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Howdy y’all, it’s time for a new AU. A western cowboy town AU.

I’ve already talked about it a bunch over on my writing blog while trying to work things out. [here’s the tag + chronologically] I took a bit longer messing around with the sketches (and these aren’t even all of them! I still have to work out some robot designs.) This AU features all my stories combined, even the baby AU! So essentially, all my ocs live in or near this town. (though they don’t all have roles yet,,, I’m working on it!) The werewolves are still werewolves, as you can see, but also! I made Lauren’s brothers werewolves, too! Hence the lil Nate up in the corner.

Of course, feel free to read through what’s on my other blog for more in depth thoughts, but here are some quick relevant facts: Roxy’s the sheriff and Lauren’s the deputy of the town, Josie’s a schoolteacher, and Nate, Izzy, and Chrissy arrrre,, hooligans. Bandits. Outlaws. Nate mostly just likes to cause trouble for his sister while Izzy and Chrissy are probably out doing some more serious crimes in other towns (when they’re together.) It’s weird drawing Izzy without purple or pink hair. Werewolves can wear cowboy hats if they want. Okay I think that’s all the relevant facts thank you for your time.

Why I Like Roxy Lalonde

by lackadaisicallexicon

The Alpha kids differ from the Betas in a few subtle ways: they’re older, more inclined to emotional entanglements, and relatively lonely. It’s a fact that the Alpha’s group is often a few moments away from breaking apart, usually due to relationship troubles with Jake. But Roxy stands out, a Void leader for a void session, and proves, even to herself, that she is a hero.

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ok so this is has a 90% probability of just being wishful thinking on my part, but…

looking at how these planets are paired up. it seems to be linking into pairings that have been hinted at as being relevant recently. john/roxy, dirkjake, and dave/jane.. but then theres rose’s planet and jade’s planet..

and this pairing really hasn’t been hinted at being even slightly a thing. in fact rose and kanaya have been a strong couple for a long time, even through all their problems, they stayed together.

so i thought maybe it was just process of elimination. maybe those were the only two other planets so they got crushed together [which is honestly probably part of it], but then i realised something. maybe these planets being paired up show that jade and rose have something in common? i think it’s possible that this could be about their patron trolls.

maybe rose is to kanaya what jade could be to karkat?

anonymous asked:

Sorry if this is a silly question but I was wondering if trans girls are girls and trans guys are guys then why do we use the prefix "trans"?

Roxie says:

We don’t always! I’m completely content with just being called a “girl” in pretty much any circumstance - but when we’re talking specifically about gender identity, or when we want to bring attention specifically to a person’s presence as trans, we add it in because it’s a descriptive word. Just like “gay men” are still men, and “tall ladies” are still ladies, and “tiny babies” are still babies - trans is just an adjective. If we were talking about a cis girl and we need to bring attention to the fact that she’s cis, we’d refer to her as a “cis girl” too - heck, I even did that just now!

Also, to some people, “trans” is an important part of their identity, so they mention it more often.

TL;DR: We call people “trans” when it’s relevant :D