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How to take an Essay from Good to Great

Hello, all!

I’ve just recently been writing my Extended Essay, and something I’ve noticed during the process is that this one thing can completely change how people read your essay, and consequently, can get you a much higher grade!

Have a Point. (No, really.)

The point you are making in your essay should have very little to do with the subject you’re writing it on. It sounds crazy, but trust me.

Let’s say this is your thesis: 

“Chemistry was the most influential area of science during the Enlightenment because of the drastic changes which allowed it to develop into modern chemical science.”

From here we can break it down into three parts: What, How, and Why.

WHAT are you claiming? (Chemistry was the most influential area of science.)

HOW do you know this? (Because through drastic change it evolved into modern chemical science.)

WHY is this relevant? (Uhhh…)

This is the trap that I see so many people fall into (and I have fallen into it myself a few times) when they try to write major essays. It’s the difference between a B and an A, or eventually in upper-level classes, the difference between a pass and a fail. So how do you fix it?

Figure out why you’re arguing the thesis. Why are you making the point in the first place, other than because the teacher says you have to? 

This would by my answer:

WHY is this relevant? Because the advancement of chemistry during the Enlightenment era shows that critical analysis of systems within the natural sciences is mandatory in order for evolution within the field. Science can’t progress if nobody is willing to question it.

This type of universal point is what will get people interested in your essay even if they can’t relate to something as specific as chemistry or the Enlightenment. And the great thing is, you only have to include it a few times in the essay (conclusion especially) to make it work! You still prove your original thesis just like you would normally… this is just a little sprinkle of greatness on top. This is the best advice I have to give you on essays.

It works. It’s strange, but it works.

-Alyssa (ib-study-and-tea)

Pisces: The World is Delusional

**This post applies to those with a significant presence of piscean energy in your natal chart. Everyone has some piscean energy, so anyone is capable of relating to this post. However, it is more relevant and true for certain people. 

This many include those with personal planets in pisces, many planets in aspect to neptune/jupiter, planets in the 12th house, planets in taurus and libra*, or (possibly) planets in capricorn and leo*, especially if they make a 150 degree (inconjunction) aspect, and draconic placements in pisces (esp. draconic moon/venus in pisces). 

Pisces gets a lot of flack for being delusional, apathetic escapists. This sign seems to wander through life aimlessly.

The truth is, pisces has an incredible amount of raw, consuming desire for one very specific thing. However, the thing they want doesn’t exist in this reality.

Pisces, and neptune, is the gate to the universe. This includes every plane of existence and every possible reality. We live in an infinite universe where everything already exists. Even if the pisces can’t see this, they can sense worlds of endless beauty and magic just beyond reach. 

Movies, T.V. shows, music, books, and other exceptional constructs of fiction give us a glimpse of these alternate realities: universes more interesting, with the possibility of lives more fulfilling, than anything this world can ever offer. 

While Virgo finds beauty in the ordinary, Pisces can only see beauty in the extraordinary and transcendent. 

That’s because this is the true purpose of human existence. We were born to live extraordinary lives, be the heroes of our own stories, change the world, have superpowers, find the kind of love that makes us whole while tearing at our very souls, etc. 

Piscean delusion stems from painful clarity: they see what we were always meant to be, and what we’ve reduced ourselves to. 

They see people chasing things like sex, fast cars, popularity, relationships, boring jobs, fame, fortune, all the ‘best’ this world has to offer. They’ve been told that they should also chase these utterly boring, pointless things. Add to that the pointless wars, violence, people’s obsession with control, and you can see why Pisces are prone to shutting themselves away.

The only way to escape this hideous world is through death, and freedom from the cycle of reincarnation.

Pisces is the final sign of the zodiac because they have no desire to return, and any attachment they feel to anything in this world can never hold a candle to their burning desire to escape to a better reality. 

We see the world as it sees us: people see Pisces as delusional, apathetic escapists. Pisces sees everyone else as delusional (for thinking anything in this world is truly worth having) apathetic (for allowing war, destruction, and greed to destroy humanity) escapists (for trying to run from the truth that we were never meant to live for nine-to-five jobs, taxes, competition, whatever). 

(And tbh I have to side with Pisces on this one… They actually have an excellent point.)

Pisces may never be fulfilled in this life. The best they might do is find peace through detachment, and the knowledge that some day, some how, they will end up that better world. 

Meanwhile, they can channel that burning desire for something more into creating brilliant works of art and fiction. 

Pisces brings the knowledge, desire, and vision of a better world, before leaving. It’s up to the rest of the signs to make that a dream a reality. 

*See Mixing Colors

The Larents Series - Bathtime

Lmao this really doesn’t have anything to do with anything going on fandom-wise. I started this damn picture a moth ago - as a practise in perspectives, but with work responsibilities I just haven’t had the time to finish it until now. So, here you go.

