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They say when human soul mates meet the oldest stops aging or (becomes younger) until the youngest is the same age. No wonder Obi-Wan began to to grow a beard after he met Anakin.

To start off he hadn’t noticed at all.

But you could forgive Obi-Wan for not taking note of his own aging since he wasn’t that vain.

After two years though…

There was no change and snagging Bant by the elbow to examine him properly confirmed it. Obi-Wan hadn’t aged in two years just like he suspected, even if his hair and nails grew, he was not aging at all.

Pressing his face into his hands he had taken a decision.

He grew a beard, making himself look older in the process and hiding away the evidence of what was going on, that he had meet his soulmate in the shape of a boy fifteen years his junior.

Because he wasn’t stupid.

Obi-Wan was many things, reckless, attached, emotionally stunted, demanding… but not stupid even if he could be willfully blind.

He knew it was Anakin, could feel it in the way the blonds bond drew on him, explaining the level of depth they now shared to a more understanding degree and wasn’t that just creepy.

And so with that willful blindness he knew he had and an durasteel will, Obi-Wan closed his eyes and his ears to Anakin as a soulmate and reminds himself firmly that this is his padawan as he grows the beard and teaches the boy.

The boy who becomes a man eventually and Obi-Wan can take the blinds off and tell him.

A man who can and will fall in love.

But not with Obi-Wan.

And that burns him like acid, as corrosive to his heart because its his own fault, he knows its his own fault because he’s the elder of this part.

His responsibility to tell and… and…


Obi-Wan presses his face into his hands and tries not to cry.

Its a moot point, because the waterworks will not be kept at bay by his hands alone and he’s been strong for so long, waiting…

He just figured… if he waited for Anakin to be his age…

Shoulders trembling, Obi-Wan gave into the quiet despairing tears because anything harder would scorch his fragile soul to ashes.


The blind mans eyes, that’s what Obi-Wan has.

On purpose.

He knows perfectly well where Anakin goes, who he commcalls and who he talks to… shares bed with.

But if he allows himself to consider it, if he thinks about it…

He dives into the war effort as hard as he can, letting the sound of blasters and his men fill the Force and the air around him and the guilty pleasure of Anakin at his side, Anakin possessive protectiveness in the Force.

Anakin sleeping in the same tent as him, his breath soft and steady.

Its a small measure of relief and succor for a wounded soul.

And then he gets a diplomatic mission with Mace, requiring him to shave his facial hair. The Korun takes one look at him and grabs him by the shoulder and cups his chin, tilting his face left and right while staring at him with wide eyes of realization.


Obi-Wan only shook the others hands off him. “It doesn’t matter, lets just go Mace.” He mumbled, pulling his hood up to hide his youthful face.

It didn’t matter.

After all, it was only Obi-Wan’s forever shattered heart. It did not matter.

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So I'm curious... we've seen that the Power Couple can't be topped when it comes to smooches, but what about all the other sweet nothings that come with going steady? What're their thoughts on Long Goodbye Hugs Before Work, Couch Cuddles during rainstorms? Does Bendy bring a pair of comfy loafers for India after intense dance sessions so her feet can take a break? Don't gotta be in I Love Lucy territory, but what's their favorite parts about being Happily Tied At The Hip~?

(Good question… I’m not completely sure how to answer it. I get what you mean, but the thing is that Bendy and India kinda… skipped that stuff, in a way? It’s not that their relationship has taken a step up, it’s more that barriers have gone down.

Like, for example, I don’t see Bendy suddenly sending India flowers or India making him lunch; because Bendy already has a bittersweet habit of definitely stealing flowers from gardens just to see if she likes them enough to not chew him out. India already makes lunch for everyone, not just Bendy; and she’s already made him his favorite things to cheer him up plenty of times.

Essentially like, they’re just already part of a whole family. They already have a routine. They’re already cuddling during rainstorms, the difference is that the barriers have come down; so when they do that they don’t have to worry about getting too comfortable; now that they’re together, they’ll get super comfortable and don’t care who sees. When Bendy swipes flowers to give to her he doesn’t have to pretend it’s just a joke; and when she gives him the best piece of cake she doesn’t have to come up with an excuse for why he gets special treatment.

So their favorite thing about being tied at the hip is the freedom of not having to hold back anymore, the relief of being able to be as affectionate as they want. The bliss of knowing that they belong to each other, and the comfort of finally being where they feel like they should be, which is together. -HG)

study breaks with sam holland

so… sam holland x reader (gender neutral)

warnings: nudity, fluff

this is really shit and my first time writing

After reading Sam’s texts you felt really bad. Ever since the new school year started, you and Sam had spent less time together. All you did was study, going to school and sleep and on weekends you were studying again. Sam didn’t mind the fact that you were studying so much but that he couldn’t get to see you.
So there you were. 10 pm on a Friday night, sitting on your bed with your laptop on your lap, text- and notebooks all over your bed and thousand pens under the blankets. You wore one of his hoodies and if you didn’t have to prepare yourself for school, you’d probably sleeping. The later it got, the more tired you got and the more tired you got, the more you began drifting away.

