📷 Aurelian relief showing a dedition, the surrender. Defeated barbarians kneel before the emperor Marcus Aurelis and beg for mercy. Capitoline Museums, Rome. #aurelian #relief #dedition #surrender #barbarians #ancientrome #ancienthistory #history #marcusaurelius #romanempire #romanemperor #eternalcity #romans #rome #italy #capitolinemuseums

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last drawing before I go on a trip~ send them to the space station and let them be happy together already

School is officially back in full swing for most of us, and with it comes lots of deadlines, pressure, and competition. So I thought I’d make a list of simple techniques, websites, and diys to help you relax and enjoy some “me time” in the midst of all of the stress!

  1. write a letter to someone. you don’t have to send it.
  2. listen to your favorite songs
  3. live puppy cam//live kitten cam
  4. make a list of everything that’s stressing you out and the action steps you can take to handle them
  5. knit/crochet
  6. let your thoughts float away
  7. read some soothing suggestions
  8. go for a walk
  9. make a face mask
  10. make a hair mask
  11. meditate
  12. take a long shower
  13. do some yoga
  14. do a seven-minute workout
  15. watch paint-mixing videos
  16. open a window and let some fresh air in
  17. have a cup of tea
  18. indulge in a snack
  19. take a hot bath
  20. listen to the rain
  21. read a good book
  22. practice aromatherapy
  23. journal
  24. vent anonymously
  25. play with a stress ball (a real one or a virtual one)
  26. talk to a stranger
  27. play a game of cards
  28. watch a movie
  29. analyze your stress
  30. skip rocks
  31. cry, scream, punch your pillow. you’ll feel better.
  32. call or text your friends
  33. take control of your time
  34. defeat perfectionism
  35. create a virtual zen garden
  36. take a nap
  37. color in some mandalas
  38. collect some virtual cats {iOS//Android}
  39. paint your nails
  40. practice guided imagery
  41. make a music playlist that conveys how you feel
  42. do a breathing exercise
  43. create a nebula
  44. look through photos of your favorite people/memories
  45. make a glitter jar
  46. find one good thing that happened today
  47. find some quiet
  48. play with your pet
  49. receive some hugs
  50. light a scented candle
  51. practice progressive muscle relaxation
  52. do an Epsom salt foot soak
  53. turn the lights off, lay down, and daydream
  54. laugh!!
  55. take care of your plants
  56. organize your school supplies
  57. clean your room/closet
  58. make a compress for stiff muscles
  59. hang out at the pool
  60. repeat positive affirmations
  61. fold some lucky stars
  62. give yourself a scalp massage
  63. create sand art
  64. list 50 things that make you happy
  65. make stress your friend

Thanks for reading! If you have questions, feedback, or post requests, feel free to drop me an ask.

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Sophia :)

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