relief aid


A soothing sachet to tuck under your pillow or hang over your bed. Get a good night’s sleep and wake up refreshed!


Pick and choose some of the following herbs. I typically use a mixture of about 4, or whichever I happen to have on hand at the time. I try to avoid too many at once because that results in an overwhelming scent.

Anise - Known to repel nightmares.

Calendula – Brings about a good night’s sleep.

Cedar – Calms the mind and wards off bad dreams.

Chamomile – One of the most powerful sleep herbs on the list.

Jasmine – Gives good dreams, but can cause erotic dreams in women.

Lavender – The ultimate in stress relief herbs.

Lemon Balm – Stress relieving sleep aid.

Mugwort – Helps ward off bad dreams.

Mullein – Can be used to protect against bad dreams or psychic attack.

Rose petals – Brings about dreams of love. Can also cause erotic dreams if used too heavily.

Next, gather the following stones.

Clear Quartz — Who doesn’t love clear quartz? It’s like an energy booster for your other stones.

Amethyst — This gem helps guard against nightmares, but also helps soothe an overactive mind and wipes away the stress of the day (or week).

Rose Quartz — Bring in some of rose quartz’ love and peace. This brings deep, restorative sleep and over time can build self-love and overall happiness.

Lepidolite — Probably my most recommended stone. Lepidolite is like kryptonite to even the most super-est of stresses and depressions. It can stop obsessive thoughts, bring mood swings into line, and will upend dependency and mental anguish that might be keeping you up at night.


Take the stones (little chips are just as good as big chunks) and place them in a bowl. Add any essential oils (many of the floral herbs are more fragrant in their oil form) and use your hands to roll the stones around until coated.  While doing so, focus your intent as soft pink or yellow (or whatever color is soothing to you) light radiating from your hands.

Next, add the remaining herbs. Continue to hand mix the ingredients while focusing your intent. Once thoroughly mixed, hold your hands over the bowl and really expand that “light” into a ball of positive, soothing energy.

If you’d like, say a quick invocation or spell. Something like:

When I lay me down to sleep

I ask of you my dreams to keep.

No more tossing, no more turning.

No more stress and questions burning.

Only rest and gentle sleep,

Until the morning’s dawn shall peep.

You can change the words to fit your needs, or skip it altogether. It doesn’t have to rhyme - that’s just a simple device some people use. Hell, it doesn’t even need to make sense, as long as it is you channelling your will into the mixture.

DO. NOT. RUSH. THIS. PART. Breathe. Let your will do its work.

Once you’ve imbued the mixture with your will, transfer it to a muslin bag or pouch. Hang near your bed or tuck under your pillow. 

As a side-note, always feel free to experiment with this and any of my other recipes. This is what works for me. Maybe you find catnip or vervain soothing. Add it!  Maybe tourmaline is your power crystal. Add it!  And if you experiment with the recipe and find something that seems to work really well, let me know! 

Best wishes, 

The Hedge Wytch

tiny, messy, lunch break sketches absolutely MUST include wonder woman rn…

I love love LOVED this look (and i want to do a more finished piece with it eventually). i can’t not go hard about costuming and the history of dress and i’m going to flail about this for a sec. Costume designer Lindy Hemming clearly knew what she was doing. This wasn’t just a “this outfit is plain and practical after those nonsense ‘fashionable’ options” it was a definite, intentional nod to WWI Women’s uniforms (and Diana is going to the front, it makes sense for her to be in something uniform-ish).

Although WWII is better known for women going to work for the first time (i.e. the iconic ‘Rosie the Riveter’) - women absolutely served in various capacities in WWI and were considered crucial to the war effort. Even though most of the women who served still did so in tradition-friendly roles of relief & aid work, WWI is notable in that it was one of the first times that women served either in an enlisted or civilian capacity in uniform. 

Here are some examples of WWI women’s uniforms to show the clear tie between these and Diana’s outfit: 

Women’s Motor Corps 1916-1918 (American) - If you look at men’s uniforms from the same time period the core design elements are basically identical, they’ve just been ‘feminized’ in the women’s versions. 

UK army recruits 1917 (check out those hats! definite link between those and Diana’s, Also the clear distinction between what’s worn by the recruits and the commander)

Women Police Service, 1916 (British) - women served in uniform at home - filling traditionally male roles while men were away (MOST women served at home, with a relatively small % actually ending up at the front). below are some women firefighters in london around the same time wearing similar uniforms (i can barely go down a ladder period, much less do so with someone over my shoulder - so badass!!!): 

The costuming design is perfect in context of the movie’s storyline, wonder woman as a property, and as a tribute to the tens of thousands of women who enlisted and volunteered during the war and it made me SO HAPPY.

