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i love when people take batman too seriously and act like he’s the epitome of cool, the most serious and wise character, but in reality he has the personality of a teenage girl going through an emo phase

[NCT] Doppelganger?

Hello hello hello! It’s me, Froggi, back at it again with the requests I should have gotten to a million years ago. This is like the best thing I’ve written since I made my blog though so hopefully that’ll make up for me being late. 

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Genre: idk fluff i guess 
Word count: 1,000+ 
Feedback is always appreciated, thank u and goodnight 

Cozy, inviting, and seemingly set in past decades, there’s something indiscernible that draws you to the cafe that lies on the busiest street corner in Chicago. It’s a place you’ve visited countless times; the employees now know you by name and vice versa. On a particularly rainy day, you find yourself padding into the building, the warmth inside soothing your chilled skin. It’s rather empty, which is out of the ordinary given its reputation, but it’s not at all surprising to see the lack of patrons. It is only Tuesday, and with the downpour outside, it’s no wonder you can count the number of guests on one hand. The chime that sounds throughout the cafe alerts one of the waiters, and he bounds out from the kitchen to offer you a greeting. He’s tall, with chocolatey brown eyes and lips that curve up at the corners naturally, perpetuating an enticingly cat like expression. A few strands of soft dark hair fall into his eyes, and he lazily blows them aside with a harsh puff of air before throwing a welcoming smile in your direction.
“Hey, sexy,” says the waiter, poking fun at your perhaps overly casual attire. “Do you not have an umbrella? You’re soaked.”
You breathe out a sigh, climbing onto one of the large and rustic mahogany barstools that line the counter.
“No, I lent mine to a friend.” Is your response.

Johnny looks you up and down, pursing his lips in thought, before scurrying away. Out of sight, you can hear the whirring of machines and the clinking of glass and it’s not long before he returns, a drink in hand. It’s a tradition, so to speak, for you to leave your order up to Johnny every time you visit. He’s good at what he does, and he’s always thinking of new combinations of ingredients to put together just the right beverage to suit your mood. On days like this, your drinks are usually served hot, varying between overly sweet flavors with heaps of cream or something more simple, usually a hot tea with only a dash of sugar.

Today, you guess the drink is going to be on the sugary side, judging by the mountain of whipped cream and chocolate shavings that dust the top. When you take a sip, though, you’re pleasantly surprised. It’s sweet, but not overbearing and there’s a faint hint of citrus. Your eyes widen, and you throw an excited thumbs up to Johnny as you gulp it down, the liquid heating your throat and warming you down to your toes.
“It’s my newest concoction.” Johnny muses, bowing as if he’s in front of a relentlessly cheering audience.
“I’m impressed. I’d say this is your best work to date.” You say, “What’s in it?”
“That, my friend, is top secret information. I’m afraid I can’t tell you, though you know I hate to turn down a pretty face.”

You haul your bag into your lap, pull out your laptop and boot it up.
“That’s fine; I’ll just ask Nathan.” You counter, and Johnny’s eyes narrow.
“You wouldn’t dare.”
“Try me.” You taunt, taking another sip of the drink.

