religion in comics

Reasons for Billy Batson to be an ethnic and or religious minority

Okay starting with reasons for him to be an ethnic minority
- [ ] Representation can mean everything to a child
- [ ] The culture shock aspect of a little POC boy afraid to go out on the street to being a celebrated hero
- [ ] Chance to explain a non dominant culture in a way that will reach out to more people
- [ ] Captain Marvel would be so much more understanding to the POC children he runs into, and would be less likely to be accidentally racist towards them.
- [ ] The white hero (Marvel form) telling another white hero off for accidental racism
- [ ] Please
Reasons for reasons for a religious minority Billy Batson:
- [ ] Representation is important okay?
- [ ] I cried the last time someone who wasn’t a member of my Faith mentioned my Faith in a public thing, which was a thing about religious diversity
- [ ] Really cool quotes
- [ ] “Um, violence is against my religion, but protecting people is my religious and heroic duty, what do I, Captain Marvel, do about this?”
- [ ] Captain Marvel going to a holy day
- [ ] “But-but- it’s the [insert name of a time of fasting here]!”
- [ ] “Oh come on, everyone celebrates Christmas!” “I-uh-I don’t, actually? Stop staring guys! I’m not Christian okay? We have people who worship the Greek and roman pantheons here, it’s not that unbelievable!”
- [ ] A whole ark devoted to him questioning his Faith after receiving the powers of gods he doesn’t believe in
- [ ] Please, I am begging you let me be able to relate to this boy wanting to do his daily prayers but never having time
- [ ] Not everyone is Christian, please! Even actively Atheist, please, something other than Christian confirmed!
- [ ] D.C. Has racebent before, religion bending shouldn’t be that hard!
- [ ] Let this boy be not-white and not-Christian. Please
- [ ] I have never seen my religion mentioned in anything I love I will cry for weeks with pure joy if D.C. Does this.