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idk how anyone could find renaissance history boring. raphael was italy’s biggest playboy and died b/c he got a fever from having too much sex and wouldn’t tell the doctors the cause. michelangelo was a bitter and angry old man who took to mocking others like da vinci publicly, and da vinci himself was the world’s worst procrastinator and never finished anything.

Wow. Religious LGBTQ+ are just so wonderful. 

Pagans? They’re stars 

Muslims? They’re the greatest™

Christians? They’re heckin rad

Jews? They deserve ice cream and warm hugs

Sikhs? They raised my GPA and cured my asthma 

Buddhists? They bless this world with their very presence

Hindus? Can’t get better than these guys

Shintoists? They’re A+++ human beings 

Taoists? They’re about as wonderful as kittens

LGBTQ+ who religiously cover their heads (especially trans boys and nb ppl)? It makes me so happy knowing they exist

In conclusion, LGBTQIA+ people who are religious are great and deserving of so many good things. Be kind to them.

You Ask Me Why I’m Mad

You ask me why I’m mad as you tell me that marriage is only between a man and a woman.

You ask me why I’m mad as you tell me “it is an abomination to marry someone of the same sex.”

You ask me why I’m mad as you tell me how embarrassed you are for all the countries legalizing such marriages.

You ask me why I’m mad as you tell me that anyone who supports gay marriage “isn’t a real Catholic.”

You ask me why I’m mad as you tell me to look for a different route, as you “don’t want to get caught up in the middle of the pride parade with all the gays marching around.”

You ask me why I’m mad as you tell me that “transgendered people aren’t real.”

You ask me why I’m mad as you tell me that being gay is a choice.

You ask me why I’m mad as you tell me to look away because “there is a gay couple kissing in public.”

You ask me why I’m mad as you tell me not to buy that shirt because “it makes you look gay.”

You ask me why I’m mad as you tell me to pray for all the people who have fallen into “sin” because of their homosexuality.

You ask me why I’m mad as you tell me to act right because “one day you’re gonna have to be the head of a family, with a wife and kids.”

You ask me why I’m mad as you tell me that being gay isn’t wrong–but the “lifestyle” is a deadly sin.

You ask me why I’m mad as you tell me not to “read that book because it deals with homosexuality.”

You ask me why I’m mad as you tell me to be careful in the gym shower as “there may be a gay person in there.”

You ask me why I’m mad as you ask me “are you gay?” with a frown on your face and utter disgust in your voice.

You ask me why I’m mad as I say “no” and I hear your sigh of relief.


And I answer with an, “I don’t know.“

Because I’m afraid of what will happen if I told you the truth…

Religious queer men are so strong and full of love. I want every queer man who has stuck with his faith to know I am insanely proud. In the face of many who actively and loudly hate you, you have stood firm and unwavering. You have kept something so important and integral to yourself, and no one can take your faith from you. The confidence and self-assurance you display has taken so much time and work to earn, and it’s something that is truly admirable. Bless you all, and may you always feel safe actively participating in your faith.

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Why do you love Leonardo Da Vinci so much?

LET’S!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! GO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

in order to get a better understanding of who leonardo was, it’s important to understand the people around him. in florence, his main influences were verrocchio (also michelangelo to a lesser extent) and the medici family, particularly lorenzo. and then in rome, he’s mostly around the borgia (cesare in particular) and machiavelli. the thing that most of these people have in common is the fact that they were all either pretty bitter, political figures, or they were literally homicidal (and then there’s michelangelo, who was just an asshole. and also verrocchio, who was alright i guess). the reason that this is important is because leonardo was the complete opposite of all of this. in fact, he was described as having: “outstanding physical beauty”, “infinite grace”, “great strength and generosity”, “regal spirit and tremendous breadth of mind” by this dude vasari. leonardo was incredibly gentle and kind, he was known to buy caged birds in order to set them free, and he also was reputed to be a vegetarian b/c he didn’t want to harm animals. the fact that leonardo was surrounded by some of the most vicious players during the renaissance, and still managed to stay soft and warm makes me so !!!!!!

