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Nava Vihara in Balkh: Sun/Fire Temple.

Nau-Vihara Temple: Balkh is one of the oldest towns in the world, being the birthplace of Zoraster. As per Zorastrian tradition Balkh was built by first Aryan ruler Bakhdi. Ancient Greek historians called, it Bactra, (Baktra or Bactria) and the whole country ‘Bactriana’. Situated in north-west Afghanistan, its present capital is Mazar-i-Sharif. It is a small town now, lying in ruins.The Nava-Vihara was also an important Buddhist monastery in Balkh for advance learning. It was a strongly built Vihara and was remarkable for its imposing structure. This Vihara was most sacred place of Balkh for it housed in its shrine-hall the water-basin (pot) and a tooth-relic of the Buddha,


Buddha Tooth Relic Temple by Mike
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山西应县佛宫寺释迦塔 Skyamuni Pagoda/Shi Jia Pagoda- the highest extant ancient wooden construction in China, built in Liao dynasty (1056) but inherited Tang dynasty style. There are two tooth relic of Buddha preserved in this pagoda. Researchers identified them as the remains of Sakyamuni himself. After his parinirvana, he left a total of seven tooth relic.

The statue of Santa Rosalia. Inside the Shrine there are two of her relics…a tooth and a piece of her bones. The rest of her bones are found in the Cathedral of Palermo and are processed through Palermo on her feast day, July 14th.