The next thing you knew was waking up, because you heard someone open your door. Tiredly you stretched and your eyes tried to adjust to the lights that were switched on. “So now the laptop has taken my place? Tsts,” you heard a warm voice. “What’re you doing here?”
“Oh how I love that voice,” he mumbled with a slight giggle. He sat down next to your curled up body and softly went trough your hair. “I’m here to see how my favourite is holding up! How ‘r you bean?” He bent down to give you a light kiss on your head. “Mhm… Tired 'n hungry,” you took one of his hands and played with his fingers.

“Well, I guess it’s a good thing I brought Thai food then… Love, I know that you’re tired, but how about this? You’ll run us a bath and I’ll prepare the food!”

Sam knew how to get you to relax and also when you were to focused on school you sometimes forgot to take care of yourself.

So you have him a small nod and stood up, giving him a soft, quick peck on the lips.

While running the bath, you were able to hear Sam singing. You chuckled slightly, threw a bathbomb into the tub and started undressing yourself.

When you eventually put of your socks you noticed that the door opened and Sam got in. Smiling to himself, he looked up and down your body.

When you first got into your relationship you were really uncomfortable with yourself and didn’t even want to change in front of Sam but he always made sure to tell you how beautiful you were. With the time you started accepting yourself more and got comfortable around Sam.

Sam put a wooden board over the tub and then he put the food on top of it. With a sigh of relief you sunk into the warm water and watched you boyfriend undress. He gave you a smile and then sat across from you.

While you had your food you told Sam about your day and Sam told you about how much his family missed you.

“I miss them too! School just keeps me on this tight schedule.”

“I know Love, it’s alright.”

You smiled happily and intertwined your fingers with his.

The rest of the night basically consisted of washing each other and then going to bed to cuddle up.

Laying in bed with your head against his chest, you could hear his steady heartbeat. “I love you so much Sam. You make me so happy and keep me grounded. Thank you, bean!”

Sam didn’t respond because he was asleep but you pressed his body a bit more against you and honestly? Nothing had ever felt as much as home as he did.


Please donate directly through PayPal to Topos at:

The Brigada de Rescate Topos Tlatelolco (known as ‘Los Topos’) are by FAR the most reliable organization to donate to. They’re an experienced non-profit volunteer group born out of the 1985 earthquake, saving hundreds of lives back then and right now! Their website is probably slow due to traffic, so PayPal is a direct lifeline to them. I can assure you this is an elite team that’s gonna get 100% of the money you sent to them and put it to good use.

Si eres o vives en México, también puedes donar a su cuenta bancaria:
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Hurricane Irma is now Category 5

Harvey was Category 4 when it hit.

Please pray for Puerto Rico, the Dominican Republic, Haiti, Cuba, and Florida, and anyone else in the path of the storm.

I am especially worried about Haiti. My family sponsors a 15-yr-old girl there through Compassion International.

Haiti/DR and the other islands in the path of the storm don’t have the infrastructure for both withstanding the hurricane and recovering afterward that Florida does. Please remember Puerto Rico, Haiti, DR, and Cuba when donating to relief efforts.

If you live in the affected area and you can evacuate, do it now. Please.

This is going to be an absolutely devastating hurricane season.


So it took a while for this one but here is another Jenny’s Witchy How-To! Last time was Self Love Rose Soy Milk Tea, check it out HERE!

Based on the voting poll I did a while back on my Twitter, the top requested How-To was for a bath mix! <3

So because things have been crazy & stressful I want to remind everyone that it’s important to take a break from time to time and let go of the things that might be a little too heavy right now. Stop, breathe deep and take a moment to live in the moment & clear your mind! It’s ok to treat yourself, it’s ok to stop and relax!

Before you continue, please be aware of any allergies you might have! Always play it safe and read labels! This is just my personal blend but please feel free to substitute things to suit your needs! If you are unsure of something, a quick google search for alternatives should help! <3

Things You Will Need:

-Epsom Salt: Epsom Salt is great for relaxing muscles and soothing any tension you may be carrying. If you choose to use salt’s that are scented, be aware that the mingling smells combined with the oils and incense might effect the overall scent of your bath! Approx 1 cup

-Himalayan Salt: Salt in general is great for cleansing & purification, himalayan salt has the added bonus of self love & positivity! Just a small pile in about the palm of your hand should do.

-Lavender Essential Oil: Much like the rest of the ingredients, you don’t have to use this sent, I say lavender for a couple reasons: it’s a scent that is perfect for calm soothing relaxation, this oil is safe for skin contact, and it’s my preferred scent, hah! Please make sure whatever oil you use is safe for skin! Approx 5 drops.

-Dry Lavender: Now when I say dry lavender, I’m really saying any safe herb or flower you choose, hah! These can be dry or fresh! Again lavender is known for it’s relaxation benefits but feel free to look up herbs online or try some of these other relaxing herbs:
-chamomile -rosemary

-green tea -mint

-lemon balm -rose

-Small Bag/ Cheesecloth: So this part is optional for anyone who does not want the salts & flowers floating openly in the bath water. You are essentially going to be making a bath teabag using either a small loose fabric bag, cheese cloth or even a coffee filter will work! You are going to be putting everything but the oil in this and tying the top tightly closed so nothing spills out!

