Jeans play an integral part of our life. Denim is a way of life indeed!

In this post, we shall explore some interesting attributes of the jean that you might not have known.

That tiny pocket

That tiny little pocket was intended to be a placeholder for pocket watches back in the days when watches were the only means to keep track of time. 

It’s appropriately called the ‘watch pocket’.


It was never removed even when wrist watches and phones made the pocket watch redundant. It’s always fascinating to see what how people make use of this redundancy.

Those tiny buttons

Those tiny buttons are called rivets and you can find them being used across all domains of engineering.

They’re there to prevent jeans from wearing out and ripping at the seam. Workers were complaining about how quickly their pants wore out. 

And ergo to solve this, Levi introduced these rivets that held the fabric together and prevents ripping of the pants.

What is a rivet ?

Rivet, quite bluntly put is a permanent mechanical fastener. Here’s how it works:


As the top of pockets is a place where a lot of fabric is being stitched together, the pockets need to be attached with lots more strength to increase the overall tear strength, hence, the use of mechanical fasteners called Rivets.


While we are on the topic of things that open and close, here’s a gif on how zippers work.


Have a great day!

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Squad Sing Along Headcanons

I love musical movies and sing alongs and karaoke with all my heart and soul, and @kurtwxgners and I were talking about squad and movie musicals so this happened. This is Modern AU so there are more movies to choose from.

  • It’s an accident, really.
  • Kurt and Peter watch Dirty Dancing together one night because it was already set up and neither of them could be bothered to go and find a different movie
    • They both get really, really into it
    • Peter quotes ‘No body puts baby in a corner’ at every opportunity
    • He gets payed out for it big time, but that doesn’t stop him
    • Kurt can be heard singing in the shower, but no one has the heart to tell him because it’s really adorable
  • The next musical movie they watch is with Scott and Warren
    • It was a movie night and no one could decide what to watch
    • They flipped a coin to see who got to choose and Scott and Warren lost
    • So Peter and Kurt get to pick the movie and they watch Grease
    • Scott and Warren are skeptical at the beginning
    • ‘Musicals are really lame, and you’re both the worst for making us watch this’
    • But by the time ‘Greased Lightning’ comes on, they are s o l d (and everyone is going all in on the pelvic thrusts)
    • Warren basically busts every nut over Sandy in ‘You’re The One That I Want
  • The girls find out the boys have been watching movie musicals on the dl when they decide to crash a boys movie night and discover them all watching Mama Mia
    • Ororo and Jean lose their shit when they walk in in the middle of ‘Honey, Honey’ and Peter is all but standing on the couch as all of the boys are singing along 
    • Jubilee basically flings herself onto the couch beside Kurt and immediately joins in
    • Scott and Warren are super embarrassed about it at first
      • ‘We’re just watching. It was their idea’
      • ‘Don’t lie to me, Summers. I saw you singing along.’
    • Jean and Ororo pay them out endlessly about it, but they still join in, because musicals are really fun
  • The movie nights turn into movie-musical-sing-along nights and everyone loves it
    • They put on the subtitles and sing along and divide up parts for the big songs
    • Some group favourites are Chicago, RENT, and Hairspray
    • When they’re watching A Chorus Line, Jean practically falls off her chair laughing at Kurt’s reaction to ‘Dance 10, Looks 3
    • Peter almost breaks his ankle trying to imitate the tap dancing in Singing in the Rain
    • Jukebox musicals like Rock of Ages are super fun because they already know a lot of the songs
    • Everyone cries when they watch RENT, but no one brings it up and they’re all trying to be super lowkey about it
      • Warren also busts every nut over Mimi, for obvious reasons
    • There are a celebratory round of high fives whevever someone nails a particularly impressive high note 
    • They all get really hyped up for ‘One Day More’ because it is THE sing along song
    • With some of the favourite movies, there’s an unspoken agreement about who gets to sing which parts
      • Warren always takes Roger in RENT
      • Peter does an astonishingly good Amber in Hairspray (no seriously, it’s kind of creepy how good his version is)
      • Jubilee is always Joanna when they watch Sweeney Todd and it’s adorable even though Kurt is lowkey scared of that particular musical
    • When they watch West Side Story, they all literally clear the furniture to the sides and split up to do ‘America
    • Scott once sang Maria’s part in ‘I Feel Pretty’ and everyone was utterly flabbergasted because it was fucking hilarious and he was actually??? Really good??? Like??? His vocal range was kind of astounding???
    • Jubilee is the undisputed queen of mimicking the choreography from the film
      • She always takes the lead in big dance numbers
      • When they were watching Cabaret, she actually managed to do a pretty good version of the dance from ‘Mein Herr’ and everyone loses their damn minds
    • Ororo is the reigning champion of fast talking/patter songs and her belting is astounding
      • Out Tonight’ is her song and she always nails it and everyone always gets suuuper hyped listening to her sing it
    • They all discover that Jean has a talent for Liza Minelli impressions when they watch Cabaret and she gets the voice exactly right
    • Kurt always tears up listening to ‘Edelweiss’ and no one calls him on it, because he’s just such a sweetheart
    • Jean once decided she was gonna take on Sweeney’s part and everyone was scared of her for the next week
    • Warren rolls his eyes through watching the entire High School Musical series but he secretly loves it
    • Disney musicals are Kurt and Jubilee’s favourites
    • Everyone loves Robin Hood: Men In Tights even though it’s less a movie musical and more a spoof, because that movie is a gift
  • Eventually they decide to do an actual karaoke night
    • Someone (probably Peter) manages to source (steal) a karaoke machine and they set it up in the mansion
    • It’s a long, long night and everyone is more than a little drunk at the end of it
    • There are overhauls of everyone’s favourite songs from everyone’s favourite musicals as well as favourite songs in general
    •  ‘La Vie Boheme’, ‘One Day More’ and ‘You Can’t Stop The Beat’ all get pulled out early in the evening and there is absolutely a lot of standing on chairs and wild, uncoordinated dancing involved on all parts
    • Warren gets up and absolutely nails ‘It’s My Life’ and the entire group is lowkey turned on by it
    • All three girls and Peter do a tipsy, giggly version of ‘It’s Raining Men’ that they can’t finish because they’re all laughing too hard
    •  After some pushing, Scott does ‘One Song Glory’ and it’s so good that Warren doesn’t even resent him moving in on his turf by singing one of Roger’s songs
    • A very, very shy Kurt does a version of ‘Hallelujah’ and everyone gets emotional about it
    • Peter does ‘Ballroom Blitz’ complete with terrible excellent dancing and everyone is HYPED
    • The night closes with drunk emotional, shouted, enthusiastic versions of ‘Piano Man’ and ‘Living on a Prayer

