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I don’t care if the new Justice League movie was technically bad or had some less-than-tasteful moments I fucking LIVE for JL movies I love them unapologetically and I feel reinvigorated 

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Hello, not really an ask, but a comment. You said you’re burnt out at want to hear from us so I’m trying this out. I am a emergency responder, and have been involved in all the recent hurricanes. Right now I’m in Puerto Rico. Your blog has been one of the few things I stay up on from my normal life. That includes fighting a near lack of signal by hitting the reload button repetitively until it actually grabs enough to work. So thank you for that. Tons.

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Daaaanng…!! First off, let me praise the HELL outta you for all your work with these hurricanes, especially Puerto Rico! What an amazing thing for you to be doing, and I’m so glad they have you to help support them through this! God, it’s such a privilege just to talk to you.

If I can help to give you a little sense of normalcy during all the recovery and relief ops, then I’m honoured to do so. I’m so glad you can still reach out and get a break every now and then, because the stress, pressure, and tragedy is so full-on at all times. 

Yeah, not gonna lie, I wanna hug you right now. You are not only a great person, but you were kind to me despite my first world problem. I hope you do all the things and save all the people and smile your beautiful smile. If there’s anything specific you want to see, btw, let me know and I will do my best to provide!

To many of us the Florida Bus crash isn't "just the evening news."

After all the administrative phone calls, text msgs, paperwork, talking to a Mayor, nurses, doctors, a General, I finally read the news and saw that Charley Sta Maria my friend and colleague from JesCom, Ateneo was one of the survivors narrating the Bontoc bus accident. I didn’t see her in the hospital, I felt bad I didn’t see her there but SO relieved she wasn’t on the list given to me as “critical care, must fly in triage order.” I’d have been triply panicked because she’s dear to me. That’s the good part of this post. The bad part of this post is I just realized who exactly Debid was and that I know him. He wanted to play in Rock the Riles the past two years but both were cancelled because of typhoon Pablo in 2012, & typhoon Yolanda last year. I felt bad he didn’t get to play in the train stations but I think both relief ops (Pablo & Yolanda) trained me so I can better manage his release paperwork and got me a number that allowed me to assist the MANY OTHERS who pressed and worked to find a way to fly his wife Abby to St Luke’s faster.

I didn’t mean to post any more on this especially after Tado’s wake is already ongoing, but the bus accident is so much bigger than what I thought it was. Even Tado will agree it’s more than just about him. Even if my heart’s heavy that my old friend is now gone. So I guessed, the more real stories thrown out there, the more the LTFRB & the owners of the Florida Bus Lines will see the real size, the magnitude of what they need to face and compensate. I’m not sure but I’m not apologizing for this post. It’s true, it’s there, I want to say it, and I want more to hear. Don’t tire of this “newsbit” yet - to many of us, it isn’t “just the evening news.” Something must be done. I’m not sure what but it cannot go on this way. Public transport, public trust.

Accidents will always happen, but preventable ones are, well, PREVENTABLE. Lower the probabilities. Fix roads, light them up, make vehicle fit for travel - and leave transport accidents to lightning strikes and the like. It is not good to make us fear venturing out to see our mountains. The last thing Tado or Debid or any of then would want - is for us to stop going to the mountains. That simply isn’t right.