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Shrove Tuesday, a.k.a Pancake Day, a.k.a. Mardi Gras, is celebrated on the day before Ash Wednesday. Learn more about Shrove Tuesday by watching the full video.    

I don’t know about you but all this talking about pancakes has made me hungry.

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A small note on how to be a nice atheist.

I just had a lovely chat with an older Black woman because we were walking in the same direction.  When we split, she said “God bless you."  Then she reached for a hug, so I hugged her back and said, "You too ma'am, have a wonderful afternoon.”  And you know what?  We both left that pleasant interaction smiling.

Don’t be that atheist who makes a war out of every “God” mention.  Why take away someone’s joy over a 3 minute interaction?  She meant that “God bless you” with all of her heart & I appreciated it.  I’ve been an atheist for over a decade, but I do hope she feels blessed in her life, and if she attributes that to God, then good on her.

Whether she would use her beliefs to shame me or the way I live my life is 1) unknown and 2) irrelevant to that moment.  You can’t know someone’s heart, and I choose to take the good in people when doing otherwise would add unnecessary negativity to the world.

May God be our strong foundation, so we will never be shaken! 📷: @dulynoteddesign

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Marco Rubio Attacked Obama For Showing Religious Tolerance

“I was particularly offended by Marco Rubio’s performance in Iowa. (That’s a surprise, since I would have sworn nobody could top Ted Cruz.) He kept falling back on ‘Jesus Christ who came down to earth and died for our sins.’… Marco Rubio instantly attacked the president [after Obama visited a Baltimore mosque] for 'pitting people against each other.’ Now Marco Rubio is an all-purpose twit, but this was one of his worst moments. The guy who loves to wave his specific faith in the public’s face. And he’s shocked, shocked when the president demonstrates tolerance and compassion for an embattled religion.” - Gail Collins

The overtly evangelical language of Republican candidates is driving anti-Muslim sentiment.

Dallas justice of the peace is really proud that he doesn't want to marry same-sex couples
Justice of the Peace Bill Metzger will not issue licenses to gay or lesbian couples, according to his Facebook page.

Bill Metzger, a justice of the peace in Dallas County, is trying desperately to be the next Kim Davis. 

In a Facebook post last week, Metzger ranted about how he plans to refuse to marry same-sex couples, even though that’s technically illegal and those couples would just get married by another person probably in the same office. Because marriage discrimination is illegal now, remember?! He wrote: 

“As I said back in June of last year, because of my faith in God as a devout Catholic I will be only be conducting traditional marriages. Recently, I have been asked about my beliefs and stance on traditional marriage. I think it is important to point out that this is the law in Texas per Attorney General Ken Paxton’s legal interpretation via opinion KG-0025: ‘Justices of the peace retain religious freedoms, and may claim that the government cannot force them to conduct same-sex wedding ceremonies over their religious objections.’ This came as a result of a request from Texas Lt. Governor Dan Patrick. As such, it is not true for someone to say they are required by law to conduct a non-traditional wedding.

General Paxton’s opinion can be found here: https://www.texasattorneygeneral.gov/opinions/opinions/51paxton/op/2015/kp0025.pdf.

It is clear that any Justice of the Peace in Texas can refuse to perform a non-traditional wedding when that wedding can be performed by others. My sincerely held religious belief keeps me from being forced to conduct anything but a traditional wedding as a Judge per our Attorney General.”

Sigh. I am bored of angry conservatives trying to make a name for themselves by citing their religion as an excuse to sabotage others’ legal rights. Bored. 


海蔵寺の菖蒲 (Iris at Kaizoji Temple) by Yasunobu Ikeda


常寂光寺 - Jojakko-ji Temple - by Yasunobu Ikeda

hey you know what I just thought of

like what about youth pastor Alfred doing sermons for queer kids to help them unlearn their sexualities and gender identities being sins?? And helping the parents too?? like putting together worship studies and talking about ways the bible is misinterpreted to make people believe that homosexuality is a sin even though it’s not and then reading the verses or other information that proves homosexuality isn’t a sin and just. Helping queer kids and their parents understand themselves and their kids and understand that it is okay to be who they are. I need that in my life