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Trump to sign religious liberty executive order setting stage for LGBTQ discrimination

  • President Donald Trump is set to sign a controversial executive order on “religious liberty” on Thursday, Politico reported.
  • A leaked draft of the executive order was published by the Nation in February, and showed that the order would allow Americans to cite their religious beliefs in order to exempt themselves from adhering to policies on everything from contraception mandates to LGBTQ protections.
  • According to the draft order, “any organization, including closely held for-profit corporations” can cite religious freedom in order to exempt themselves from recognizing same-sex marriage, transgender rights or contraception and abortion services.
  • The draft text is similar to other religious freedom bills passed throughout the country, which have sparked controversy and condemnation.
  • Politico reported that White House lawyers are currently reviewing the order. It’s almost assured that the order will be challenged in court, and the ACLU has wasted no time threatening legal action. Read more (5/2/17)

Kj seems like the guy who would totally go to church with you and that makes me feel all warm inside

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what sign(s) tends to be the most religious?

jupiter and its signs sagittarius and pisces associates with faith, religion, culture, and philosophy, placements around here, esp neptune in the 9th who perceives spiritual devotion as retribution, jupiter in the 9th, sun in the 9th, jupiter in pisces, jupiter in the 12th house 


Elizabeth Warren just went on an epic twitter rant against Trump and his VP pick Mike Pence. 

In 2011, Pence led the charge to defund Planned Parenthood

Last year, he also famously signed a “Religious Freedom Restoration Act" that would have let businesses refuse services to gay customers on religious grounds.

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Things are as they are. Looking out into it the universe at night, we make no comparisons between right and wrong stars, nor between well and badly arranged constellations.

– Alan Watts

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