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so when the ny times reports about duterte being practically responsible for over 7k random deaths in one year, in metro manila alone i might add, y’all r silent af

but one guy decides to write about his (again, very EXTREME) lifelong experience with his house help in the atlantic and suddenly y’all are up in arms???? suddenly the philippines is a relevant country and u suddenly KNOW EVERYTHING about what goes on here???

sober ( T )

summary: “you say you know the things that you're supposed to
                        but you don’t know how to love me when you’re sober”

genre: school au / bad girl!reader au / angst

pairing: yoo kihyun x reader

word count: 7.1k goOD LORD

a/n: i’ve been working on this random idea for like two weeks now and it is finally presentable so here is my first ever monsta x scenario! tbh the song (sober by selena gomez) only loosely fits this part, buuuuuut it may have more relevance later on. ;D

 please let me know if you enjoyed it, or if you would be interested in a sequel!

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Strengthsfinder 2.0 and MBTI

This is a very basic rundown - I may in the future create a survey but for now this is based just on my review of the book and my MBTI knowledge. So if you know your strengths according to this system, it’s okay if it doesn’t line up perfectly with your type - I’m going by the most likely function or functions to be associated, but that requires a simplistic look at the functions in isolation without considering how they may work together.

Anyone who has not spent time in a corporate environment, Strengthsfinder 2.0 is a book you can buy wherever books are sold. The test code comes with the book to make sure you buy new, and I don’t know of a good free version of the test unfortunately. You get five strengths. I do recommend the book even if you pick it up used or from the library and can’t take the test because it offers concrete ideas of how to work with people with different strengths. 

For what it’s worth, I took the test several years ago and my strengths were Learning, Analytical, Responsibility, Intellection, and Deliberative. I’d be interested to see if that has changed.

Finally, apologies for any formatting weirdness. I started this on my phone, got annoyed, and waited until my new laptop was delivered (yay!)

Achiever (needs real accomplishments as motivation): Te. Maybe some Se users but I think they’re more likely to be… 

Activator (wants to act, always; learns by doing): Se.

Adaptability (thrives with interruptions, flexibility, and multitasking) : Se and Ne, definitely. 

Analytical (root cause to outcome, data and evidence focused) : Te. Yes, Ti is often seen as the analysis function, but in strengthsfinder the analytic question is “will this work in reality and can you prove it”, not perfect deduction. Instead, look for Ti as… 

Arranger (good at improvising and constantly interested in finding the most elegant solution): Ti. 

Belief (strong core values, requires meaningful work above all): Fi, though the description tends towards a description of Fi with very American business values (the ideas for developing the strength on the other hand lean back towards Fi individual values/putting yourself in someone else’s shoes)

Command (believe healthy confrontation is important, want people to follow you): Te or Se

Communication (like to verbally convey ideas, captive attention): honestly, any function, but Se and Fe are the ones that stand out in their attention to both the situation and the audience. 

Competition (like to win): Te. Some Se users, particularly STPs.

Connectedness (belief in a larger picture/force) : Ni or Ne. As described, has more Ni overtones of a global coherent singular picture.

Consistency (rules apply to everyone equally): Fe, but with strong Si overtones. I think an obsession with fairness can come from a lot of places but as described here it’s somewhat at odds with individuality, so Fe.

Context (sensing the underlying structure from the past) : Si. Maybe some Ni users who work on details.

Deliberative (planner, extensive risk analysis): either Si or Ni, particularly dominant Si or Ni.

Developer (sees potential in others, works to bring it out) : either good Fe or good Fi. Fe for seeing potential in others, Fi for the individual touch implied in doing so.

Discipline (very routine-oriented/desires and creates structure/detail oriented): Si, especially STJs.

Empathy (sense the emotions of others, understand their perspective): Fe. I noticed the description used the word ‘intuitively’ which gave me an idea for another post but putting a pin in that.

Focus (constant review of your intended destination, convergent thinking): Ni, with a more Te-feel to it as described in the book (specifically efficiency), but it is a business book so everything’s got Te vibes to some extent.

