relient k for life

I’m actually so happy with this

once upon a relient K show

matt thiessen gave me a shout out (on stage) to let everyone in chattanooga know that they were playing jefferson aero plane because i’d requested it the night before.

“we’re gonna play four new ones and then a really old one for our friend, anna, who’s in the crowd tonight.” *cue cheesin’ smile*

God knows me better than i know me, and He let matt thiessen call me a friend in front of the boy who once broke my heart, and the girl who waltzed in and won his affections. never underestimate my Jesus. 

Funny how the first songs on Relient K’s two most recent albums have to do with approaching life as it comes.

Forget and Not Slow Down and Don’t Blink.

Their messages are opposite.

One is about pushing past things while the other is about appreciating what won’t last forever.

Don’t Blink is the answer to Forget and Not Slow Down.

Funny, huh?