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My Thoughts on Bughead’s Emotional Intimacy/Vulnerability

With Each Other and With Others

From episode 1x01 - 1x10

Both Betty and Jughead have issues with letting themselves be comfortable with emotional intimacy. However, as the season continues and as their relationship evolves, Betty and Jughead gradually become more comfortable in letting themselves be more emotionally vulnerable with each other.

Buckle up because this gets kind of long. More under the cut. 

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Intelligence is knowing that a tomato is a fruit.
Wisdom is knowing that it still shouldn’t go in a fruit salad.
Charisma is not being impolite about there being tomatoes in the fruit salad.
Constitution is eating the tomato fruit salad without gagging.
Dexterity is slipping the tomato fruit salad to the dog.
Strength is pummeling the jackass that brought the tomato fruit salad.
This Is What the Resistance Sounds Like
Governor Jerry Brown says in this rousing, confidence-inspiring speech that if Donald Trump shuts down satellite collection of climate data, “California will launch its own damn satellites.”
By James Fallows

That’s my governor.

I didn’t wanna say anything y'all but this is getting on my nerves. Stop. Fucking. Disrespecting. Crystal. Stop commenting on her pictures telling her that she’s pathetic for posting so many photos of Michael in order to be relevant. She is Michael’s girlfriend, whether you fucking like it or not, and she is a fucking human, whether she posts all the photos for attention or not is irrelevant, she is a human being and she is relevant, she doesn’t need michael to be relevant and the fact that she is Michael’s girlfriend does not change her value as a person. She deserves to be treated with respect, not like dirt just because you’re all angry she’s with Michael. Plain and fucking simple. Get the fuck over it.

BNHA - Space (symbolism) Edition

So @saisai-chan and I were talking about awesome space stuff and it bled into talking about BNHA, which led to this - BNHA characters as symbolic celestial *SPACE* objects. We’re just… Really enthusiastic about space…..

All Might - Sun. Center of everything, provides life/energy to the solar system, largest celestial body in solar system. (All Might’s influence.) Also protects the solar system from objects from outside the system. (Again, his influence, symbol of peace, number one hero)

Midoriya Izuku - Earth. Has life on the planet, the only planet bestowed with life thanks to the sun. (KINDA LIKE… ONE FOR ALL)

Bakugou Katsuki - Venus. Zero chill, greenhouse effect, VOLCANOES EVERYWHERE (which contributes to erosion and therefore makes the surface very “new” - lowkey nod to Mama Bakugou’s quirk glycerin, making her eternally youthful), atmosphere that burns up pretty much everything before it can actually hit Venus’ surface (kinda like how Bakugou doesn’t really get close to people that much; they are often repelled/intimidated by his attitude). Secondary Atmosphere is almost entirely CO2 - because its temperatures are so high, water could never condense and bring CO2 to the crust. Venus never underwent the change that Earth and Mars had, remaining as it did with greenhouse effect => high temperatures; it never cooled off. (Bakugou is stubborn, change is very slow, still hot-headed with zero-chill af)

Uraraka Ochako - Saturn. Lots of gravity, really pretty to look at, can float on water (average density is less than water).

Todoroki Shouto - Mars. Cold and Red, Mars had a secondary atmosphere like Earth’s at one point - lost Primary Atmosphere like all the terrestrials, gained a secondary like Earth’s (caused by water condensing and falling to the crust, bringing CO2 with it). Suspected to have been substantially warmer earlier on in its life. As its core continues to cool, the planet itself cools.

Kaminari Denki - Uranus. Only planet that’s tilted on its side (he’s a dork), looks plain and boring but actually isn’t. (Kaminari seems like a joke character at first but hey! He has a personality too, has friends, cares about them, will defend them. He’s more complex than he looks, even though it isn’t much) Also, storm planet. (Electricity, lightning. Fire + wind, Bakugou and Kaminari)

Kirishima Eijirou - Neptune. Water planet, a pair with Uranus. (Kinda like a complimentary opposite of venus - water + lava (from venus) makes land, land = life (Bakugou, Kirishima, and Kaminari), goes from Raging Inferno to HOPE.)

Tokoyami Fumikage - Pluto probably. Because it’s the edgiest celestial body in our solar system, furthest from the sun (darkness aesthetic). Has a giant heart-shaped mark on its surface. (He’s a dork and not nearly as cool and edgy as he thinks.)

