Why does Disney Channel try SO HARD to be SO CORNY in all of their movies now?

The concept of Descendants is a good one, but they just execute it in a poor way. The older Disney Channel movies were just so much better. Yeah, they could be corny sometimes, but not to this degree.

The angels – they don't care.
I think maybe they just don't have the equipment to care.
Seems like when they try, it just... breaks them apart.
Idiomatic Expression - meterse en harina

Literally, “to put oneself in flour”

Idiomatically, meterse en harina means something like “to throw yourself into your work” or “to do something in earnest” or “to get down to business”. My guess is that the imagery is either supposed to be related to getting ready to fry something, or to get to work making bread. Either way, this expression is used for when someone is getting ready “to buckle down” on something.

anonymous asked:

My best friend really pisses me off sometimes because her family is really rich and she gets to do all of this really cool stuff and she and a bunch of our friends recently went on a vacation to Mexico and she kept saying all of this stuff about how fun it was and how I should have gone with them but she knows my family is doing super well financially and it makes me want to hit her but then I feel bad because she's my best friend.

i had a friend who used to do the same thing, actually. it always really frustrated me. like, she’d be complaining about her house and how terrible it is, right? even though she lives in a $200 thousand dollar home, meanwhile i literally had to move in with my grandma bc my parents couldn’t afford to maintain our singlewide trailer. she also had a nice car, and a job, and plenty of nice things but she was always complaining to me. it was just really annoying, but i don’t talk to her anymore, so i don’t have to deal with it, haha. 

if you really value her friendship, i’d talk to her about it! who knows, maybe she literally just doesn’t understand. either way, i wish you the best, and i totally understand your pain. <3

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vania0594 asked:

why is the green king after fushimi? what does he intend to do with him??

In LSW the Green King is after Fushimi because he wants Fushimi to join his clan. Hisui’s presumably had his eye on Fushimi since at least the time when Fushimi tried to hack jungle and failed (and Hisui does praise his “beautiful” coding) and after seeing that Fushimi’s grown into a strong clansmen Hisui decides that he needs to get himself some of that. Unfortunately for him Munakata steps in and charms Fushimi away properly. Whether any of this will become relevant or even mentioned in season two has yet to be seen.

And so it was that the woman… the gynoid… stepped out of the shadow of her past. A century of weight was lifted; lost echoes of what could have been were finally silenced. There would always be room for her past, to remember who and what she was, but it would not overshadow who she was becoming.

Over time, Georgia’s visits to the Strip became less and less frequent. She still made time for Yes Man. She could always make time for friends. But eventually Georgia’s face became a forgotten memory at the Tops hotel and casino.

Instead, Georgia became a far more familiar face in Freeside. Caps once spent at the casinos now found themselves lining the coffers of the Kings and the Followers. The gynoid found a place as Freeside’s jack of all trades– whether that meant scavenging the surrounding area for much-needed scrap metal and supplies, or driving out residents who just wanted to cause trouble.

Through it all, the synthetic could usually be found at Joshua Graham’s side. He was her steadfast anchor, keeping her feet upon the ground even as her head was in the clouds.

And it was by his side that she could be found at the Battle for Hoover Dam. Among the multitude of tall tales and unbelievable stories that would be told about that day, the synthetic from Freeside was there. For the first time in nearly thirty years, Georgia felt like she belonged again– and that was something for which she would always fight.

Because the struggle to belong… to be… is a war without end. And war… war never changes.

Public service announcement:

Neither cowbirds nor catbirds are some sort of alternate universe weird hybrid animal.  They are real birds that are just called that.  Cowbirds hang out near cows.  Catbirds sound like cats.  The AU thing is that all the birds have been uplifted by a space ray sent by well-meaning aliens who intended it for dinosaurs, not that all the birds have been horribly fused with mammals.  If this has confused you, consider double-checking on the concepts of “lionfish”, “spider monkey”, “ladybird”, “bullfrog”, “catfish”, and “sheepdog”.

That having been said, the catbird persona’s name is Meow and she has given all of her children cat-themed names.  R.I.P. Mittens, Boots, and Socks.