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Here, have this random doodle of Sans and Tori smooching in public. After drawing some… interesting things, I needed some fluff. So this happened. This blog needs more smooching anyway. 

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it feels like 90% of internet posts These Days… are either like “uwu eat some oranges because u are made of glitter!!! u are a special snowflake baby child”…… or they’re something along the lines of “you like oranges so fuck you, SJW fucker, God save me from the sheeple with their fucking ‘orange liking’ bullshit”…….. like???? go to the arctic……. and find urself some c h i l l……

couldn’t sleep so i pulled out the freight book and decided to reevaluate the outline for the next three chapters. means i’ll be dumping about 4k words written so far, and switching ch. 22 and 23. part II now has a clear ending point at the end of 24/5 (depending on how many words what’s in the outline takes up) and after that it’ll be a clear shot of about 10-13 chaps to the end. i’ve spent the last two weeks planning out the rest of the story definitively. all that’s left is to find time to write while living on the road, because no matter how much planning i do that hasn’t stopped being thing? and i’m finding it difficult to write in coffee shops where i can’t smoke. live and learn. once i hit a stride though shit should start churning out.

In all likelihood this is probably going to be unnoticed but l feel the topic of ignorance desperately needs to be addressed. One thing people love to deny is that ignorance goes both ways. Whatever end of any sort of spectrum you’re on, demonizing other people whom you don’t know for their beliefs is one thing, and your personal liberty at any rate. Harassing and ostracizing a person for their beliefs is quite another and, factually that is defamation. Of course this is within reason, I’m not suggesting anything as ridiculous as tolerance of white power speech or anything of that variety. What I am saying is that when someone disagrees with you, when they have beliefs that you may even find abominable that is perfectly within your liberties to hate and despise them for whatever reason. At this point I’m just going to come out and say it. Ostracizing and demonizing a person because they don’t share your beliefs as deplorable as whatever you claim to stand against. Self righteous rhetoric is one thing when standing against something like Trump. Disenfranchising, harassing and exclusion are quite another thing against a lone individual who is in no way pushing an agenda. That is suppression of thought and free speech, to openly believe as one will. Blocking someone because you don’t agree with them? Nothing wrong there. Taking it a few steps further by demeaning and ostracizing is quite another story.

It’s wrong to exclude people from communities they love and put work into because of your and their clashing opinions. It is no choice of yours to deny someone something they love and work on daily because you don’t get along. Refusing personally to interact with them is perfectly fine and acceptable. Saying “you can’t do this because you believe this.” That is precisely the opposite of an inclusive and accepting community.


Shoma Uno || Lombardia Trophy 2016, Free Skating 

P. S. Good luck at Japan Open!

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Hey guys? I care about everyone who is trying to be better and be forgiven deeply. I love all of you and want the best for everyone. It's already hard to feel like you're doing the right thing when you do anything when you know how bad you used to be. It's difficult and... i just want to let anyone who's trying to be good know that you're good enough. -Asriel/Flowey

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With a small smile, Lilith snuck into Jade's room and quietly slid into bed. She pulled the covers over her and cuddled up next to him. "Mmm," She sighed, nuzzling into his chest. "You're so warm and comfortable. It's making me want to fall asleep."

Jade embraced the appearance of his favorite spirit in his bed. “You’re too cute, my dear.” He rubbed Lilith’s head, then intertwined their legs, keeping her as close as possible. “Stay here a while, will you?”

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1 - I don't think that anyone has the right to judge my frisk and chara for there no mercy run!! It was a complex issue!! To be honest I did way worse than just killing everyone. Frisk was a upset distrustful kid who took their anger out on a monster. After feeling how LV numbed they're soul, how all those painful feelings of hurt from being pushed into the underground felt less present, they tried to gain more. They were in pain! And chara! Chara was forced to do it! They were tethered to frisk

2 - and they shared LV. Each time frisk killed chara got a bit more twisted, being lead to believe that they were doing it for a purpose! They didn’t finish they’re no mercy run, stopping at the last minute, sparing my life. You have no right to judge my siblings!!! If you can forgive me, you can at least not harass them. And don’t give me that bullshit about how it wasn’t my fault, how I didn’t have a soul, how it was Flowey not me. Flowey is me! A different part of me, the past me, sure, but

3 - still me! So don’t go around saying how I’m forgivable but my frisk and chara are somehow not!! I’m not even asking for you to forgive us, just leave us the fuck alone!!! Oh no.. I’m crying again! ~ Asriel kin that just wants you to stop attacking they’re siblings!