Todoroki Enji - Jupiter. Second largest object in the solar system, right behind mars, separated by asteroid belt. Extreme pressure (expectations on others/daunting presence) and multiple natural satellites (his own following, influence in the world). Big Red Spot. Jupiter’s coriolis effect/numerous wind cells (this guy has some inner conflicts and issues, man). Protects the Earth and inner planets but also kinda directs some asteroids towards us.

Todoroki’s Mom - Frost Line. (FROST. ICE QUIRK.) Located in the Asteroid Belt, not an actual object (we’ve only seen her, like, twice? She is Elusive), but a distance from the sun, separation between the terrestrials and Jovians. SEPARATES MARS FROM JUPITER. (she tried to protect Todoroki from Enji before)

Midoriya Inko - Ceres. Dwarf Planet, named after goddess of fertility and motherhood. (kind of out there away from the focal point; a little forgotten sometimes but also not)

Izumi Kouta - Moon. Created literally after a celestial object collided with earth. (“sorry I punched you in the dick”) Controls the tides (Kouta controls water)

Shigaraki Tomura - Mercury. Fully-formed planet before, but as it died, it’s liquid core shrank - causing wrinkles on its surface as the crust collapsed on itself. Dead, metal, and flakey. (His wrinkles. He could have had a bright future, but it died.) BUT ALSO NOT AS DEAD AS WE THOUGHT. Literally a recent finding. (Still has surprises for us, he is still a Mystery)

AfO - Black Hole. (Maybe his brother = a smaller star that turned into a white dwarf, while he = a black hole.) Giant black hole at the center of the Milky Way. (headcanon, but AfO is integrated in society in various ways without the government/hero associations knowing. He is old and influential, is a massive force. Like a black hole at the center of the galaxy)

Villains/League of Villains - Oort Cloud. Cluster of debris that surrounds the solar system; is kept at the far reaches of it. (Villains are the rejects of society, they try to stay as far away from All Might as possible)

Other students in Yuuei - Asteroid Belt.

Yuuei/Japan - Solar System. (has all of this stuff)

EXCERPT FROM CHAT (b/c I think it’s funny):

saisai-chan: YE AH
i imagine the solar system is like either UA or japan specifically
since AFO is the giant black hole at the center of the galaxy

athanatosora: And honestly, AfO at the center - I have seen and have too many headcanons that he is integrated in society in various ways without the heroes knowing. He is too old and influential to not be

saisai-chan: so he has influence all around

athanatosora: YEAH

saisai-chan: YEAH


ALRIGHT so awhile ago i promised i’d post some super old art of my ocs after i moved and i finally got to digging out some ancients from 8th grade, enjoy

Book Creations

Sorry about this weeks weirdness! Again, still getting used to all this. And I know it’s late (and the voting system was weird). But most everyone requested my theories about Book Creations.

So, here we go!

When Creations are made, they have two states- A dormant state, which allows them to be aware of things *immediately* around them, and a living state, which is what we see in The Whisper of the Heart and The Cat Returns.

This is a thing people understand about Creations.

But I want to go more in depth about this. But at a later date. Right now, we’re talking about book creations.

Book Creations are the serious odd balls in the creation world. While most Creations choose a state, and stick with it, Book Creations don’t really have that choice. Because there’s really no “off” switch for them, Book Creations are stuck in a Limbo.

As inanimate objects, they are in a Dormant state, but just like the living state, they are aware of all things around them. For Book Creations, they know when there are people in the area, they can hear them from great distances, it’s like a normal person. Problem is, they can’t respond.

Until they are opened that is.

Book Creations suffer insanity when left closed for years on end. And I mean years.

That’s in regards only to original copies of books.

A book can be brought to life, somewhat, if the owner is dedicated to it. Creations are brought to life when love and thought are put into it. It’s how Dolls are often brought to life (and then become the creepy possessed dolls when tossed aside). 

Journals, though, are where the real troubles begin.

Journals are filled with emotions, good and bad, and then are often left somewhere to go insane. Because they are not taught to manage their emotions and thoughts that were placed in them, they become vengeful. When left with emotions they don’t know how to control, they either blow up, or become clever.

Journals are the ones you want to watch out for.

But those are spoilers for another day ;)

this is why 95% of my presence has been just answering asks these past months, inclusionists continue to have no concept of anything and make connections where there are none

I just realized
  • Friend: Hey Pika can you explain this to me real quick??
  • Me: Haha dude I don't have a flipping clue what I'm doing I just bluffed and wrote something that sounds convincing