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If i slap on a flowercrown filter does it hide the fact i’m tired and depressed af

mossyhappenings  asked:

Pt 1: Yo i dont know if you practice or not but im a witch (divination being my main gift) i want to let your followers know i second your option on the pendulum thing. First off you should never ever trust someone with divination over the internet, you would need a really powerful witch like much stronger than anyone who would make such a rookie mistake lol secondly why do yall think you need divination to figure this out for yourselves? Just because its cool and kitschy?? Lmao gt out of here.

grhs sorry I like Passed Out earlier and this is sorta long so sorry ahead of time!

 but yeah we do practice! We’re really… out of practice bc of mental illnesses and not everyone on our end is Into It as much as others but our original was raised into the religion and practice and I guess I was too in a way bc ive been around for Awhile. 

But yeah you definitely should not be using pendulums or divination for serious personal things like illnesses or kin stuff. If you’re not confident in your own skill and you Absolutely need a second opinion divination wise please, please go to someone who practices who you trust or who has a history of divination practices and preferably do it in person!

Hell you could even pick up tarot or pendulum work yourself as a neat hoby! It’s not that hard to start and it’s really satisfying.

Just please, please dont look only to pendulums or tarot for solid serious answers especially when they’re coming from a complete stranger on the internet

anyways here are the other asks @mossyhappenings sent that I 100% agree with under the cut!

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