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Can All Parents Do This For Me

Listen to your kids. I’m not kidding, listen to them. It’ll do you so much in the long run, because think of it like this. Your kids don’t instinctively avoid you, they don’t, I can bet all your kids when they were younger told you all about their day at school, the friends they made, people who rubbed them the wrong way et cetera. Although, when you stop listening to them, you stop getting all this. You start missing out on well, a lot. When you start using your position as a parent to do things like; Look through your child’s things just because, yell at them for little things and repeatedly tell them they have to listen because you’re the adult, make it seem as if they don’t have problems, you are killing that kid. You may not be grabbing a knife, but look at it like this, to look at your parents, the people who keep you safe and they blame everything on you, even their mistakes, you might as well have stabbed them. Cos it hurts like hell. Don’t accuse your children of things you don’t have solid proof of them doing, because at some point, they’ll go fuck it and do it because you already think they do. Don’t kill that light inside your child because ‘you’re the adult’, your kid deserves just as much respect. I don’t care if you’re a good bible fairing Christian because at some point the words that say to respect your parents stop, especially at abuse. I don’t care if you’ve never supported the LGBT cause in your life, don’t take that out on your kid because they obviously trust you enough to tell you about the inner turmoil they’re feeling. Raise your kids better than you were, because it may seem like something arrogant, but they will most likely follow in the path you take when they raise their own kids, and it becomes a cycle. A cycle of physical or emotional abuse and no one deserves that, especially not a kid. Listen to them, please, because you’ll find out a lot more about them then you think.


(Pretext: our campaign hasn’t started yet, so we’re just discussing our characters. Our cleric player hasn’t decided on a name yet, so the rest of us are making suggestions. Druid player pulls up a random name generator. Chaos ensues.)

Druid: Hoooooly crap. Cruncho Renilbos.

Warlock: CRUNCHO

Druid: Love the Cruncho

Warlock: [cleric player] if you don’t name your cleric Cruncho im divorcing u

Cleric: I already blocked you so… Cruncho the cleric.

Druid: He has to be Cruncho, there’s no other way

Cleric: what kind of parent names their child Cruncho. No wonder he got into religion

Rogue: the only he parent he needs now is God

Cleric: with a name like Cruncho there’s got to be something bigger in life

Rogue: There HAS to be something bigger, because the alternative is nothing but Cruncho

Warlock: Just Cruncho and the void

When I was eight, I got baptised. I remember my mom telling me she was so proud of the choice I made. But when I turned 13, I remember telling her I didn’t want to attend church any more. She told me I was too young to make a decision like that. I realized then that I only had the illusion of choice. If it wasn’t in the confines of my parents beliefs, then it didn’t exist.

I know we love to recognize Christian women whom where veils, Jewish women who wear tichels, and Muslim women who wear hijabs a lot, and just women who cover in general for any reason, religious or otherwise. 

But can we discuss transboys and nonbinary people who headcover???? Our own Mod John where’s a tichel and Mod Katie usually wears a wide headband or bandana. Whatever makes you feel comfortable, you should practice. Wearing a fucking piece of cloth on your head doesn’t invalidate your gender. 

In fact, nothing can invalidate your gender, because no matter what anyone says, or thinks, or does. You know who you are, and so does God He loves you so much, and He’s proud of you.


Me, whenever someone mentions Keenan and Laia

Versus me whenever someone mentions Elias and Laia.

To Parents or Adults Who Want Kids

If you’re going to have a child, please accept then for who they are…it would make a big difference in this world. So many kids are bullied by their own parents because of what they believe or want to do and who they want to be. It’s really sad how people want kids but then don’t accept them when they come out as gay, or trans, or maybe have another religion, etc. It could be anything. And some say they’ll just raise their kid the right way. So in other words, teaching your child not to be free? Be who they truly are and express themselves? That’s sometimes what happens with religion. Parents are supposed to be loving and loyal and caring and helpful no matter what. Thousands of kids are told that they’re disgusting for who they are. Like a trans person. Their parents telling them no one will love them for who they are or that they’re gross and a disgrace. It’s absolutely horrible…and heartbreaking. Teenagers commit suicide because their parents abuse them physically, verbally, emotionally, and even mentally. This goes for people who are gay, nonbinary, people of religion, and anything else. Kids feel worthless because their parents aren’t supportive like they should be. I was recently told by one of my best friends what happened between him and his mom and I can’t imagine what pain he must feel every day of his life. His mother is rude towards him because he’s trans. I cried at the sight of the text he sent me about this and it makes me worry. Teens get depression because of this. They try to kill themselves and cut themselves and end everything because they can’t take the pain. Whether it’s in or out the home. Parents are supposed to love their kids. Not hate them and call them names and cause them pain. So if you’re going to be the parent of a beautiful child, make sure you know you’ll accept them no matter what. And teach your child to be accepting of others and to not judge people for who they aspire to be. That’s why this world is so cruel. People hate and judge each other for no real reason most of the time. Hate creates wars. Wars create destruction. And destruction…leads to death…I hope this gets to some people out there…I’m just crying by typing all of this. Hopefully someone else cries too and realizes something important for the future…stay safe and have a nice day or night…

anonymous asked:

My mom is Christian but I'm not, because of that I don't know much about her Faith, the Bible or any of its stances on being trans. I'd like to come out to her, but I'm scared that she'll bring religion into the discussion. I honestly don't think she will, but on the off chance that she does, do you or any of your followers have any trans positive Bible verses I can send to her? Or any trans positive religious resources? Sorry if this is a silly question, but I want to be prepared for this

Ryn says:

So I’m not religious, but I was brought up Catholic and Episcopalian, so I have a couple verses that might be useful. There’s some stuff that could be considered anti-trans in Deuteronomy, but those verses can be countered. 

