turkey.”]

Happy Thanksgiving, my (American) POTSie peeps! I hope the holiday hasn’t been too rough on you, and I wish you many spoons for the upcoming season! 🦃

17 Things to Accomplish in 2017


You guys, we’re in 2017!

A new year means new opportunities to conquer, and I am so unbelievably ready. Based on this post [here], I not only been requested to explain some of my resolutions, but I was even tagged to do so! (Thanks so much to @aoademic! Their blog is jaw-dropping, and I highly recommend you go give them a follow.) 

Here we go!

1. Avoid complacency and be resistant to stagnancy. Definitely the most important message that is to be imparted on you, Future Leon, you need to deconstruct the notion that once you succeeded in achieving on of your goals that you should be content with your position. You can never stop learning. There is always another rung to the ladder, something that you could be doing to further enrich yourself and remain generative, whether that’s reorganizing some aspects of your life, working on future assignments, advancing your reputation, exploring different research opportunities, encountering new people. Of course you don’t always have to be working, but in those moments where you are able to do something, you should channel some discipline and commit.

2. Exploit all that you can from your professional experiences. A little nod to the previous resolution, these professional opportunities are marvelous chances to formulate new relationships with people and networking. There is always someone to communicate with or something to learn in these experiences. So shrug away all those feelings of dissatisfaction and indifference, and go forward. Only you can see to it that these jobs or internships give you all that they can, because in the end, you are responsible for how much information you gain from them. By ensuring that you consistently ask questions, introduce yourself to people of all different walks of life, and behave in punctual, professional manner, you’ll receive noteworthy recommendations and insight into the field you want to enter, which is dependent on what you know and who you know. 

3. Be more appreciative of the present, and stop over-analyzing the past. As much as you try to persuade yourself otherwise, the past has been established and there is nothing that you can do to change that. Remember, the past is a fact, not an ambiguous statement. As such, avoid fantasizing about alternate scenarios of how you could have approached an assignment, carried out a conversation, or dealt with your emotions. Besides, all of those moments of grief, failure, and loss have contributed to the wonderful person you are today. Relish in what spectacular memories you can make NOW, and reap whatever fruit you can from the present.

4. Express more gratitude for your relationships and opportunities. Please, you have to stop taking certain people for granted. You have to acknowledge the heavy truth that at any moment, important people in your life can suddenly disappear from the picture and leave you with that disgusting, consuming feeling of regret. Appreciate people in their entirety, and define them not by their detracting qualities or their mistakes, but by their humanity. This applies to your closest friends, your fellow employees, and your family especially. Also, recognize your privilege, and express gratitude for the opportunities that have either been bestowed upon you or that you achieved through hard work. Who knows how many people would crave to be in a position where you are in right now?

5. Explore more, and embrace your inner wanderlust. As Robert Orben said, “Time flies. It’s up to to you to be the navigator.” You attend university in one of the most colorful cities in the nation, filled with similarly young and interesting personalities from different corners of the world, yet you still confine yourself to your dorm room. Go out and have an adventure! Time is ticking away, and who knows how much longer these adventures will be open to you. Dedicate your Saturdays to exploring the mainstream and the obscure, leave no stone untouched. Also, don’t let other people make you feel insecure about going out and living your best life. If they choose to study or hang out in the privacy of their dorm, that’s their decision and their problem. You have your own schedule and your own standards. Another word of advice: Don’t explore alone.

6. Learn that a little bit of uncertainty is not destructive. Planning and organization are crucial in the process to achieving your goals, but sudden, unexpected changes in your plans should be no cause for panic. Stop assuming that just because your meeting with someone was cancelled or that you couldn’t get into the class you wanted to for next semester or that someone can’t give the full details about an event that your entire world is falling apart. It’s not. Replace that rigid mindset of yours with one that is more accepting of adaptability and error. It’s of no use to overreact to something unanticipated happening. The situation is fixable, and it always can be addressed with a logical, positive outlook.

7. Find substance and emotional clarity in your relationships. Now, this doesn’t negate your previous promise of meeting new people and generating friendships wherever you can. However, learn to cut parasitic or damaging people from your life. Come to terms with the fact that some relationships are transient and shouldn’t go beyond their expiration date. Being friends with everybody sounds fabulous, but try to associate yourself with people whose presence you actually enjoy. It’s hard being that person that knows everyone, but can’t ask anyone out to a movie since it’ll be too awkward. Have intimate conversations and go somewhere memorable with them. Make sure you can laugh with those people and that they don’t drag you into situations or interactions that make you feel uncomfortable. Otherwise, such people are not worth your affection. 

