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You are a scandal that I never bothered hiding. You are news that shook the entire town. Nobody saw you coming until you came. When they ask me how I loved you, I will reply with tenderly. When they ask me how I loved you, I will reply with hopelessly. When they asked me how I loved you, I will reply with truthfully. When they ask me to repent I will tell them about your bright green eyes. When they tell me to repent I will tell them how many nights I spent between your thighs. When they tell me to repent I will tell them that I do not regret a single encounter I ever had with you. That after years of sitting in the church and listening to a pastor, I took one look at you and I finally knew what God was. I will tell them that they can hang me by my ankles but even upside down I will know that I love you. That you can chain me to a cross but I will tell them about how your tears were holy. They say that Eve was meant for Adam and man for woman but I tell them that she was meant for me.
—  11/30/16

Is it so bad that you believe in God because that was how you were raised? No one demeans the man who was raised by his parents to be a good friend, a charitable person, and a respectable husband; but somehow it’s bad if he was raised to have faith and stuck to it due to his parents dedication and hard work to lead him on that path?

Having diligent parents who had the forethought to give their child a baseline for their child’s morality and worldview is not something to be shunned, but something to expect from any responsible caregiver. I wish the rest of society, both religious and secular, would realize this.

People Without Souls

If you don’t believe in the concept of souls, you most likely would agree with me, that people are all made of their biology and their experiences.
And you can’t logically blame a person for either of those and if you were to, all the blame you were to put on them would be based on your own culture, your own experiences and therefore again just an other form of discrimination.

But you can’t blame society or evolution either. And you will realize that while you can not “blame” someone there are still reasons to “punish” someone. Prisons wouldn’t be useless.

And somehow, for there wouldn’t be a god, a devil, karma to “blame”, because without souls they would be useless, people would have to take responsibility for their actions. They would have to fight for what they see as right, instead of calling death, poverty and bigotry “god’s will”.

In a world without souls, people wouldn’t be “bad” or “good”, but equal. In a world without souls people would be free.



1) Venue hire costs
2) Who to invite
3) The complete and total incineration of society
4) Cake

The Fall

Pain and suffering is something that all humans will experience in their life, be it the death of a loved one or a harrowing event. There are many different opinions about the origins and purpose of pain and suffering in the world, most stemming from different religious beliefs. There are two types of evil: moral, and natural. Moral evil is suffering caused by humans, our actions and their consequences. Natural evil comes from our world, events that inadvertantly cause pain and suffering for humans.

Generally, Christians believe that the human ability to cause others pain originates from Genesis, in the Bible, wherein Eve, the first woman, was tempted to disobey God by the serpent, the embodiment of evil, or Satan and ate the forbidden fruit from the tree of knowledge. As Eve ate the fruit, she gained the knowledge of wrong and right, and the ability to chose between them. Eve had gained Free Will, the ability to make her own decisions. Before, she had only had the ability to follow God’s orders. Eating the fruit, she was granted full autonomy, and became human as we know them today. She shared the fruit with Adam, and as a result, God threw them out of Eden, down to Earth. As a further punishment, he make them have to work for their food and childbirth painful.

Other Christians say that the creation of evil is explained in the Apocrypha, a religious text separate from the Bible that details the fall of Lucifer the Archangel, and his transition into Satan, a widely feared figure. In the Apocrypha, it says that Lucifer was the first to disobey God, rebelling and questioning his rule, therefore creating the concept of Free Will and through that, evil. He then appeared as the serpent to Eve. From there, it is open to interpretation. Some say that Lucifer saw how great Free Will was, and wanted humans to experience it as well, whilst others state that Lucifer had malicious intent and planned for humans to be cast out of Eden. Either way, it had the same final result: humanity as we know it today. So, because of humans being cast out of Eden, it is widely regarded by Christians that moral evil stems from our ability to make our own decisions, and that natural evil is punishment for our sin of disobeying God.

