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Requested by the lovely @thinemineours: “ This is going to be my first request and being a Lana fan I’m gonna go with “Religion” for Tommy”

Thomas Shelby - Religion 

“It’s a joke you know Pol, we can’t get hold of him at all. There’s shit kicking off left, right and centre and he’s nowhere to be seen, I dunno what that woman’s done to him.” John began ranting to Polly as soon as he arrived at Tommy’s house, storming through the kitchen and slumping into a chair by the table where she sat, “She must have got some kind of heavenly shit into his head, he’s as bad as Arthur”

Polly couldn’t help her smirk at his irritation, actually finding Tommy’s infatuation with you quite heartwarming.

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On Gods

There aren’t really gods in the sense most people mean.  There are powerful natives, but most aren’t interested in Earth.  When intelligent human ghosts started showing up, one spirit named I͗nepu took on the role of Ghostherd.  This grew tiresome, so he elevated a recently murdered earthly ruler, Wosire, to be the first Ghost King.   Wosire’s people learned of this and honored both as gods in Egypt.  The Greeks would render their names Anubis and Osiris. 

Ghost kings didn’t work out so well, so eventually the last one was imprisoned.  Most ghosts figured out how to get along peacefully with the rise of liberal democratic republicanism. 

Some spirits of modest power set them selves up as watchers.  There are greater spirits that have to put a lot of effort into making themselves comprehensible to human minds, otherwise Seraphim look like eldritch abominations. These beings watch over and sometimes guide ghost civilizations, but they leave the upper wastelands to deputized ghost reeves, like Walker. 

Prayer to the Rising Sun






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Double Agent Vader fic: Rocks and Water

Finally a new DAV fic! Sorry for the long wait, everyone. (If you want to read the whole series, the best place to do so is on AO3.)

This one begins very shortly after Trophies, but covers a span of several months during Anakin’s wild bantha chase for the location of the Rebel base between ANH and ESB. It will be a two-parter, as well: the next part will be from Leia’s point of view.

In part one you get: Anakin building a lightsaber and definitely not having any conflicted thoughts about Obi-Wan Kenobi, or any parental feelings about Leia. Nope. None at all. Also we get a glimpse of the secret network of free droids within the Imperial ranks. And there’s a lot of Tatooine folk magic. (If Master Obi-Wan could see this, he’d be very grumpy indeed.)

Title is taken from Deb Talan’s song of the same name, which is basically the Anakin and Leia theme song for this ‘verse.

Warnings for: some body horror (mainly because Anakin has a morbid sense of humor), implied abuse, medical situations, burning, and…casual talk about murder?

Part 1: The Lightsaber

His new left hand was nearly identical to the old one. Anakin smiled to himself without any real humor as he tested the fingers. He wondered darkly if his Master had a store of such things somewhere, just waiting. He’d certainly been ready enough with the life support suit, all those years ago.

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First Half of 2017 Fic Rec

A compilation of some of the fics that I’ve enjoyed this year [with little glimpses into the stories and comments about them, do check them out to see the actual summaries and do support the authors if you enjoy them as well 💕]:

  • trndsttrs of seoul by chimint || yoonmin, namjin || t || wip
    chatfic; jimin is a cinnamon roll and yoongi is whipped™.
    (literally the cutest thing ever, i reread it every day. jungkook calls yoonmin ‘dadgi’ and ‘jimom’ respectively (which is so fcking cute nghhh) and namjoon is the captain of the ship and they all ship ym - all concepts i am 100% up for. something to brighten up your day ^^)
  • The Songbird and the Sea by Misster Maia || yoonmin || bg taekook, namjin || m || wip || tw violence/graphic content
    pirate au with magic; pink-haired jimin with the blessing of the canary finds himself on the infamous pirate ship agust, with its even more infamous captain, min yoongi aka the black fox of the east.
    (the writing is amazing! i froth at the mouth waiting for this to update as it does very frequently! i am trash for both pirates and magic so wow, what greatness. a little slow burn, but with a reasonable pacing. also daegu bros are sort of actually bros here so plus points.)
  • Seven Days (Or The One Where Min Yoongi Asks Out Park Jimin Because Of A Girl) by minyoongayashell || yoonmin || bg taekook, namjin || m || wip || tw sexual content (but like, no actual sex)
    seven days au; jimin is called “cheot-nal ye” or “first day yes”. basically he’s famous at school for agreeing to date the first person who asks him out on the first day of the week - 100% of the time, he breaks off the relationship at the end of the week and the cycle repeats itself. now, yoongi hates this girl in class and she wants to ask jimin out. naturally, he has to beat her to it.
    (the manga was such a sweet thing and the fic gets me so excited. i don’t read a lot of high school aus, but this one is special! it’s not updated very frequently, but it’s definitely worth a read.)
  • Bullet Boy by sugamins || yoonmin || e || tw homophobia/sexual content || wip || tw references to drug use/depression
    in which yoongi’s an underground rapper and jimin collabs with other rappers to break into the scene and flash forward into the future, they are caught up in a ‘scandal the likes of which the industry has never seen before.’
    (the writing is so amazing, wow, it’s only on the first third chapter but the author makes it feel so promising. i kid you not, i actually messaged them and fangirled embarrassingly bc I am that kind of person. also ! underground yoonmin !)
  • Hiraeth by haruguk || taekook, yoonmin, platonic yoonkook || not rated but probably e || 100k || tw sexual content/graphic content/drug abuse/mental instability/psychosis || tw referenced child abuse/cheating/alcohol abuse/self-harm (basically a lot of warnings!)
    diary of an oxygen thief au; perfect fratboy jeongguk gets off of breaking hearts, but he can’t quite do the same to kim taehyung. “hurt people hurt people.” read the warnings carefully!
    (basically this fic broke my heart time and time again and everyone has probably already read this but i still must rec it bc it is that good.)
  • tats'n'thots by Death_Impala || taekook || bg yoonmin || not rated but probably m || 12k || tw sexual content
    tattoo artist au; taehyung to jeongguk: “I feel inspired, and I want to work with you, so how about this: let me tattoo you in any way I want, free of charge – with your input of course.” also, bottom jk. c:
    (i am trash for the using-your-body-as-a-canvas trope and similarly, or even more so, for bottom bby jk. :’) this fic is a blessing. taekook and art obviously belong in the same sentence.)
  • Idiosyncratic by jiminsfw || taekook || e || 19k || tw sexual content/knots/ruts/usual abo things
    a/b/o au; taehyung and jungkook are an alpha/alpha couple, and no one thinks that alpha/alpha couples can last. involves ruts and switching and so much emotion.
    (this was a particularly interesting read bc it took me forever to find a fic with alpha/alpha taekook! alpha/alpha taekook nghhh it’s just the cutest thing, a little sad, but ultimately very fluffy.)
  • Mileage May Vary by rix || taekook || e || wip || tw sexual content/age difference/strip clubs/recreational drug use
    “Jeongguk is a stripper with a penchant for trouble. Taehyung is curious.” taehyung is nine years older than jk, who has a prince albert btw. bottom jk as always. sort of soft sugar daddy tae? but not really.
    (once again i am trash for bottom jk. and all of rix’s fics are so good ;A; the quality just gets better and better. also, tae is once-divorced, heads up. in rix’s words, nothing really happens but still, it’s so enjoyable. <3)
  • spring day by Bangtanbananas || yoonmin, taekook, namjin || e || 70.9k || tw violence/graphic content/sexual content/mpreg/heats/usual abo things
    wolf au; only 5% (i think) of wolves find their fated mates (but most wolves believe they don’t actually exist bc soulmates?), and although jimin dreamt of finding his when he was a pup, he didn’t actually expect to in the mysterious alpha from the mountains.
    (i crave shit like this bc wolves + a/b/o + pack dynamics is just - c: omega jm and alpha yg, yes please. seokjin is the real mvp.)