it’s doubly incredible when u start to learn that leonardo’s life actually kinda sucked. he had it pretty good while he was growing up, apprenticed to verrocchio and living a pretty good life, up until he was arrested in his early twenties for sodomy. the charges were dropped, but leonardo drops off the map for a few years where there is no record of his works or whereabouts. he left (got kicked out of) verrocchio’s workshop and was no longer a resident at his father’s house. he shows up again in a few years working for the medici, but his name would have been pretty tarnished in florence. he then went to milan, which were said to be the ‘happiest years of his life’ where his occupation was more or less a professional shit stirrer. he never finished any commissions and was distracted easily by other inventions. he was a talented artist, but his genius obviously lay in science. a lot of people lost their patience with him because of this but he basically ‘one-linered’ his way out of everything and people ?? still ?? loved ??? him ???? so ?? much ????? this was basically b/c he was such a nice guy!!!! he was also like, super intelligent, like unparalleled. but his issues with focusing and finishing tasks means none of his stuff got finished (a semi popular theory is that my guy had autism which is probably quite likely). another thing that kept him from finishing anything was literal human garbage: cesare borgia

leonardo was more or less enslaved to the borgia, he wasn’t paid much and he was forced to create weapons for destroying his hometown. not to mention it directly went against his pacifict nature to make shit like this. he hated war:  "and thou, man, who by these labours dost look upon the marvelous works of nature, if thou judgest it to be an atrocious act to destroy the same, reflect that it is an infinitely atrocious act to take away the life of man.” and once the borgia got rekt, leonardo couldn’t find patronship in italy, and ended up in france, missing home :):):):):):)

see, i find that ppl love to talk abt the edgy and politically badass people of history, which i am definitely not exempt from!!! (see cleopatra, akhenaten/nefertiti/tiye, machiavelli, livia) but there needs to be love for the good, the unquestionably lovely and kind people of history, who stayed gentle against all odds. leonardo had every reason to be bitter and angry about his lot in life but he wasn’t!!!! he was just wonderful and i love him A Lot.

Daddy Kink (4) Masterlist

Links Last Checked: September 10th, 2017

part one, part two, part three

Bang Me Like Those Drums - analphancones

Summary: Phil is the drummer of a band, but how will the lead singer, Kevin, feel when he walks in on Phil banging his younger brother Dan as hard as Phil bangs his drums?

Call Me Daddy - jilliancares

Summary: Phil asks Dan what his kink is, but Dan doesn’t feel so inclined to tell him.

Choke Me Daddy (ao3) - Jeaven

Summary: It took Phil exactly twenty four hours to make Dan regret the “Teach me dad” joke.

Daddy Kink (ao3) - thejigsawtimess

Summary: Dan thinks it’s hilarious that the phandom thinks he has a Daddy kink. Until he doesn’t.

Feel Good Inc - melancholymango

Summary: Dan is your local sexually ambiguous religious boy. Phil is your local bad boy that sleeps with anyone that’ll have him and sins as if second nature. Then there’s also the poor original character that gets caught between them and their ridiculous amount of sexual tension. Threesomes, eh?

Party- for Good Boys Only - elliesfics

Summary: Dan and Phil are reluctant stepbrothers soon to be strangers. When Dan’s father decided to marry Phil’s mother, no one could have predicted the marriage ending in flames only a few weeks later. The two boys who avoided each other at all costs during the marriage are brought together one last time before they part ways forever. Phil hates Dan. Dan can’t stand Phil. But what happens when a house party goes terribly wrong and they end up needing each other more than their parents ever did?

Pastel Daddy - omgdatphantho

Summary: pastel!Dan and punk!Phil have sex after school.

Pastel Interview - omgdatphantho

Summary: Phil interviews with Dan.

Patience - analester

Summary: “Dan, I swear to go-“ “I’ll do it if daddy asks nicely.” “Fuck.”

Punish Me Harder - babyboy-dan

Summary: One where Dan isn’t happy with Phil’s punishments so he pushes Phil to the edge and then Phil ends up fucking him and then Dan has marks and bruises and scratches and shit the next morning that will last a while.

