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I've been reading an annotated copy of the Qu'ran lately and discovered I have an interest in Islamic theology. Do you have any suggestions for any Qur'anic studies or works you think I should read?

Hey! Thanks for the ask!! With the disclaimer that these choices are based upon my own personal liking, here’s a few:

The Study Quran is an exceptional work that combines the works of multiple Muslim scholars in explaining the Quran, as much as humanly possible. I won’t ask anyone to buy it, as it’s very expensive! But I’ve uploaded the introduction (it’s not pretty) for you here. The introduction is… amazing!! Read it!! It’s so detailed and explains so much of what goes into the Quran, and what it means to Muslims.

Al-Ghazali (online library of texts)  and Ibn ‘Arabi (online library of texts) are two of my favorite theologians/philosophers/mystics, although there are many more, obviously. Both of the writers are also luckily online in total, and both websites I linked have sections on analysis/discussions on both. I would suggest starting with Ibn ‘Arabi’s Bezels of Wisdom.

Some other suggestions:

The Reconstruction of Religious Thought in Islam (Muhammad Iqbal) This was recommended to as being able to condense/logically explain Islamic works, which is nice as Islamic works are often written in a metaphoric style. I haven’t read it myself, but have a gander.

Classic Issues in Islamic Philosophy and Theology Today This is a collection of essays by contemporary Islamic scholars, discussing the importance of talking about modern Islamic philosophy and theology… which is exactly what the title is! It’s got a big variation of articles, so I can’t really summarize them all.

History of Philosophy Without Any Gaps: Islamic World (Peter Adamson) This is a really detailed set of podcasts that discusses not only Islamic history, but also much of the philosophy/theology of Islam and the interactions other religions had with it.

The Quran as Literature (Mustansir Mir) This is an interesting article discussing the value of the Quran as literature! I’m not sure it quite fits into what you are wanting, but I think it’ll be a help to you while you work your way through reading the Quran.

Some misc. stuff that is self-explanatory.

Here’s an introduction to kalam, or some classic schools of Islamic theology.

Here’s a very basic overview of Islamic theology.

- Mod Neha

  • me: well some of us do religious reconstruction but it's not all of us or even the majority, and it's perfectly possible to participate in GT without ever interacting with the religious aspects
  • some fucking gremlin, inevitably: WHAT??? You mean to tell me that GT is actually a religion? You people are INSANE

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Is Pilipin@ Polytheism a strictly closed religion? I wanted to learn about my heritage since my dad never really talks about his homeland and I'm curious. But I'm technically only 1/4th by blood, and it's not like I grew up in the culture, so I feel weird about considering it?

Hey anon, this is a tricky question because a) Pilipin@ Polytheism is not one large, monolithic thing, b) it’s technically not a “religion” per se, and c) the ancestry versus culture discussion is complicated by the reconstructionism versus folk Catholicism versus diaspora discussion. 

So let’s get into it!

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