Under the cut, you’ll find approx. #503 plain gif icons of the 23 year old actress Kawennahere Devery Jacobs, better known as simply Devery Jacobs, as requested by @schuylerpt. It should be noted that Kawennahere is of Mohawk ethnicity. The original gifs belong to the following gif packs: one, two, three, four, five, and six by the following accounts: @underusedhelpers, @nativerpt, @indigenousrph, @bunchofgifhunts, @naiawrites, and myself. One of those gif packs is mine, and the 24 gifs from it belong to me, however the rest do not and full credit goes to those owners, and if they would like their original gifs taken down, they are free to message me off anon and I’ll comply. Please only repost these gif icons if you add a border or texture to them and do credit me for the plain gif icons, though, as these all did take time to crop/resize to 100x100. There shouldn’t be any repeats, but I do apologize if there areFinally, please like/reblog if you found this to be helpful.

Trigger Warnings Are In Place For: Babies, Fire, Flashing Lights, Abuse/Violence/Fighting, Religious Symbolism, Blood, Vomiting, Mild Horror

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Heaven Help Us


The next morning when Phil stumbles into the kitchen, there are three small hearts sitting on an oven tray in the fridge.

“I got them for him,” Dan says.

In which Dan starts acting increasingly strange, and Phil doesn’t know what to do.

(What can I say, the latest crafts video inspired me idk)

Word Count: 5224

Trigger warnings: psychological horror, mentions of animal harm, blood, gore, religious content, vomiting, minor character death

Extra Tags: horror, psychological horror