*side note - while pulling together these photos I learned about the Women’s Death Battalions (no, seriously) and Holy. CRAP. apparently around 6,000 russian women were actual combatants during the war and not just aid & relief and jfc how had I never heard about this? the rest of the world is like “we guess women can be nurses and ambulance drivers, we are so progressive!!!” meanwhile russia: GETS TIRED OF WOMEN DISGUISING THEMSELVES AS MEN AND SNEAKING INTO THE ARMY. FORMS WOMEN-ONLY UNITS AND CALLS THEM ‘BATTALIONS OF DEATH’*


On this day in music history: July 13, 1985 - The “Live Aid” concert is broadcast live via satellite worldwide. Organized by Bob Geldof, the two concerts held at Wembley Stadium in London and JFK Stadium in Philadelphia, consists of over 50 acts performing to over 172,000 fans (at the individual venues) and a TV viewing audience of 1.9 billion people. The event raises over $300 million for Ethiopian famine relief at the time of the original broadcast. An abridged edition of the historic concerts, featuring ten of the sixteen hours worth of performances originally broadcast, is released as a four disc DVD box set in November of 2004, eight months shy of the events 20th anniversary. The entire concert is not released due to video tapes of certain performances having gone missing over the years, with ABC (one the original US broadcast carriers) having erased their broadcast tapes of the event (at Bob Geldof’s request). However MTV did preserve their tapes as well as the BBC (though some performances were also lost). Other performers such as Led Zeppelin and Santana ask to have their performances omitted, feeling they are subpar. In lieu of their performances appearing on the box set, they donate money to the Band Aid Trust instead.

After providing urgent medical care, MSF has launched a major distribution of building materials, hygiene kits, water storage equipment, blankets, and energy bars to benefit 10,000 families living in the remote mountain of Sud-Ouest, the region of Haiti most severely affected by Hurricane Matthew.

MSF has relied on a partnership with community members to ensure the success of the initiate. “In the presence of MSF staff, the beneficiary collects the items for his or her family [an average of 7 people] from a community representative who previously accepted the items at the time they were delivered,” explains field distribution coordinator, François Giddey.

More than 205 MSF national staff and 39 international staff are still active in the post-Matthew  response. MSF has carried out emergency response in departments of Grande Anse, Sud, and Nippes. 


🔮✨☕ Feel Better Tea Spell ☕✨🔮

For when you have general aches & pains or a slight cold.

🍵 1 part Rosemary (aches & pain relief)
🍵 1 part Fennel seeds (pain relief, digestive aid)
🍵 1 part Chamomile (nausea, helps calm you down)
🍵 1 part Eucalyptus (congestion, mood lifter)
🍵 optional: sweetener (honey/sugar/agave)

How to:
☕ add all ingredients into a strainer/tea bag and pour boiling water over them, steeping 5-10 min
☕ as it steeps I like to imagine all of the good stuff from the herbs seeping into the water, filling it with my intent to feel better. (If you’re into verbal spell work, I very much enjoy @awakenedchaos “Universal Healing Spell” chant.)
☕ remove strainer/bag and add sweetner if you wish, stirring clockwise
☕ as I see the steam rise before my first sip, I thank my deity for the relief I will be given.

✨Snuggle up in your favorite cozy blanket and enjoy!✨

The Tory government has announced that undocumented survivors of the Grenfell Tower disaster will face potential deportation if they seek aid from relief services.

The very first victim of the fire to be named was 23-year-old Mohammad Alhajali, who had escaped the horrors of the Syrian Civil War, only to die in a preventable tower block fire for want of basic safety measures. Yet those survivors as yet unknown to authorities, who have taken routes less legal than those pursued by Mr. Alhajali, will be rounded up and set back to war zones, persecution and poverty - simply by dint of being too poor or too desperate to fulfil draconian immigration criteria. It seems arbitrary in the extreme to reserve such words as ‘terrorist’ purely for the Assad regime and ISIL, when our own government is hell-bent on offering up refugees for their charnel houses.

The cruelty of this government is so uniform that it is in danger of becoming mundane, normalised by endless inhuman grotesques. Yet successive governments dating back to the Blair era have been complicit in designing the architecture of oppression which has resulted in poor migrant workers being forced to live and die in flammable death traps. Punitive measures such as those announced by the government today - which directly contradict earlier promises of an amnesty - demand a modern-day Sanctuary Movement to provide succour to those most deeply betrayed by Western liberal values.

It all has to go. The whole system is guilty.

If You // Kim Namjoon

Originally posted by bangtanboys-official

Pairing: Namjoon x Reader

Genre: Angst // Sad

Summary//Request: Neither you or Namjoon knew that breaking up would cause this much pain or heartache. How much suffering can you both go through before it becomes too much?

A/N: This scenario is based off of BIG BANGs song “If You” which I highly recommend you to listen to if you haven’t already! It’s a beautiful song and the lyrics are so deep and touching - you can listen to it on YouTube here. The words in italic represent the lyrics from the song that tie into the story. I hope you enjoy :)

Please note that this scenario contains mentions of suicidal thoughts and depression. 

She is leaving

And I can’t do anything

Love is leaving

Like a fool, I’m blankly standing here.

Namjoon stared at you as you screamed in his face, throwing every ounce of hate you harboured in your heart for him and the rest of the world. It had been a long day – one bad thing happening after the other, and now he came home to find you with your bags packed and not being able to hold on another second to the relationship you had built together over the past few years.

“You’re never here for me when I need you! I don’t ask for much Nam…is it too much to ask to spend even an hour together anymore?” you cried, tears streaming from your eyes like a waterfall mixed with you black mascara down your cheeks.

He stood there, emotionless and dead on the inside while you searched his dark brown eyes for any sign that he wanted to try and make things work between the both of you – for any glimmer of hope that looked like he would hold on to you and fight for you.

But he just stood, rooted to the ground and letting air fill his lungs with a clouded mind.

“You can’t even say a single word to me. You’re a coward Namjoon.” You let your head fall as you turned slowly and walked towards the door.

“Goodbye” you said with words dripping in sorrow and regret, not even looking at him before you angrily pulled your suitcase behind you and let the door slam shut upon your exit, leaving him alone and completely engulfed in his own silence and the not so distant memory of you.