8. Avoid mistaking confidence with arrogance. With all due respect, do have confidence. Maintain your self-esteem and love yourself unabashedly. Put your personality on full display and have assurance in your decisions. Nevertheless, that doesn’t entitle you to be rude, myopic, or haughty. Other people have sensitivities and needs which you have to honor. Be a humble yet energized individual, one who lets their ambition shine without allowing it to blind them to the welfare of others. Why be egotistical, when you can let your passions and your success speak for you?

9. Be engaged, but not obsessed, with social media. Social media has a consuming presence that’s for sure, but don’t let the fear of having these sites dictate your life inhibit you from enjoying them. Or meeting new people. Or catching up with old friends. Post some gorgeous photos on Instagram. Have a Snapchat war. Build your profile on LinkedIn. Check your email daily. Nurture your blog on Tumblr and meet fellow studyblrs. Just remember though, social media should not be the reason that days waste away and blend together. Define your limits for social media activity, and adhere to them.

10. Test your creative boundaries and admire your artistry. Yes, your career and your education are principal interests of yours, and yes, establishing a proper foundation of knowledge is essential to your future success. But remember, art and science aren’t mutually exclusive interests. Do something fun and spontaneous, something outside the scientific sphere that genuinely gives you pleasure. Sign up for a cooking class. Experiment with watercolors and acrylics. Learn more about photography, and make a photo collage. Take care of some plants. Write a short story. Practice calligraphy. Be dangerous in your fashion choices and select clothes that boost your confidence. However, don’t be hypercritical of your work all the time. What may seem mediocre to you may seem incredible to another person.

11. Stop suppressing those butterflies and take a chance on romance. Literally, STOP AND GO ON A DATE FOR ONCE. GOD. In all honesty, the reasons that have been preventing you from adventuring into that fierce unknown that is dating have been complete and utter bullshit. Hold your head and your standards high, but avoid allowing the intimidation of a casual romantic or sexual relationship completely unnerve you. Be spontaneous, acknowledge people’s humanity and fallibility, explore your sexuality, stop complaining, and make the first move sometimes.

12. Enrich yourself with good books, good music, good media in general. Please, read another piece of literature that isn’t required reading material. Fall in love again with the raw imagination and poignant lyricism contained within books. Drown in seas of texts, and apprise criticisms or reviews. Additionally, get off the internet and investigate other forms of media that can stimulate the brain. Watch a documentary. Listen to a couple podcasts. Stream more TED talks. Read some scientific journals. Chill with some incredible music. ANYTHING. Escape the intellectual rut that university has coerced you into, and galivant into amazing material.

13. Further your knowledge in other languages. Considering the fact that you’re going to be studying abroad next semester in France, you are definitely going to need to brush up on your French. Nothing is going to contribute to that besides you own sense of perseverance. Also, there’s something about the grammatical analysis and assembly of languages that’s so beautiful and peaceful? I want to feel that same appreciation I had for learning new languages that I had before high school. To me, foreign languages are vocal watercolors.

14. Be kind in your pursuit of your ambitions, and volunteer. In some moments in your life, you just need to toss that swelling, cumbersome ego of yours into the trash and adopt a cause. Consider needs aside from your own, needs that extend beyond yourself into the community or into the world. Donate yourself to charity and immerse yourself in volunteer projects. You’ll get to interact with people of different circumstances with incredible stories, all the while assisting in service and improving your understanding of your own humility.

15. Absorb the idea that your body is a spiritual place. Your body is absolutely a temple. Cherish it like a religion and attend to its demands. Sleep properly and accrue as much of it as you possibly can. Don’t be ashamed or angry at yourself for sleeping, for the simplest thing you can do when your body is screaming out in exhaustion is to listen to it. Frequent the gym more and maintain a diet that isn’t just calorically healthy, but nutritionally healthy as well. Hydrate often to replenish that burnt-out brain of yours, and substitute binges with intermittent snacking throughout the day.

16. Force some reality checks on yourself. In your moments of productivity or crisis, your head can often get lost in the clouds or fogged by harmful thoughts and emotions. Attempt to ground yourself with pep talks and daily reminders, to reorient your focus on practical, pertinent, and possible goals that you can strive for. The mere act of verbalizing your issues and presenting them in a clear manner where you can potentially formulate solutions is so helpful, as you learned during finals season this past semester.

