I adore people’s headcanons for the characters having different races and ethnicities than the actors cast for those roles, but my personal headcanon is inspired by Dan, who is Irish and Jewish, being cast as Harry. Petunia’s aversion to revealing her origins or discussing her family gains nuance if we imagine she is a Jew living in the oft-Christianized suburbs. And the disdain the Dursleys have for the Potters gain a nationalist slant if we assume the Potters were Irish.

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Is it normal to be confused about your religion/spirituality?

Absolutely. Despite how often it comes up in politics and the like, religious belief is a very personal thing and it’s up to everyone to find it for themselves. Take some time to sit by yourself and figure out what you truly believe in and then investigate different organized religions until you find one that fits your beliefs—or at least is close. You’ll never agree with any religion 100% of the time, but if you do decide to follow a specific faith, organizations are a great way to grow in that faith and find others who are likeminded (but again, remember you won’t agree on absolutely everything). Additionally, if you do choose organized religion, recognize that every church (or church equivalent) interprets even their denomination slightly differently and each have their own culture. Feel free to shop around and go to different types of services to get a better feel for the experience beyond the religious texts.

Your faith is deeply personal and something that will play a large role in your life. Whatever you choose, it’s up to you, so it’s not only normal but encouraged that you be confused at times—that means you’re thinking for yourself.

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without a shadow of a doubt louis is a slytherin and it's not just about being "sinister" or being "mischievous" he's charming, he's smart and has a quick wit and like harry he uses that to his advantage especially when he needs to face off people he thinks deserve the cold treatment but when you're in his good side you know he treats you the best possible way but still with hints of being "a little shit" involved in the mix cuz u know liam gets that side of louis all the time.