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help me remember - did the hunger find the last world, with the grand relics, just because enough time had passed, or did lucas let it in by creating a perfect sphere of black opal in his lab?

Neither; the Hunger found them because Lucretia had put 3/7 pieces of the light of creation back together. 

Considering Lucas and the entire town of Refuge was mentioned in Story and Song pt 1 if they wanted a Full Cast Finale they could do the following:

- Transmutate Fandolin’s black glass circle into an astral mirror and have Kravitz bring in ghosts as reinforcements, although he might get in trouble with his boss.

- Cast Lucretia’s bond-breaking barrier spell on John to sever his connection to all of the Hunger-consumed minions and free them from his possession.

- ???

- Profit.

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Pls talk about the bad ipre au i really wanna know but don't know ifs it is night where you are yet

oh yeah i was busy studying and enabling my friends but now i’m ready

so like yeah it’s bad ipre (obvs me and @starsshinedarkly77 did this together lol) where the ipre kids made the relics but fell under the thrall? almost immediately they bond to their relics which is to be expected since each of them had to put such a large amount of themselves and their magic into the relics

them bonding with the relics doesn’t however stop them from wanting to be wanted and sending out those vibes to everyone in the world in addition to just the normal corruption that goes with the relics that corrupt each of ipre

which, leads to new gods being born

now, i don’t know how gods work in griff’s world but if you pump someone with enough cosmic power magic, they can become a god, and then throw in some followers? you have a powerful god which is what ipre becomes and when you throw 7 gods into a new world you end up with a struggle for power because each relic can shape the world into their own vision which even includes usurping the old gods (raven queen, istus, etc, and even their wards to are switched to under ipre control which means barry got a new friend) to take their thrones too because even the gods are not strong enough to take out the relics as we’ve seen in the actual campaign

however, lucretia, mind wipes them again and it has the opposite effect of what she wants because instead of getting them to forget the relics and come back, she just made 6 gods who have forgotten their humanity 

the only reason lucretia escaped is because she never finished her relic, it’s still raw light so she tries to form the bureau once again but it’s still so hard because while people don’t remember the rise of them their affects and groups are still there and subconsciously trying to find them again trying to find their gods–it’s just an absolute mess

she tries to find people who were never tempted by the relics even before she wiped the world, julia who was too busy trying to fight her own battle in raven’s roost against calen, johann who’s love for music and his work, hurley and sloane who were just enjoying life and battle wagons, maureen miller who morns the loss of her son but continues her family legacy to find something that will fix this world, angus mcdonald who lives to one day restore the mcdonald detective name after his mother and father both were killed during the relics wars, and so so much more…all people who had a unstoppable driving force of love in their life that made them immune to the relics thrall 

it follows the same path of the campaign with the phoenix first, and honestly there is no fighting lup, she could rip a hole through the plane if she wanted to but somehow managing to slip her the voidfish juice lets her remember and it’s that love that she remembers for her crew that helps them pry the relic from her and she returns to them joining this new weird family that lucretia put together.. and it’s just one by one they do that plus the old ipre begging the lost ones and  crying for them to return (imagine lup begging for taako to come back)

and there’s…more tbh but this is just the jist plus some flare 

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regarding Lucretia's staff. a friend and I were talking about it and we figured it's likely its power is creating those bubble shields? it's apparently called the "bulwark staff" and a bulwark is a defensive wall, so

That is possible. 

Maybe it works as a way to hold and help channel her barrier spell in the way that the port wand channeled Jenkins’ teleportation spell. That might explain why she’s channeling the light into it.

The Relics

I’m sure this isn’t a new observation, but I do feel like in making the relics the Light of Creation, the craveability, somehow latched onto the worst parts of the Makers’ characters. Or maybe just their strongest and least restrained desires.

Lucrezia’s is a shield so good it destroys the thing it protects, because not even bonds can get through.

Lup’s is a blaze of glory, giving your life to take down your enemies.

Taako’s is selfish and glittery everything you want, everything you’ve never had, in amounts that can destroy you.

Magnus’ is the ability to fix things, to go back and do it right until no one has to suffer, or just to keep things the way they are and never have to move past anyone’s death.

Davenport’s an explorer, adventurous and imaginative, his is anything you can imagine, all the things you dreamed of seeing made real, a life that will always live up to those dreams.

Barry, who envies others’ lives, gets the chance to live through them, to see things the way they see them, to have that for yourself.

Merle, who worships nature and doubts Pan’s interest in him, instead gets to control it and force that interest, do whatever you want.

RWBY V4 My Critical Review

Alright so I’m finally done my hell week of college, I decided to do a review of RWBY V4. There seems to be a lot of division in this season, some loved it, others hated it. Now let me just address this, I usually don’t talk about this, but there seems to be a lot of negativity in the fandom. I do not consider petty nitpicking, bitching and constant whining as criticism.

First of all, I am just gonna lay this out. We don’t know what happens behind production, but I do know production requires to make a lot of cuts and such since they either don’t have the time or they don’t have enough money to make it happen. Yea RT is a million dollar company but remember they don’t ONLY focus on RWBY. BUT that does not make them free of criticism either. 