Johnny, one of your 3 roommates, works and makes a living as a waiter and residential pretty face. There’s a handful of people that attribute the cafe’s popularity to Johnny’s devilishly good looks, and you can’t say you blame them; the days Johnny works are usually the cafe’s busiest. Girls practically line up to see him, no matter where he goes. Of course, it’s an unspoken rule that absolutely no one, under any circumstance, is allowed to flirt with him, unless they enjoy being gently but brutally rejected.To most, it’s painfully obvious that he already has eyes for only one girl. ‘Most’ meaning everyone except for you, the girl in question. It’s routine for Johnny to constantly be flirtatiously throwing quips in your general direction, which you reflect back at him with ease. Everything about him, from the way he dresses to the way he acts, screams “ladies man”, so you suppose you’ve sort of embedded that idea into your brain, projecting his flirty behavior onto everyone he interacts with. “Just ask her out already.” Is a phrase that’s commonplace among Johnny and your two other roommates. Among the four of you, it seems that the only one out of the loop is you. Of course, Johnny isn’t one to push. While it kills him to be so close to you without actually being able to call you his, he’ll take what he can get. He’s a man who’s all about subtlety; he’d rather drop hints for decades before he finally grabs you by the shoulders and scream to the heavens that he wants to go out with you. Which, unfortunately for him, is something he probably needs to do. You don’t consider yourself ditzy and clueless by any means; in fact, you’re at the top of your class in the university’s art program, but that’s another story. Point being, you can’t exactly take a hint, no matter how obvious Johnny might make it. Presently, Johnny’s leaning against the bar, asking you, “What brings you here, by the way? The weather outside is total shits; I didn’t expect to see you walking through it.” You’re in the middle of gulping down more of your drink when he continues. “Don’t tell me it’s because you wanted to come see me? I’m flattered, Y/N, I really am.” You click your tongue.
“Wow, you’ve got me figured out,” you deadpan, “I actually just came to study, since it’s so loud back at the apartment.”
“You couldn’t study at the library?” He asks.
“Nope. Power went out, so the school’s got it closed off.” Is your response. Taking one last sip of your drink, you beckon him over, “Come help me.”
He shoots you a, “I’m going to get in trouble for slacking off.” though he doesn’t make any move to decline your request.
“No, you won’t. Everyone here loves you.” You say as he climbs into the seat beside you.

He scoots closer, brazenly leaning against you with his chin propped on your shoulder. You don’t question the action, but rather the sensation is sends shooting down your spine. It’s not uncommon for him to have his hands on you; often times he’d have you in his lap or an arm slung securely around your shoulder, and it was never considered more than a mindless action between friends. After all, that’s the dynamic your friendship is built on. So why, you ask yourself, does it send your heart into overdrive? Of course. It’s because you’ve got a hopeless crush on the boy. It’s an idea you’ve only nurtured a small number of times, afraid that the blossoming adoration you have for the waiter would cause you to do something stupid, like telling him how you feel, should you entertain the notion that yes, you do like Johnny.His eyes are trained on the brightness of your laptop, and he’s silent as you pull up a number of windows, ranging from PDF files to a random playlist you found on Youtube. Johnny does wonders in helping you study. Physics, your weakest and his strongest subject, is the monster that you try to tackle as you sit tucked away into your own little world inside the cafe. Occasionally, he’ll reach a hand up and point to something you might have missed in your equations, and he’ll murmur answers to your questions. It’s when a sudden change in your playlist has you switching over to Youtube that Johnny lifts his head from your shoulder, prompted by a man seemingly in his 40s entering the cafe. The music that plays through your headphones isn’t something you could see yourself listening to, but when paired with the bright colors of the accompanying music video on screen, it serves to almost hypnotize you. Nine men dance with powerful movements on screen, and the song fluidly moves from hook to bridge to chorus, and it’s during the second verse of the song that something catches your eye. One of the boys, dressed in a candy red jacket with gold chains and auburn colored hair, moves to the front of the group, and your jaw drops. That guy looks just like Johnny! When he moves back to your side, you point to the screen in astonishment.
“Check this out. That dude looks exactly like you!” Johnny’s eyes widen a slight bit, and he furrows his brows in confusion before his features relax and he cocks a goofy smirk.
“Dude, maybe he’s your long lost twin. You know like that movie The Parent Trap!” You joke.
A breathless laugh pulls its way from Johnny’s lips, and he slaps a hand to your back, between your shoulder blades.
“Pretty sure I’d know if I had a twin, Y/N. That dude in the video? That’s me.” He casually throws out.
“Eat it, Johnny. I don’t believe you.” You say, but upon giving it more though you realize that the idea is entirely plausible. Plus, it doesn’t take much convincing on Johnny’s part to have your jaw dropping in disbelief.
“Wait, so you’re telling me that you, Johnny, the Johnny that works making just above minimum wage as a barista, the Johnny that does a shitty impersonation of parrots 24/7, are the same Johnny who’s a famous Korean pop star?”
Johnny nods, as if it’s something as simple as 1,2,3.
You blink a few times, and it only takes you a few moments to fully come to terms with the knowledge. After all, it doesn’t seem far fetched for Johnny to do something so… Extra.
“Is that why you have so many girls up your ass?” You question, jokingly. Johnny leans back in his chair.
“Maybe. It didn’t work on the girl I want, though, so what’s it really matter?” As he speaks, he fixes you with a gaze that’s perhaps a bit too serious given the lighthearted nature of the situation, but it nonetheless has your throat going dry.
“Bummer.” Is all you manage to mumble out.
“Yeah. I guess she didn’t really know about it until just now. I bet if she knew I was so famous, she’d already be falling at my feet.” Muses Johnny, casually despite the rapid beating of his heart.
“Maybe now that she knows I can use that as leverage to get her to go on a date with me.”
“Why don’t you ask her, then?” You counter.
At this, Johnny leans forward, face entirely way too close to yours as he searches your expression for anything that could hint at deception, to give away the idea that you’re playing him like a fiddle, serving as a warning for him to back away because he doesn’t want to deal with the embarrassment of being rejected by the one girl he’s head over heels for. Finding nothing, he takes the opportunity to speak, tongue darting out to wet his lips before he asks, tentatively, “Will you go out with me?”
Your lips quirk up in a little grin, and you can see the tension leaving Johnny’s frame when you nonchalantly reply with, “I’d love to.” The waiter has a smile stretching from ear to ear throughout the rest of his work day.