It’s been too long since the last proper Larents, sorry x-x

Thoughts on Supergirl 2.06

Can we just all give a round of applause to the Supergirl writing team. I had my reservations about the show moving to the CW, but now I know that a network change won’t have any kind of impact on the quality of the show. I am so THANKFUL for what the writers are doing this season with Alex. Last week’s episode was a gift from god and so was last night’s episode. And like last week, I want to offer some of my thoughts on Alex’s scenes from the episode.

1) Coming Out to Kara

I felt so much in this scene. One thing I love that they’re doing with Alex is her being uncomfortable at saying the word “gay.” They’re staying consistent and I’m liking that a lot, because it is so relevant for so many people. Saying the words out loud is frightening, and having everyone but her say it is just so REAL. So many of the things Alex said to Kara, I was like, oh shit, I felt the same way/did the same things. When Kara asks her if she’s ever felt this way before, Alex responds, “Not like this.” It’s such an overwhelming feeling when everything just clicks because of one person that makes you go, “I’m looking at this person and I’m not just thinking she’s beautiful like I would any other beautiful person, but I’m actually feeling something for her, I’m attracted to her in a way that I want to kiss her.” Maggie is that person for Alex. I had that person too that made everything click and gave me that “a-ha” moment. It’s like all these suppressed feelings and memories come to the surface. Alex mentions how she’s up all need, thinking about how she’s had these thoughts before. Realizing that things she did in the past were indicators of her liking women, but she was just too scared to confront them, so she just pushed them away and tried to forget. Like, shit, girl, me too. I look back at my life and there are so many instances that come to mind where I’m like, wowwww, yup, I obviously liked girls but like Alex, I shoved those memories deep down “like they never happened.” And it wasn’t until the person that made all these thoughts and feelings rise to the surface, that I realized who I was.

2) Couch talk

Everyone needs to find themselves a Kara, whether it is a sibling or a parent or a friend. FIND YOURSELF A KARA. The fact that she’s able to own up to not helping to create an environment where Alex could comfortably talk about her sexuality is just….like I wish more people could be aware of that. Not many people, especially family, realize that the way you were brought up prevented you from revealing or talking about that part of you. Like Kara says, its hard to “keep a part of yourself shut off, to keep it inside.” But not only is it hard, it’s lonely. And damn is she right. I remember before I came to terms with me being bisexual or telling people, I felt so alone. Like I had to censor myself constantly. For a long time I wasn’t being my true self. And I don’t know if my family knows this, but I definitely think that although they are accepting, how I was brought up…it wasn’t the kind of environment to talk about my sexuality. That’s probably why I felt so awkward and scared to tell them. It is so important that Kara validates Alex and tells her that she isn’t alone and that she is beautiful. That kind of support is just beautiful and it shows that their relationship is the most important on the show.

3) Alex kisses Maggie

Ok, first of all, HOLY SHIT. I wasn’t expecting Alex to make the first move?? Like girl, I wish I had the confidence to do that?? I love you so much?? I’m so proud. But let’s backpedal a moment. When Alex tells Maggie she came out to Kara, THAT SMILE. Maggie is so proud. I love that she is also constantly validating and supporting her. Ok, back to that kiss. Which unfortunately Maggie wasn’t that into. She tries to let Alex down easy, because she knows she is in a fragile state. And she’s right that things would not work out with them, since Alex is “fresh off the boat.” Alex still has a lot of work to do to become more confident and at home in her sexuality. It was right of Maggie to not lead her on. It was also good of Maggie to still show her support as a friend. We all know that Sanvers will be slowburn, which I am happy about. Because right now, the focus should be on Alex becoming more comfortable and unafraid. Her singular journey should be the focus right now (as much as I love Sanvers).

4) Couch talk #2

When you just come out of the closet and you get turned down by the first person you have feelings for, it’s hard. Alex feels humiliated because she had put herself out there and had gotten nothing in return. For someone who is already in a fragile state from just coming out, the first rejection can be just as hard. It can make you feel like coming out in the first place was a giant mistake. And that’s exactly how Alex is feeling. But to have Kara there, and tell Alex that she’s proud of her–those words make such a difference. Again, FIND YOURSELF A KARA.

I’ll probably do these “thoughts on Supergirl” things each week. They’ll all be thoughts on Alex’s storyline (and Maggie’s too if there is something). I’m so thankful for this show, especially in a time like this post-election. Young girls need Alex and Maggie in a time like this.


Carol Ann Crawford, dialect coach for the show Outlander, demonstrates many Scottish accents. (Unusually for a many-dialects video, the comments section has many people with the relevant varieties saying that it’s pretty good.)

If the lost special site really was fake isn’t the person who made it like SOOOO much more pathetic than any of us? Also “trust yourself when you can see that something isn’t real or likely” I mean, there is still overwhelming evidence in favour of tjlc?? I think people are trusting themselves just fine. Either way people in tjlc are wonderful and this lost special person is being annoying af. And not mentioning so many highly relevant people on the museum section is… suspicous lol

Why Start From Seed?

