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Hypatia: Ancient Genius

There is a tendency among male historians to sometimes trivialize the accomplishments of women in the sciences. There is a slight schoolboy condescension that “she did pretty well … for a woman”. Hypatia of Alexandria (370 - 415 CE) cannot be dismissed so. Her accomplishments would be as astonishing no matter her gender. She was a true polymath. She was a mathematician, astronomer, philosopher and poet in a time and place where women were seldom permitted out of the house. She had her own academy in Alexandria the first city of learning in the late classical world and was renowned throughout that world. Sadly, she fell victim to political persecution by the bishop of the newly powerful Christian religion. She was murdered by a mob and literally torn apart in 415. So great was her influence that her death marked the beginning of the end of Alexandria’s place in the scholarly world.

Rachel Weisz starred in the film “Agora” depicting her life. It is worth a watch. 

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hi!! im sorry for asking but can i ask you if youre a satanist? im sorry theres like the whole drama going on and like, i know witchy/system isnt but i dont know who to trust anymore and im a sra survivor. its okay if you are im just not comfty following some im sorry this is akward

Yeah I’m a spiritual satanist and religious abuse victim (from catholics) i never post about my religion tho i only did so recently because this Muslim person was being accused of being a satanist by that weirdo… but you can soft / hardblock me if youre uncomfortable
Religious Sisters Dress Up As Prostitutes To Rescue Trafficking Victims From Brothels
The low-key network of 1,100 sisters currently operates in 80 countries.


An army of religious sisters who rescue victims of human trafficking by posing as prostitutes to infiltrate brothels and buying children being sold into slavery, is expanding to 140 countries, its chairman said on Wednesday.

John Studzinski, an investment banker and philanthropist who chairs Talitha Kum, said the network of 1,100 sisters currently operates in about 80 countries but the demand for efforts to combat trafficking and slavery was rising globally.


18: “I’d abolish all rights and rename them privileges.”

17: “Human rights law should be suspended when dealing with the nation’s security.”

16: “Those who think their privacy is more important than the safety of all of us worry me and I’m glad the government doesn’t listen to them.”

15: “When does free speech become sedition?”

14: “If you have done nothing wrong you have nothing to hide.”

13: “Unless action is taken to root out these fifth columnists the problem can only get worse.”

12: “I would want the state to employ numerous torture techniques, working shifts around the clock.”

11: “If a few terrorist suspects have to be held without trial, deprived of sleep and yes, even water-boarded, to protect the rest of us then so be it.”

10: “We should put armed soldiers on our streets.”

9. “It’s time we ended all this ‘civil liberties’ nonsense.”

8. “Torture is OK.”

7. “If you aren’t doing wrong then you haven’t got anything to worry about.”

6. “Anyone with nothing to hide should have their DNA taken.”

5. “Everyone who lives in our country should give a DNA sample.”

4. “Forget about civil rights, we are at war.”

3. “This country needs a military presence on its streets.”

2. “Anyone who opposes this has something to hide.”

1. “Perhaps Western Christendom needs to declare its very own holy crusade.”

Victim Culture Documentary Cancelled for 2015

Cruelteafree was wrong about the timing for the honest and open discussion about Victim Culture that we developed.

The expose documentary we developed on:
-the three cycles of victim culture;
-the failures and successes of victim services;
-the responsibility on the victim to avoid becoming a victimizer;
-the reasons that public opinion has committed to blaming the victims for their suffering;
-identifying how rapists, racists, homophobes and religious dogma seek to victimize innocent people while hiding in plain sight;
seems to be beyond what audiences are ready for.  

We’ve lost huge numbers of followers, and have been receiving hate mail.

The irony that cruelteafree has been shunned by the tumblr community for attempting a documentary about how society shuns victims is not lost on our creative director.
(They have since submitted their resignation as creative director.) 

Cruelteafree is a humble, independent group of artists that need the support of our audience.  If we were so targeted for attempting such a media project, then it is clear to see why the mainstream media has avoided this subject.

Cruelteafree is sorry to anyone who is not a racist, homophobe, rapist or who uses religious dogma to victimize.

Most of all we are heartbroken that we can’t go forward and create a voice for the many people that actually wanted this documentary to get made. Our goal is to find a way to create this project in the future, it just isn’t likely to happen this year.