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Just the Right Words

Characters: Servamp Kuro, Mahiru Shirota
Ship: KuroMahi
Summary: Mahiru was deaf and the only words they traded were written. But they were just the right words for Kuro. 

Requested by @jey-chan

Ch. 1 // Ch. 2

“Get out of the way!” Kuro screamed and the crowd parted for him. He knew that they must’ve thought that he was crazy but he didn’t care. His entire focus was on returning home. While he was in school Hyde, his brother, called him and told him that he needed to return home for an emergency.

Hyde was sick and home alone so Kuro’s mind raced with possibilities. What if Hyde’s flu had gotten worst? What if one of his other siblings were hurt? What if Hyde burned the house down?

People rushed out of his path. All, except one, a boy who was walking ahead of him. He didn’t move to dodge him even after Kuro screamed for him to. Kuro was running too fast to stop in time and he crashed into him. Instinctively, he tried to stop their fall with one hand and held onto the person protectively with his free arm.

He turned them so that he fell onto his back and the boy landed on top of him. Kuro grunted and sat up to check on the person. “Hey, you okay?”

He looked down at the person he ran into. He appeared to be dazed and stared up at him with wide, brown eyes. He began to fumble with something and touched his ears. Kuro thought he would be angry but he looked worried instead. “I’m sorry, but I really need to get home. If you’re not hurt, I’ll be going now.”

Kuro stood and pulled him to his feet. The boy kept his gaze to the ground, as if he was searching for something. When he looked up, his eyes caught on Kuro. He pointed to Kuro’s jacket and tried grab his hood. Kuro stepped back sharply and walked around him. “I’m sorry. If I ever see you again, I’ll make this up to you but I need to go home.”

Saying that quickly, Kuro began to run home again. He heard someone running behind him and looked back to see that the boy was chasing him. Kuro didn’t know why he would chase him and he groaned. But he didn’t seem to be a fast runner and soon disappeared into the crowd.

Who was that guy? Kuro thought to himself but pushed the thought away. He ran back to his home and found a moving truck in front of his house. He ignored it and ran into his house. It was quiet but worry still filled him. “I’m here, Hyde! Who’s hurt? Where’s the fire?”

“It took you long enough!” Hyde screamed between sniffles from where he sat in front of a window. He was buried under blankets and sneezing profusely but he didn’t appear to be hurt. Hyde motioned to something in the window and Kuro stood next to him. “You see that dark haired guy? He looks like an angel! I think he’s our new neighbour. Can you send him something for me?”

“You called me back here to send your love letters?” Kuro rubbed his temple when Hyde held out a note to him. “I ran all the way from school! I thought something happened to you.”

“But, Kuro, it is an emergency! I can’t talk to him when I’m like this. He’ll think I’m weird or contagious or something. Anyways, you should be thanking me for getting you out of class. Can’t you help your sick brother?” Hyde pouted at him and Kuro sighed. He loved his siblings and couldn’t deny them much. So, he took the letter and said.

“I guess I’ll help you out since you did get me out of school. I’ll give this to him so get back to bed and rest. Wrath will yell at both of us if you get worse.” Kuro patted his shoulder before gently pushing Hyde towards his room.

Kuro walked outside and stared at the truck. He had to wonder about his new neighbour and hoped they wouldn’t be too troublesome. He approached the dark haired boy and called out to him. “Are you moving into the house next door? If you are, we’ll be neighbours.”

“I’m just helping my friend move in.” He answered. “He’s not here yet. Have you seen a guy with brown hair and eyes? He’s about this tall.”

“No, I just came home. This might be pointless because you’re not our neighbour but here. My brother wanted to talk to you but he’s a little tied up and can’t leave the house.” Kuro handed him the letter and received a doubtful look. Honestly, he couldn’t blame him. “I know my brother may seem a little forward but he’s a good guy. I’ll tell him you’re not our new neighbour but give him a chance.”

When Kuro would’ve turned away, he felt someone tackle him from behind. He struggled to keep himself from falling and looked over his shoulder at the person. It was the guy that he bumped into earlier. He was breathing heavily and looked frustrated. He held out a notebook and Kuro read the page, You have my hearing aid. Just stand still so I can get it.

His fingers brushed Kuro’s cheek when he reached into his hood and pulled out a hearing aid. Relief flooded his face when he placed the hearing aid in his ear. He wrote something in his notebook and held it out to him. Thank you. It fell when you bumped into me.

“Mahiru,” Licht tapped his shoulder to catch his attention. He spoke as he made signs with his hands, “Where were you? We were getting worried.”

Mahiru replied in sign language and explained their earlier encounter. He could feel Kuro’s eyes on him and knew that he was most likely confused. He turned to the first page of his notebook and handed it to Kuro. Hello, my name is Mahiru Shirota. I’m deaf so I use this notebook to talk. I can read lips and I have a hearing aid but please be patient with me.

Kuro didn’t know how to respond for a moment. Mahiru was accustomed to the hesitant expression Kuro gave him so he wasn’t offended. His friends were understanding and didn’t treat him differently.

“Stop staring at him like that. You’re making him uncomfortable.” Kuro felt someone kick him and turned to see Licht glaring at him. Licht barely gave him a glance before speaking to Mahiru in a moderate pace and signed. “It looks like this guy is your new neighbour. If he causes you any trouble, call me or Tetsu and we’ll deal with him for you.”

