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There has been much said, and much more written, about the ancient rivalry between Durmstrang and Koldovstoretz, dating all the way back to the very foundations of the schools. There are those who trace this rivalry to the enmity between Scandinavia and Russia, exacerbated by the constant territorial wars between these countries and compounded by Durmstrang’s growing student population from the Baltic and Balkan states. If you ask the students at Koldovstoretz, they will laugh at Durmstrang and call them dullards and pariahs, while at Durmstrang they call the students of Koldovstoretz thieves and copycats.

 In truth, they are much more similar than they think.

There is a myth, that students from Koldovstoretz are fond of telling, that only the purest of heart may find the school. This, of course, is a lie. Koldovstoretz is as fond of the Dark Arts as Durmstrang is and so, many would argue, not pure of heart at all. The secret of its hiddenness merely lies in the fact that it has been built on the magical island of Kitezh in an unplottable location (rumoured to be Lake Svetloyar, but no one is certain).

As far as their interest in the Dark Arts go, Koldovstoretz can hardly be said to demur from its teaching or its practice, though they will argue tooth and nail that they do not use this magic to consciously inflict harm on people. Indeed, they may not teach its students martial dark magic, or indeed, the concoction of dangerous potions or the use of Unforgivable curses, for this magic is thought to be quite common and simplistic and worthy only of the younger students in the school. The older students, instead, learn how to perform older magic - the zagovors and the zagadka. The former are powerful ritualistic spells which once used to have quasi-religious associations, appealing to the pagan gods and forces of Russia to do their will. Now, these spells may be used to invoke either powerful natural forces – strong winds, or popularly, waves and water – or else may even be used to curse people and bid them feel sorrow and pain until they remove the curses.

While students at other schools ridicule the study of Divination, except for those very dedicated to their art, Divination at Koldovstoretz has always been taught with something approaching national pride, for it was the zagadka that taught Ivan the Terrible and all of muggle Russia a lesson for burning the witches and trying to trick an old seer out of his dues. Studying the zagadka, the careful foretelling of the future – with the power to curse only ever learnt by immensely skilled and powerful seers – is treated with utmost gravity, therefore, and to laugh at them or mock them for doing so is to incur their wrath and has been, on more than one occasion, the cause for war between wizarding Russia and wizarding Sweden.

It is perhaps unfortunate, therefore, that their most famed contribution to the wizarding world is the practice of playing Quidditch on whole trees, not brooms. History has it that first first entered into practice in a Quidditch match against Durmstrang in 1495 - though Durmstrang disputes the historicity and even the veracity of this account.

The story goes that Durmstrang, seeking to humiliate their enemies, challenged them to a Quidditch match, knowing that the students of Koldovstoretz had hitherto shown very little interest in Quidditch as a sport, instead channeling all their energies into learning arcane and obscure forms of magic. If Koldovstoretz won, they would win twelve barrels of gold and the fangs and skin of a fully grown Basilisk. If they lost, they would have to surrender their school to Durmstrang.

No one quite knows why the headmasters of either of these schools agreed to take part in this, but needless to say, the day was set for the match and the two schools chose to meet on neutral ground in a forest in Finland on the 1st of October, 1495.

Complacent about what they thought was an assured victory, Durmstrang chose to celebrate the night before, loudly and obnoxiously, letting the students of Koldovstoretz know what they thought of their Quidditch skills. They were surprised then, when on the day of the match, led by a Russian peasant boy and mudblood no less – horror of horrors – called Mikula Selyaninovich, the Koldovstoretz Quidditch team turned up to the match to play on uprooted tree trunks. After a short and bloody interlude, Durmstrang, thoroughly trounced, fled the match before the snitch could be caught without giving Koldovstoretz their promised reward.

(There are those who suggest that this match led directly to the siege of Viborg castle that year, in an effort to punish those treacherous Swedes.)

So you can see, there is much to be said for that ancient maxim, indeed, that enemies are enemies only because they are too similar to appreciate each other.

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Zuckerberg for president is a real thing. first he said he was "thinking about running for office" and then out of the blue he said he wasn't a atheist anymore which is very uhhh convenient lol this is how the trump campaign unofficially started and honestly I think a big part of liberals love him and he has a chance I'm just saying ... is a joke until it isn't anymore

Could he run for president? Yes. Does he have a chance? In my opinion, no. Any tech billionaire would be viewed as ‘liberal elite’, and he’d most likely campaign on policies benefiting his own business or fellow technocrats which wouldn’t even be appealing to average liberals.