Saint Augustine’s theory is similar to this, though he believed that humans were created with Free Will but by making the choice to disobey God our relationship with him broke and we realised the difference between wrong and right. People often wonder, that if God is all powerful, why does he allow evil to exist? Augustine said that evil exists as our creation, but that God could not defeat it, as that would take away our ability to make decisions. We could have had paradise, but Adam and Eve chose Free Will instead, over utter obedience. Augustine said that we couldn’t have complete peace and still be able to make our own decisions. After all it is in the human nature to want to have control over our own actions, and that is what we were granted when we fell from Eden.

Irenaeus, on the other hand, a Christian monk, consider the fact that God could have created natural evil, but for our own benefit, as suffering would teach us compassion and other virtues, so that we could become more christlike and ascend to Heaven. Irenaeus also believed we were created inperfect, as God intended us to be, and so moral evil is just a by-product of us having Free Will: mankind making mistakes and bad decisions was inevitable. People are born with an epistemic distance- a lack of knowledge in what’s right and wrong, a distance that lessens with our experiences, as we gain knowledge of life and evil.

A passage from Peter’s gospel support Irenaeus’ theory of natural evil. It says that evil exists to test the faith of people, their goodness. If they can remain good throughout pain, then they will pass on to Heaven.1 Peter 1:7. “These trials only test your faith to see whether or not it is strong and pure. Your faith is being tested as fire tests gold and purifies it and your faith is far more precious to the Lord than pure gold; so if your faith remains strong after being tested, it will bring you much praise and glory and honour on the day of His return.” The story of Job also supports this theory. Job was a happy, rich man, who was faithful to God. The Devil told God that Job was only faithful to Him because he had never experienced suffering, and so God told the Devil to test Job’s faith. The Devil killed Job’s children and his animals, yet Job still refuse to renounce God. Job’s friends left him, and the Devil inflicted boils upon him, but Job’s faith to God remained resolute. Job stated that The Lord works in unfathomable ways, and that it is not our right to understand the purpose or reasoning behind his actions. The devil conceded that Job’s faith remained pure, and so God gave him back all that had been taken away. This story shows us that if we remain faithful throughout suffering, we will be rewarded.

Hindus believe that evil exists through Karma, that what goes around comes around. Therefore, if you do bad things, there will be bad consequences for you, and if you do good things, they will be positive consequences for you. This links with the Hindu belief of reincarnation. If you build up good karma in your lifetime, then you will be reincarnated as a person in fortunate circumstances, for example, someone with lots of money. If you build up bad karma in your life, then you have to do penance as an animal. When your karma is even again, and you have built up good karma, you will be reborn as a human. The Hindu concept of evil is all about cause and effect.

Buddhists believe that evil stems from the three fires, something that all humans contain. The fires are Ignorance, Greed and Hatred, which are all connected in a cycle. All beings are born ignorant of the fact that all things are impermanent. This ignorance leads us to crave things, may it be material possession, or personal identity. We mistakenly believe that these things will bring us happiness in the long run. The desire for these things is Greed. The greed leads to hatred, as we come to realise that these things will not bring us the happiness we desire. We then do things out of anger and hatred, which explains moral evil. The cycle continues, as we are too ignorant to understand the root of our feelings, and instead blame them on other things. Therefore, we inflict suffering, or Dukkha, upon ourselves with our unrealistic expectations. It is only when we extinguish these three fires that we can go to Nirvana, the afterlife. Until then, we are reborn through different lives, stuck in samsara, the cycle of lives, though Buddhists do not believe in the concept of a human soul.

When people make moral decisions, they use different ethical theories to help them. There are Absolutists, Relativists, and Utilitarians. Absolutists follow Natural Law, and an example of them would be Roman Catholics. Natural Law is following the rules of the Bible unquestioningly, under any circumstances. As the Bible says: “Thou Shalt Not Kill,” they must always follow this rule, even in cases of self defence or war. Another example would be abortion. Roman Catholics believe that this is killing, and so it is not allowed, even in cases where the mother has been raped, or it is a ectopic pregnancy, which will kill both the mother and baby.

