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Creating a Culture

Hey y’all, Abby here with another writing post! Today, we’re going to be talking about culture and how to create one for your world. (Lots of questions today.)

Consider the social hierarchy.
Is it based on wealth? Race? Political favor? How complex is it, and can a person easily move through its levels? Do people of higher levels within the society get certain privileges? Can people between different classes marry (if so, what happens to their rank?)? How easy is the system to understand? Can anyone understand it, or is it something that must be studied? Are there common jobs among each class? Are these ranks instituted?

What about government?
How complex is that? What form is it? Democracy, republic (there is a difference), monarchy, socialist, communist, totalitarian? (Of course there are more forms than the ones listed here.) Or is it one you created yourself? How does it work? How many people are in charge and how did they get there? What role to the common people play in the government and what is it? Are there often government scandals? If so, are they widely known or kept on the down-low? Is political power more associated with wealth or popularity? What are the most common/popular political opinions? How strongly do people feel about them?

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Word of Faith says that God wants you to be rich and shows favor by making you rich. So if you aren’t living on a private island that has rivers flowing with champagne and caviar, God hates you. On the other hand, if you have lots of money, that is literally God pointing you out to the rest of humanity and showing off how great you are. For a billionaire like Trump, even one who inherited his initial wealth, you can see why this is a tempting way to look at things. Mainline Christianity involves guilt and sin and trying to be a better person. But for this guy, who admits to never having asked forgiveness for anything in his life, why should he have to? After all, God isn’t mad at him, and his money is proof of that.

It’s absolutely bizarre when you think of the Biblical Jesus. This was a man who owned nothing more than the clothes on his back, who relied on strangers for shelter and food, and who in Luke 14:33 says, “Those of you who do not give up everything you have cannot be my disciples.” To go from that to “You know what? If I like you, then you get a Mercedes” requires some serious mental gymnastics. But it explains why so many evangelicals were able to forgive things that would usually be negatives for their candidate, like his previous pro-choice stance and his three marriages (strangely, White is also on her third marriage). They believe God has shown Trump’s favored position by blessing him with material wealth.

But it gets weirder. Not only do Word of Faith followers believe being wealthy equals being good, they also believe that they are literally God. Picture Donald Trump, then let that fact sink in. Does he make a lot more sense now?

The Creepy Religion That Explains All Of Trump’s Actions

As someone who grew up in a heavily religious environment where being gay was considered a sin, bisexuality didn’t exist, and the television would be turned off whenever Ellen came on I often struggled with having to chose between Heaven and being with a man or Eternal Damnation and being with the person I wanted. 

Watching and listening to the music video for Troye Sivan’s ‘HEAVEN’ is so powerful because it highlights every single self-hating, self-doubting, black and white thought I ever had. 

Don’t lose a piece of yourself.

We were warned…

  • Selfish ignorant believers…follow selfish ignorant religious leaders…
  • Selfish ignorant voters…elect selfish ignorant politicians…
  • Selfish ignorant role-models…replicate selfish ignorant copy-cats…

It’s all pretty much the fault of the bible god creators…who made their bible god outlaw knowledge (in the Garden of Eden)…and promised indoctrinated ignorant believers…eternal bliss… 

anonymous asked:

I am religious, and my whole family and the few friends I'm out to as lesbian are okay with it. But I'm not. I can't shake the feeling that its wrong. Being gay is just so against who I thought I was. I even ignored my feelings for years. I need help

i’m not sure what religion you are, but regardless you are amazing! when i was catholic i was very upset with myself for being gay but i came to terms with it. and, if you’re christian, the pope has even said that he supports gay people!