Thanks to those of you who have shown your support!

isis are undoubtedly evil and unislamic people but they didn’t just pop up out of nowhere and we have to understand how otherwise peaceful people are being brainwashed into joining isis. obviously propaganda plays a part but in the uk, british muslims are one of the most deprived groups in england, scotland, wales and northern ireland. islamophobic attacks are up by 70% in england this year. we have created a society where people in ethnic and religious minorities are among the poorest in our countries and victims of religious hatred so it is no wonder people are becoming disillusioned and turning to extremism. if the west really is committed to stopping isis, start with one of the root causes.

For much of the 20th century, America’s evangelicals felt marginalized. They hunkered into a subculture of their own making — congregations, denominations, Bible camps, Bible institutes, private colleges, seminaries — to protect themselves from the depredations of an outside world that they believed was both corrupt and corrupting. When they emerged into the political arena in the late 1970s, enraged by the rescission of tax-exempt status for segregated schools and later galvanized by opposition to abortion, they came to believe that their values were under attack. Despite their numbers and their growing political influence, they still felt, in Huckabee’s words, scorned and mocked.

All equal in front of terrorism ! Whether you’re a rich Parisian or a poor Syrian or everything in between, we have one common ennemy, and this ennemy is NOT Islam but the fanatics and the Jihadists who use their religion (whatever it may be) to kill innocent people.

Please remember the victims of religious extremism in your prayers, whether you’re praying to Allah, God, Yahvé or any other divinity…


On the left, the terrorists involved in the September 11th attacks on America.

On the right, a Sikh man, with a Turban and beard, who is also a model, actor and an incredibly talented jewellery designer, who goes by the name of Waris Ahluwalia.

Since 9/11, Sikhs like Waris, and myself have been victim of religious and racial hate crime because of the way they and I look. 

We have been mistaken to be muslim extremists. 

What I don’t get though…..the men that hijacked the planes and flew them into buildings, killing so many people….look nothing like Waris…they look nothing like a Sikh man…they have no turban…they have no beard (a couple of them have creepy moustaches though).

What I am trying to say is…when you see a man with a Turban and beard…he is 99.9% going to be a Sikh man, most probably originally from India…not an extremist terrorist from the middle east who calls himself a muslim (because you cannot be a muslim and a terrorist at the same time).

So don’t be scared. Come up to us, smile at us, don’t run away from us when we get on the train…dont be scared when you see us board the same plane as you.

We are super friendly people. 

We don’t eat meat (we LOVE animals and nature), we serve FREE vegetarian food to EVERYONE in our Sikh temples, and EVERYONE is welcome! We believe that there is only ONE God, the same God every religion follows, because we believe we are all the same. We don’t believe in converting other people or imposing our beliefs onto others. We LOVE music, Sikhs have an incredible wealth of knowledge when it comes to Indian classical music.

Also some of us dress awesome (like Waris…and I would like to think I have a good sense of style too…)

Anyway…thanks for reading this!

If you want to learn more about our religion, I would personally suggest to Youtube ‘Basics of Sikhi’ .

Bye! =) x

Tumblr, as much as I love you for all the good you bring to social justice, what you’re doing with the recent attack in Paris is both upsetting and deeply insulting for French people.

You call us a people united in biggotry. You call the caricaturists from Charlie Hebdo racist and islamophobic. And all of this based on misinformation and taking a number of things out of context. While it’s true that lots of people found some of their drawings provocative and sometimes tactless, the drawings were used to criticize and denounce extremists, whether they have a political or religious origin. One of the artists was even in a relationship with a Muslim woman, and publically spoke out against both racism and islamophobia. They were murdered because they spoke out against religious oppressors, whose main victims are Muslim people throughout the world.

Do you honestly believe that French Muslims would be joining in the movement if Charlie Hebdo truly was a racist/islamophobic paper? You can criticize the way they went about things, but if you’re capable of saying that they deserved death and that France is a country of racist biggots fighting for the right to be racist rather than freedom of speech, then I honestly don’t know what to tell you.

Yes, it’s also true that a couple of terrorists (because that’s what they are) have tried to lash out against Muslims in various places in France. But these incidents were the acts of isolated parties, who to my knowledge have been arrested, and are being treated by the law as terrorists just like the men who killed the journalists. If you’re capable of saying that all of France is racist and islamophobic because of these terrorists, then you’re no better than those who say that all Muslims are terrorists because of the horrific acts of a handful of extremists.

So please tumblr. Keep fighting for social justice, just not through misinformation.