Relativists follow Situational Ethics, and are Protestant. Protestants were created by Henry VIII, when he argued that he should be able to divorce his wife if she could not provide him with children. Relativists look at the circumstances surrounding the situation wherein the rule is being broken. They say that the truth is relative to the situation, and so sometimes it is okay to disobey the rules on the Bible. If someone killed another human being, but in self defence, then that person will not be held to blame for the actions, at they were necessary to save their own life.

Utilitarians follow the Consequentialist Theory, which originated from secular society, and therefore does not follow the rules of a religion. Consequentialist Theory looks at what would be beneficial to the greatest number of people. They argue that sometimes it is necessary to kill someone, for example a terrorist, to save the lives of many others. They state that you should look at the consequences of your actions and try to do what is best for people.

In real life, I believe that the Consequentialist Theory applies best. Generally, old rules of religion are not applicable in modern situations. People can work on the Sabbath without being stoned, as it says they should be, in Exodus. People often have sex before marriage, although Corinthians says it is a sin. These rules are unrealistic and don’t work for society, other than in theory. Situational Ethics improve the faults in Natural Law, but not fully. Situation Ethics doesn’t help gay people, because in the eyes of the church, there is no justification for sleeping with the same gender under any circumstances, other than rape, even though we now know that being gay is not choice, but how you are born. It is because of the faults in Situational Ethics that I believe the Consequentialist Theory is the most realistic to follow, when it comes to modern society. They don’t even really have laws to follow, but one major principle: to do what brings the greatest number the greatest happiness. It fits all situations, and works in theory and in practise, unlike Situation Ethics and Natural Law.

the fallen

the great
the beautiful
but–is it?
really? when
its soldiers
stand atop
the ashes of
women and
children that
are blown to
in the name
of the lord
god whom
you trust–
may mercy
be shed
on thee

Confusing the Gullible: The primitive death-glorification concept of god, heaven and hell…might have originally been concocted and promulgated by religious institutions, to…

  • scare/entice money and servitude from followers…all throughout their lives…
  • produce fear, obedience and compliance from the community…so that they will not dare to question society’s religious “authority’s” directives and instructions…
  • convince parents…to encourage their farmer/sons…to rush enthusiastically to their deaths in battle…to plunder neighboring communities…
  • distract followers…so they disregard the reality of eternal oblivion…

…but the delusion created in young gullible minds…is nothing short of immoral…

Feb 20-24 - Eames Does Shit

8th week, don’t mind the internal screaming edition:

Things that need to get done Monday feb 20: write a goddamn MA (7-10pgs)

  • RLST (BA Thesis - BS Seminar): response to Dominic’s 20-30pgs [2/28], thesis draft 2 [~2/24]
  • MAPH (MA Thesis - Work): Partial Draft 7-10pp [2/20]; Partial Draft 10-15pp [3/10]; Partial draft 15-20 [3/31]; Complete Draft 25-35pp [4/17]; Thesis Abstract [5/8]; Thesis [5/19]
  • ARTH (Modernism on the Margins): three annotated bibliography entries on the topic of modernism [3/17]; Coffey “The Mexican Problem”, Greeley “Nietzsche contra Marx in Mexico”, Flores “The Manifesto”/”The paradox of the primitive and the modern” [2/23], prep
  • ARTH (Reading Artists Writing): –
  • SPAN (Theater and Performance in Latin America): Listening in Detail first like 3??? chapters [2/22]
  • @avventurierisenzapaura homebrews:  The Cult of the Keeper; CTA Dungeon Crawl; Pandemonium Day; Police Station Dragon; Lich in the Library; Tooth Fae, Snow Day, the funeral of Cuthbert Enlon, flesh out Bayla Delve
  • King’s Goblet Irregulars: Plan something for Feb 25-26 weekend
  • D&D side project: the friendship campaign
  • Classical Entertainment Society: bring KBP and Bacchae props and costumes to CES Storage, CES storage inventory
  • Attori Senza Paura: rework High Noon Hijinks, write the real estate drama
  • Brent House: write and print silent auction sheets, organize load in/load out for fundraiser, communicate poetry plans to appropriate people, check in with silent auction donors to make sure they’re still donating 
  • Sundry Chores: pack and ship thread-up clean out bag, pack and ship goodwill donation, take out mental health garbage piled up in room, pack and ship clothes that don’t fit for NY, begin strategizing to move out (i am well aware that i’m thinking about this 4 months in advance but here we are), cook some food for yourself eames
She was a beautiful cathedral. I worshipped her holy wine, and kissed her chilling spine in a way that made me believe in religion. She arched her back like she was in heaven. She was as pure as a greek god, but I loved her like the angel she was, when the mosaic light shone on her pretty face, and her fire eyes burnt embers into mine.
—  Extract from a story I’m writing | colddecembersnow (click for more quotes.)
I need to get this off my chest