Reaching For the Floor - uglylester

Summary: Dan’s a horny teenager whose boyfriend lives hours away. Or, in which Phil teaches Dan the wonders of Skype sex.

Sacrilegious (ao3) - TheUKAmazingDan

Summary: The one where Phil fucks Dan like five different times over the course of several days.

Sinner’s Prayer - elliesfics

Summary: Dan is just a freshman in high school. He follows all the rules and even goes to Mass every Sunday because that’s what good boys do. But Dan’s nature to do everything that he is told, seems to attract a certain kind of ruthless older boy; one who’s only desire is to spoil Dan’s innocence.

Super Massive Black Hole - gorgeousdan

Summary: Whenever Dan goes on Tumblr blogs, all he ever sees is how much of a slut he is for Phil’s cock. When he reads one fic, he starts to wonder what it would be like to be fucked by his sub.

The Bus - snpped-rose-stems

Summary: While on the TATINOF american tour bus, Dan convinces Phil to leave their own private bunks in the middle of the night to spend the night in the “forbidden bedroom” at the back of the bus. But, spending the night together innocently isn’t what Dan has in mind. Add a suspicious unnamed tour manager and a bumpy road and things get interesting.

The Great Unexpected Daddy Kink - gorgeousdan

Summary: Dan totally doesn’t have a daddy kink. It’s just that sometimes he reads phanfics and sometimes he turns red when he calls Phil daddy in these fics and sometimes he uses humour to cover up the fact that he finds it totally, ridiculously, hot.

Warm On A Cold Night - melancholymango

Summary: They’ve been out at a movie premiere all night, Phil is tired of sharing Dan with the world and Dan is tired of not being able to put his hands on Phil. Then their car breaks down on the way home.

You Can Be My Full Time Daddy - livingvicariouslythroughphan

Summary: neko!Dan goes into his 2nd heat and Owner!Phil fucks him through it.

Ok so I’ve been seeing a ton of those ‘we need more representation at hogwarts’ posts and I was like hell why not more Jewish representation at Hogwarts (and like everywhere else but that’s another story). No like imagine though
  • parents calling/or I guess writing the school to make sure that their kids get a kosher meal option and that there’s a good Jewish presence
  • having Friday night and Saturday morning and Holiday services in the room of requirement
  • bar and bat mitzvahs would be fuckin epic like imagine having your bar or bat mitzvah in the Great Hall like hot damn people would talk about that for centuries like what was your bar/bat mitzvah theme? oh just REAL LIFE WIZARDING MAGIC
  • on a more depressing note learning about how Voldemort tried to wipe out anyone who wasn’t pureblood brings up too many Holocaust parallels and is actually extremely upsetting to many students/ many of the Jewish kids teach their non-muggleborn friends about the Holocaust when they ask why they’re getting so distraught
  • but on a lighter note Hannukah at Hogwarts would be fuckin awesome. like Slytherin students charming their dreidels so they can win every time, Hufflepuffs making everyone homemade gifts and shit, EVERYONE fucking making latkes bc those rule, also the kitchen elves being like wtf is a latke and the students being like prepare to have your mind fuckin blown
  • giving the Jewish students the day off on Yom Kippur bc like how the frick are you supposed to function come on (that should apply to every school not just magical ones let’s be honest here)
  • accidentally saying spells in Hebrew because if you grew up learning Hebrew and English it’s gonna slip out when speaking another foreign language (happens to me all the time in Spanish)
  • getting howlers from concerned mothers who just want you to call back or write back because they love you and they want to make sure you’re warm and well fed (but they remind you that the cooking will never be as good as their own, and your mom is probably right, you miss her brisket and kugel) and if you’re dating anyone make sure it’s a nice jewish boy/girl!
  • religious kids arguing over what kind of magic is okay to use on Shabbat and holidays
  • religious kids getting kippot that match their respective houses
  • religious kids davening in their common rooms each morning
  • having a succah in the courtyard on Succot, but it does the bigger on the inside thing like the tents at the Quidditch world cup, so on the outside it looks pretty small and humble but you get inside and it’s like decked the fuck out and there’s candy from honeydukes everywhere and it’s just amazing
  • dressing up on Halloween and Purim and giving shalach manot to their friends and professors
  • WHY CANT YOU EAT BREAD FOR THE WHOLE WEEK? This question comes up whether you’re in the wizarding world or not let’s face it.
  • HOGWARTS SEDERS. The great hall decorated for the Seder. those long ass Hogwarts tables decorated with like ten Seder plates because they are so long. Students staying up way past their bedtime because it’s the Seder and that’s just what you do. all the kids who were at the Seder just wiped out in classes the next day.
  • Jewish wizards charming matzah into actually tasting decent (what a thought)
  • Jewish wizards inviting their non Jewish friends to Seders and Friday night dinners
  • Introducing friends to the magical bread that is Challah and kids being like 'damn son I do magic all day every day but this is true magic’
  • Jewish wizard couples just because
  • Celebrating Israeli Independence Day at Hogwarts (that would be a dream come true holy moly) like cooking falafel and stuff with the kitchen elves that would be amazing
  • basically just send me to Hogwarts already
things to do instead of like that boy you think is different but will really break your heart:

•light yourself on fire
•try yoga
•watch a movie
•have an eating contest with yourself
•draw somethin
•write about it and then write about how much better it feels not liking anyone
•take cute pics
•hangout with other boys
•hangout w ur besties
•reassure your pets they are ur #1 and no one will ever replace them & then make sure you stick to that promise
•try meth
•learn calculus
•visit sea world
•don’t like that boy
•don’t like any boy
•don’t like

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17 please !!!

17) things you said that I wish you hadn’t

 Continuation of this and this Percy Jackson AU

He was, Yuuri had to conclude, quite possibly the worst son of Aphrodite in history.

Ever since he had arrive at Camp Half-Blood four years ago, fourteen years old and terrified of the monsters that he hadn’t even believed in before they had begun hunting him down, he had never quite felt like the demigod he was supposed to be. In camp activities he was perfectly average, he could fight and shoot and Celestino had even asked him to give demonstrations to the younger campers on occasion. But when it came to godly powers, there was nothing.

Some people were late bloomers, he had been assured many times. And Aphrodite’s powers didn’t always manifest in the most obvious of ways. But ever since his claiming a few weeks after he had arrived at the camp, there had been no other indication that he even belonged in the Aphrodite cabin that he now called home. No powers marking him out as one of his mother’s children, not even the marked beauty the rest of his brothers and sisters seemed to possess, although Phichit had insisted many times that that was a lie. His half-brother Chris still took every opportunity to try and help him discover his ‘true powers of Eros’ but after four years, Yuuri had come to accept that he was about as ordinary and powerless as any demi-god could be. 

It was something he couldn’t help thinking about while waiting outside the Big House with the rest of the campers, all eager to hear the newest quest handed down to one of their number by the oracle. Viktor Nikiforov had been chosen, to absolutely no-one’s surprise, and there was already crowd gathered outside the house, waiting to hear what daring adventure he was set to embark on next. Yuuri most of all.

Ever since he had arrived at the camp, he had followed Viktor’s career religiously. The other boy might only be a year older than him but he had been living at the camp since he was barely a child and was already a master at nearly every activity they had to offer by the time that Yuuri had arrived. Viktor’s mother Nike might only be a minor goddess but Viktor certainly was no minor demigod, easily outstripping his peers and completing quest after quest over the years to the awe of all the campers, Yuuri included.

A hush fell over the crowd and Yuuri was jolted out of his musings, glancing up to see Viktor emerging from the doorway, a grin on his face as he looked at the assembled crowd.

“Well Viktor, what instructions has the oracle given you?” Yakov asked, arms crossed and hooves shifting impatiently as he stared at his student, waiting for an answer.

“She assigned me a quest,” Viktor confirmed, still grinning as his eyes scanned the crowd, as if he was looking for something. “But she told me if I wanted to succeed, I needed to choose a partner to come with me. And choose wisely.”

