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Waiting outside… GIFs

Scorpion 3x07 end scene

Happy, to Toby (in 3x07): You know…when I was in elementary school, I was jealous of the other kids. Because their parents waited outside (the school) to take them home, and I walked to the orphanage by myself… I was looking forward to waiting outside for somebody.

Happy/Paige (in 3x04): I don’t get it. There are buses here. Why pick him up? / We talk in the car.  / Is that what parents do? Look for ways to spend time with their kids? / That’s …kind of the whole point of having children.  / It wasn’t for my parents. 

why do we get a clip of sana and yousef playing basketball…it’s ramadan why do we not get anything related to that…

Rick and Morty: The Experience

What you think you’re getting when you start watching Rick and Morty:

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What you actually get:

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(( Thank you to everyone who showed up for the weekly Kyuranger stream! <3 That was a lot of fun, as always~

Oh, and also, half the reason I’m making a post for this: We started watching Gokaiger, since I had a bit of extra time today, which was a ton of fun! I’m thinking of doing that every week after Kyuranger, maybe just 2-3 episodes. So, as long as schedules permit, we’ll start on episode 4 of Gokaiger next week (alongside episode 11 of Kyuranger, hopefully!) <3

Thanks again~! ))

// love it when ppl tell me my oy was read as platonic & yet i’m still on that list and having to cope w the aftermath. a+. thank you op for reading my tags only and making me a target without regards to my past experiences or anything lol

marinebiologistjotaro replied to your photo: probably not the friendly sort of mermaid


(( aaaaa thanks

non-standard mermaids are the most fun, I’m glad y’all like it ✨ ))

((I’ve had a headcanon for a while that when possible, Kiku prefers to take the subway, rather than drive. He’ll say it’s for ecological reasons, or that driving to work alone is rather wasteful (「マイカーという考え方はもったいない」) but as much as anything, it’s because his subway commute is a rare chance for him to mingle semi-anonymously with average Japanese people. He dresses ultra-modestly, like any other politician or white-collar worker; if he were to hide his chrysanthemum cufflinks and remove his government badges, I imagine hardly anyone would recognize him. He’d be just another commuter.

And yet, in truth, he’s still this immortal, quasi-god-like spirit-being. Imagine running into him on the train. You look across the train car at this man you’ve never met, whose face you don’t quite recognize, but who you feel inexplicably drawn to, as though you’ve known him all your life. Your eyes meet, just for a moment – you exchange polite smiles, perhaps a nod, and then look away again – but in that gaze you can see a deep, timeless sort of wisdom, carved out by centuries of joy and pain, beauty and horror. He hasn’t so much as spoken to you, but you can feel his presence somehow, intangibly, just as you feel the sun’s rays against your skin. 

And then his stop arrives, and he stands up and vanishes into the crowd, leaving you wondering what the hell you just saw.


PP: Scootaloo has been dropping by quite a bit this summer! Its always fun to have her around! Also she helped Dashie bounce back after Brazil’s previous loss to… uhhhh… UMMM… HMM. The other team (nailed it yes)!

It was like our house was haunted with a roaming spirit for a few days. It was really awkward :(