That’s okay, Licht! I’m sure he wasn’t trying to be rude. Mahiru signed quickly. He was grateful that his friends cared about him and wanted to help him transition to a new school but he didn’t want to worry them too much. I’ll be alright.

Kuro sat at his desk but kept glancing out the window to the neighbouring house. He was supposed to be studying but he couldn’t stop thinking of his new neighbour. He looked up from his textbook when he heard a tapping sound outside his window. Kuro looked up and was surprised to see the person that was filling his thoughts.

Mahiru stood in the window across from his and pressed his notebook against the glass for him to see. I’m sorry about Licht. He can be a little intense but he’s a nice guy. Let’s get along since we’re neighbours now.

Kuro took a spare piece of paper and wrote a reply. He made sure to make the lines thick so that Mahiru could read them. My name’s Kuro. You have the same uniform as me. Are you going to Servamp Academy too?

Mahiru smiled and nodded. He started to write something in his notebook and Kuro found himself waiting for his answer with mild curiosity. I won’t start attending classes until Monday. I just went to buy my uniform today. Is there anything I need to know for school? What are we learning right now? I don’t want to fall behind.

We’re all preparing for a school festival right now so we’re not doing much in class. Kuro answered him. Everyone’s excited about setting up a costume booth for the festival but it seems like a drag if you ask me. There’s so much to do like making the costume and backdrops. It’ll just be easier to buy a bunch of food and sell them. Of course, if my brother comes, we’ll be sold out after one of his orders.

His reply made Mahiru chuckle but Kuro looked exasperated. When he first met Kuro, he was running as if the dogs of hell were chasing him. Mahiru had the impression that Kuro was rather athletic but it seemed he was wrong. He wrote in his notebook and asked, You have a brother? I’m an only child so I’m a little jealous.

I have six brothers and one sister. They’re all younger than me and they can be a pain sometimes. Do you know how many times they interrupted my sleep? Kuro wrote. Mahiru found watching his expression more entertaining than his stories.

“Kuro! World End ate the cake I was saving!” Kuro heard Hugh cry from the kitchen.

Kuro sighed and turned away from the window to yell, “Wrath, they’re fighting again!”

Is something wrong? Mahiru asked with a concerned look.

My brother ate my other brother’s cake. I told you they could be troublesome.

Shouldn’t you go stop them if they’re fighting? Thinking simply, you’re the oldest and it’s your responsibility. Mahiru tapped the words with a stern expression. I still have things to unpack so you don’t need to worry about keeping me company. Go down and stop your brothers from fighting!

Fine, I’m going. You sound like a housewife, you know? Mahiru shook his head in denial and Kuro smiled to himself slightly. Mahiru waved to him before closing the curtain between them.

Mahiru stood in front of the class, slightly nervous as he held up his notebook for his class to read. While his hearing aid didn’t allow him to hear their whispers, he knew that they were talking about him. He scanned the class and was relieved to see Kuro in the class. Though it did annoy him that Kuro was sleeping.

The teacher tapped his shoulder and said. “Go sit behind the sleeping student.”

Mahiru nodded and went to sit behind Kuro. He gently poked Kuro’s back and tried to wake him. Kuro woke with an irritated groan and turned to face him. His eyes widened for a moment before Mahiru gently hit Kuro with his notebook. You’re in class so you shouldn’t be sleeping.

But we’re only picking out people’s duties for the costume booth. I’ll just take whatever’s left over and hope that it’s not too bad. Kuro wrote.

What jobs are still left? Mahiru asked and flipped to a new page for Kuro to write on. Once Kuro wrote all the duties left, Mahiru quickly added something above them. Mahiru’s eyes narrowed while he wrote so Kuro wondered what he was writing. Then he knocked on his desk and raised his hand. When the teacher turned to him, Mahiru held up the notebook.

Kuro and I volunteer to be in charge of costumer design, sewing, making photography backdrops and making flyers.

“What?” Kuro looked between Mahiru and his teacher. Unfortunately, the teacher was already writing his name under all the jobs. He quickly asked, “Why did you do that?”

Thinking simply, I’m qualified to do those things and I have free time. Also, this is your punishment for sleeping in class and trying to be avoid your responsibilities.

This is just part one. I was writing this but it was becoming longer than I expected so I decided to split it into two parts. Honestly, I was a little hesitant to take this request because I was afraid of being disrespectful unintentionally. I tried to do my research and wrote everything respectfully.

It’s Complicated: Part One

                                        “ITS COMPLICATED”

SUMMARY: Shorter than most, your frame had shown a curve much different than a Natasha Romanoff or Wanda Maximoff, glasses along your ears to match. Hired on as an assistant to the avengers - dealing mostly with the technology side, you werent keen on being surrounded by them. It wasnt until you realized, the moment you met Bucky Barnes - you knew your life was now going to become complicated, falling for a man you knew in your heart could never fall for a girl like you.

Notes: Loved writing this, the girl is so much like me omg haha. Sexual tension, humor. Slight swearing.

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anonymous asked:

In the Sheevsson verse could you please write Anakin and/or Sheev actually being grateful for the clones that protect Obi-wan. What kind(s) of situations would prompt that reaction from a sith or sith-to-be?

“…He was uninjured?” The two looked to the couch where Obi-Wan was stretched out, his breathing soft and slow and amazing enough the bags beneath his eyes seemed to becoming smaller, his face more serene as of lately.

“His troopers saved him.” Anakin confirmed. “Grievous would have broken his back if it wasn’t for his troopers, as it was he only came from it with minor bruises.” He sighed a bit. “The war is getting… more dangerous for him. Grievous and Ventress are…relentless.”

