God doesn’t want your Religious Duty

A piece of scripture that I read this morning which I thought I’d share with all of you.  When it comes to interacting with God and spending time with Him, He doesn’t want you to do it out of religious duty and He certainly does not wish for a distracted and a half-hearted someone with the “Fine, I’ll read a chapter … now are You happy?” attitude. 

What God wants is someone who is wiling to be intimate with Him and someone who would just come to Him out of sheer delight and want. He wants someone who would truly, with heart and soul, talk to Him through prayer and meditation and someone who possesses that kind of attitude- God says is like a prospering tree, which in the end, bears good fruit. 

Are you that kind of person who delights in the Lord? I hope this stirs up your thoughts and makes you ponder if you are truly in intimacy with your Father in Heaven. 

Happy Tuesday everyone.

Jude //