Futuristic (good at having a clear vision of what could be; described as a dreamer): either Ni or Ne - it’s explicitly described as not really interested in pragmatism but has elements of Ni (singular vision) and Ne (desires inspiration from all over). The development recommendations are primarily to work on communication and pairing with people who can make this dream a reality, which I think is good advice.

Harmony (finding areas of agreement, reasonable compromise): I mean, the literal definition of Fe.

Ideation (thinking about concepts and connections but specifically novel and unusual ones): this one seems to tilt Ne rather than Connectedness’s Ne. That said I believe my INFJ boss had this as one of his. Shadow Ne?

Includer (acceptance….inclusion, idk how to explain that any better): So, probably Fe but also Fe can actually get super cliquey if someone will rock the carefully balanced boat - ExFPs are in my experience also very interested in inclusion.

Individualization (good at zoning in on the unique qualities of each person and acknowledging/encouraging them): Both healthy feeling functions. Healthy Fi is good at this because it also values individualization and acknowledges everyone has these desires; Healthy Fe is good at this because it realizes that forcing everyone into a mold of compromise will ultimately breed disharmony and because it’s good at understanding others’ needs.

Input (like collecting information/ seems really classically xNTP but I could see ESTPs or ENFPs feeling this way too, so I’d say either Ne or Ti, with people who have both probably being most inclined.

Intellection (you like thinking and introspection and processing): This is a kind of vague one honestly, even if it’s one of mine. The language leans heavily towards introverts and thinkers, actually, so IxTx types seem the most likely.

Learner (enjoy the journey towards competence, energized by new facts): So the language switches from Ti-style ‘I want to know it all’ and then some personal anecdotes that are much more Si/Te ‘I love doing a deep dive into something relevant to my life but well beyond what’s required’. Let’s say thinkers in general - Ti will be more interested in the journey, Te in the ultimate competence.

Maximizer (prefer to make the good things amazing; like to help others reach full potential): Fe. My INFJ boss was a maximizer; this was actually one of the most useful discussions we had when it became clear that my passion was to fix what didn’t work and his was to take things that worked pretty well to something truly special.

Positivity (open with praise, optimistic): I feel this is mostly divorced from MBTI tbh though all the personal anecdotes made me think of extroverts who are feelers (ExFx types)

Relator (focus on deepening existing relationships, prioritize authenticity/the genuine): really probably more an Sx thing than an MBTI thing; definitely some Fi feel to it though.

Responsibility (take commitments incredibly seriously, reliable, willing to volunteer if no one else will): Si.

Restorative (problem-solving): Ti, usually. The description is actually great in that it explicitly says that it doesn’t matter if the problem is pragmatic or conceptual; or if it’s something you’ve seen before or is new and exciting. Descriptions of Ti elsewhere, take note.

Self-Assurance (confidence/faith in your strengths and your perspective): This is actually a much better depiction of Fi than the more obviously named Individualization in that it’s about belief in your own self and authority over your life.

Significance (want to be recognized/stand out/be exceptional): more Enneagram 3 than any MBTI function.

Strategic (pattern-oriented, convergent, planning): Ni. Mature Si users might also have this but as described it leans a bit more conceptual.

Woo (good at winning people over, love meeting new people and networking): Fe, particularly paired with strong Se or Ne (I’d say either the ExTPs or ExFJs - this one leans very extroverted and requires more than inferior Fe or Se/Ne).

things non-poor ppl need to know

so, full disclaimer: i am a white poor person (in several different “”oppression”” demographics but they’re not all directly relevant tbh) living in Texas so i’m sure a lot of these issues are different for PoC poor people/poor peeps from other places. tagging @shezep @tiffanarchy @geekandmisandry @socialjusticesummoner @satsekhem @imperial-western-empire @enderman @qupanuaq @art-and-anarchism @class-struggle-anarchism @class-struggle-pepe @fuckyeahanarchy @fishingboatproceeds (because why tf not. also quit being transphobic even casually u dumbass) @staff (get rid of the fuckin Neo-Nazi and pedophile blogs) @dailyanarchist 

because i think yall might find my bitching interesting. if not, feel free to ignore :P if you DO like it, pls tag ppl who you think need to read this!!! i want this shit to go viral lmao

before i even start, YES, i am aware that “not all rich peopl!!!” wah wah wah. honestly. i hang out with kids in country clubs. some of my favorite people on this planet (@the-word-builder and @damnit-scully tbh) live on THREE DIFFERENT CONTINENTS and think nothing of sending me gifts out of nowhere that i’m slightly embarrassed about accepting. i’m *aware* that having money =/= being a bad person. i’m not making this post to talk shit. i’m making it to educate. 