“Legacy. What is a legacy? Its planting seeds in a garden you never get to see.”–Lin-Manuel Miranda’s Hamilton

Although Hamilton the Broadway play isn’t about gardening, I still find this to be a relevant quote. Because so many people consider starting plants from seed a fruitless hassle that’s impossible unless you have a PhD in Botany and the stars are aligned, and not something your average gardener can do. So they turn a blind eye to all of the benefits of planting from seed, because they don’t realize how easy it is. But I already have a few posts about that. 

Here, I’m addressing a few of my favorite benefits of starting plants from seed.

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(i am not even part of the musicals/theatre fandom but this is pissing me off so much i just have to say something)

i will never get a chance to see hamilton live

like, ever

there is literally no chance of me ever seeing it for two primary reasons (but there are other ones as well) that are also relevant to other performances i desperately want to see

1) i am poor as hell and other hamilton/theatre fans are poor as hell. literally i can barely afford to pay for the songs on itunes no matter actually affording the how many goddamn dollars a ticket costs

2) (also kind of related to the money thing) as i do not live in america, there is literally no affordable way for me to get there. i live about a a $2000 plane ticket away and even if i could afford a ticket to see it i most certainly couldn’t afford a way to get there or stay there or the days off work/school my parents and i will have to take. and i know this is relevant to so many other people as well

like, the people who are angry about bootlegs need to realise that people have different lives than they do and aren’t as fortunate to be able to see the things they love in person

i know i know you should support things in every way you can and i do realise that bootlegging stuff isn’t helping and if i could go see it live i most definitely would 

but i do buy songs on itunes and i do try and buy other things like merch but one thing i can’t do and will never have the chance to do is watch hamilton live and god if they do ever film it i will definitely buy it but if the bootlegged copy is the most i’m gonna get right now, then i’m sorry but i’m going to watch it and i’m going to fucking enjoy it without other people making me feel shit about it

anonymous asked:

Do you have any advice for someone who wants to start a kin fashion blog?

yeah sure! alright, this might get a lil long.

1. make sure your askbox is open and anonymous is allowed! ive promo’d so so many blogs who forgot that at first, and a lot of people are nervous about messaging or being off anon.

2. make an intro post and tag it wth everything you do (kin requests, kin fashion, otherkin stimboards, etc)

3. tag all your posts. character names, show names, type of post, etc, just to get it seen by as many people as possible (only relevant tags though)

4. keep your blog as free of drama, discourse and negativity as possible. delete asks that are against the rules instead of yelling at them, and generally dont be rude to people.

5. ask for some promos from other kin request blogs!

i hope some of this helps you!! and feel free to ask me for a promo once you get started!!

When I was getting dressed today I started thinking as I put on my The odds are never in our favor-shirt from The Hunger Games. The odds are never in our favor is a statement that is so relevant for SO MANY people living in our world and society today, like black people, LGBTQIA people, Jews, and probably many many more. And this scared me, yet it made me realize what an impact The Hunger Games trilogy has had on me. And I just think its so powerful how a YA dystopian fiction novel can change so much in a persons mindset and make us aware of socially differences and how screwed up our world really is and I just thought how amazing it is that demonstrations have used THE ODDS ARE NEVER IN OUR FAVOR as slogans in todays world, because its so true for so many people.

Too many people to thank and praise for pulling this one off.  So instead here’s a moment that sums up why we love making this show: It’s 4AM in Bedford Stuyvesant, Brooklyn, and 8 below.  And we’re screwed.  Massively, unforgivably late after filming the shootout inside.  So we need to get the next scene in a oner – one big crazy shot to take us to commercial, which we’ll break up later with little additional pieces.  Stunt performers Nitasha and Declan sail out the second story window of a rickety old townhouse (with Nitasha breaking her collarbone but keeping it to herself until the take is done).  The amazing Shahi steps out, fires off a few rounds, walks up the sidewalk with steadicam operator Ron Baldwin in tow, admires a couple kneecapped guys, engages in a firefight with Paul Sparks and disappears.  Cut.  Amanda, Richard, Manuel, Mike and I look at each other.  Did we get it?  Then I hear it – a strange roar.  Even Brooklyn is silent at 4AM when it’s this cold.  What the hell is that?  We turn around and it’s the huge apartment building behind us.  The stairwells are filled with people watching the whole, bizarre enterprise.  And they’re applauding.

Jonathan Nolan, Production Notes, Relevance 2x16

Source: poirewatch

please remember this before you rip into dirk over his relationship with jake. he knows he was shitty so please give the kid a break.

In an ongoing attempt to make my blog a safe, relevant space for as many autistic people as possible I’m introducing three new tags that I will do my best to use consistently.

  • #ableist slurs for when a post or an ask contains ableist slurs.
  • #conflict cw for when I participate in discussions and arguments.
  • #ableist content for when I reblog a post with ableist commentary/answer ableist asks.

I hope blacklisting these tags can make my place a safe space for those of you who doesn’t want arguments, conflicts or ableist comments on your dashes!












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