  • half feral, but just right by themelonlord || yoonmin, platonic jikook || e || wip || tw discrimination/bullying/graphic content (but not really)/probably sexual content || tw referenced child abuse
    a/b/o au; in a world where alphas are considered little more than rabid animals, yoongi’s just trying to scrape by and achieve his dreams. but then he meets omega park jimin and his pseudo little brother, young alpha jeon jeongguk.
    (yoonmin with their son /dongsaeng jjk is evidently my absolute favourite thing. :’) i was dreaming about an au where the alphas are victimised for a change a week before i discovered this fic and i wanted to cry bc it was better than i could ever imagine it to be.)
  • These Lyrics Will Write Themselves by PrettyBoyKiller || yoonmin, taekook, namjin || t || wip || tw sexual content/cyberbullying/eating disorders || tw referenced homophobia
    sugar daddy au gone wrong sort of? jimin starts off as bulletproof ent’s co-director min yoongi’s nonsexual sugar baby, then eventually becomes an important part of both yoongi’s life and the lives of everyone around him.
    (again this is something that everyone’s probably already reading but i cannot leave it out of my list. it’s a very nontraditional way of showing sugar babies in terms of fanfic, with a gentle, natural progression of things, and you’ll surely grow to love all of the artists yg has under his label the way jm does.)
  • Laugh and I Love You by ifisayhiyousayoops || jinkook || bg vmin || e || 21.9k || tw sexual content
    canonverse; seokjin and jungkook are just - so domestic and codependent. literally it. the softest slice-of-life on this side of the internet.
    (jinkook has always been my guilty pleasure and i love them. bratty btm bby jk is basically my religion? i’m this fic is so well written! it’s very gentle and sweet and wow. i love love.)
  • The Letter Thief by d4wndust || yoonmin || bg taekook || t || 21.9k || tw depression/character death || tw referenced suicide attempt (proceed with caution kind of story)
    chatfic; “Park Jimin says his goodbyes through a text, but to a wrong number. | Min Yoongi makes Park Jimin live a little longer and Park Jimin makes Min Yoongi start living.”
    (ngl i was sort of apprehensive before reading it, but anon rec’d it so i read it at 2 am, and i don’t regret it? it made me cry, a lot, and it was pretty sad. and i don’t know how accurate/sensitive its representation of depression was in the text but yeah, i cried like an infant so it deserves a mention. but please please remember to proceed with caution!)
  • time follows you (and fades) by thebestofme || yoonmin || bg taekook || t || 17k
    hogwarts au; half-veela jimin finds himself in slytherin house and falling for slytherin prince, min yoongi. alternatively, jimin is so pretty and yoongi just wants to love him.
    (slytherin yoonmin! yoongi is such a sweetheart and he has a pet kneazle named holly. :’) jeongguk is also adorable, i’m so weak. the first part is in jm’s pov and the second one’s in yg’s, so you literally get two sides of the story. i am trash for hogwarts aus and i’ve probably read all of them, and this one is such a gem!)
  • Once Upon A Dream by yururin || yoonmin || t || 17k
    “soulmates AU where you can see a glimpse of your past life on the eve of your 18th birthday and Jimin dreams of a forbidden Joseon era love story with an upperclassman Min Yoongi, popular basketball player in uni, 18384/10 out of his reach”
    (what is sin - it doesn’t exist. this entire thing is so soft and cute and pure. a great pick-me-up!)
  • glub glub glub by rabbitme || yoonmin || g || 6.7k
    sort of chat fic that begins with jimin and yoongi missing each other.
    (such purity. i love love. basically ym travelling, together and apart. ot7 interaction is something to look forward to, as well. it’s so fluffy, please read this and be blessed.)
  • The Boy in the Music Box by Misster Maia || yoonmin || bg namjin, taekook || t || 52.5k || tw referenced abuse
    yoongi is a college kid with a dysfunctional circadian rhythm and whose grandmother claims to have been a legitimate magician/fortune teller in her time and forces yoongi to take home a music box. inside the music box is a ballerino - only, yoongi wakes up one late-evening-early-morning and finds the wooden ballerino missing, with a pretty boy named jimin in its place.
    (where do i start with this? i must say - i love love. yg falls hard and fast, it’s not even a spoiler. jm has many secrets. angsty but overall very pure. the fluff can make you cry, tbh. yg’s grandmother calls him yoonyoon, what more do you need. did i mention i love love?)
  • light side of the moon by themelonlord || yoonmin, namjin, taekook, 95line || e || 80.8k || tw brief graphic content (blood)/sexual content
    wolf au; jimin moves into a quiet town and befriends kim taehyung, who subsequently changes his life.
    (it is such a lovely story, very pure, very gentle, with filth. :’) nothing really happens; it’s just a story about a boy who finds himself loving a man who can turn into a wolf. the ot7 is strong in this one. highly recommended if 95line and puppy piles make you smile.)