17. Moderation and balance should remain priorities. Finally, do NOT take things to the extreme this upcoming year. Stop engaging in polarizing, self-destructive behaviors or toxic coping mechanisms that can take you to the very edge of your sanity. Perfectionism is not the means of approaching your studies, or your life, for that matter. Attempts at making every single aspect of your existence perfect, from your grades to your fitness to your relationships to your projects consumes too much time and too many resources. Now should that prevent you from striving towards excellence? FUCK NO. But you need to admit to yourself that something does not have to be perfect, but enough.

For anyone else wanting to explain their New Year’s resolutions, be my guest! 

But still, I’ll tag @oursciencestudy @thestudyharder @bookmrk @universi-tea @katsdesk @milkteastudies @aeristudies @equaticns @lavistudy @h2ostudies @obsidianstudy @sapphirestudy @studyplants @revealedreams @grracestudies @biochemis-tree @its-aesthetically-aquarius @z-oologystudy @lil-tea-cup @cdy-studies @rewritign and @questionstudies

Enjoy the new year, you guys!


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what has been done here is, you, getting told by me to get tha fuck out my face, and becoming the LIVING reason that (other than the posts ive used the “schedule post” option for random times throughout today a few days ago… Which is how most of my posts are done)… I AIN’T RELEASING JACK MOTHAFUCKIN SHIT IN THE FORM OF A VIDEO TODAY HAHA!! relish in the FACT that you are being Booooed and hissed at by over 200,100 other tumblr followers today and learn the painful lesson that it’s best that people simply Dont show your happy dumbasses up and tell me how to run my fuckin blog unless it has to do with something I’ve reblogged from you, alright dickface? Especially if you’re a bottomfeeding scared ass anon. Idgaf if ANY of you mothafux like ME or WTF ANY OF YOU think about my blog cuz a plump margin of about 90 fuckin percent of you insecure self important fake nervous lil pussies don’t even like your damn selves. I’m not some fuckin living anime character here to please you bitch. I mean, i kinda am a living anime character, but what I’m here for is strictly to fuck your minds bodies and souls, get fuckin paid, and FUCK SHIT UP. And with that comes creating a tribe of leaders to start CHANGING SHIT. Take those words how you fuckin want. If you’re lucky enough to be chosen to meet me, you will KNOW wtf is up.


summary: jimin is on yoongi’s couch, but they’re not roommates.

pairing: yoonmin… sugamin… sumin… don’t even know (suga/jimin)

[they met]


Ever since Yoongi brought him over with the undeniable offer of food, a little more than two months ago, Jimin has been a frequent visitor at his home. Yoongi’s not entirely ecstatic about it, but he’s also not complaining.

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Among golden boughs
in ancient Autumn
I sang to you
in songs of Sumer
when Euphrat’s shores
were all the world

Inscribed your name
in bark and clay
the fleeting
and the durable
as friends came and went
brittle bark dwindled
and memories remain
in old, burnt clay

A time-worn tablet
that carries your name
and all my meanings

Through countless ages
we journeyed together
reminiscing the aeons
as we look back today

From the outside looking in
nascent thoughts
became a lifetime
a prolonged communion
witnessing the world,
its revolutions, its turning

And still we only
have each other
reminiscing the aeons
as we look back
and relish our love today

  • In case you are somehow unaware by my deluge of social media posts, I finished the Boston Marathon! Despite the weather, it was a fantastic day, filled with so much love and support.
  • I got a job! I got two offers within 7 minutes of each other and took the one offering 20 percent more money that also did not require me to move. Easy decision. Yay for being employed again very soon.

  • I’m working on a consulting project until I start my new gig in two weeks.

  • I will have to drive to said new job, which is it’s only downfall so far. The commute is short, but I’ve been so spoiled walking and subwaying to work. 

  • The boy and I are back together and I couldn’t be happier about it.He even met my parents this weekend and was such a good sport.

  • My roommate moves out on Thursday :( But, we found a new roomie and she seems fun and lovely. I went to lunch with her last week. Hopefully, we can be friends.

  • I’m going to take a nap and read a book and maybe walk to Trader Joe’s to get ingredients to make baked ziti later. Basically, I am relishing in being lazy today.