-Candles: If you have the counter space (that’s safe for it) I highly recommend candles! Putting out 3-4 small candles always helps me get into a more magical state of mind!

-Incense: If you like, try lighting your fave incense while you soak!

-Crystals: And heck yes you should put out some crystals to help raise your vibration to a positive level! You can have them set out nearby the tub OR if you know they will be ok in salt water you can add them into your bath with you! Remember to look up the properties of crystals before adding them into the water! I personally like to use tumbled amethyst, clear quartz and rose quartz stones which help with clarity of mind, positivity and self love!

-Drinking Water: Yes, drinking water! I always find myself getting dehydrated when I take these baths, not just because it’s hot & steamy but also because of the salts which can dehydrate you! I like to make an ice cold water with cucumber, blueberries and a little lemon!

And lastly, feel free to put your phone somewhere safe and play some meditation music!

Now that you have your items gathered up & you are ready to turn on the bath water take a moment to stop and breathe deeply. Imagine that all the thoughts, feelings and vibrations that are weighing you down or stressing you out are large stones in your arms. They are heavy but they are not serving your highest good. Remind yourself, “I no longer need these and they no longer weigh me down” and visualize yourself letting go of these stones. As you do this breathe deeply exhaling as you let go of the troubles from yesterday. Once you have let go of these troubles remind yourself “I allow myself to relax free of worry and free of fear”


Turn on your meditation music, light your candles and start your incense! Start filling your tub with hot/warm water, if you put your ingredients in a bag submerge and let the bag soak as the bath fills. If you choose to do the ingredients loose; as the bath fills add your salts and oils stirring them into the bath with your hand in a clockwise motion. Once the tub has filled add your crystals and herbs. Imagine that the crystals combined with the salts and herbs have made the water a bright glowing water of positivity and relaxation. As you step into these bright waters imagine it dissolving away any stress, worry, fear, anxiety, anything at all. Breathe deeply and say some positive affirmations! These can be anything from “I wash away the troubles of yesterday” to “I am at peace” or anything in particular that you feel is best for you! Once you have finished, make sure you compost all herbs and never let them go down the drain!

I hope you all enjoyed this relaxing bath & that you are all filled with positive energies as well as being in a calmer state of mind!

Much love <3

Witchy tips for stress relief
  • Close your eyes. Breathe out your frustration. Feel your feet on the ground and center yourself with the earth. Keep eyes closed until your heart rate has settled.
  • Light a lavender candle. Let the scent fill your room/office. 
  • Make yourself a cup of chamomile tea
  • Take time to clean your room/office. A clean physical world translates into peace for your mental world. 
  • Keep rose petals in your freezer. When you’re feeling overwhelmed, lay down and place the cold petals over your eyes. Rest for 15 minutes. 
  • There is something to be said for the simplicity and effectiveness of writing a list and checking it off as you complete each task. When your mind is cluttered and overwhelmed with all your conflicting responsibilities, sit down, and write a list of everything you need to do. Tackle your first item, then move on to the next. When you’ve finished your list you will feel cleansed of your worries. 
  • Go for a hike, or a swim in the ocean or lake. Reconnecting with mother nature reminds the soul of the truly important things. It will relax you and allow you to revisit your obligations with fresh eyes.
  • Take an epsom salt bath.
  • Allow yourself to be creative. Daily tasks can get daunting and run you down. Allow yourself to indulge in your creativity. Your work will benefit from your brain switching on its creative edge. Doodle. Sing. Dance. Knit. Write. 
  • Meditate
  • Find a sleep spell and encourage yourself to get 8 hours of sleep

why can i vividly picture lance and keith catching their breaths while being pressed up against each other in a tight corner after outrunning enemies, followed by keith looking up to ask lance if he’s okay, only to stop mid sentence bc he finds lance already looking at him with his infamous shit-eating grin and says “hey.” then leans in closer to whisper, “you come here often?“


The world is falling apart. Hurricanes in the US (where countless families have been displaced), massive flooding in southeast Asia (where thousands have already been reported missing or dead), a devastating earthquake in Mexico… there are more disasters going on around the world right now than we can name.

To help the millions who have been affected by these catastrophes, we’re currently organizing a Miraculous Ladybug charity zine (in the style of @a-little-light-zine​ that we did last year) to raise money for emergency relief aid.

We’re still deciding particulars (themes, artists, applications, etc.), but since so many people are in such desperate need right now, we ask that you not hesitate to donate as soon as possible.

Please check our How to Donate post for charity recommendations and zine donation rules.

A donation of ANY amount will get you a copy of the zine (even one cent). Please give whatever you can, even if it’s small. If everyone in the US alone donated a single penny, we could raise over 4 million dollars.

Let’s do this, Miraculers!!