Sheev sat back, eyes still on Obi-Wan. “I see.”

“…Please call them off.” Anakin swallowed, acknowledging what he had suspected based on Obi-Wan’s words. “They can’t…Ventress has already tortured him once. I can’t have that happen to him again.”

“She was punished for that.” Sheev hummed, not telling Anakin that the punishment came from failing instead of capturing and torturing Obi-Wan.

She was not to know about the real ties between Obi-Wan and the Sith master, they could not have that.

Still…he got some satisfaction out of taking his displeasure at his sons injuries on her.

“And without tipping everyone, I can’t call them off Obi-Wan…as much as I want to.” Sheev rubbed his chin slowly, staring at the steadily breathing man. “That’s why you are with him after all, to protect him…and his troopers.”

“His men are very protective.” Anakin confirmed, his tone relieved as he said it. Force he couldn’t count the amount of times Cody and the rest had saved Obi-Wan from decapitation, amputation, crush damage and death in so many different shapes or forms.

“Yes they are. Its a…worry off my back to know he has such loyal men with him at all times.” The chancellor hummed then looked out the window, eyes narrowed at the Jedi temple. There were still half a council left to take care off but things were coming along. Still, he worried…

Obi-Wan was easy prey in the temple.

If they suspected him…

If they found any form for evidence…

“…I will warn you only once Skywalker, hurt him and the Council will be the least of your worries.” Sheev whispered, his tone a heavy promise.

“If anyone is going to hurt him, it will be you.” Anakin shot back, eyes narrowed before he shifted a bit. “But I get it. I don’t want to hurt him. I want to make sure he stays safe and sound and… and loved. I’ll make sure he feels wanted.” He sighed.

“You better. He looks healthier now.” Sheev murmured.

“I think…I think he had some time to process things.” The blond offered, rubbing the back of his neck. “He started to sleep a bit better at times and he…doesn’t seem so guilty all the time about…things.” He didn’t go into details just in case.

They went quiet for a bit when Obi-Wan mumbled and turned on the couch, his hand falling off it from under the blanket, fingertips trailing the floor ever so slightly.

“Tell me, is he happy? Does he laugh?” The Sith questioned ever so carefully.

“I can make him laugh. He…isn’t doing well with the war, he’s lost some weight but I try to make him smile. His men makes him smile.”

“I see.”

The two went quiet again.

“Perhaps I should personally request him for one of my relief aid, he and his men…a break from the front.” Sheev hummed ideally.

Anakin, loath to be separated from Obi-Wan, only nodded.

It honestly sounded good for Obi-Wan, to be away from the front line.

And Force if he could know the other would be safe from Ventress and Grievous then he’d take it, Grievous looked determined to have Obi-Wan’s saber!

“He’d enjoy that sir, helping people. He was always in a better mood when he could help someone then fight them.”

“He has a kind heart that’s been exposed to traumas.” Sheev stapled his fingers together. “It left its scars…after all, burned dogs shuns the fire. Obi-Wan shuns emotions.”

‘And you used it to your advantage.’ Anakin didn’t say it but he was thinking it and Sheev obviously felt it from how he watched the knight.

“…He’ll be taken care of now.” The old man offered quietly.


They went back to the silence only filled with the ambiance of Coruscant and Obi-Wan’s rhythmic breathing.

Manifestations of White Leftism in the Global North: Undermining Revolutionary Politics

It is clear that revolutionary politics in the global north or first world continue to be increasingly encroached by a fatal flaw: white leftism. At the present, this white leftism manifests itself in all leftist tendencies with some form of presence or another in the sphere of first world politics and it is a core, guiding principle of the many of the statements put out by these tendencies, in certain cases becoming outright popular among fellow travellers or even liberals as these “ideas” not only lack of a revolutionary character, they have no materialist analysis and fall to idealism or utopianism.

But what are these manifestations?

  • From left communists and anarchists of all varieties we see a crystal clear opposition, ‘intellectual’ rejection of national liberation, revolutionary nationalism of oppressed peoples and their anti-imperialist struggle, especially when these third world struggles are being carried out by organisations that oppose and suppress anarchism. Such is the rank and file level of racism demonstrated by first world anarchists that they have no issue of celebrating the death of third world revolutionaries, or they feature themselves in a position where they – seemingly agents of chaos and anti-statism – join forces and became the propaganda parrots of their own settler imperialist countries to attack countries such as the DPRK and Cuba.

When approached with criticism, these inexperienced (more often than not obscure) tendencies turn to an outdated buzzword coming back to a decades old debate of whether invading Czechoslovakia was something worth supporting or not, or simply accuse you of being a “Stalinist” which not only demonstrates a strong lack of an argument but somewhat reminding of the same level of 'accusation’ carried out by anti-communists.

  • While among ML(M) the aforementioned issues are less prevalent, another major flaw arises: the vanguardism of the white worker. A great majority of these political organisations appear to be bent on replicating social imperialism, and cater to this very outdated, non-materialist concept that the majority of white workers contain revolutionary interests and are just helplessly educated into white supremacy without any material benefit.

For anyone who has studied the history of settler colonial states such as the U$ or Klanada, that has never been the case. Since the inception of these as nations, white workers have outdone themselves in being the bootlickers of the bourgeoise, showing no restraint or opposition towards sacrificing other non-white workers for their own benefit – these countries were built on that noble European spirit of the enlightened pursuit of slavery, genocide, and land conquering.

