Reality is under no obligation to be convenient and comforting to you.

Unsurprisingly, not just risking but actually seeking disconfirmation in order to test its conclusions is the approach taken by science. Religions think they avoid this risk by being unfalsifiable - and they would be wrong.

I think a lot of people, particularly white people, don’t realise that not all religions are purely based on belief

I was raised as a Hindu by my mum and a Jain by my grandma. by belief, I am agnostic. but Hindus and Jains are both ethnoreligious groups. that means our ethnic groups and religious beliefs go hand in hand. that doesn’t mean that every Indian person is a Hindu, it means for Hindu Indians, both parts of our identities affect each other and everything else about us.

so I don’t logically believe in Hinduism or Jainism but they are both a huge part of my culture. my clothing, my food, my festivals, even a lot of my habits are informed by Hinduism and Jainism even though I don’t have a set belief in God. I celebrate the festivals and learn and tell the stories of my Gods even if they’re not my Gods (and technically Jainism is a branch of atheism anyway, it’s just religious atheism). Pallavi Gunalan (y'all should check her out - not all comedians are cishet white men) said “my family… we’re Hindu by culture but atheist by intelligence” and even though it was just a line in her set it sums up the experience of so many people from ethnoreligious backgrounds