  • King of My Heart by wanderment || taekook || t || 17.7k
    jeon jeongguk is the youngest son of the king of korea. taehyung is a friend of a friend - and a fan, but don’t let jeongguk know that. yet.
    (a very wholesome and pure fic. they’re all rich college kids in this; minus namjin who are jk’s bodyguards. it feels short when you read it, but definitely very enjoyable. it’ll make you smile.)
  • Movie Night by Misster Maia || yoonmin || e || 8k || tw sexual content
    the boys want to watch a horror movie and jimin needs a distraction. it’s a good thing yoongi’s such a great boyfriend.
    (pure, unadulterated, unapologetic smut. i figured i needed at least one on my list and this one does not disappoint. kinks include exhibitionism, praise kink, hyung kink, overstimulation, and dirty talk. also, jimin has a nipple piercing, bless.)
  • The Victorious V and his Vast, Venturesome Heart by aprofessorstale || taekook, yoonmin || e || wip || tw sexual content/identity crises? canonverse; taehyung is in love with love. jimin doesn’t believe in it.
    (this is probably one of the best non-aus i’ve read in forever. it’s very introspective, incredibly heavy when it comes to discussions of sexuality and identity. it is very well-written and the author had captured their personalities well, while sticking to a timeline mostly following reality. (basically everything happens post-ynwa era) taekook are complicated and as are yoonmin, and while the story isn’t over yet, it is definitely worth the read. nam2seok are the resident straights and they deserve to be loved. on that note! yg is demisexual, rejoice.)
  • I Wrote This For You by chikichikichuu || yoonmin, taekook || bg namjin || t || wip || tw referenced depression/self-harm
    the “cliffhanging heartbreaking motherfucking breakthrough debut novel” you will not read this story frustrates jungkook enough for him to send an aggressive e-mail to his newly proclaimed favourite author, min yoongi. (or, yoonmin through jungkook’s eyes. painful, yet worth it. taekook are relationship goals, basically, and everything is seemingly lovely until it isn’t. it hasn’t been updated since february ::) but it’s the kind of story that you can’t stop thinking about. suffer with me. <3)
  • a silhouette of new by mygz || yoonmin || m || wip || tw sexual content
    sugar daddy gone wrong au chatfic; an unknown number sends jimin a message, thinking he’s a sugar baby.
    (very very cute! i look forward to this a lot. yoongi and jm are both very natural and very adorable, spicy and sweet. uwu seriously something to look forward to if you’re into fluffy and sexy sugar daddy au chatfics.)
  • we put the gay in ‘gay’ by ThePurpleStarfish || yoonmin || bg namjin || m || wip
    chatfic; starts with hobi’s iconic line: “listen up sluts”
    (yoonmin-centred. it’s adorable, endearing, and the right level of ridiculous that will make you smile and cry in frustration. :’) they’re both so oblivious, i want to choke them. also jungkook is confused?)
  • Lurking Shadows by GrandDragon03 || taekook, yoonmin, nam2seok, platonic yoonminkook || m || wip || tw violence
    monster hunter au; jungkook is taken in as an apprentice by the legendary (and also married) hunter pair, min yoongi and park jimin.
    (this is so good? the world-building is a+. please read if you want to see yoonmin with their son jk and good writing. the summary is in first person, but the story itself isn’t written that way, i promise. jk is a reckless prodigy but yoongi’s working on it.)
  • A New World by lonelyonion || taekook, yoonmin, nam2seok || e || wip || tw graphic content/violence/character death
    super powers/not today au; “Jeon Jungkook was born to save the world, that’s a fact. Everything else, that was spontaneous.”
    (this needs more attention! it’s still very short but very well-written and i am sooo excited for where this is headed. there are also not enough nam2seok fics in the world. :’) also! author says not to worry about the character death, but let’s see.)
  • Breathless by makkurokuro93 || yoonmin || bg namjin || e || 37k || tw sexual content
    swim team au; after an unexpected break from the athletic world, yoongi finds himself back in south korea as their national team’s new coach. everything is almost the same as when he left, except, now, there’s park jimin.
    (admittedly i haven’t finished this yet. 🤷 but! it seems very promising and there’s a nuance to the writing that colours everything in this sort of hazy blue filter. it’s just really pretty, wow. i say this bc i haven’t gotten to the smutty bits yet, tbh. what i’ve seen of the characterisations are brilliant! will update this when i finish reading. ;; let’s scream together.)
  • Impractical Magic by springrain21 || yoonmin || t || 16.8k || tw dismembered toes/spirits
    witch au; yoongi is the worst witch jimin has ever met, basically.
    (so so so cute! thank you to the original creator of the tumblr post that inspired this entire thing bc it just makes me so happy. yg is such an endearing character, and jm obviously feels the same way. you will fall in love.)