If he did run, I’m not sure if it would be as a Democrat.

I’d say the religion part in particular definetly says something because the US establishment is very religious and he’d want to appeal to religious people.

I can’t be sure though, these are just my own predictions and opinions

Steven Universe Fandom


They’re all losing their shit over nothing.

It’s perfectly normal for CN to switch up repeat rotation, they do it practically every fucking month. Shows go on Hiatus between new seasons, and are replaced by shows currently airing new episodes, keeping their repeats down to a minimum as to not create a stagnant channel flow of entertainment.

The big problem is most people fear mongering and bitching about it are the kinds who watch the series on 3rd part sites instead of watching the television premiere or supporting official platforms. They don’t even know how the channel operates or functions. In the case it does get cancelled, all I can honestly say is you reap what you sow. Look what you did to anime.

No, Teen Titans Go is pushing toys hardcore, and they’re cutting back on repeats in favor of airing more Clarence & Uncle Grandpa repeats, shows with no toys and are hated by most. Everyone fucking hates the cheaply made Adventure Time & Regular Show toys, but what all these shows have in common is COMICS.

Tower Prep existed during the awful time period where CN hit rock bottom with live action programming and ratings had plummeted. They were hemorrhaging BAD until Adventure Time revived hope for the channel and allowed for an great recovery and push in the right direction.

They did the same shit to Adventure Time. Adventure time has been losing steam at a rapid rate ever since season 6 started and penn left his own creation. But even during high points in its life there were times where they chilled on its rotation in favor of new shows, and to give regular show some air time.

If that were true the creator of Clarence wouldn’t have been banned from the premises for touching boob. Steven would’ve been cancelled the moment it aired. Also the network was founded by the badass woman known as Betty Cohen, which a good 80% of people don’t even know.

The reason why Marcline x Bubblegum shipping is treated so taboo is not because “MURICA NOT PROGRESSIVE”, it’s the exact fucking opposite, it’s because some countries will flat out refuse to air the cartoon at all because of heavily conservative or religious reasons. INTERNATIONAL APPEAL IS VERY IMPORTANT TO THE LIFE SPAN AND PROFITABILITY OF ANIMATION. I see Steven Universe having some rocky footing or censorship once other countries reach the gem fusion episodes.

Just because DC pushes stupid gender testing standards on their products doesn’t mean it’s Cartoon Networks fault. Where Marvel Dominates in Live Action Movies, DC Dominates in animation, therefore their budgets are likely 5-10x the amount of your typical Cartoon Network show, and thanks to their stupid business practices, have to pull out or cancel as soon as their profitability drops no matter how good the series is. It’s a company notorious for creating thousands upon thousands of nonstop reboots and retellings of their IP’s, they don’t care.

Stop fucking worrying, Steven Universe is not being cancelled.

So I was reading about criticism of The Golden Compass movie, and it’s so ridiculous because they diluted the anti-religious themes to appeal to Christians, which made fans of the books and anti-censorship people mad, and the irony is a lot of Christians still boycotted it because even though the movie was okay, they were afraid it would “lure” children into reading the novels.

Also, I was kind of annoyed that they made Mrs. Coulter blonde despite all the descriptions in the book of her having dark hair, but apparently when Philip Pullman saw Nicole Kidman as her he was like, “I was wrong. She’s blonde.” I thought that was interesting.

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What do you think will happen to Sansa's marriage to Tyrion? Annulled because of lack of consummation?

Went to my bestie @goodqueenaly with this because it’s more her wheelhouse. She said Littlefinger will probably use precisely that annulment as part of his ceremonial show wherein Sansa’s identity is revealed, she’s married to Harry, and the Vale lords swear to win her back Winterfell. My question was what authority LF would rely on to do so, given that he probably doesn’t want to involve the High Sparrow. Her idea was that given how he’s pushing the Vale away from KL authority (giving Sweetrobin his own Kingsguard, trying to get the lords to declare for Queen Sansa), he’ll probably nudge the nobility into accepting the ruling of a local religious authority, maybe appealing to the Vale’s status as the ground zero of the Faith in Westeros. I noted that LF could play on the stuffy, socially exclusive Vale nobles’ class-based distaste for “the twittering of sparrows,” which would be especially satisfying for him given his own class grievances. 

We shall see!