On Saturday, when he texts you, telling you that he’ll be picking you up once he gets off of work, you find yourself smiling stupidly at your phone.
You shoot a quick ok text, worrying your bottom lip between your teeth before typing out another message.
“Oh and by the way, you don’t have to be famous to take me on a date.” Followed by another text, “I’d have said yes any day.” 

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My headcannon on Shisui's eyes: if just seeing your best friend die was enough, there would be more Uchiha with the Mangekyou, especially during the Clan Wars. Maybe Shisui was on a mission with his team that went catastrophically wrong and his best friend was horribly maimed beyond the point of saving and could either die slowly in agony or be offered a mercy kill. Imagine her asking HIM for the mercy kill. He's relentlessly cheerful for Naruto's reasons: he Can't Let Himself Think About It.

This is about where my thoughts tend to go, and also? Ouch

Thunderbirds     Chapter 17

T/W:  just some language


 “Wake the fuck up Shan.”

  Jared gave the end of the bed a hard kick and then went to open the heavy hotel drapes, letting in way more sunlight than I was ready for.  I rolled over onto my stomach and pulled the pillow over my head.  I would have told him to fuck off but the ringing in my head made me just want everything to be as quiet as possible.  This was supposed to be our off day.  All I wanted to do was sleep.  

  “Come on bro, get up. I want to head out soon and you need a shower.  You smell like a barroom floor.”

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HC: the crew adopts a teAM DOG ! (I just want to see everyone's reactions to it 😍💕

heck YYEEAHHHHH. the dog is a big dog and their name is Peanut


  • Lance is a dog boy my guy he’s basically a puppy himself so you can imagine his tail wagging when they find a dog-like alien creature
  • his family probably had a dog back home so it makes him feel all nostalgic and he definitely is so happy he’s tearing up
  • Lance suggests they name the dog after Queen Bey. Allura totally thinks Lance is talking about a real queen, until Hunk explains to her that Lance is talking about a cultural icon
  • the big floofer is super excitable so whenever they see how excited Lance gets they get even more excited and pounce on Lance, whose lanky frame can’t withstand the power of a big dog and Lance gets crushed on the floor, lovingly
  • Peanut can tell when Lance gets sad and goes to comfort him whenever he gets the sniffles. sometimes Lance just sits there for a while hugging them
  • Peanut always steals Lance’s things because they like to play, and Lance can almost never get his things back because he doesn’t have enough strength in his noodle arms to wrestle them from Peanut’s massive bite power. he as to call Keith or Hunk for backup
  • Lance paints Peanut’s nails blue. they have matching nails


