reliquary tower

Thank you, Goblin Week.

I’m doing a decklist. The gobbo deck we all deserve to helm at one point in our lives.

Wort in this variation has an awesome dichotomy that makes the decklist simple and easy to balance- we’ll call it ‘goblinball’. The trick is to pretend you’re playing elves. For example, you’re gonna need some tokens. In fact I’d say almost every goblin you play is a goblin token.

What’s fun about Mogg Infestation is that if you copy it you’re basically quadrupling your goblins. Then you have the garbage that is Goblin Rally, which gives you eight bodies for five mana. What do we do with those bodies? Draw cards, of course.

Pay some mana, tap some friends, and draw a whole bunch of cards. Green can even find you your Reliquary Tower pretty easily! What’s nice is that you don’t need to rely on red’s wheel effects when you’re in green. Green also gives us other toys, such as the ‘ball’ part of the name-

Jenny has eight goblins, so normally Overrun would only give them a bonus offensive power of 24 damage. But if Jenny taps two goblins, the offensive power actually increases to 36! And with Wort being 3 power, Overwhelming Stampede when copied will at minimum buff creatures by +9/+9. Of course, we do need to have some ‘goodstuff’ synergy.

Pay four mana for six cards and watch the blue man weep. Then double up on second harvest and quadruple your gobbo squad again! Don’t forget primo removal such as Artifact Mutation, which will give you more bodies to work with, and Hull Breach, which has the potential to be a 4 for 1 trade off.

I hope you all have enjoyed goblin week as much as I have!

Topi’s Daily Card #972:  Empyrial Plate

Most people have heard of Empyrial Armor due to Zur the Enchanter decks tutoring it up to have their commander swing for big damage.  I think fewer people know about Empyrial Plate, an equipment that does the same thing as the aura.  In most games, this’ll give a great boost to any creature, and in EDH you might be more likely to keep a fuller hand.  +4/+4 even is nothing to sneeze at when it comes to a small equip cost of two generic as well, leading to some powerful boosts at the downside of not gaining any other abilities.  In a blue deck or a deck that keeps a full grip it’s amazing, hug decks or decks running tons of draw with Reliquary Tower will see the biggest benefits, turning the lowliest creatures into game ending behemoths.  It’s a card I’m surprised I don’t see more often in EDH.  It’s super efficient for the costs, and on the right creature can just speed up the game.  No one’s laughing when you have an unblockable 7/7+ creaature, after all.

the-last-punbender  asked:

How does zombie hunt combo off turn 2? Don't I need 4 mana in that turn to drop both the treasure hunt and the zombie maker?

If you’re running Gemstone Caverns you can have 2 mana on turn 1 and you can cast your Treasure Hunt if one of those lands is Reliquary Tower. On turn 2 you cast Zombie Infestation with a grip full of cards & you can attack for the win on turn 3.

Commander of the Week

Jori En, Ruin Diver 

I thought i’d try and build a deck around Jori En this week as I have recently received an awesome promotional copy. It has been a while since I last played an Izzet deck. She isn’t the best Izzet commander at 2/3 for 3 mana, but she’s cheaply costed and she has a pretty good ability if the deck has lots of cheap spells. I thought I might try for a more aggressive build, though i’m not sure how well it will work.

Cheap Spells 

I thought that lots of cheap spells that draw us cards or allow us to loot would be the way to go here. Cards like Reach Through Mists, Serum Visions and Preordain are all one mana draw spells that we can quite easily stack to trigger Jori En’s ability. See Beyond, Tormenting Voice, Wild Guess and Magmatic Insight are also cheap but cost a little more in terms of mana or additional costs.  

What are you looking for?

