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1. Have a Positive Mental Attitude- Prime yourself at being always comfortable and confident that u can do a lot better at studying. Remember that you are studying things that will prove to be valuable in real life. 

2. Prepare your Work Space- Look for a place in your home or bedroom where u think u can study and maintain concentration in your work. Have materials stocked up and in place before your study. This way, u can finish your work without any interruptions. 

3. Avoid Cramming- study an hour a day even when there’s no homework. Scan your notebooks and do a little advanced reading of your textbooks. You can also research through the internet to learn more about the topics u are covering in school.  I suggest google scholar, it’s like google but for students, it has the citations, and filters results so that only helpful outcomes appear.

4. Do projects with more enthusiasm and creativity- Don’t be afraid to think of new ideas or ways to present your homework or projects. Teachers always give additional points to students who show great effort in their works. SO, don’t be afraid to do something original, do something that hasn’t been done before.

5. Raise Your Hand- Be active and establish a friendly attitude towards your teachers. Offer to help them out in checking some work, filing papers or just carrying their things. Little good things add up in the end for that extra effort grade, and they’ll always remember you as a very helpful student. 

6. Enjoy Reading the Latest News- Find connections or associations with your life as a student, as a child, as a friend, or as a citizen. Certain reports would always ask for u to react so better be ahead with current events which you may be affected with. 

7. Listen to Your Teacher, take a few notes- In my experience, the more i copy and take down notes, the more i get lost in the lecture. It is best to listen first and understand before u jot down any important keywords. Yes, use keywords, simple doodles and arrows to make associations. These will help u remember all concepts mentally. 

8. Keep Notes on Index Cards- I use personally use the smaller oxford ones, they are more portable honestly pretty aesthetic..  

9. Watch TV Wisely- Yep you heard it, TV, when watching TV I sometimes pick up points which may seem relevant in my life. They sometimes even have something to do with what’s happening in class at the moment so, always initiate conversation about the latest shows and issues you have watched. Don’t be afraid to argue and defend your opinions. 


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                                                    Jon Snow 

Full version of the song featured in this gif set by the amazing and wonderful @kitsn0w. Inspired by the song Gaston from the Beauty and the Beast (2017 Original Motion Picture Soundtrack)

Noooooo ooonnneee pouts like Jon Snow
Struts about like Jon Snow.
No one can do that thing with their mouth like Jon Snow.
There’s no man in the North half as pretty
Perfect, a pure paragon!
You can ask Pyp and Grenn or Sam Tarly
And they’ll tell you whose Watch they’d prefer to be on!

Who can brood like Jon Snow?
Looks good nude like Jon Snow?
Who is part of an ancient blood feud like Jon Snow?
As a specimen, yes, he is titillating!
My, what a guy, that Jon Snow.

No one wargs like Jon Snow
Has a sword like Jon Snow’s.
There is no one the ladies adore like Jon Snow.
He’s especially good at self-deprecating!
My, what a guy, that Jon Snow.

Who can run like Jon Snow?
Rocks man buns like Jon Snow?
Who’s so clearly not really Ned’s son like Jon Snow?
He is so hot it’s infuriating!
My, what a guy, that Jon Snow.

No one fights like Jon Snow
Kills the Wights like Jon Snow
When they die, nobody comes back like Jon Snow.
He’s especially good at reciprocating ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)
My, what a guy, that Jon Snow.

Who has hair like Jon Snow?
Makes them stare like Jon Snow?
The Boltons had better prepare for Jon Snow.
He uses direwolves in all of his decorating!

My, what a guuuyyy, JON SNNNOOOWWW!!!

What’s a One-Sided Friendship Called?

Request: “Hello! Your writing is so beautiful! I was wondering if you could do a newt x reader to the song "Save Myself” by Ed Sheeran where the reader has always been there for newt, comforting him and one day she’s had enough of him swooning over Leta and Tina?“

Word Count: 2,749

Pairing: None

Requested by Anonymous but also tagging @caseoffics and @red-roses-and-stories

You fiddle with your quill, trying to remember what word you’re thinking of and only half listening to Newt’s swooning.

“She doesn’t fear them. Not one. She asks me about them.”

“That’s nice, Newt.” You mumble, still focused on your essay.

He laughs to himself. “Even after her hair caught fire once.”

“Mmm.” It’s on the tip of your tongue. You close your eyes and try to picture it.

“Are you listening?” Newt asks, hand drifting to tug on your sleeve.

The word disappears. You let out a long sigh, opening your eyes to look at Newt. His hair hangs in his face, messy from a day of field work. Dirt streaks over the freckles on his left cheek, and an inch-long cut runs along his jawline. Still, his eyes are bright and animated, waiting for you to respond.

Looks like you won’t be finishing your essay tonight after all.

You lean back against the couch in your common room. “Of course. You were talking about how Leta’s the best person you’ve ever known and you would do anything for her because no one else could ever compare.”

Newt winces. “Is something wrong?”

“No, Newt. By all means, continue swooning.”

“I’m not swooning.”

“All you do is swoon, Scamander.” You say as you lean your head back to rest your eyes.

“I have other cares.”

“It’s creatures and Leta. I don’t even fit into that mix anymore.” The words are bitter and twist your mouth into a frown as they come out, but they’re true. Newt talks about his creatures or talks about Leta with you. You can’t recall the last time he asked how your day went or what you were working on. Still, he’s your best friend and when you open your eyes to glance at Newt, regret fills you. He’s staring at his hands, voice quiet when he responds.

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I suppose this is vaguely relevant to the content of this blog seeing as I based it on Mycroft’s eye although it doesn’t really look like his eye anymore but shhh artistic licence

(watercolour in sketchbook)