however, i WILL be getting snippy. it’s more important to me that i get my point across than it is that i don’t hurt ur feelings. if you want a civil discussion, be civil in ur reblog. i’ll be as nice as u are. deal? deal. 

got it? alright. listen up:

  • Poor ppl work harder than u just to survive. “Hard work” has never and will never solve poverty. 
  • now read that again. read it again and again until you believe me. look, hard work CAN help you get out of poverty, but it isn’t a guarantee. some people are poor because they are lazy, sure, but that is almost fucking never the ONLY Reason. believe me, i know a LOT of poor people, and every single one of them works their ass off in some way or another. don’t tell poor people to “get a job” you naive condescending fuck
  • We also have to have fuck tons of ingenuity just to get shit that u take for granted. We make coffee by putting our old-ass coffee grounds holder in a pot of boiling water until the water becomes coffee. I have spent hours collecting my high school’s spare scratch paper and binders so i could print out pdfs of feminist/anarchist/queer theory reading material, because there is no way in hell i will be able to convince any Bible Belt libraries to order that shit for me. A lack of “intelligence and talent” is not why we are poor. 
  • do NOT condescend to us. Poor =/= uneducated or stupid. Both of my parents went to college (Dad got an associates, mom got a Bachelor’s), but my Dad still spent his whole life in the military or in labor jobs, and my mom has still been in fast food or unemployment for nearly a decade. You don’t know what we know or what we’ve learned. Be quiet. 
  • speaking of which, y’all should know that the military preys on us because we are desperate for options and respect. i shit you not, we have multiple military guys (it’s always guys and they always focus on PoC males. i fucking promise u they are RARELY talking to a white kid MUCH LESS white girls. #privilege is real other white ppl stfu) come and try to convince us that the fucking military is a good plan for our future. and yeah, i spent a year at a richer high high school. the army guys came once. at my poorer school i’m currently at, they come several times a year. my library and office has pamphlets trying to convince CHILDREN to join up, all year. take into account the whole “ppl in the military r HEROES killin the MUSLIM TERRORISTS!!!!11!!!one!!!!” bullshit the Republicans shove down everyone’s throat day in and day out? I am almost definitely going to lose one of the kids i grew up with to the fucking war machine. the same war machine that, my dad has informed me, literally breaks human beings down to the point that they consider the person on the other end of the scope to be a “target” instead of a human being. do not fucking test me about this. the military preys on poor ppl and anyone with 1 ounce of common sense could tell u as much.
  • poor ppl have to break the law on a daily to survive (Not an exaggeration. Not hyperbole. Not anything but the literal truth) even if we aren’t drug dealers or thieves or any of the other stereotypical “criminals”. This is because there are a Fuckton of laws and most of them are stupid and unnecessary and discriminate against us because we don’t have the resources to drive all around town paying for insurance and licenses and other bureaucratic bullshit.
  • speaking of, the Law is a daily pain in all of our asses, and snitching on someone is the equivalent of announcing “I would rather ruin your life than deal with you myself”. In other words, going to the police for any reason other than your LIFE being in danger is a bad move (even if you ignore the fact that the police will probably fuck up your life, too, if you go to them for help), and even then you’re gonna get a rep for being a piece of shit coward. 
  • We survive off of the generosity of others -yes, charities (and taxpayers if we’re pretending that shit is ‘generosity’ and not something y'all do begrudgingly), but tbh mostly other poor ppl who will let us use their running water when ours is off, knowing that we will share our food with them next time they run out of food stamps early- and we know that, and it is a constant source of insecurity. You don’t need to fucking rub it in.
  • and ^^ that mutual cooperation experience makes me preeeeetty damn skeptical @ the capitalist rhetoric of “we are all selfish assholes who will never help each other just because” like?? i’m alive and living with my actual *family* right now because of human beings’ spontaneous willingness to just fuckin help each other and be decent to near-strangers so……on ur left capitalists
