As a child, my mother had told me to kneel before the crucifix.

On my knees in the house she kept clean for her god,

I pictured purity.

I pictured purity to be soft-white and gleaming like opal,

To be whole and to be holy.

Purity would be a sharp knife with a slender ivory handle.

As she scoured the floors with bleach and scraped blood off the walls,

I imagined that purity would be colder than those marble floors;

That it would smell like welded iron and chlorine,

That it would wipe the crook of my elbow with rubbing alcohol

And draw out wickedness with a needle.

I did as I was told and read prayers to the Virgin Mary,

Again and again until I had earned forgiveness for my sins,

But purity had been nailed up in vain against Jesus’s chest;

And my mother had been braiding a rope from the pages of a Bible.

From a rafter she hung me close to the crucifix.

She made the sign of the cross, and then left.

I looked into the face of the son of God as blood pooled in my eyes,

And in the pained face of that wooden man,

Was purity.

Purity was red.

Purity had broken so easily,

And it was the sinner it had demanded that I never become.

Purity was an electrical fire in the church;

The temperature at which holy water boils.

Purity was an arrow shot into the breast of an albatross,

Or at best, a nail hammered into the palms of Jesus Christ.

I know I’ve made posts about this before and I’ll make posts about it again.

As an atheist, it still floors me just how well The Prince of Egypt handled religion. Because at the end of the day, it wasn’t about religion at all. Okay I mean yes it was, it was the story about one of the most important prophets in Judiasm but at the end of the day, the movie wasn’t about Judiasm vs. the Egyptian Gods. It wasn’t even about faith vs. no faith. It was about respect vs. no respect. Because you can believe in a higher power and still not respect it and you can not believe in a higher power but still respect the faith.

And the best way this was shown was through Tzipporah and Rameses’ advisers. 

Tzipporah clearly didn’t believe Moses at first. But she still respected what he believed in and supported him.

Whereas Rameses’ advisers clearly believed in the Egyptian gods but didn’t respect them at all, choosing instead to use smoke and mirrors to create their own illusions. That’s extremely disrespectful. 

And of course, Rameses and the advisers had absolutely no respect for Moses’ religion which, you know, was a bit of a bad move on their part

And it’s such a simple moral - that no matter what your beliefs are, if any, you should still respect others - but it was done so well!

If anyone needs me, I have a movie to go rewatch!

Me: *critisizes feminism*

Feminists: Oh my god you just hate women and want to take away their rights!

Me: *critisizes BLM*

BLM: Oh my god you just hate black people and want to take away their rights!

Me: *critisizes religion*

Religious: Oh my God you just hate religious people and want to take away our rights!

anonymous asked:

What about people in third world countries? The people who were born into poverty, live a hopeless life and die in agony from disease. Most times their religion is the only hope they have, and brings joy to their lives. Should they become atheist, and live with only despair?

thanks for your message. I take these as serious questions and will reply accordingly. I would say you are mistaken in your view on many levels:

religion is often the reason for the misery in poor countries in the first place

  • the pope telling people in africa they are not allowed to use condoms, resulting in the spreading of (deadly) genital diseases like HIV.
  • hypocritical mother theresa loved to see people suffer in poverty. she even said that ill people who suffer in agony are closer to god
  • distributing bibles to keep people dumb and controllable instead building schools and hospitals did never ever save even just one life
  • historically, religion’s amount of violence was the main reason for its success (indigenous people of america, crusades, slavery, dark ages, etc), taking away everything they had and killing unbelievers if they could not be converted.
  • even today the church is based on selling you on the imaginary sin of being human and then sells you the imaginary cure of salvation, which seems can only be done by taking your money
  • sell the vatican, feed the world

about joy in the live of a believer:

  • just about any atheist i know who did start a brainwashed religious live, often due to parental indoctrination, tells me how stripping off the disease of religion has brought back freedom, joy and total liberation to their lives.
  • i strongly question (and i have also not yet seen empirical data) that religion and joy are anyhow correlated
  • having an imaginary controller in the back of your head won’t help being joyful either

you assume that atheists live in despair:

  • this is extremely narrow-minded, and nicely shows the arrogant position religious people take on by assuming only their way of life is the right one and leads to happiness.
  • but no, i do not say anyone should become atheist. i say give people the chance to make up their own mind: stop the religious indoctrination of children, stop the religious oppression of women / gay people / etc, do not forbid anyone to have access to education (like e.g. in some islamic countries), allow critical questioning of any ideology or religion without threat of punishment
  • atheism is simply the result of the above, there is no need to ‘convert’ anyone to atheism
Cross, “A”, & Beth Greene

Hey everyone! This wasn’t a planned post I’ve been meaning to make, but rather something I just happened to notice while looking at episode photos of Beth. Please forgive me if someone has already pointed this out.

So, I was going through photos of Beth Greene and came across this one:

I’m sure you’ve all seen it before. It’s from Episode 4x16 “A”. The infamous episode where Rick places the sheriff’s hat on Beth (if you don’t know what that means see why that’s important here (X)

What I noticed though was on her wrist, here is a closer photo:

When I noticed it in the first picture (the farther away one) I thought it was half of the letter “A”. When I zoomed in closer I realized it’s a massive cross.

What’s odd is this is not visible at all in the episode, only in this promotional photo for the episode. It’s almost as if they wanted to show us specifically this bracelet. It’s quite large and can be seen from afar (like in the first picture). Her sleeve is also pushed back just enough to show it off. Her arm is also placed perfectly in the middle of the photo so it’s very visible.

Obviously the cross would represent our theories of her being a Christ figure, but I do find it interesting that it also looks like an “A”. It’s the episode name, and it’s also the big letter on Daryl right now. Though, I think Daryl’s “A” is related to him being a part of Alexandria, I think it could be a double meaning. Norman has been posting quite a few things about the “A” so it has to be more then just Alexandria.

This is just something I found that I wanted to share with you all. What are your thoughts? I’d love to know xo

I totally understand why nobody wants to respond to 782 words of questions about Christianity, but you’d think people carrying around books on telling people about Christianity would be willing to.

(If anyone thinks they want to answer some subset of a bunch of questions, I’d be happy to post them.)

#1: there are multiple gods

#2: there are no such thing as angels, only good spirits. There are bad spirits AND demons, demons and bad spirits are too complete different entities.

#3: bad spirits are just spirits who are bad lol, demons are literally just pure evil and just made of negative emotions. Bad spirits sometimes consider themselves demons bc sometimes their negative emotions can takeover them in bad ways but they still have empathy.

#4: also gods are still good spirits they just more rational lol.

#5: souls are a thing yeh, and sometimes one soul can be split to make other different souls.

#6: when a person dies their soul doesn’t immediately leave their body, the soul leaves when it has processes what just happened then it leaves.

#7: souls and spirits are alike but not the same. A soul is basically kind of like a spirit that hasn’t be born yet, it’s basically an egg that can move around.

#8: a soul comes out instead of a spirit bc it’s in shock. It’s routine has been stopped and it takes time to process that you don’t have a physical form anymore.

#9: when a soul becomes a spirit it can either just go straight to the afterlife or stay on earth in the realm of the unseen.

#10: the realm of the unseen(I forgot the name lol) is just lol spirits n souls floating around. Demons are there as well but mostly just sit around n wait.

I got all of this from dreaming they were interesting, sorry for having an idea of the afterlife

Every time I hear the festive dirge-a-long ‘Do They Know It’s Christmas’ by Band Aid, I want to write a line-by-line anti-colonial refutation about how they do, in fact, ‘know it’s Christmas’, since Christmas has been transplanted into almost every traditional religious framework by white missionaries, and that there will, in fact, be snow in many different climactic regions across Africa’s matchless environmental diversity, and to say that ‘nothing ever grows’ demonstrates an astonishing lack of knowledge about many African nations’ position at the forefront of world agricultural and foodstuff production…
Yasmin Seweid, Muslim teen who reported harassment on New York subway, found safe
Muslim teen Yasmin Seweid reported being verbally attacked by drunk men on New York subway last week

As an atheist we would never let someone be harassed like this if we were in a position to intervene. No one deserves this kind of treatment just because they happen to be religious. We may not agree with your religious views, but we’ll defend your right to believe in them.