Ok yes hi hello how are u everybody. Good? Decent? Ok. I’m here to rant about something that has been on my chest for a very very long time. That is the LGBTQA+ community or SAGA (sexual and gender acceptance). Now i know y'all are probably sitting there going like, “not another homophobe/transphobe.“ Or something similar. But here is the thing: why does society, in general act so strongly against them? Aren’t they just normal human beings as us? Don’t they just want to carry out their lives and follow their dreams and passions just like any another person. Now, I’m personally not part of this community, but im only 14 so things could change. I understand that for good chunk of society, their religious beliefs don’t allow them to be apart of these various communities, seeing as I am a proud Muslim myself. But just because my religious beliefs don’t allow for me to be a member of this community doesn’t mean that I have the right to take away their rights or judge them. I can disagree, but as a fellow human being I can’t take their irrefutable rights away. If any thing, i feel we should advocate for their rights as if they were our own. They go through so much shit because of who they are and plus on top of that, they are not exempt from their daily responsibilities. And then I hear this argument, “well they are forcing their beliefs and practices on us” The fuck?? No they’re not. They don’t go around door to door shoving their beliefs and practices in people’s faces. They are not the default heteronormativity we see in so much of society today. For goodness sake, a 3 month old can reach his arm out in the general direction of a woman and everyone is going a riot about how he’s such a ladies man and how he’s gonna get all the ladies. I’m not going to lie, I’ve done this before, a lot actually. But after learning about the LGBTQA+/ SAGA community I try to stop myself. And what pisses me of led the most is the argument about how members of this community can’t adopt children because of bullying. Don’t get me wrong, I’m not all trying to normalize bullying. In my opinion, I feel like more effort should be directed to stop bullying. But to use in the argument that they can’t adopt kids is ridiculous. These kids would be getting a home, a family, someone to come home to. And if its two moms or two dads then be it. Instead of hating on these kids, teach ur own kids not to bully. I know that this community is outcast in society because they don’t conform to strict societal standards. But is that is the case, then me and about 75% of all Americans don’t conform to societal standards. And for the trans people, life must be hella tough. U were born into the wrong body and when u try to take active steps to help urself finally be comfortable in the body u desire, society call outcasts u. For some, u can’t even use the right bathroom with the gender u identify with. Which is already fucking ridiculous but the arguments against ur rights are even more ridiculous. “I would have totally called myself a girl if it meant I could go into the girls bathroom”. First of all, eww. There’s a problem if u want to invade the privacy of those women. Second of all, I honestly doubt that u would have changed ur wardrobe and asked everyone to call u a different name that u felt comfortable identifying with. Another argument “I don’t think it’s right for kids at such a young age to decide whether or not the want to have children” this argument literally puts reproductive rights over someone’s wellbeing. That is fuckiing ridiculous. And can’t kids make the decision to take their own life at such a young age? Instead of arguing whether or not a kid can make a decision for their wellbeing, maybe we should be taking care of the ones that feel that they need to take their own life. The slurs. The. Fucking. Slurs. Those comments are nasty. They are degradatory. They are stupid and ridiculous and my hate for them has no limit. Do u know what faggot means? In the 1800s it was another name for cigarettes and back then they would roll gay people in carpets and set them on fire. If I ever hear ANY nasty slurs against gay and trans people anywhere, I will punch u because I don’t care. U have lost my respect forever and in my eyes, u are trash. And whatever a person identifies as is valid. They are valid. If a person is pansexual, they are valid. If a person is genderfluid, they are valid. If a person is bisexual they are valid. If a person is asexual they are valid. YOU ARE VALID!!! So normalize them. Normalize these communities and their people. Because at the end of the day, they are all still human. And I will forever stay a staunch supporter of their rights because they do have rights. They have rights just like the rest of us. If I see anyone putting them down, I unfollow and report. And if I see on my blog? Ur blocked and reported. I don’t care who the fuck u are. U could be the orange dicktwat that is somehow our president and I still wouldn’t care. I understand that u may not agree, but that does not give u the right to put them down. I accept a healthy debate. My blog and messages is a safe place for everyone, no matter who you are. No matter who you are, I will love and accept u. I will fight for u. I will stand with you. I will love you. Sorry for the long rant, I needed this off my chest


