Also, I think the scene where Sana is praying and also remembering everything that happened with Yousef the day before is so powerful. It emphasises the struggle she’s going through. It’s very explicit how there are two parts in her identity that are trying so hard to get along: her faith and her feelings for a non-muslim boy.

In earlier clips, we saw how Sana wasn’t able to pray in peace because 1) she was at a party and some random people bothered her and 2) the music was too loud at home. But now we’ve seen it’s not something around her that’s making it difficult for her to pray; now it’s inside of her. It’s not even Yousef, it’s Sana thinking about him. Now she can’t go to another room or ask somebody to turn the volume down because now it’s something she can’t control.

This is Sana’s shame as its fullest.