if this makes its way through my queue and onto your dash it’s a sign from the gods that you should send fic recs probably please and thank you

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Have you read Say Your Prayers? I got reminded of it bc you posted something about Shake Me Down (lovely fic) and seem to love tmits (which for me is literally the best fic I've read ngl!!) maybe you'd like it if you're into religious fics (though it's not as angsty as shake me down, sadly) 🌈💐

YOU KNOW I LOVE TMITS. Oh, I’ll have to give it a go!! 

Say Your Prayers : The one where Harry, head counsellor at a Catholic summer camp, dedicates his time to what he loves most, year after year. It’s mostly the same every summer; the place, the topics, the games. This year, however, there’s a new assistant counsellor stumbling into his camp, and possibly his heart.

// i f  i  b e l i e v e  y o u //

the 1975 drabbles

if i believe you + punk!jungkook

// if i’m lost then how can i find myself? //

Jungkook was an absolute legend on stage.

“Are you guys having fun tonight?” he asked seductively to the crowd, making sure to press his lips as close to the mic as possible. Excited screams erupted from the venue and you smiled widely to yourself. No matter how many shows you attended, you were always entranced by his presence on stage. He had so much charisma, with the way he looked out into the crowd with sultry eyes to how his raspy voice rambled over the lyrics he wrote himself, a lot of them unsurprisingly about you.

You could remember the first day you met Jungkook. He looked like he popped off a page of Rolling Stone, wearing nothing but black (black skinny jeans, black t-shirt, black leather jacket, black Doc Martens…) and his signature smirk. It was odd to see him scanning the aisles of a bookstore, but when he later explained that he was trying to find a book for his best friend, you only found it endearing.

Everyday since then, you have found yourself attached to the punk rocker who had a specific soft spot for someone by the name of Y/N. From the way he sang you to sleep at night to how he had a secret passion for Disney movies or even how he always burnt the pancakes no matter how hard he tried. Dating Jeon Jungkook was nothing short of perfect, but you couldn’t help but feel a little…lost.

He had a set path and a mind full of dreams. His band was gaining so much momentum that it was almost too hard to keep up with. More and more gigs began to pop up, and there was even rumors about a record deal dancing in the air. It’s amazing, definitely, but it also made you feel like you didn’t have your own life. You toured with him, helping out backstage however you could or simply keeping him company when he was feeling low and homesick. His world was bright and loud and exciting, while you didn’t even know if you had a world.

But then Jungkook would kiss you, and you could find your purpose all over again.

Hands grabbed at your arms suddenly, jolting you out of your trance. You looked up from your spot by the stage to see your boyfriend, grinning widely as he pulled you up close enough to him so that he could lock his lips to yours. He was sweaty and breathing hard, but he still tasted like spearmint and happiness. His guitar- that he had haphazardly swung onto his back- pressed against your shoulder, reminding you just where you were. But in that moment, you tried really hard not to care. All you focused on was the beautiful, dark boy softly kissing you like it was his last minutes on Earth, and in that moment, you decided:

If loving Jungkook meant that you were lost, you didn’t care if you’d ever find yourself.

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I know nothing of weed but John Laurens on a fat tuesday my guy

Johns smoked the blunt all the way down to the roach of it, and his smile is already wide enough to be seen from space.

“I’m glad this is your hobby,” Alex says, coughing from all of the residue smog. “And not something seriously fucked up, like, coke or something.”John laughs at that, polluting the air in the dorm room with even more smoke.

“I’m going to smoke as much of this as I can…hopefully it kills me.”

Alex scrunches up his face. “Don’t you mean, even if it kills you?”

John giggles. “No.”

“I had a cousin who was addicted to cocaine.” Lafayette says to lighten up the mood a bit, their voice muffled by their surgical mask. “He was a weird son of a bitch, great at parties though…”

“Babe, if you don’t want to get high I really think you should sit this one out. John’s giving up weed for 40 days, so he’s gonna smoke a lot.” Hercules rubs his hand comfortingly over his partner’s back. “Contact highs are something serious, not as potent, but still. I know how you feel about weed.”

“And miss my best friend’s first Fat Tuesday? Tu peux rêver.”

“More like…Fattie Tuesday.”

John is cackling over Alex’s pun. Hercules and Lafayette take turns groaning, and Alex can barely contain his shit-eating grin.

