pokeddexy day 27 & 28 & 29 & 30, coolest & cutest & scariest & most badass

catching up after doing nothing but play fire emblem for three days. furfrou is one of my fave pokemon concepts in a long time i love getting mine (who is named angus) groomed. mareep has been cutest in my eyes for a very long time. mr. mime is the scariest thing ever i’d like to forget i ever drew it. and relincanth is a coelacanth it’s so badass god

Ladies and Gentlemen, Pokemon and Trainers, get ready for an event that’s going to rock your world and leave you quaking for more!

For one weekend only, prepare for an extravaganza unlike any other. Held at Ever Grande City, we invite you to 2 days of entertainment, all in the name of Charity, raising money for the Rehabilitation of Pokemon Affected by Cave-ins and Landslides and for Relincanth Conservation.

Join Steven Stone, Steven Stone and Steven Stone -aka Sterling, Wander and Steel- as they perform live in a gigalith that’s beyond your Mawile-dest expectations!

So, may I introduce to you, the act you’ve known all these years:

Steven and the Stones!


PokeHalloween Challenge: Day 8 - A Fossil Pokémon 

Yesterday I had one of my migraines episodes… I could not look at my laptop screen without feeling pain so I had to stop, lay down, take my pills, sleep and finish this drawing today.

I already drew my favorite fossil for another challenge, so I went with my second favorite: Relincanth. I’m really happy with this experiment with underwater lights so… everything is fine! This pokegirl is happy (and my headache is in the bearable levels today so, yay!)

Now to do the one for day 9!

anonymous asked:

On the Pokemon gender-ratio thing, as the previous anon said, most 7/1 Pokemon are either Starters, Fossils, or there was only one or two per game in their original generation, except Relincanth, which is based off Fossil Pokemon, and Combee, because Nintendo are sadists. There are 23 Female Only Pokemon, 19 Male Only, 24 Female 3/4 of the time, and 19 Male 3/4s of the time.