I am a dead girl walking.
I wonder if the nuns drink the sacrament, the blood of Christ, a little too loosely at night;
if they dream of the chisled chest on the crucifix and say their Hail Marys with a little different light.
My knees buckle on the clean marble floor,
and I don’t know if you can call this prayer.
I’ve had more panic attacks in this chapel 
than I ever did in the psych ward;
legs like electric chair,
lungs like locked bike.
When I was younger, I wondered if Heaven had gates
because it was in the rough part of town.
I still think about it;
that even when we are gone, 
floating around in paradise, drinking wine coolers
and remembering how our most embarrassing moments
were designed to be,
why is it then, that we are still worried
about being safe?
Why are we still worried
about being saved?
—  Schuyler Peck, Thoughts I’ve Had in Church

29353) For the longest time I didn’t think I could have an ED because of the fact that I’m Muslim. It’s hard to look for support in the Muslim community because they always say your sick because of your lack of faith. I don’t understand why it’s so hard for them to grasp the fact that just because I am Muslim doesn’t make me any less human or make me special. Any one can develop an ED, no matter what your religion, gender, sexual orientation, etc is. I wish I had better support so I could get better.


Sexist pastor says a woman’s job is to ‘have a hot meal waiting when your husband gets home‘ and ‘meet him at the door looking like a million bucks’ (Found at Stuff Fundies Like; For more info, visit Friendly Atheist; For a related video, click here

Next time you’re about to make a blanket statement about religion being bad, ask yourself why Indian tribes had their religions banned by white governments and churches. Ask yourself why colonial slave owners found it necessary to convert their African captives to Christianity and force them to abandon their African religions.