Parents, what’s the most absurd thing you’ve found on your kid’s social media?

My step son is 7. Found a bunch of searches for:

Dominicans with no hands and feet.

Dominicans with no heads.

Dominican chests.

Dominican torsos.

Dominican legs.

Dominicans in stores.

Dominicans for sale.

Silver Dominicans.

Black Dominicans.

White Dominicans.

I was at a loss of how to bring it up to him. Thankfully, the next day we were in a clothing store and he asked me why Dominicans don’t have hands or heads, then why there are so many different colored Dominicans. I remembered the internet searches and became a little upset. I told him to be quiet because what he was saying could be taken offensively by Dominican people. He then got frustrated and loudly said “Dominicans aren’t people” as he pointed to a statue next to us.

I breathed a sigh of relief and said “Mannequins”.

Protection | BTS Reaction

Summary: You’re out with your boyfriend at a party, celebrating their latest win in an awards show. All the famous people are there and everyone’s drinking and having fun…Your abusive (Mentally and/or physically) ex turns up however - as they are part of a famous group also, but your boyfriend doesn’t like them due to how they treated you. Your ex tries hitting on you, but your boyfriend has other ideas.

Disclaimer: There are elements of abuse, mental and physical. There isn’t a lot, but they are still there. So just a warning. 

Jin: You were stood by the drink stand whilst Jin had gone to talk to a bunch of people who had congratulated him on his win with the boys. As you stood there, you were suddenly tapped on the shoulder and you turned around “(Y/N), it’s been a while.” said the familiar face. You knew you’d see your ex today, but you didn’t think he’d speak to you

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imagine weiss’s relief when she finally knew for sure that ruby was alive and that she didn’t succumb to whatever (presumed) injuries induced her coma

i’ve talked about this before but like think about it.. weiss was swept away to atlas by her father..for all we know, the last she ever saw of ruby was her going up the tower..or maybe she saw qrow carrying her unconscious from the tower. we don’t know what state ruby was in last weiss saw her.

so to finally meet up with yang and hear that ruby survived and even recovered enough to go off on her own must have dissolved a huge knot of tension for her.. and then to finally see her, bumped and bruised but alive and well..that must have been the biggest relief she’s ever experienced, to see her first (and best) friend and partner safe despite all the danger she walked through.. no wonder she ran into her arms crying.


Please donate directly through PayPal to Topos at:

The Brigada de Rescate Topos Tlatelolco (known as ‘Los Topos’) are by FAR the most reliable organization to donate to. They’re an experienced non-profit volunteer group born out of the 1985 earthquake, saving hundreds of lives back then and right now! Their website is probably slow due to traffic, so PayPal is a direct lifeline to them. I can assure you this is an elite team that’s gonna get 100% of the money you sent to them and put it to good use.

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Hurricane Irma is now Category 5

Harvey was Category 4 when it hit.

Please pray for Puerto Rico, the Dominican Republic, Haiti, Cuba, and Florida, and anyone else in the path of the storm.

I am especially worried about Haiti. My family sponsors a 15-yr-old girl there through Compassion International.

Haiti/DR and the other islands in the path of the storm don’t have the infrastructure for both withstanding the hurricane and recovering afterward that Florida does. Please remember Puerto Rico, Haiti, DR, and Cuba when donating to relief efforts.

If you live in the affected area and you can evacuate, do it now. Please.

This is going to be an absolutely devastating hurricane season.

Witchy tips for stress relief
  • Close your eyes. Breathe out your frustration. Feel your feet on the ground and center yourself with the earth. Keep eyes closed until your heart rate has settled.
  • Light a lavender candle. Let the scent fill your room/office. 
  • Make yourself a cup of chamomile tea
  • Take time to clean your room/office. A clean physical world translates into peace for your mental world. 
  • Keep rose petals in your freezer. When you’re feeling overwhelmed, lay down and place the cold petals over your eyes. Rest for 15 minutes. 
  • There is something to be said for the simplicity and effectiveness of writing a list and checking it off as you complete each task. When your mind is cluttered and overwhelmed with all your conflicting responsibilities, sit down, and write a list of everything you need to do. Tackle your first item, then move on to the next. When you’ve finished your list you will feel cleansed of your worries. 
  • Go for a hike, or a swim in the ocean or lake. Reconnecting with mother nature reminds the soul of the truly important things. It will relax you and allow you to revisit your obligations with fresh eyes.
  • Take an epsom salt bath.
  • Allow yourself to be creative. Daily tasks can get daunting and run you down. Allow yourself to indulge in your creativity. Your work will benefit from your brain switching on its creative edge. Doodle. Sing. Dance. Knit. Write. 
  • Meditate
  • Find a sleep spell and encourage yourself to get 8 hours of sleep