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How ‘Captain America: Steve Rogers’ Is Trying To Disassociate HYDRA From Nazis And Why It Won’t Work

I’ve written about this on Twitter a few times, but I think it’s worth getting down all in one place. In the pages of Captain America: Steve Rogers it was revealed that Steve — through Cosmic Cube related shenanigans — is actually a member of HYDRA and is seeking to install said group into power. A lot of people are mad about this because HYDRA are Nazis, but the comic is working very hard to make the argument that they’re not. I don’t agree with that argument, but I think it’s important to look at how it is being made.

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hey marvel as someone who used to read your comics religiously and stopped in the last year or so, it’s not because of the diversity

it’s because you prioritize Big Game Changing Events over good stories and character development and it got exhausting to read since it bled into every single book

not everything needs to be some high stakes end of the world bullshit, it’s okay to just let the characters breathe and go on their own adventures for a while

when people are confused and frustrated with your storytelling, they stop reading

it has nothing to do with adding diverse characters to the comics. trust me, we want to enjoy them but it’s hard when they’re immediately thrust into some apocalyptic chaos and they don’t get any development or stories to make us want to keep reading

fans have been telling you this for years and you keep ignoring us and it’s just gotten worse and worse


“Don’t view all that you experience in life through lenses darkened by the scars of abuse. There is so much in life that is beautiful.[…] Your depression will be converted to peace and assurance. You will close an ugly chapter and open volumes of happiness.”
–Richard G. Scott

“Believe in yourself! Have faith in your abilities! Without a humble but reasonable confidence in your own powers you cannot be successful or happy.”
–Norman Vincent Peale

coloured in yesterday’s jezebel! shes an electric lady


Chris Ware collection in my comics shop!

The ACME Novelty Library Vol. 5, No. 8 - Chris Ware - Winter, 1996 & 1997 Containing the 3rd Jimmy Corrigan adventure. Full color - with a panoramic peep show you can construct from the cover (!). 

The ACME Novelty Library Vol. 1, No. 3 - Chris Ware - 1994
The 3rd ACME Novelty Library issue, but chronologically the first. Digest sized, black and white with spot coloring, and full-color covers. Mainly featuring the adventures of the Potato Guy. Includes a “movie machine” paper model that you can build. 

The ACME Novelty Library Vol. 6, No. 8 - Chris Ware - 2000
Featuring the conclusion to the Jimmy Corrigan story (which was collected later into an award-winning graphic novel). 

Also newly added to my shop - 

The Imp #2 - Holy Book of Jack Chick - edited by Daniel Raeburn
The second zine in the Imp series published by Daniel Raeburn - devoted to the religious comics of Jack T. Chick, designed to look like one of his Chick Tracts. Includes a concordance of terms and concepts that appear in his work, and features illustrations by Jack Chick and a cover illustration by Daniel Clowes.

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charleypollard replied to your post “the thing about kurt… is him liking cheesy religious themed shit and…”

Kurt is a bible geek and will spam the others will endless Anakin/Jesus symbolism metaphor theories. He also makes memes of it.


Which TMI character are you?

put an x in whichever ones apply to you. [i made this myself so feel free to reblog]

Clary Fray

  • [ ] you are shorter than 5′6
  • [ ] you are a redhead
  • [x] you love art
  • [x] you have green eyes
  • [x] your parents are not together
  • [x] you prefer jeans to skirts
  • [x] you are short tempered
  • [x] you tend to fancy blondes
  • [ ] your best friend is male
  • [x] you have been lied to before

score: 7

Jace Herondale

  • [ ] you are blonde
  • [x] someone has hurt you in the past
  • [ ] you tend to fancy redheads
  • [x] you’re sarcastic
  • [x] you want/have a motorbike
  • [ ] you are confident
  • [ ] you are an only child
  • [ ] you know how to use a gun
  • [ ] you are physically strong
  • [x] you are impatient

score: 4

Alec Lightwood

  • [ ] you have blue eyes
  • [ ] you know how to make a pie
  • [ ] you are a serious person
  • [x] you have tattoos
  • [ ] you have a younger sibling
  • [x] you are an introvert
  • [x] you keep things bottled up
  • [ ] you are a morning person
  • [x] you can use a bow and arrow
  • [x] people can misunderstand you

score: 5

Isabelle Lightwood

  • [x] you have brown/black hair
  • [x] you are willing to fight for those you love
  • [ ] you wear heels
  • [ ] you prefer dresses/skirts to jeans
  • [x] you have an older sibling
  • [ ] you like to rebel against authority
  • [x] someone close to you has passed away
  • [ ] you are sensitive
  • [x] there is something in the past you wish you could change
  • [x] you are bad at cooking

score: 6

Simon Lewis

  • [x] you are a nerd/geek
  • [x] you can be awkward
  • [ ] you are in love with someone that doesn’t feel the same way
  • [ ] you like to make puns
  • [x]  you enjoy reading
  • [x] you wear glasses
  • [ ] vampires are your favourite downworlder
  • [ ] you are religious
  • [x] you prefer comics to magazines
  • [ ] you are part of a band

score: 5

Magnus Bane

  • [ ] you like to be host
  • [x] you wear make up
  • [x] you believe in magic
  • [ ] warlocks are your favourite downworlders
  • [ ] you are an extrovert
  • [x] you are a night owl
  • [ ] you have your own place
  • [ ] you are generally a happy person
  • [ ] you are clever
  • [ ] you have a large group of friends

score: 3

I got: Clary Fray

krystalraccoon2002  asked:

Chloe, i have never been baptist *Hugs you tightly* How do u feel about that?

“That’s a personal choice of yours, I don’t feel differently about anyone because of that.”