anonymous asked:

prompto- what do u think jean would do to cover his tattoo? (it would probably be symbolic to him and jer or smthn but i cant think of anything honestly)

hi!! alright so the first thing that came to mind was a fleur-de-lis but I feel like that’s too like right there, so. i kept going. 

so alright it’s my headcanon that jeremy is native american, specifically of pueblo descent (his parents both are, his mom grew up on the zia pueblo reservation and they all go back to visit friends and family pretty often. (she’s also an artist, she makes gorgeous pottery and jeremy loves being in the studio with her when he’s home. he’s not particularly good at it but it’s peaceful and his grandmother always tells him how perfect they are for wildflowers)) 

  • jeremy and jean have been dating for a little while (and jeremy’s been jean’s closest friend, ever, for months) when jean first mentions it
  • they’d just gotten in from a night out with the trojans
  • jeremy’s covering in swirls alvarez put on him with glow in the dark paint (”they’re non toxic and it’s neon night!”)
  • he’s laughing as they stumble through the door to their dorm. jean puts a hand on jeremy’s arm to steady himself then starts tracing his thumb along the still slightly glowing lines that go from jeremy’s jaw up along his face to spiral out over his cheekbone
  • he’s staring at his thumb pressed against the middle of the spiral on jeremy’s cheek 
  • “i want to cover it up”
  • jean’s voice is a hoarse whisper
  • jeremy stops laughing and focuses on his boyfriend
  • “what?”
  • “I want to cover it up.”
  • jean’s voice is steely and even though jeremy’s kind of buzzed he knows immediately what he means
  • he cups jean’s face in his hands and kisses him. “then we’ll cover it up.”
  • the next morning they’re walking to the car to go to a tattoo artist laila knows when the problem becomes apparent
  • jean doesn’t actually know what he wants to cover it up with
  • he doesn’t just want it removed (jean doesn’t give him an answer beyond “I don’t want that” when jeremy suggests it, but he thinks it’s something like growing past what he’s been through and building a new life. could just be stubbornness. it’s a toss up, jean doesn’t do verbal expression of things like that.)
  • so they toss ideas back and forth for a week
  • flowers, french symbols, ocean things- nothing really sticks
  • (alvarez suggests jeremy’s face. jean turns it down on the grounds that if he were getting jeremy’s face anywhere it would be somewhere he could actually see it) (jeremy’s 90% jean’s kidding but he blushes anyway) (jean’s only 55% kidding)
  • then jean has an especially bad nightmare
  • he’s trapped underground and the ceiling is caving in on him and he’s being buried alive while riko’s cruel laugh echoes in his ears and no matter what he does he can’t get out-
  • he wakes up gasping and jeremy’s got the light on in half a second
  • jeremy’s sitting up against the wall and jean’s leaning against him, jeremy’s hands stroking through his hair as he tries to catch his breath
  • jeremy’s murmuring things to him in a soft fierce voice 
  • “you’re safe, you’re here, they can’t get you here, they’ll never get you again, he’s gone and he’s never going to touch you again, you never have to go back there, they can’t ever make you go back down”
  • (it’s a well worn mantra bc being stuck underground without any light is probably the second leading cause of jean’s nightmares) 
  • eventually jean pulls at him to lie back down. jeremy leaves the light on and lets jean tuck him against his side
  • they’re holding hands on jean’s chest bc they’re saps
  • in the morning jeremy props his chin up on jean’s chest and says, “what do you think about a sun?”
  • jean considers it 
  • he’s risen above the dark and he’s never going back. he could have a proud badge of that with him always
  • and jean doesn’t let himself dwell on the other argument for too long, but. jeremy. jeremy’s bright and warm and fierce and comforting and steady. jeremy’s the sun to him.
  • the longer jean thinks about it the more right it feels
  • when he says as much to jeremy he breaks out into a grin further enforcing the sun comparison jfc and suggests a little hesitantly the zia symbol for the sun 
  • it’s incredibly important in zia culture to all aspects of life, and embodies harmony and strength
  • jean’s seen it before on pottery that jeremy’s mom made for him and he likes that he could change his tattoo from something that was so empty for him to something that has so much meaning
  • jean’s so nervous when they go to the tattoo artist for real. he’s trying to be casual, to not let his tattoo and its associated ghosts bother him
  • jeremy holds his hand the whole time. jean glares at him but he makes no effort to move away
  • jeremy kisses his cheek right on the new tattoo every day until jean stops flinching when he looks at it in the mirror
  • to be specific, jean stops flinching. jeremy doesn’t stop kissing him. jean tells him he’s ridiculous. jeremy responds by loudly singing “you are my sunshine”
  • jean makes fun of him when he tears up a little when jean does it back