  • Keith doesn’t do well with high-maintenance animals, but he has to admit having a dog on the team is pretty therapeutic
  • when they first met, Keith kept trying to throw stuff to get Peanut to run in the opposite direction of him, but they just thought it was a fun game of fetch and always got the Thing and brought it back to Keith, all slobbery and chewed up
  • tbh who would win a staring contest Peanut or Keith? I don’t know
  • they both have super keen senses so in battle, Keith finds out he works really well with them both in sleuthing and combat. Keith can’t believe he’s bonding with a dog but before he knows it Peanut is his right hand pup
  • Keith shares his food and space juice with them because they’re pals who cares if they’re a dog
  • when they’re out on different planets, Peanut brings Keith a random souvenir. sometimes it’s a speckled rock, other times it’s a piece of tin. Keith keeps the collection in his room


  • this is a big fluffing dog guys…they’re probably as big as Pidge and much heavier than her. Pidge can stand up straight and look Peanut in the eye to assert her dominance
  • when Peanut goes on missions and Pidge is being reckless again, sometimes they swoop in, grab Pidge by the paladin Collar™, and drag her out of the line of fire
  • Pidge made a collar with a tracking device in it so if they ever run off they can find them again. she calls it the GPPS—Galactic Peanut Positioning System
  • when Coran makes gross food she’ll sneak some of it to Peanut under the table
  • tbh Pidge is probably the happiest that they found a dog in the far reaches of outer space. her family had a dog back on earth so having a dog on the team made her feel a little bit closer to them
  • Pidge was behind the name Peanut, because, peanut!!!
  • also because it reminds her of peas, and her dad loves peas


  • Hunk has both the best and the worst doggy voice. he’s a super sap and baby talks to the pupper and whenever he does, Peanut howl-talks back
    • “Did you hear that guys?? Peanut just said I Love You!!! Awwww good dog”
  • Hunk likes to make experimental dog food, which Peanut loves 100% no matter what
  • unlike Pidge, Hunk likes it when Peanut is there while he’s tinkering with stuff. he’ll teach Peanut which tool is the wrench so they can fetch it for him when he needs it
  • Hunk likes to give Peanut all kinds of nicknames. Pea, Snow Pea, Peanut Butter Pup, Slobberface…
  • Hunk is the type to be casually flirty, even in a platonic way?? he’ll act like Peanut is his df like, he’ll call Peanut his Boo and when he gets back from missions he’ll call out like “Peanut I’m home didya miss me??”
  • when the team asks him about Shay he’ll get nervous and is like, “I can’t hear you guys, Peanut is calling for me. sorry know how it is with the bae”
  • Hunk can kinda lift Peanut but it’s way too much work and he’d rather let them knock him over so they can lay on the floor and relax together


  • the dog is a huge comfort to Shiro. Peanut can tell when Shiro is feeling bad and they’re always there to comfort him with licks and nudges and cuddles
  • Shiro is the only one who fully commits to lifting the pupper, though not for too long. Peanut takes advantage of this and whenever they want to be coddled they’ll act like the tiniest puppy and jump at Shiro so he’ll cradle them like a baby
  • when Shiro is giving out orders, the dog gets really excited and likes to boof in the background as if they, too, are giving orders
  • whenever Shiro tries to scold Peanut, they think Shiro is being playful
    • Shiro: oh no….Peanut did you chew on Lance’s slipper? Bad dog, that’s not a play thing
    • Shiro: *tries to grab Lance’s slipper*
    • Peanut: *pulls back like it’s a game of tug o war*
  • Shiro tries to be mad at Peanut, he really does, but they’re just so relentlessly cheerful that he can’t not smile at their antics


  • okay just kidding Allura is the other person who can lift the pupper, except it’s even easier for her, especially if she grows
  • Peanut likes to stand in line with the other Paladins, which Allura finds absolutely hilarious. she’ll be giving a completely serious speech to the Paladins about perseverance, and then as soon as she looks at Peanut, sittin there acting like a defender of the universe, she loses all her composure and starts giggling. she rolls with it though and gives Peanut instructions and training sessions alongside the team
  • Peanut is her special Puppy Paladin
  • she is the second-worst offender of the doggy voice. just imagine her bending down to hold the sides of the puppy’s face and just going all googly over them
  • she does get frustrated with them at times though. one time she caught Peanut peeing in the halls of the castle and she released a horrified screech and a slurred, relentless stream of No’s
  • she might love the pupper with abandon but training them is so tiresome. when they don’t listen to her she needs someone to steady her before she blows her top off
    • Allura: okay puppy, you’re going to jump through these three hoops, crawl through this tunnel, then tuck and roll onto the landing mat, okay? I believe in you!
    • dog: does Not That
    • Allura: The Level Of Disrespect
  • when she just needs time to relax and get away from the stress of defending the universe, Peanut lets her sink into their side and they just lay there together, napping. sometimes she’ll vent to Peanut about missing her home, and even though Peanut doesn’t understand a word, the shine in Peanut’s eyes in response is fairly reassuring