Without comprehending settler colonies as prisons of oppressed nations, and failing to understand that these countries [of the global north] exist and maintain their wealth through the exploitation and extraction of super profits from the global south, ML(M) parties automatically subscribe to a set of politics disconnected from society and tendentious towards presenting a majority of workers with no material or social interest in revolution (white workers) as the main, or one of the main sources of revolutionary, anti-capitalist politics.

  • This failure of understanding materialism and how the first world countries have maintained their material, wealth conditions has lead to the popularisation of yet another manifestation of white leftism: FALC or fully automated luxury communism.

It’s evident that the absence of a materialist analysis of this aeons old idea that 'capitalism will be destroyed by increasing automated production’ (no different to the theory of productive forces, which was the downfall of socialist countries) has led to its popularity as a 'meme’. 

How is it a manifestation of white leftism?

Beyond its unrealistic utopian basis, FALC has been shaped and championed by first world social democrats who have yet to understand (oh, they know) that the economic development and social rights their countries 'guarantees’ them comes from mass murdering the peoples of the Global South, and stealing all their resources to the point these countries are forced to dependent on the 'good will and aid’ of imperialist institutions either posing as relief aid or charity. FALC sustains and feeds the wildest dreams of white worker conjuration of their imperialist nations becoming even wealthier than they already are through the art of technological magic – automated labour!

What they fail to realise, or simply do not want to realise, is that this automated labour machine of luxury communism is being (will be) fuelled with the blood of war crimes, famine, resource extraction, pollution – this great machine of luxury is eating the peoples of the Global South so the first world workers can live the utopia dream.

We are at a point that without combating these very wrong ideas, without harshly criticising and attacking the structures of white leftism, any sort of revolutionary politics in the first world will be condensed into a pointless, performative demonstration of white workers for white workers, in favour of white workers, that lash out at any non-white organisation that has a better praxis and political organisation than them

SOMALIA. Merca. 1992. Unloading a Red Cross barge of food aid carrying 300 tons of rice, oil and diesel fuel. When the barge was offshore overnight, looters took 45 of the 145 barrels of diesel. Around 400 men are seen unloading the rest. A lot of the lorry drivers are on strike for more money and without them the food will lie on the beach and disappear. Everywhere people are cheating the relief effort and aid, instead of going to the starving, will end up in possession of warlords and others controlling the black market.

Photograph: Chris Steele-Perkins/Magnum Photos

idr who said it but someone mentioned that they wondered what happened to the gz after the fall of phariah dark and i have an idea. (which is inspired by Chinese history… especially the dynasty cycle and 20th century China.)

phariah wasn’t the first ghost king, but he was the last. the secession of the throne was always passed through violence - sometimes it was by a powerful ghost, other times through the effects of a people. since ghosts have an unending existence, some reigns stretched centuries while others lasted only a few months. each reign was able to further develop the gz as a civilization, but the ghosts loyal or kin to the ruler would always receive favored treatment. sometimes the civilisations would bleed over into the real world and that’s how ancient religions were inspired (eg; zeus and odin were previous ghost kings).

phariah was a set back in terms of a lot of the growth experienced from reigns. he destroyed bureaucracies, cut back relief and aid programs, focused the military only at dissenters and left “disloyal” regions to deal with their own violence, and kept potential enemies at each other’s throats instead of his own. he promoted violence in his name as a method of propaganda and suppression and directed it at ghosts loyal to the previous ruler. the ghost zone under phariah dark was riddled with state sponsored violence, scattered/decimated opposition, and general chaos.

a small group of ghosts from the previous reign were the ones that finally defeated phariah and the fright knight. but since they were destroyed in the process, there was no entity to rally behind to form a new government, which led to regions/haunts being ruled by local lords - kinda of like the warring states period. no one ruler has been able to unite the ghost zone since the fall of phariah dark, but many have tried.

(i also just wanna add that i totally see the observers as remnants of a previous reign - one that was overtaken due to their inaction and ineffectiveness like the late tokugawa shogunate or the late qing dynasty.)

it starts with an earthquake, pt 4

The world ends on a Thursday, comes crashing down in smoke and fire and ruin. And then it keeps going, and Vox Machina figures out how to make do in the aftermath. [ a post-apocalyptic au for cr ladies week ]

day four: allura [previously: pike, vex, keyleth]


In an ironic twist of fate, she’s on duty when the world ends. 

She’s sitting behind a desk halfway across the continent, counting down the hours until she can return home, and then, bam. End of the world. The saxons blare and the earth rolls like the sea and the whole building shuts down, every grate and door sealed shut, and Drake swears a blue streak while the skeleton crew still in the complex after hours panics, and everyone tries to reach Uriel, or Salda, or the council, and fails. 

They fail to reach anyone at all.

When the smoke clears and the lockdown ends and they step out to see what has happened, it’s already too late.

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anonymous asked:

Do you have any links that are good if we wanna donate to a relief aide for Chile? I wanna make sure it's something that allocates the funds well and as much money as possible goes to the people

For the people who are here the best thing to do is to donate water because that’s what is needed the most. For everyone who wants to help from outside here are instructions through the most “trustful” foundation that is helping now

Please reblog this and spread the word, any help is appreciated 

“Vantage” 7/17/17 (Late 7/21/17)

As I am walking through the entrance of an unknown location,
The gentle aroma of lavender wafts in the breeze, providing comfort in the passage;
Aiding relief from the anxiety of the upcoming potential interactions,
By the end of the initial conversation my doubt became the realization of the situations’ vantage; 

~Roman Empyre

Photo by Brian Sokol

An MSF technician briefs local Nepalese assisting with the recovery effort in the Gorkha District. Following the first earthquake on April 25 which killed more than 8,000 people, a second earthquake hit Nepal on May 12. This one with an epicenter 80 kilometers [about 50 miles] east of Kathmandu, in Dolakha district. 