Alright starting this off with the animation style this season. Animation looks beautiful, so nice. But the fighting animation has taken a step back, seeing most fight scenes were such a let down. The best fight scene was Tyrian vs Qrow & RNJR, but compared to other volumes not as great. I know before Monty and Shane were the choreographers, but now Miles and Kerry I think are just taking care of it. Personally, I feel they should get one or a team just focusing on fight choreography. People who are good at it, understand how each body movement works. There are just some people who have it in them to do choreography like that. 


Okay, I understand why people are mad at this volume. But, for the most part, this volume hasn’t completely fucked things up. I’ve seen bad animes and shows before and this is far from anything like that. Miles and Kerry are generally off to a good start as new writers. Now Miles’ has experience in writing from RvB, but take note RvB already had a base and build to continue from. RWBY is purely scratch. I’ve heard rumours about RWBY lasting 10-20 volumes, now I hope they mainly focus on the Salem being main final villain rather than introduce newer more OP villains after the previous OP villain was defeated, kind of like big animes such as Bleach do. Volume 1-3 was mainly just a prologue. Building up to greater things. 

Volume 4, is a transition season. Transition seasons are difficult to handle, since you want to keep the audience but avoid plot holes and such. This is not a filler season. I have seen filler seasons in anime before (fucking Bleach), filler seasons are not looked back at in the long run. This clearly seems like a season setting up for what lies ahead. Now at the beginning the season was going smoothly showing all 4 girls equally. But I feel like they rushed things too much, or juggled too many things for them to handle. The main things I didn’t like was the new lore, new villains, and yangs development.

The lore is too much to take, like we have silver eyes, maidens, now we have these relics and gods of light and darkness. Just slow down… Theres too many things you are juggling with right now. 

Villains, alright at first I was vary of Salems faction, since Emerald and Mercury got pushed to the side, but they proved themselves. Now I’m just concerned on the White Fang villains (Illia and those bros). But we will see how M&K will play this out so I’m going to wait until I give a full opinion on all the villains.

Yangs development, by far, the main flaw of this volume. Its because you had the end of Volume 3, then the teasers of Volume 4 with a very angry Yang, then the episode where Yang first appeared with clear PTSD. She healed too fast, in my opinion. I was expecting a shift in character, especially after when she said, “sometimes bad things just happen.” Yang got too little screen time to be given proper development. Most of the development seemed to happen behind the scenes. I was so ready to see a new side of Yang. But I’m also giving M&K the benefit of the doubt since RWBY still has a long way to go. Because V4 seems sooooo early to give rash criticism with the 10-20 volume plans.

The best development was Blake and Weiss’. Weiss finally being freed from her father, and going on to greater things. Without a doubt, I know she’s going to return to the SDC (hinted even in the WoR), and obviously is going to snatch back that title from Whitley and put her father in place, it’s obvious that’s her story arc. Now we are starting to build on the steps she takes to get there. It’s going to be really interesting. Blake finally stops running from her past and comes to accept it, to make a better future. Blake is unique compared to the other members of team RWBY, since she already had so much to build from in the previous volumes. Her story is going to focus around the White Fang and Adam a lot, and we will see how she will overcome it and make a great change in the White Fang. M&K are handling Blake’s arc just fine, so I don’t have much worry for her compared to Yang.

Ruby for me is kind of in the middle, but I don’t expect her development to come any time soon. She is the main character, so her development is more so, on the long run of things. I was not annoyed at how M&K were handling Ruby this season at all, this season was more so of her understanding the reality around her, as we can see from her letter. 

Now on to the others aka JNR. Ren and Nora’s backs story was really rushed, I expected it to focus around Ravens tribe but seeing it was just a grimm just made me think, “isn’t that why everyone dislikes grimms in the first place?” Now that the grimm is defeated its just “now what”. Now for Jaune, I loved the scenes he was in. He warmed up to me this season, you can clearly see the character change this time around. Now I don’t understand all the anger at him taking screen time, when I thought his screen time was fairly given. JNR seems to lead on how they will support for each through everything. And I really hope they don’t all die like that one theory I saw…. 

Now I wish I could go more into things but, it is clear RWBY is NOT FINISHED for me to really delve in how I feel because I will be jumping the gun. Because I know this season will explain things for later seasons to come. People want everything to come so fast, all I have to say is: BE PATIENT. Everything will be explained soon. Now I’m not rushing to give my final thought on what I think of RWBY just yet seeing the main story is just beginning. 

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Did these here motherfuckers split the light of creation and make the relics because the light saying it "wants to be wanted" sounds DAMN familiar

I had the same thought (as have many others)! I don’t think it’s been directly stated, but that definitely seems like Griffin’s (heavy) implication (based on Lucretia’s speech in Reunion Tour). The LoC’s desire to be used sounds a lot like the grand relics’ thrall. If it is the case, I have so many questions. Like how does one split up the light? Is there an exchange or sacrifice required to channel it? Are the relics a direct creation from the light or were they already existing items that were imbued with this power? Is the destructive force of the relics from the light’s sheer power or some kind of perversion of its natural state?

I’m sure a lot of these questions will be resolved in the next few episodes, and I’m excited to hear the answers. I’m no reddit-combing theory buff tho, so I wouldn’t be surprised if Griffin totally took things in an unexpected direction.