“So, what are you guys giving up for Lent?” Alex leans over John to grab his lighter, lights John’s next stash - a bowl, already packed, how nice - and puts the mouthpiece in John’s waiting mouth. He can barely smoke it properly. His hands - that’s how he knows he’s not sober, they’re always the first to go - are here but not here, not enough to hold his own pipe anyway. It feels like his pupils are swimming in his irises and he can barely sit up all the way.

“I’m giving up bread,” Lafayette smiles and gestures to their exposed stomach, thank you crop tops. “This stomach is hard to maintain, and if I can please the Lord while I do it, why not kill two birds with one rock?”

“Close,” Hercules sighs.

“And you, my other religious friend?”

“I’m giving up aggression, like fighting and swearing.” Hercules is rubbing the comforting patterns into Lafayette’s back again, and Lafayette coos in response. “It’s not good for my mental health, it freaks Gil out, and I just generally want to come across as a little more calm.”

“So no more rallies? Or protests?” Lafayette snorts. Imagine such a thing.

“Hey, it’s temporary. I’ll get in touch with my chakaras and shit, and then it’ll all be good.”

They all dissolve into laughter. After settling a bit, they look back at John. He’s looking up at the ceiling like an action movie is unfolding on it. He’s clapping but like really slowly.

“…You good, fam?” Hercules says, trying to stifle a laugh.

“I……..can’t….feel…my hands.” John answers after about two minutes. “I love………I love this.”

“I’ll give him 3 days, tops.” Alex says, and the other two snicker.

Forbidden, by orphan_account

Rating: G
Word Count: 11,523
Type: Non-magic!AU, Modern!AU

Summary: When Lily and Marlene decide to make a video in response to Israel’s banned book about a Jewish and Arab romance, they don’t realise what wheels they’re setting into motion. Artist Sirius Black reluctantly agrees to participate in the video experiment, having no idea he’s on the path to finding love in the most unexpected place.

Comments: Such a great fic, with lots of diversity. There are characters who are Jewish, Israeli, Muslim, trans, genderfluid, ace, pan, blind. It’s interesting to read a fic that discusses religion; I can’t even think of another fic where religion plays an important part. I really like how much Regulus was included in this fic, too; he needs more love. I’m honestly surprised this is the first fic I’ve read based off of this type of video; it seems like the perfect set-up for romance.

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Holy week of Marokkepu?

Okay, so Tatooine slave culture uses a lunar calendar, somewhat modified by a solar calendar - which, as you can imagine, is quite complicated on a world with two suns and three moons.

Marokkepu means “the water giving” and refers to the week surrounding the single day a year when all three moons are full at the same time. Water is traditionally connected with the moons, with a very ancient story saying that Ar-Amu’s rain will come in Marokkepu.

It’s considered to be a week outside of time, an in-between place at the ending of one year and the beginning of the next. It’s an especially auspicious time for making vows and naming family, so a lot of marriages and naming ceremonies and the like happen during this time. And it’s a time especially dedicated to storytelling.

In particular Marokkepu is associated with the dance dramas, which tell the sacred stories in coded ways, using movement and costume and color to indicate character and plot.

The highlight of Marokkepu is the midmost day of the week, the night on which all three moons are completely full. This night is called Bentu Depuraak - “the reckoning of the Masters.”

It’s a celebration of Ar-Amu’s promise of freedom and a looking forward to the time when it will be true. People construct effigies of Depur (either an archetypal image, or, for those who are more daring / have less to lose, something bearing an uncanny resemblance to their real depur). There are stories and dances through most of the night, telling the story of Ar-Amu’s promise, along with quite a lot of Ekkreth stories too. And then, just before the moons begin to set, the effigies are burned.

Because everything is a secret, the celebrations tend to be kept pretty small-scale, the effigies in particular. They’re usually small enough that they can be burned inside in a kitchen. And even though the entire community celebrates, they usually do so in small groups inside someone’s quarters, the better not to be noticed by the depuran.

(And because I enjoy symbolic convergence, I headcanon that Palpatine died and the Death Star was destroyed on the night of Bentu Depuraak. Luke has always thought this very appropriate, and if he celebrates more than one holiday on Endor Day, well, nobody but Leia and Han need to know.)

