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frostbite883  asked:

How would you describe PJO femslash?

You wanna know how I would describe PJO femslash???? I’ll tell you how I would describe PJO femslash.

It’s the cutest ships I’ve ever seen.

Your dude favs could never

But it really depends, femslash isn’t something relevant or interesting to some people and that’s okay. Some people like slash, some people like hetero ships, and others like femslash.

issylls-blog  asked:

You seem to know a lot about the art of film making for someone of my age and you can look at films in such technical and critical ways. You seem to have become even more of an expert since Tick Where It Hurts (which is a fucking beautiful short by the way.) How did you gain such knowledge and what advice would you give to someone looking to broaden their understanding film?

Hi there! Thank you very much regarding tick. Means a lot. I do think tick made me have more of an understanding of films as an artform. It’s the first one in which I took into account the meaning behind shots and the relevance of lighting to tell a story. I think only people with some interest in films can really get stuck into film as an artform. Regardless of taste in film, those who are really passionate wills always find some way of learning about the intricacies of what makes a film good and what films have the potential to be. As pieces of art. So yeah, I learnt what I did about film by watching films and by becoming increasingly more interested in that industry. So if you’re interested enough, that knowledge will come to you!