  • Coran likes to use nunvil and mold Peanut’s fluff around their snout into a mustache
  • “why don’t we call them Coran Jr.?”
  • Peanut likes to steal Coran’s socks and make him chase them around the castle
  • tbh Coran is just really happy that Peanut likes his food
  • “At least someone around here appreciates my cooking”
  • the other Paladins help take care of Peanut, but a lot of times they’re out on missions or tired from said missions, so Coran doesn’t mind stepping in
  • bathing Peanut is a MESS. Peanut splashes around everywhere and can’t sit still, and then before Coran can dry them off they do the Dog Shake. imagine that scene from Beethoven
  • Coran tries to train Peanut to be a showdog. he’s unsuccessful, but Peanut’s attempts to march around the room like they’re showing off for judges are really cute

We are into middle-late season four of Parks & Rec now (uh, I don’t remember exactly where we stopped, like 4x16 or so, I guess? can’t look up episode guides b/c spoilers), and ohhh man it starts hitting the heartwarming really hard in the middle of that season. ❤❤❤ The characters are just so darling, and they’ve all (well, almost all) gotten to the point where they really like each other and really want to help each other out, and AWWWWW. I’ve even warmed up to Chris now, who I spent two seasons really not liking very much. I like him way better now that his relentlessly cheerful facade has cracked; he just never really acted human before …

And wow, everything with Leslie’s city council campaign has about 12 extra levels of irony now compared to how it probably read in 2012. >__> An incredibly over-prepared, female workaholic vs. a moron who skates by on his wealth and family connections … GOSH THERE’S NOTHING FAMILIAR ABOUT THIS.

Middle Distance Runner

I want to state for the record that I’ve been working on this fic for over two weeks. So any similarity to the spoilers we’ve gotten for Season Three in the last couple of days is purely due to my psychic powers and genius guessing. 

This fic is inspired by and named after this song by Sea Wolf, which you can listen to here. I listened to it on repeat while I wrote most of this (iTunes informs me that I’ve played it 134 times), so hopefully this story feels like the song. I’d be deeply interested to know if you thought so. The italics are lyrics from the song.

My thanks, as always, to madfatty, who sticks with me even when it hurts. Seriously, my friend, I don’t know what I’d do without you. 

Also, I’ve been warned to offer a disclaimer: This one broke my beta. It’s rather sad in the beginning, though I promise that it gets better.

Tonight, we could pretend that we’re just lovers.

The weekend before she’s to go away, they get a hotel room.

It’s a big deal. He’s got to borrow a credit card from his Dad, she has to admit to her Mum what’s really going on. Gary and Linda have forged an unlikely friendship over the last year, primarily to ensure a unified front against the wiles of their children. Rae thinks that if this is what it’s like to have a proper Dad, always around to thwart your plans, then she’s been better off.

She hugs Gary around the middle later that afternoon, guilty and ashamed of her traitorous thought. All these years of no father, and now she’s got two men in her life to boss her around and get into all her business. She loves it, loves them, but still.

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Love The Way You Lie Pt.2


Pic credit: to rightful owner


Say you’re sorry
That face of an angel
Comes out just when you need it to
As I paced back and forth all this time
Cause I honestly believed in you
Holding on
The days drag on
Stupid girl,
I should have known, I should have known

The darkly tinted window hid the ghost of a smile that crossed his lips. His eyes were trained on the playful toddler that was racing around the blue elephant slide, squealing for another go. Hearty laughters erupted from the child’s gummy grin when his mother rushed to his side to aid his climb up the steps. The child resembled him in so many ways that his heart clenches and flood with warmth with every giggle and every smile. Kris loved him more than his next breath.