Whispers broke out among the crowd almost immediately, the feeling of anticipation in the air only heightening at the words. It was hardly unusual for demigods to go on quests in pairs but being given free choice wasn’t as common and everyone was alert, waiting with baited breath to see who Viktor would choose. Being chosen for a quest with Viktor Nikiforov was something many campers dreamed of.

Yuuri included, although he would never admit it out loud. But in his imagination, everything was different. He was confident and powerful, throwing around his godly powers with ease the way Viktor did his and winning all of Viktor’s admiration and attention in the process. That dream would become a nightmare if it ever became a reality. Yuuri had nothing to show, no powers to speak of, and any quest he tried to complete would undoubtedly be a disaster.

Not that Viktor would ever pick him anyway. There were demigods in the camp capable of creating typhoons or lightning storms, Yuuri decent ability with a sword was hardly a notable talent and Viktor likely had no idea that he even existed. Or if he did, he had probably only heard the rumours of the son of Aphrodite who some people weren’t even sure was really a demigod at all.

Yes, it really was for the best that there was no possible way Viktor would ever pick him, Yuuri reasoned to himself. He would only be a disappointment and embarrassing himself in front of his idol was the last thing he ever wanted to do.

“Well, who do you choose Viktor?” Celestino asked, tail swishing from side to side and looking at Viktor expectantly.

“I pick Yuuri Katsuki,” Viktor replied and silence fell over the crowd, every eye turning to Yuuri in a single moment.

Yuuri felt his heart plummet in his chest.

Oh no.


positivity post

- for boys who are strong and muscular
- for boys who are a lil hairy!!!!
- for boys with lisps
- for boys with front tooth gaps
- for boys who kiss other boys sometimes
- for boys who are religious
- for boys who are vegans
- for boys who live in brooklyn
- for boys who are older than 40
- for boys who own a record label with their stepfather
- for boys who have had a soul patch since 2005
- for boys who are indie-folk singer-songwriter and multi-instrumentalist sufjan stevens

♡ boys ♡

i love boys. I love boys that have almond-shaped eyes. i love blonde boys. i love brunette boys. i love ginger boys. i love redhead boys. i love boys with round eyes. i love boys with black hair. i love boys with big ears. i love boys with blue eyes. i love boys with little eyes. i love whiny boys. i love boys with brown eyes. i love boys with little ears. i love boys with green eyes. i love cheerful boys. i love boys with hazel eyes. i love boys with plump lips. i love boys with thin lips. i love smiling boys. i love boys with wavy hair. i love boys with pointy ears. i love boys who prefer contact lenses. i love boys who like dying their hair. i love boys who wear glasses. i love tall boys. i love boys with ruffled hair. i love short boys. i love friendly boys. i love smiling boys. i love boys with long faces. i love skinny boys. i like chubby boys. i love boys of any race. i love boys with oval faces. i love boys with thin faces.i love boys with frizzy hair. i love boys of any nationality. i love religious boys. i love boys with hollow cheeks. i love boys with spaced eyelashes. i love religion-less boys. i love radiant boys. i love boys with round faces. i love boys in hoodies. i love boys in t-shirts. i love anxious boys. i love boys in dresses. i love boys with scars. i love boys in shorts. i love boys in skirts. i love boys who wear makeup. i love boys with moles. i love happy boys. i love barefaced boys. i love submissive boys. i love boys with short eyelashes. i love boys with freckles. i love boys with long hair. i love boys with short hair. i love boys with pointy noses. i love nervous boys. i love boys with big noses. i love boys with small noses. i love dominant boys. i love buff boys. i love boys with bi-colored hair. i love boys with tan skin. i like boys with dark skin. i love boys with golden hair. i love boys with dark hair. i love boys with long eyelashes. i love boys with fair skin.

♡ i ♡ love ♡ boys ♡

“ELIAS: What’s up everyone! Welcome back, I hope you’re well. Like I always say, you look good no matter what. Today, like you can tell, we’re in a totally different place. We’re outside, for the first time in history.

ADAM: Yousef!


ADAM: Why are were here today and not at home?


MUTASIM: It’s because one of the people here, doesn’t dare to go to another person’s place because..”



G U Y S.



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*translations are from SKAM English