Now, at the beginning of the breakfast meal, Harry had noticed, a tall, mysterious-looking man with long dark hair and gaunt, enigmatic features. He was dressed stylishly in a crisp, black suit; and his tie made a shock of red in the otherwise totally black outfit. The dark hair on his pale chest was neatly trimmed but still noticeably thick; and he wore elegant, black leather shoes on both of his feet. It was now that he noticed that, on the table that this man was sitting at, was a placard that said on it, "Mr. Snape.”

Hogwarts School of Prayer and Miracles by proudhousewife, Chapter 7

It is the best fanfiction since My Immortal.

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Bi!Scott is SO important to me because he reminds me so much of myself at that age? The scene where he says Danny is attractive "-But I like girls!" Me me ME, all the time. I had no frame of reference for bisexuality, no representation to turn to and realize "Hey, that's me." Even when I knew I was attracted to girls I was so sure I was straight /because I liked boys./ So I knew I couldn't be /gay./ It's so easy to see bby closeted bi!Scott. I want it so much.

Here’s the thing. When I was a young confused thing, I used to have these really intense friendships. Like. SUPER intense. Like. “We are going to spend the rest of our lives completing one another and we don’t need anyone else and if you run away I’ll go with you and if you need a place to stay you can hide out here” friendships. I had dreams about my female friends, not like, sex dreams, but just these intense romantic dreams about going on vacation with them or dancing with them or taking hot air balloon rides (??? whatever I was a very interesting kid okay). And I was just like, you know, “This is how all girls feel about their best friends." 

And. No. Lol. Not all girls feel that way about their best friends. Because what I was feeling was love, but I, too, had zero frame of reference for bisexuality. And I thought, you know, "But I think this one guy is cute” was enough to make sure I was 100% heterosexual, because in my life/cult, you were heterosexual or damned to an eternity in Hell. So. Heterosexual it is! 

But there is no one who is going to damn Scott McCall to anywhere. He’s so good. He’s honest and open and loving, and better than that, he’s constantly pushing himself and the people around him to improve, to get better. He is literally the epitome of goodness, and I want a bisexual character who is good. Bi!Stiles is great! I love bi!Stiles. I headcanon Stiles as bisexual, too. But Stiles is… not good. Like. No one is going to argue that Stiles is a super great human being. That moral dubiousness is part of his charm! And I love the idea of bi!Lydia, and pan!Allison or Derek. Like, honestly for me, bisexual!everyone.

But I’m just ??? really tired of queer representation that only gets assigned to people that make great characters, but that I would not want to have in my life. I want to be around good people. I want to be with people who are working hard and trying hard and improving themselves and helping others, and I want to see that representation too. Give me a bisexual character who isn’t morally duplicitous, who is just genuinely good and loving and trying hard. 

And give that to me in Scott McCall, because it makes sense, and it would be really beautiful character development for him. (If, additionally, he recognized that his deep, intense, slightly co-dependent friendship was not-just-platonic and he was desperately in love with his best friend who was also desperately in love with him, I would not in any way at all be offended, FYI.)

(If someone also wanted to give me a Real Life bisexual!Scott McCall of my very own to love forever, that would also be 100% okay.)

Say a Prayer and Light a Candle

Say a Prayer and Light a Candle by tiptoe39
Rating: NC-17
Word Count: 57,000
Summary: Dean comes home with Castiel for the holiday. Only the holiday is Hanukkah, and Dean’s not Jewish. Which presents a problem.

With so many “bring him home for Christmas” stories, it was wonderful reading about Dean and Cas navigating the difficult waters of an interfaith relationship during the winter holidays. The author shared their own experiences while shining a light on the fact that Judaism is so much more than just a religion. There are no simple answers, no sudden realizations, no easy decisions. Instead there is an authenticity and truth that lets you know this story comes from experience, pain and hope: from Cas’ prayer of Please, let this week not be a disaster, to his mother asking if she raised him to lie.

The challenges Dean and Cas face while hiding their relationship from Cas’ family during the holidays are interwoven with flashbacks to when they first met. Those first moments of friendships, lust, love and understanding are set side-by-side with fear, shame, conflict and misunderstandings. The end is not really an end at all, but instead it is a satisfying resolution that marks a important transition for Dean, Cas and those they love.

title: all i’ll ever need is in your eyes

author: mediawhore

pairing: harry styles/louis tomlinson

word count: 4k


Louis has known he’s going to marry Harry Styles since he was eighteen years old. Five years later, he has the perfect proposal planned. Too bad he can’t help blurting it out while they’re detained at the mall.

AO3   //  written for the hlvalentineficexchange