MSF teams are conducting assessments in the affected areas, including Dolakha itself, and have already seen some villages in the Charikot area that were destroyed by this second quake. For more information on MSF in Nepal click here:

Waves warmed by the afternoon’s heat swelled against the blanked hull of one of The Black Pearl’s more prominent ships, The Dhemwyn. Its matching sails towered over the Lominsin docks from where it sat anchored over the past two suns, casting a shadow which aided relief to it’s crew whom went about their usual business of loading and unloading crates, chest, and sacks of various size and weight.

The scent of salt carried through the stern’s open windows, brought in on a breeze, through the captain’s quarters. The air cooled the beads of sweat that clung to the occupant’s skin, along with the dampened sections of clothing that hugged the duo’s bodies. They thought to hide from The Warden’s rays, only to be greeted by the The Navigator’s weighted humidity that hung in the room.

Another breeze blew in, rustling the fletching on numerous arrows laid across a round table adjacent from the windows. Besides it, as if the heat laid upon his back, hunched a seated, soot skinned Roe. His elbows pressed against his knees, and in his hand he held a single arrow, nock side turned toward his face. Although it was bare of fletching, the arrow had been marked, as well as a bundle that sat beside his feet, telling him exactly where to apply said fletching.

He removed one that laid in a pile on the table, dipping it’s edge in a tin filled with melted horn glue before pressing over the marks. He was careful with its placement, paying mind to any needed adjustments. He held it still long enough for it not the slide as he moved onto the next, second of the three.

“N’ ‘e told me t’get yer a bottle, ‘e did. Said y’might like it.” Out from his throat rumbled a chuckle, a match to his deep voice, rough from decades of barking orders. “Gods know I did. Some o’ t’best ale I ever ‘ad.” He grinned from ear to ear, casting his snowy gaze over yonder. His chin held in his palm as he reminisced about the hardy malt, hoping his little daydream would bid him a taste.

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Advocate!Obi-Wan AU

Got some AU headcanon stuff fermenting in my brain, but I know I’m never going to write the actual fic, so here you go.