His boy. His flesh and blood.

Yet, looking at the bundle of untainted innocence now, a knot of dread tightened deep and heavy in his gut as Kris imagined the day his own son finds the truth about his father’s dark, clouded past.

I had so many dreams
About you and me
Happy endings
Now I know

The scenario in Kris’s head was grim and the possibilities were much more so, but he knew that he will be apologizing - on his knees if needs be. As long as his little boy smiles with clear eyes filled with joy, Kris would do anything.

Regret isn’t an apt word to describe the wrenching emotion that settled deep as a bassline in every pulse of his heart. It isn’t just a simple feeling. It is a living being that haunts him day by day.

If only he could rewind time and clean his slate, Kris would tell himself to not falter to JinAh’s sweet words and obediently crawl into the trap that she disguised as a soft bed. He made a stupid mistake and put his marriage on the line. JinAh had threatened him, saying she would reveal all to you if he stopped seeing her and he didn’t have the courage to own up. He didn’t have the confidence to believe you would forgive him. So he made up lies to you - one after the other. Despite so, there were three words that were always true when he uttered them. Three words that made him try harder to keep you safe and away from pain. They are also the only words Kris ever needed to hear from you when he felt ever so lost in his deceits.

I love you.

But I’m not a princess, this ain’t a fairy tale,
I’m not the one you’ll sweep off her feet,
Lead her up the stairwell
This ain’t Hollywood, this is a small town,
I was a dreamer before you went and let me down,
Now it’s too late for you and your white horse to come around

“Daddy!!!” The boy squealed at the top of his little lungs, racing on his short legs towards opened arms.

His smile faltered. His conscious failing to hold on the last remnant of happiness he had as the knife lodge deeper into his heart.

“Aiden!” Your clear voice rung out.

Your pink lips were pursed, trying hard but failing to repress a smile as you playfully stomped towards the tumbling toddler. The little boy cried out ecstatically as he ran from you, leaping into the open arms of your husband. He let out a joyful shriek as his daddy fell back onto the ground with a resounding thump.

Kris’s heart stopped completely. He could physically feel the cracks in his heart enlarging and hear it shatter into a million of pieces over the sound of the revving engine. His hands gripped harder on the steering wheel as he ripped his eyes from the closing window and drove away.

And there you are on your knees,
Begging for forgiveness, begging for me
Just like I always wanted but I’m so sorry

Ensconced in your own happiness, you weren’t aware of the revving engine that sped away, or of the heart that cracked into million of pieces knowing that it lost something that it once had.

Cause I’m not your princess, this ain’t a fairytale,
I’m gonna find someone someday who might actually treat me well
This is a big world, that was a small town
There in my rear view mirror disappearing now

“You’re going to break daddy soon enough, baby.” You chastised, only your words were drowned out by the sound of uncontrollable laughter from the two men of your life. “And if you ever plan on playing football in the near future, you should look after your back, Luhan.” You told your husband.

They peered up at you as if you spoke in a foreign language, then sent each other a furtive look before Luhan grabbed onto your hand and pulled you down onto the grass. “Stop being such a killjoy!” He said, “Join us and stop pretending you don’t want in on this manly bonding time.”

Straightening your skirt, you meekly laid beside Luhan on the grass as Aiden settled quietly between you both. Unknowingly, you started smiling as the powdery white cloud floated past the expanse of blue in your vision. Everything was perfect and you couldn’t be any happier. Luhan glanced over to you and smiled, catching your attention.

“What?” You eyed him suspiciously, unable to hide your own grinning response.

He shrugged nonchalantly and fixed his gaze back onto the sky. “I love you, that’s all.”

Aiden’s head perked up suddenly. The little mischief rolled his eyes as if he had it all figured out. “Daddy always have to love Mommy. And you love Daddy too, don’t you, Mommy?”

“I love you more.” You pressed his little button nose and giggled when his face scrunched in disdain. “You love me as well, baby?” You asked the boy.