Winterset, Iowa
Population: 5,190

“The year 1857 was one of great commercial depression, which brought on a panic that caused disaster throughout the United States. The distressful situation was keenly felt in Winterset and business enterprises of all kinds were brought to a standstill. Many of the pioneer business men were ruined and for some years afterwards the cry of “hard times” was universal. But by the year 1860, the village manifested concrete evidences of recuperation, notwithstanding the dread war clouds that then hovered over the Union. At the expiration of the year six religious societies were holding services in their own churches; there were fourteen lawyers ready to extend their offices to the needy; five implement firms; a bank, book store, barber, three shoe stores, five blacksmith shops, a butcher shop, nine carpenters, a dentist, four drug stores, seven dry goods establishments, twelve groceries, as many as now; three hardware stores, the St. Nicholas and Madison hotels; seven insurance firms, two furniture stores, two firms engaged in real estate deals, a livery stable, three millinery shops, two photograph galleries, ten physicians, two bakeries and restaurants; harness makers, wagon makers, chairniakers, three saloons, Morris Schroeder’s brewery, jewelers, two printing offices, billiard hall, several stone masons, plasterers, brick makers and layers, a tailor, a gunsmith, painters, a veterinary surgeon, so that there was scarcely any article of merchandise needed that the local merchants were not able to supply. The professions were abundantly represented and no one was permitted to go thirsty for lack of a place where stimulants were on tap.”

Other examples of ways in which Friends [i.e. Quakers] testify or bear witness to truth and integrity include such practices as:

  • making sure that one’s words and actions flow from one’s beliefs
  • speaking the truth, even when it is difficult
  • paying people fair wages for their work
  • giving one’s employer the right amount of labor for one’s pay
  • saying difficult things with grace and tact
  • receiving difficult sayings gracefully
  • guarding one’s reputation for honesty, fairness, and fidelity
  • taking responsibility for one’s actions and their results
  • fulfilling one’s commitments
  • taking care of items entrusted to one
  • being open to the ideas of others but not being too easily swayed by them
  • confronting lapses in integrity in oneself and in others
  • giving credit to others for their contributions
  • assessing people and situations fairly and accurately
  • avoiding spending beyond one’s means through the use of credit

(from the Testimony of Integrity article on Wikipedia)

Ok wow Mistress of Flame looks seriously awesome. And like… her design is elegant and beautiful and it bothers me that the first thing that comes to mind when anyone (including me, ngl) thinks of beautiful, powerful looking lady characters is “oh she’s probably evil.”

…..maybe she is… not

Hrmmm but being a leader of a religious sect? not to mention it’s the ONLY religious sect in that society.. Man, that just screams evil. but still WOULDN’T IT BE NEAT IF I WAS WRONG?

…..doesn’t matter. Even if she does turn out to be a naughty girl I will love her just as much. :U DANG she is gorgeous. I have been doodling her for hours I am in love.