  • Obi-Wan is never chosen as a Padawan and gets shipped off to the AgriCorps. Cue Obi-Wan levels of self-sacrifice and reckless endangerment without the Jedi excuse. Lots of putting himself in risky positions to help other people and getting hurt.
  • Eventually, he’s hospitalized one too many times and a decent doctor looks at his records and is like “This kid is going to get himself killed. Time for mandatory therapy.” Mental Health Professional meets with Obi-Wan and makes it their mission to help put this kid back together because WTF
  • Obi-Wan learns through these meetings that a) he is NOT OKAY b) Jedi child rearing is NOT OKAY and c) NO ONE ELSE KNOWS THIS. MHP is APPALLED by how he grew up because the Jedi are supposed to be wise and wonderful and all this shite. Obi-Wan’s a smart kid; he starts putting things together. He comes to the conclusion that this mysterious, secretive child soldiering may have been acceptable with the Sith Empire breathing down the Republic’s neck, but the Republic’s been At Peace for 1000 years.
  • He stays with the AgriCorps for a while because they are doing good things and are giving him a free education, but when he finishes his Republic GED, he leaves to go to University.
  • Obi-Wan studies law and child psychology and starts talking to everyone as part of his Long Term Plan data gathering. He starts building his network. Former Initiates, MHPs who specialize in the effects of abuse, legislators, religious groups, former Bando Gorra cult members and former Nightsisters/Nightbrothers, parents who gave up their children to the Jedi, parents who didn’t give up their children to the Jedi who are now struggling. He forms connections and the papers he writes (which the University gets his baffled permission to publish) start sparking new ideas among the mental health and child advocate communities. He starts making a name for himself even before finishing his degrees.
  • Obi-Wan graduates and immediately begins working on his plan. He starts meeting with reps from the Department of Child Services on high profile Core worlds who have Force sensitive detection programs with the Order. He starts meeting with the Department of Child Services for the Republic. He meets with planetary Judges and gets his name up to a Judge or two in The Courts. He compiles his research, his recorded stories, his precedents and he submits his findings to the appropriate governmental bodies and “Shit,” multiple governing bodies mutter to themselves, “how did we let this happen?”
  • Obi-Wan Kenobi tries very, very hard not to smirk at the looks on their faces when he presents the Jedi High Council with criminal charges of child abuse, neglect, and willful endangerment. Little Initiate Obi-Wan had been taught to reign in passion in favour of serenity. The Obi-Wan standing before the Council, who grew up out in the galaxy and not cloistered away in the Temple, is a very passionate man who cares very deeply and there is nothing stopping him now.
  • Obi-Wan Kenobi is tasked with forming a committee to help reform take hold in the Order. He brings together Jedi Corps leaders and parents and MHPs and Knights who agreed that changes needed to be made. And they start making changes.
  • Initiates can start at older ages (up to about 5 or 6 normally). Initiates who surpass their 13th birthday without being chosen become Senior Initiates and are put into training groups who share classes and general Jedi instruction until their 16th birthdays, where they can choose to leave the Order to their families/foster families/as emancipated teens or opt into sponsored academic study with the Corps branches. Padawans are not permitted on missions to active war zones or military conflict until legal adulthood; diplomatic, research, or aid relief missions only. Knights within the first 5 years of Knighthood are required to have a mission partner when being dispatched to active war zones or military conflict missions. All Jedi dispatched are required to see MHPs on their return if their missions included active war zones, military conflict, or unplanned violence. Initiates and Padawans are permitted contact with their families on a limited basis (to start, but Obi-Wan has plans to expand that). Council members must be elected and can only serve a limited number of consecutive terms.
  • There’s a lot of disagreement among the Masters about whether this is a good thing or not and the High Council are pissed about being told what to do, but the Creche masters all back it and the Initiate instructors see an immediate change in their charges who stop being afraid and fighting. Rivalries die down to manageable competition and bullying can be more effectively dealt with. More Padawans are chosen on the whole because they’re not angry and afraid.
  • When new policies start to settle into routine, Obi-Wan pushes again. Resources for Force Sensitives who aren’t given to the Temple so that they can learn to control and use their gifts safely. Limited access to the Temple archives for academics and researchers (with much more manageable hoops to jump through than there used to be). Setting up user-friendly public access to information and research made by the Corps branches. Opportunities for parents of Force sensitives to tour the Temple and make an educated decision. He works with archivists and administration divisions to put a better system in place for the public to put in requests for assistance, requests for information,  and request testing for Force sensitivity.
  • The Senate initially praises Obi-Wan for his hard work at uncovering this kind of corruption in the Order, but very quickly shut up as he turns on them and starts working to separate direct Senate control from the Order. He hates politicians, but he’s very good at his job and knows the right people to push his initiatives forward (and doesn’t realize that he inspires people to be better people). The Order has control to veto requests from the Senate if it interferes with the Order’s mandate. No more direct requests from the Chancellor without going through a vetting process. Diplomatic processes for requests from outside the Republic’s borders. As a byproduct of this, several corrupt senators start wrapping up their affairs and stepping down. Once Kenobi gets his mind on a problem, there is no stopping him and they wisely opt to take their bribes and retire gracefully. They don’t want to be part of the fallout if his eyes catch something funny in their books.
  • Ol’ Palpatine finds himself unable to be re-elected as Senator because the entire atmosphere of the Republic has been changing and no one buys his empty bluster anymore. He could Convince the right people, but there are too many eyes looking in too many places these days and he can’t position himself to a place where it wouldn’t matter.
  • Qui-Gon’s been his surly, loner self and doesn’t keep up with Coruscant politics. Not much changes in his mission parameters since he’s been a Master for a number of years; he just has to grudgingly report to a MHP after almost all his missions now. He finds himself on Tatooine during a mission and frees Anakin to bring him back to the Temple in a similar manner to The Phantom Menace. He brings Anakin before the Council, which has almost completely new members since the last time he was there, and Grand Master Plo Koon stops him mid-report to have an emergency call put out to Kenobi’s people to send an advocate for young Skywalker.
  • Baffled and kind of pissed off, Qui-Gon gets immediately sent to his designated MHP to go over the decisions he made on that mission until the advocate arrives. Confused and frightened, Plo escorts Anakin down to the Creche and introduces him to Master Yoda, who is playing games with the toddlers. Anakin’s worried about what is happening, but Yoda and the younglings sufficiently distract him until he’s summoned by a Senior Initiate.
  • Qui-Gon and Anakin reach the meeting room at the same time and when they go in, Plo is sitting there with Obi-Wan Kenobi, who greets Anakin warmly and explains who he is and why he’s there. Anakin needs documentation before he can be officially brought into the order - immigration papers, ident papers, etc - and Obi-Wan tells him his options. He can stay at the Temple as a ward with the creche masters until the paperwork comes in or he can opt to stay with a host family on Coruscant. He says that he will be meeting with a Sentient Rights Commission rep and Master Plo to discuss what avenues are available to free his mother. He says that he will have to be tested for entry soon, given his age, but Obi-Wan will be there to help him make that decision and help explain the different options he has if he chooses not to become an Initiate.
  • Qui-Gon interrupts that is he will be taking on Anakin as his Padawan, but Obi-Wan shuts that right down. He’s not ready for apprenticeship. He needs to basics and the opportunity to learn with kids his own age. If it is his choice to become a Jedi, he needs to learn what that means. Obi-Wan explains that Qui-Gon also needs to learn what taking Anakin on would mean because it’s been years since he had a Padawan and things have changed. Qui-Gon bristles at being told off, but Anakin is glowing with the chance to make his own future, so he shuts up.
  • Shmi is freed and brought to Coruscant as a refugee and jumps at the opportunity to learn because she’s never been allowed. She and Obi-Wan become very good friends. Her boy Ani had already opted to become an Initiate at the Temple by then, but she’s allowed to visit from time to time and watch him grow.
  • Qui-Gon gets a damn wake up call and starts sorting out his shit. He spends more time in Temple and sees all the things that Obi-Wan’s work has changed. He wavers between mourning the Knight Obi-Wan could have been if Qui-Gon hadn’t been so self-centered and extremely proud of the man that that little reckless Initiate has become.
  • Obi-Wan gets to protect all his little Jedi brothers and sisters and gets to visit them to see how they’re doing and they get to be a big happy family.
  • The Sith just kind of slink back to the background and have to rethink their whole stupid plan because it’s not going to work now.