That’s right, Armand: waste not, want not.  But where your other selves Malcolm and Mr Curry apply the proverb to flowers (left for dead people), you reverse that except without in any way bothering with the flower part at all.

And speaking of Malcolm, who can forget his moment of persuading someone– who had every reason NOT to cooperate– why she shouldn’t tell *the truth*

where he rather unusually made a reasoned and almost dare-I-say religious appeal to morality (on rather extremely dubious grounds but still) whereas the actual Prince of the Church i.e. the Cardinal stays on much more familiar Malcolm territory in terms of just making threats involving an agonizing tortured death.

(Of course since Armand’s threats ARE things that can happen it is probably a pretty damn good idea not to mess him about.)

Finally, Ninon, I know Armand has just accused you of being a witch, put you on trial, stolen everything you own, and very nearly burnt you at the stake, but maybe it’s some small consolation that you get to see him all casual in his almost open shirt with his hair sticking up in all directions?  What’s that you say? NO?  Hmmm, well, I guess there’s just no pleasing some people.
Kentucky clerk is STILL refusing to give marriage licenses to same-sex couples
LOUISVILLE, Ky., Aug 27 (Reuters) - A day after a federal appeals court ruled that Rowan County Clerk Kim Davis must issue marriage licenses to same-sex couples, her office in eastern Kentucky continued

The Supreme Court’s marriage equality ruling in June means that marriage licenses must be given to same-sex couples who ask for them, anywhere in the country. Kim Davis, the county clerk in Rowan County, Kentucky, has refused to follow that order, even though courts keep telling her she has to. 

Davis says she shouldn’t be forced to issue marriage licenses to same-sex couples because it would violate her religious beliefs. A federal appeals court has ruled that she’s wrong, but she still refuses to obey the law while she waits to appeal the decision to the Supreme Court.

A spokeswoman for Liberty Counsel, which is representing Davis, said on Thursday that she is not issuing licenses pending her appeal of the case to the Supreme Court. Also, a temporary stay that had granted Davis time to make her appeal to the circuit court, remained in effect through Aug. 31, according to Liberty Counsel attorney Roger Gannam.

The same-sex couples who are plaintiffs in the case, after Davis refused them a marriage license, were not immediately available for comment on Thursday. The couple denied a license on Thursday is not one of the parties in the case.

Sigh. Choose your battles, friend. You’ve lost this one. 

Why do some people believe there is a "War on Christianity" in the US?

The easy answer is that those people are being lied to and intentionally mislead for political reasons. The U.S. Is still +70% Christian and there are no admitted Athiests in Congress, and yet people feel the religion is being “persecuted.”

One reason that propagandists are able to keep this illusion alive is because it is true that some Christian beliefs are more likely to be criticized these days. Let’s look at why that is – and it has nothing to do with a liberal/progressive cabal.

Any religious belief is open to criticism when you appeal to religious authority or use religious dogma as a basis for secular law. Like any other “evidence” religion must be questioned.

So, when someone says “Gay people can’t get married because the Bible” or “Evolution can’t be true because of Genesis” that opens those beliefs up to public criticism – anyone who is impacted by the policy that would be derived from articles of faith must be allowed to show that such faith is misplaced.

If you don’t want people to poke holes in your religious text, then do not cite the authority of that text in the public sphere. Religion will always lose because it does not stand up to rational scrutiny.

People will stop pointing out that the Garden of Eden is bullshit, when Christians stop trying to base laws on “But Adam and Eve!” You may believe whatever you wish, and people need not be ridiculed for their belief – but when you rely on the authority of your belief, then that authority must be questioned.

There is no War on Christianity, but the more Christians try to force others to live by Christian religious rules, the more the basis of those rules will be exposed as both unjust and plain fucked up.

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Top 5 favorite Raul roles

1. Dr Frederick Chilton; what he’s done with this role is nothing short of majestic. Its the perfect blend of smug asshole and pathetic loser that half the time breaks your heart and the other half you’re whimpering with need to see more character torture.

2. Rafael Barba; the sassiest character to ever sass. all his suit porn too like holy damn. and he’s such a kinky character c’mon now. “regular joe” my fucking ass.

3. Riff Raff; Gothic twinkie alien pixie-punk butler whom I want to punch and smudge all the makeup and see him in like twenty different bondage scenarios

4. Jonas Nightengale; Sleazy con man with way too much sex appeal and religious kink. The literal worst but then on a dime you’re crying over him because his backstory is really fucking tragic and I want to hug him