Isaiah 56:4-5 (King James Bible)– For thus saith the LORD unto the eunuchs that keep my sabbaths, and choose the things that please me, and take hold of my covenant; Even unto them will I give in mine house and within my walls a place an a name better than of sons and of daughters: I will give them an everlasting, that shall not be cut off.”

This verse is sort of a counter to a Deuteronomy verse that says anyone who doesn’t fit into the category of men or women (and traditionally shunned in Israel) cannot enter heaven. This verse states that God holds a place in heaven for everyone so long as they are good. 

Galatians 3:28 (English Standard Version)—

There is neither Jew nor Green, there is neither slave nor free, there is no male and female, for you are all one in Christ Jesus.” 

This one is fairly self explanatory. Jesus doesn’t care about gender or origin or whatever. 

Matthew 7:1 (English Standard Version)–

“Judge not, that you be not judged.”

Also here is a nice article from someone who uses some of the verses above and a few others to support religious trans folks. And for my part, one of the biggest teachings I took away from my time in the church was that God tells us to love, and to not judge, and to accept one another. The religious right for too long has co-opted the hateful parts of religion and used that to define their so-called “moral agenda.” Now, as a non-religious person, I have chosen to take away a message of peace and of love from Christianity and from other major religious teachings. I see this as the most important part- 

“A new commandment I give unto you, That ye love one another; as I have loved you, that ye also love one another (King James Bible, John 13:35).” 

If followers have anything else to add, that’d be awesome. 

I hope this helps!

Lee says:

This post and this post have some blogs that could be helpful!

everday homophobia

in the past two days, 4 things have happened

1) a friend of mine said “you can’t do anything with a gender studies minor, unless you’re gay and mentally unstable” (after making fun of butch lesbians for “looking like ugly boys”)

2) my youth pastor said “obama has brought change, but the change he has brought is allowing two men to marry- and that is not a good change”

3) my mom apparently did my housing contract for me (for a roommate in college) and in the “groups” section she put LGBT groups as the last option- because, as she said, “lesbians and gays are disgusting”

4) my mom also said “you know, lesbians and gays are only like 1% of the population, yet they are so vocal. it’s sick.”

I literally want to cry right now. :( Fucking ignorant homophobes, don’t know their own friend and daughter is a lesbian and gets depressed when you say things like that.

Less than 3 months, and I’ll feel safe and loved. And mother, the first fucking thing I’m doing once i get to college is joining an LGBT group, because I’m a lesbian and I need support and love from people who will actually care about me.

Family Unity

When my son was four years old, every time he prayed, he would ask God to “please bless us to become a Family Zord.”

I still think about that sometimes when I’m praying and I’m like, “yeah, that would be pretty awesome actually.”

I yearn for such a family that practice the religion together and aren’t shy to talk about the deen with each other. If any of you have this, then you should take some time out and display gratitude towards Allaah for it.

Wallaahi your environment can have a crazy impact on your eemaan and how much it fluctuates…

Don't be a parent...

If you can’t handle the fact that your child might come out gay, lesbian, bisexual, or transgendered.

Don’t be a parent if you can’t handle
the fact that your child may have a mental illness.

Don’t be a parent if you can’t handle your child following a dream that you’re not too fond of.

Don’t be a parent if you can’t handle your child dating someone outside your race.

Don’t be a parent if you can’t handle your child being different.

Don’t be a parent if you can’t handle your child looking different.

Don’t be a parent if you wont have family time with your child.

Don’t be a parent if you plan on not being in your child’s life forever.

Don’t be a parent if you have doubts.

Don’t be an abusive parent, mentally and physically.

Don’t be a parent if you get mad when your child opens up to you and tells you the truth yet you punish them only for at least telling you the truth.

Don’t be a parent if you’re going to end up being a horrible parent.

Don’t be a parent if you can’t handle being a parent, don’t be that weak ass parent to not love your child the right way they deserve to be loved.

Don’t be selfish.

OCTOBER 2016 update: Reminder: Don’t be a parent if you can’t handle the thought of your child being LGBTQ+, Don’t be a parent if you’re not going to show your child the importance of manners and respect. Don’t be a parent if you’re not going to show your child how to be grateful & humble. Don’t turn your child into a rude and spoiled little brat. Don’t be a parent if you’re going to raise it to become a jerk. Don’t be a parent if you can’t accept your child following a dream you’re not too fond of. Don’t be a parent if you can’t handle your child dating someone outside your race or religion. Don’t be a parent if you can’t handle your child being different. Don’t be a parent if you can’t handle your child looking different. Don’t be a parent if you can’t handle the fact that your child may have a mental illness. Don’t be a parent if you can’t handle your child having a disability or health condition. Don’t be a parent if you wont talk and try understanding your child. Don’t be a parent if you won’t have quality time with your child. Don’t be a parent if you’re not going to teach them, inspire them, and provide them with support. Don’t be a parent if you won’t put your child before you. Don’t be a parent if you won’t teach your child good values and behavior. Don’t be a parent if you plan on not being in your child’s life forever, on purpose. Don’t be an abusive parent. Don’t be a parent if you can’t handle the idea of being a parent. Don’t be a parent if you’re going to be selfish. Just be a parent that loves their child unconditionally.