  • Bugs, rats, vermin, parasites, and all manner of bullshit pests are a fact of life for us. We’ve accepted this, and don’t need to see your prissy disgusted faces when we talk about it.
  • It isn’t unusual for us to have blisters all over our feet (I have 6 at the moment not counting recent callouses) because we walk p much everywhere we go. (of course, if a poor person IS lucky enough to have a car they can drive????? they are STILL. POOR. LEAVE THEM ALONE)
  • Most of us have mental illnesses and/or addictions of some sort. That is usually because we grew up in dysfunctional homes were that shit was normal. That doesn’t mean that we aren’t responsible for our own bad decisions, but consider how much easier it would have been for us to stay on the straight and narrow if we had been born there. You know, the way YOU were.
  • Most of us don’t know very many people who AREN’T poor because this shit is generational and a cycle. Consequently we rarely have very much awareness of “the world outside” poverty other than thinking that y'all are stuck up and boring.
  • If we seem “rude” or “loud” to your sheltered asses, it’s because the culture of poverty generally stresses being entertaining and resilient rather than being polite, as middle and upper class cultures do. Google it.
  • it is COMPLETELY FUCKING LOGICAL for us to have electronic shit -sometimes even cable and internet!!- AND be hungry AT THE SAME TIME. here’s how: food is a constant, as in daily, expense. Electronics are a rare expense (and the services to make them more usable are also, to a lesser extent). Besides fear, hunger, depression, stress, and the capitalist social stigma against poverty, the worst thing about being poor is that you are ALWAYS. BORED. Of course we would rather spend a few days hungry and still have *something* to do than sell our phones and laptops secondhand, spend all the money on necessities in like 1 week, and then be in the exact same goddamn economic position…except now, no phone and no laptop. once again: we are not fucking stupid. 
  • Every single middle class person I have ever fucking met (no matter how nice and non-snobby they are) has been a thousand times more “entitled” than anyone on “government handouts” and if u aren’t poor and disagree with me because Bill O Reilly said otherwise pls fuck off
  • let me make something perfectly clear. poor people do not need or want your “attention” or “approval” or “sympathy”. we don’t give a shit if you think we “deserve” basic necessities. we don’t care if you think we are “entitled”. we feel sorrier for ourselves than u ever could, your opinions of us cannot help or hurt us. you know what can? your actions. to you it may be some kind of like? political or philosophical move to not support food stamps / welfare / any other “entitlement programs” (as i’ve heard them called before) but you know what it is to me and mine?? SURVIVAL. pride does not factor into it. at the end of the day we are biological lifeforms with instincts that will drive us to get our needs met no matter what we have to do. if you refuse to give us your fucking table scraps, we will start stealing. and selling meth. and joining gangs. this isn’t a threat, this is a FACT that i KNOW because that’s what my life is like. alright? if i can’t get charity to feed myself and my little brothers, i pull some Aladdin shit. and no, i don’t feel guilty about it.
  • if you make life more difficult for minimum wage workers to prove a point you’re a bad person. point blank. they HAVE to put up with u. u don’t even wanna hear the horror stories my parents have told me about working in retail/fast food, but no matter how much abuse u give someone in the service industry, their job requires them to take it and kiss your ass because their bosses don’t give two fucks about them, only the profit margin. no matter how “incompetent” you feel like the person SERVING YOU is, be fucking polite, or you’re a bully. end of 
  • finally: if i wanna talk about hating capitalism, i will. i have gone out of my way to educate myself on this, even if i haven’t gotten a “”college degree”” on it (yet). i have LIVED what Marx was talking about, despite being in one of THE RICHEST NATIONS ON THE PLANET. i have invited strangers into my home because i knew they could die if they slept outside in the cold, i have stolen for food, i have begged for food, i have carried tubs of wet laundry across town to get them dried at someone else’s house, i have paid my fucking dues. i will bitch about capitalism on the internet and i don’t care if you have a problem with me being 17 and criticizing the system, i don’t care if you are *yet another* douche who thinks that “it only works on paper” is some kind of original comment. s t f u
  • thank u for ur time