This deck will also have lots of Scrying, for reasons we will look at in the next segment. There are many ways to sift through the top cards of your library, I much prefer scrying over that overpriced divining top thing that everyone loves so much, because it allows you to put cards you don’t need on the bottom rather than just recycling the same three cards. Creatures like Thassa, God of the Sea and Geist of the Archives allow you to scry 1 every turn allowing you to trigger certain abilities and dump the top card on the bottom if you don’t need it. Omenspeaker and Augury Owl both allow you to scry a bit further upon entry and Prognostic Sphinx allows you to scry 4 whenever it hits someone. My favorite though is Eyes of the Watcher allowing you to pay an additional 1 whenever you cast an instant or sorcery to scry 2. You should be able to find what you are looking for.

Advantages of Scrying and Chain-Casting

I’ve noticed that there are quite a few creatures or enchantments that get a buzz whenever you cast an instant or sorcery or scry. I’ve always wanted to give it a try in commander. Cards like Flamespeaker Adept and Knowledge and Power both trigger when you scry gaining a power boost or allowing you to deal additional damage to a player. Nivix Cyclops, Wee Dragonauts, Mercurial Geists and Kiln Fiend all get large power boosts whenever an instant or sorcery is cast allowing some silly combat tricks and these cheap spells are going to help us with these. 

You can’t catch me 

Anything that grants evasion en masse is going to be very useful here. Cards like Teleportal, Glaring Spotlight, Archetype of Imagination and Thassa, God of the Sea can potentially deal massive damage to your opponents, just charge those creatures up with spells and let ‘em have it. Mizzix’s Mastery is also very good here because you get to cast all of those awesome spells again for free if you can pay the overload cost. Keranos, God of Storms is also a great alternative commander if you find Jori too weak. I also realize that life-gain decks may be a problem here, Leyline of Punishment can fix that though preventing any life gain and fog abilities. 

And Finally… 

Lands could include Temple of Epiphany, Mikokoro, Center of the Sea, Reliquary Tower and Desolate Lighthouse. I have no idea how well this deck will work in a multiplayer setting. It could be quite effective in a french game though. I do hope you find this article both helpful and fun and until next time, Happy Deck Building

Topi’s Daily Card #783:  Forced Fruition

Normally, you don’t want your opponents to be drawing a ridiculous amount of cards, but with Forced Fruition, that may be your out and a way to win the game.  Every spell ends in seven new cards in their hand.  Provided that they have about 70 cards left in their deck, that’s only ten spells to win the game.  With protection and enough blue magic you can protect the fruition, and even have them deck themselves with enough spells.  Not to mention, unless they have a Reliquary Tower they’ll be discarding those as well, making their choices all the harder, and you can take advantage of full graveyards with spell recursion or black creature stealing.  Forced Fruition may seem like a hug card, but it’s one of the meaner ‘hug’ spells you can play.

Reliquary Tower, Historic City of Ayutthaya, Thailand. 

Founded in 1350, Ayutthaya was the capital of the Siamese Kingdom from the 14th - 18th Centuries. A Burmese army attacked the city in 1767 and burned it to the ground. The city was abandoned and remains today an archaeological ruin.


Card of the day: Sasayo, Orochi Ascendant // Sasayo’s Essence

Synergizes with: A hand full of land or Seek the horizon. Also, boundless realms.

Pros: Fuck all mighty, with this as a commander all your lands are essentially rofellos. Damn ridiculous. A mere 5 forests translates into 25 mana. Boundless realms is absolutely fucking nuts with this as well. Say you Have 5 forests and reliquary tower, tap two forests and the tower to get six more forests off it and your remaining 3 untapped lands go for 11 mana a piece.

Cons: Absolutely ridiculous to flip. Maybe if it was 5 lands in hand it could see more Play but it’s fucking SEVEN. Also if you do build around it, it’s really hard to protect if your opponent has enchantment removal.

Rating: this card DEMANDS to built around. If you can do that, you’ll have one of the most potent ramp decks in EDH in terms of sheer mana generation.

Fun Fact: One of only four flip cards usable as a commander, and probably the best suited for the task.