Luhan feigned a frown, pretending to sit up. “I’ll just go over that bench and sit by myself then since no-one seems to love me.”

Aiden quickly grabbed onto Luhan’s shirt to keep him on the ground and climbed on top, sprawling over his chest to immobilize him. “You have to stay here, Daddy.” He demanded. “Stay and I’ll tell you a secret.”

You watched as your little bundle of joy clambered over Luhan to whisper into his ear. Intrigued by what they had to share with each other, you tried to listen in but was swatted away with disapproving glares. Apparently, you’re not joining the inner circle of their ‘manly’ bonding and secrets-whispering.
They ended the exchange with a snicker and gave you a cheeky, knowing look before taking a leap at you. Luhan held your arms still above your head as Aiden sat on your legs and wiggled his little fingers over your stomach and waist. A torrent of giggles tore through your lungs as you fight for your next breath.

“You could have told me you love me the easy way, _____.” Luhan teased. “You left us no choice.”

The blurred wide grin floating upside down above your head was all you could clearly see from Luhan’s face as you thrashed about.

“Tell Daddy you love him, Mommy.” Aiden cheered, relentlessly tickling you with no mercy.

“I love you, I love you, I love you.” You squealed breathlessly, begging for the torture to stop.

Mercifully, Luhan called off the attack. When you was gasping for breath, he lowered his head and pressed his lips onto yours, his smile apparent on your skin.

“How long do you think we have to tickle him to keep him away from our bedroom tonight?” Luhan murmurred quietly.

“I don’t know.” You replied, grinning cheekily at your husband, “Let’s find out later.”

The dim nightlight projecting the shadows of stars and moon on the blue wallpaper with rockets prints brought a sudden squeeze to your chest. You leaned against the door frame and watched Luhan as he laid beside Aiden, reading a story from a book. The little man has thrown his arms and legs across the older one, holding him hostage with what little wakefulness he has left.
Four years ago, you lost your galaxy. It was too vast to keep as your own. But now, you had a precious little star and it’s yours to hold. Aiden was your reason to go on. Your light when the world fell dark. Your rock when the ground shakes. You live for him because he is your everything.

You still remember that fateful night learning of Nana’s loss. It was a difficult decision at such a bad time but you chose to leave. With shaky hands, you packed as much as you could carried and bid farewell to the apartment you and Kris shared. After spending a week away with no contact with anyone, you sent your condolences to Nana and Kris - but along with the divorce paper your lawyer finalized for him. There wasn’t a fight. You asked for nothing but all that belonged to you before your marriage and a quiet split. Two weeks later, it was official; you and Kris were no longer spouses. He changed ownership of the apartment to you and gave the entirety of the shared bank account plus more. You sold the apartment and used the money to buy another place more apt for a future-single mother.

After the 6-months hardship of taking care of the newborn baby Aiden, with family encouragement, you went into the job market and landed an office job as an assistant. That was where you met Luhan. He was friendly and kind despite your reluctance in getting to close to him. But slowly, without you realizing, he melted the frost that encased your heart. It was when your mother bought Aiden to the office that you realized you fell for him. You remember the smile on Luhan’s face as he picked up a laughing Aiden and the look he gave you. He didn’t judge and he didn’t pity you. The look he gave was respectful and caring and full of love, as if right then you and Aiden was his everything. Needless to say, thanks to Aiden’s clinginess to Luhan, you gave the man a chance.

He made one hell of an attempt with it too because he successfully put a ring on your finger.

Luhan gently lifted Aiden’s arms and legs off his body before climbing out of the boy’s little bed as quiet as a mouse. He even had the nerve to shush your giggle as he crept out of the room and closed the door.

“Why are you still up?” He asked quietly, pulling you down the hallway back to the bedroom, “I thought you went to bed.”

You shook your head. “I just finished the kiddies invitations for Aiden’s birthday. I piled it on the kitchen counter. Drop it off when you take him to nursery tomorrow, will you?”

“For a kiss, I might.” He added in sneakily. 

You tip-toed and pecked at his cheek. “And can you also drop off the letter I left beside the invitation at the Postal Office before work?”

Luhan pouted. “That is going to cost more than a peck on the cheek.”

