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All Evidence That Could Possibly Indicate Trans Girl Marco #5

*Glossaryck mistaking Marco for ‘a milady’ - Episode 5, Season 1*
Relevance Level: 7
Explanation: I’ve decided that everything level 7 and over will merit an explanation. The reason I rated this so high is not because of WHAT it is, but because of WHERE it is. This episode is FULL of Star going involuntarily boy crazy while ignoring Marco, and they chose this episode to make a ‘celestial being mistakes Marco for a girl’ joke.

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This was a very deliberate decision. Not because because I think the creators were planning to make Marco trans from the get-go (but if the theory is right then they did), but because every decision that professionals make when creating a show is deliberate. Every. Single. Thing. 

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After the season 6 finale, it’s safe to say the “Wren is Uber A” hype is well and truly on. Not only did we find out Rollins is actually British like Wren, but within moments, so many of us found some very clear connections between the mystery at hand and the much loved, shady, original British doctor. Rollins who???

So, this post has been made in order to show off all of these connections for all the Wren theorists and fans out there. Of course I did not figure out most of these, I’m just the one putting them all together in a beautiful gallery of Wren shadiness. Please feel free to add any! 

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Just trying to understand this...

You know, it never seems to shock me anymore within the PLL fandom when the different ship fandoms decide to randomly prove why theirs should be endgame and others should not. (I mean we all do this, defend our ships–keywords– defend…our…ships) which is good. It means we care about something enough to give it our all, to prove to Marlene or any other fandom why it matters. As a Spoby fan that’s been dedicated to supporting them since Season 2 I could never let go of how much I want them back together and Yvonne and Marco to just go away. But it doesn’t look like that’s happening so it might just be in my head only. However, talking about Spoby at least for right now, is not why I’m here.

Look, I have heard the arguments time and time again and I’ve looked at both fandoms (Emison and Paily) and well….*hears crickets chirping as I think about my response* Yeeeaaahhh. Okay, you guys know that within the past couple years of this show my feelings have shifted as I’ve watched Alison DiLaurentis grow, evolve, change, mature. Yes, Paily shippers, she’s not the same 15 year old that was a royal bitch in the series and if you bothered to watch any of season 6 and 7 before Paige’s return, you would see that. I used to be okay with Paily, once upon a time. I wasn’t really a super fan of the ship but my feelings were this: If Emily is happy, let her be happy with who she wants to be with. End of story. But deep down in the back of my mind, I always felt like Emily deserved better than Paige, but after Paige left she was given love interests pretty much every half season (Talia, Sara Harvey, Sabrina) and finally it looks like she could move in that direction with Alison, which I would love to see. Emily deserves happiness. So does Ali for that matter. Paige coming back now is just another wrench in this perfect design. It makes no sense and comes with a lot of confusion attached. 

Okay, so what I’m about to do now is direct a specific request to you Paily fans. No dissing the Emison community. You don’t get very far defending your ship by attacking another (believe me, I know) so what I would like is a detailed reasoning behind why Paily should still be relevant in season 7? Furthermore how is Paige good for Emily now? I don’t see it, maybe you can help me because I’m just trying to understand the support that is still behind this ship. You keep hashtagging Paily Matters but in what way exactly? How do you think they matter and why? Give me details for when their relationship didn’t seem forced or Paige wasn’t in one way or another trying to force an ultimatum on Emily or make Emily feel ashamed for her sexuality because of Paige wanting it to be ‘secret’ because she was too scared to admit to hers. Paige choosing California with her family over the person she should love the most and missing out on being there for some of the most traumatic experiences in Emily’s life (i.e. Dollhouse). 

I never see the Paily fandom, not once consider Emily in this equation. They look at one half of this relationship (Paige) and hardly recognize Emily as being a part of it. Which bothers me. The Emison fandom on the other hand support both Alison and Emily (Sasha and Shay). Paily fans support Paige (Lindsey) and while I don’t agree with sending the actress death threats on Twitter, with some of the things she’s said on there, it definitely made me think twice of what I think of her as a person. How can an actress who is in full support of LGBT lifestyle in the roles she plays support a politician that is against diversity? Tell me that much. Is she really that much of a hypocrite or does she just play one online? 

But please Paily/Lindsey fans…I do ask for you to respectfully respond in a way to help me see why this ship still counts. Use examples from the show where you don’t think I can counter them because I’m truly interested to understand why this war should even exist to begin with. Thanks.