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Light For The Lost

This title sounds really emo but i promise it makes narrative sense

Anyway here’s Pere Robert and Belle because I have Feelings

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Robert looked up when he heard the sniffling from outside the door.

It was late, late enough that the sky was on fire and the shadows were thick and reaching. In windows, lights were blown out as the night came sneaking into Villeneuve. It turned the small chapel into a haven of shadows and dancing candlelight, soft and gentle on day-tired eyes. Robert wasn’t unused to the people of Villeneuve making their way to the chapel. People felt safe there, protected against whatever beasts had risen up to nip at their heels. So, when Robert heard the tiny cries, he set down the book he’d been reading (he always read before bed) and went to go see what unfortunate needed help.

When he opened the door, the girl who’d been sitting there, back to the doorway, gasped and jumped backwards, falling over with a start in the dirt. She blinked owlishly at him, face red and tear-sodden.

He recognized her, of course. Belle Durant, daughter of the artist Maurice Durant. The pair kept mostly to themselves. Robert generally saw them when they showed up at the chapel nearly every Sunday, very polite and quiet, singing along to the hymns, although also whispering to each other during lulls in the service. While they were hardly unfriendly, they were very private people who rarely mixed with the rest of the townsfolk. Robert had never seen Belle at the school -

Whispers on the air, the sweet scent of roses -

Which was right, of course. The schoolmaster had never let girls into the school, not for as long as Robert could remember. Such a shame, really.

He knelt down carefully in front of Belle. “What’s the matter, Mlle Durant?”

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i sometimes miss bad people. like people who i used to be chill with but then they showed their true colors or i grew and changed and they didn’t, you know the type of people. you had good times in the past, but now they are blocked on facebook and you don’t actually want to engage with them, but you are sad that they turned out to be shitty because it was fun while it lasted..


Full name: Penthesilea
Other names: Rider, Pen, Penny, Queen of the Amazons
Occupation: Heroic Spirit.
Age: good question all i can tell u that she died at 27 so
Gender: Female.
Sexuality: Bisexual
Origin: Themiscyra, 
Current location: Fuyuki Japan
Nationality: would Themiscyran count i guess also Turkish because it would be located there
Ethnicity: Greek ? technically I guess Amazonian????? questions
Spoken languages: Ancient Greek + all the others given by the Grail 
Religion: Hellenism I guess ??? polytheism works too just greek gods ya
Height: 6′0
Body type: Athletic, hers is an hourglass shape toned from her warrior training. 
Eyes: Violet
Tattoos: None.
Piercings: Ears pierced.
social media: just saying her instagram would be hella nice
Smoking: Nope.
Drinking: Pour the water pour the wine as they say.
Athletics: You know it. 
Hobbies: Cooking, dancing, reading.
Virgin: tru
Favorite drink: Wine.
Favorite food: Steak, on the rare side. 
Favorite music: She has her fondness for instrumental tracks and oddly enough, pop music. 
Clothing style: When not in her armor, Penthesilea can be found in comfortable yet sturdy clothes such as jeans and jackets, but it’s equally likely to find her in long white flowing dresses like those back in her time. 
Underwear type: Understated but elegant, usually going for simple colors like black or white. Sometimes gets fancy with lace if she feels like it. 

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anonymous asked:

The 2nd amendment is outdated, after all they had muskets back then not 30 round magazines like today.

Buckle up guys, another section of “Ruin a liberals day” , this should be a good one. 

First off pretty much all weapons back then when it was written were military weapons. Today you have thousands of weapons, and the strongest ones are used by the military. Back then, the citizens and military used the same weapons. So that has nothing to do with it. 

But the 2nd amendment is outdated? Well in that case I guess so are the other ones. Back then they had newspapers like once a week, now we have internet and magazines, so I guess “Freedom of the Press” is outdated right. Only weekly newspapers should have the freedom to say what they want. Mass media was not existent and the Founding father’s didn’t mention the internet, so that is outdated and certainly not covered under the principle right. (following your logic). 

Might as well say Freedom of Religion is outdated too because we have Muslims here now that were not around back then. I guess we should modify Freedom of Religion to it’s original times following your logic. I'veI’ve heard liberals say the 2nd amendment is fine if we use the guns they had back when it was written. So I guess we should only have Christianity under Freedom of Religion. 

I guess the 4th amendment is outdated too right. Search and seizures. They certainly couldn’t transfer over time. NSA and Obama wire-tapping and spying on on half the world’s communications. Reading our emails and all that. They meant soldiers going door to door, didn’t have anything to do with the principle behind it did it. There is no way they could anticipate citizens having AR15’s, just like they couldn’t envision our president spying on us, so we should just get rid of that too it’s so outdated. 

Looks like the 2nd amendment isn’t the only outdated amendment there. I say we only apply it to 1700 standards, afterall that’s what you’re suggesting and your logic makes so much sense. 

Please just stop trying to battle me. I have logic on my side. 

and guns too