relic of love

since 2017 is apparently a year where anything can get a sequel, y’all mind if i bribe the devil for ouran real quick

okay honestly????????

I’m super delighted that Diana works as a curator at the Louvre bc like. holy shit Wonder Woman is in my chosen field. 

ne touchez pas à mes affaires
Hugh Dancy
ne touchez pas à mes affaires

Hugh Dancy speaking French as Michel Previn in The Relic Hunter, episode S1E18, “The Last Knight”.

ETA: He’s saying “ne touchez pas à mes affaires” — “Don’t touch my things.” Transcription and translation by @ciorane - Thanks Aude!

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Elijah frowned as he shifted through the many documents on his desk. The majority of them were old and archaic, written in Latin-which he could easily read. Whereas the rest of them were just plain old computer paper with words written by his many college students, and unlike the ancient documents…only half of them were written in a language he could understand. A sigh escaped him as Elijah marked down another ‘C’ on a paper. Academics and writing had apparently gone down greatly in the last few centuries. Then again, what could be expected from a generation that considered Twilight and Fifty Shades of Grey literature?

   “I’m telling you, brother. You’re taking this role all too seriously.” Klaus stated, from across him. Unlike Elijah, Klaus was enjoying his impersonation of a college professor all too much. His younger brother went so far as to even assign the upmost ridiculous of assignment to his students. “We are here to find the ‘mystical’ relic, our oh-so-loving mother hidden away. Not to teach or-” He made a face. “Grade papers.”

         “Not everything is as simple as it seems, Niklaus. You know better than anyone that we need to blend in if we are to achieve our goal, besides we did misplace their professors…it is only right, we allow students the education they seek.” Elijah chastised.

  Klaus rolled his eyes. “Save me the speech. You and I both know that at the end of day, what they do is anything but scholarly.”

     “That may be some, but not all.” Elijah replied. His lips pulled back into a small smile as the sound of familiar foot-steps could be heard from down the hall. It was almost four-forty, the beginning of his office hours, something he surprisingly enjoyed.

Within seconds you appeared in the doorway, knocking on the wall despite the door being opened and him obviously inside. A small blush made its way to your cheeks as murmured. “Umm…Professor Mikaelson?”

       “(Y/N), I was wondering if I would see you today.” Elijah stated.

You turned even more red as the scent of embarrassment flooded the room. For someone so talkative and participative during class, you were quite the opposite outside of it. Unlike when you were surrounded by your peers, you became a stuttering mess when left alone with him. Almost as if you doubted every word spoken to him. “I was just hoping to pick your brain for a second…but I don’t want to interrupt anything-“

      “Nonsense-” both him and Klaus spoke in unison.

Elijah’s eyes snapped towards Klaus, shooting him a warning. He didn’t know what was going on in his brother’s head, but Elijah was sure, he wouldn’t like it. Klaus had a way of causing trouble, whether meaning to or not. Either way, Elijah refused to add you on to their list of corrupted/dead encounters. Your potential was too great to be destroyed by the likes of them.

        Klaus merely smirked, rising from his chair. A dangerous glint flashed in his eyes as he turned towards you. “I was just about to leave anyway. I’ll see you later, Elijah.” Klaus bowed his head towards you. “Ms. (Y/N), I hope you enjoy conversing with my brother. You’ll be the first in centuries to do so.”

Ok so wait just one second

Remember how in the very very very beginning of taz when Taako said:

“Was the seventh item love all along? Ok just a heads up guys the seventh relic is love!”

And remember Griffo’s words in the first episode of The Stolen Century:

“You have bonds, which are sort of a measurement of your interpersonal relationships with the rest of the team and the people in the worlds you visit throughout the game.”

And: “The interpersonal connections that we share are a type of bond, too. Emotion. Sympathy. You could call this a love boat, if you wanted to be extremely reductive. Bonds are what propel and power this ship, and it’s what’s going to allow us to go to places we’ve never even dreamed of.”

So all I’m saying is that… it was love the whole time.
This m a n made the ship into a love powered machine.
Justin McElroy looks like you were correct.

Going With the Flow, Sketches, 2017, artist book, India ink on various papers, tattered on purpose…

This has to be one of the most personal and intense piece of artwork I’ve made in a very long time. I made it over the course of three days, in one amazing purge. I’m still seeing the black residue embedded in the fine dried out creases on my fingers, and I know there is more to come. It’s like an artifact of a moment, almost relic like in spirit. I love it. And I miss it. I had to let it go yesterday because it is currently being installed at Syracuse University at the Hendricks Chapel along with two of its siblings (If Not, Winter and The Heart of Everything That Is…) and one of my Fred’s sculptures (The Clear-Eyed One, which is of Athena, made with welded metal) and about 80 other artworks by the employees of the University, as part of the On My Own Time exhibition, which is an annual event that recognizes the University’s staff and their creative talents. It’s quite a gathering of art at all levels of experience, and ways of expression.

One thing I have always loved about watching Josh Gates is how he always shows respect for a culture. Even if you can tell he thinks something is a little out there, he always tries it and he knows that hey its not for him to judge a culture he is not from on some of there important practices or relics. That alone makes me love watching Josh Gates, especially since I’ve grown up around so many people who think if it isn’t their culture it is wrong.