You laughed, hitting his arm as you both climbed into bed and curled up to each other. Senseless conversations and mindless kisses were all that you could remember before the sound of his heartbeat underneath your fingers lulled you to sleep.

The knife tore at the edge of the envelope. Each inch opened sped up the pulse in his veins. Kris put the knife down on the office desk, taking a fortifying breath as he sat back on the chair, slowly opening the white letter with his fingers.

“Dear Kris,
It has been a long time since I have heard from you. I hope you are well and happy. I’m writing this right now to clear the air between us and start anew.
Please stop blaming yourself for what happened. I have moved on. I have forgiven you. There is no reason for anyone to suffer anymore. The past can’t be changed but there is a future. I don’t want the implication of what occurred between us to stand in Aiden’s future. My heart feels heavy keeping you and Aiden from each other.

There is only so much you could know about him from the pictures I send now and then but it would be wonderful if you could visit him some day. He is turning 3 soon. It would mean a lot to Aiden and I if you come to our little gathering for his birthday. After all you are his father. He would want you to be in his life even if we aren’t together. 

Please consider my invitation and I hope to hear from you soon.

Yours sincerely,

He folded the paper up and slipped it back into the envelope, placing it into a drawer along with the other previous letters from you. Pictures in the drawers peeked up at him; Aiden smiling in a elf costume holding your hand under a Christmas tree; Aiden looking determined as he blow at the single candle on his cake; Aiden as he sleep peacefully in his baby cot. Kris’s gaze lifted, going to the wall length shelf on the side of his office. The growing stacks of wrapped presents and holiday greeting cards brought tears to his eyes. How he wished he could hold you in his arms one last time; how he could replace it with the memory of your eyes looking straight at him so painfully it nearly sent a dagger through his heart. But that was all it could ever be - just wishful thinking. He couldn’t change the past. He could spend his whole life regretting his actions, and it wouldn’t change a single thing. 

Now it’s too late for you and your white horse to catch me now

Kris closed his eyes to stop the burn of the tears that were now spilling over. His thoughts echoed in his mind. 

Aiden, I’ll be there. It would mean everything to see and hold you even just for a little while. If I can’t be your father, I’ll be your friend and protector. 


Song: White Horse by Taylor Swift

[A/N:] Hey guys!! It’s finally here!! So sorry it took forever to finish but we always try to keep our promises!! Hope you enjoyed this long overdue piece! A big thanks to Anna, who wrote ~95% of this. I just added the ending and the song haha. Another big thanks to YOU guys who are still here after our long period of inactivity and to those who just followed! I know that everything was so hard when Kris left Exo and took a toll on most of us. But what’s amazing was that I learned that life moves on and sometimes change is good. I grew to be stronger, and I learned that my life doesn’t and shouldn’t revolve around an idol who doesn’t even know that I exist. Rather, I learned to just love him as a fan and nothing more. He’s doing great projects lately, too! :D I hope that this experience also taught you guys something valuable and that you are having an awesome summer!! ^___^

As always, feedback is always welcome (good and bad haha). But no hating please lol. ;D

From Annabelle;

I’m just so glad it is finally released haha. I remember writing the first story 2years ago and questioned if I should write angst pieces ever again. It still surprises me that LTWYL pt.1 had such a good response.

I’m really happy with how the sequel turned out and I hope you guys, as the readers, enjoy it.

Much love,

Chelsea and Anna

The Hard Morning After


me: I wasn’t sure if the bit about Anders never drinking was just fanon or not. even now that I’m playing the game I can’t always tell, because there’s a lot of dialogue choices I don’t see

fauxfires: it’s an ambient banter in act 1, if you bring him near the entrance to the hanged man on the lowtown side he sometimes says it

me: ….justice would be a hilarious drunk

There were days like this when Anders hated the sun, the burning, piercing, eye-stabbing bringer of mornings that man was never meant to experience. Even Hawke’s heavy velvet curtains couldn’t block out the hateful light, and Anders groaned as even the slightest attempt to shift out of its path turned into an arcing bolt of pain through his head.

“Ohhhh Maker,” Anders moaned, flopping one hand over his face to try to block out the light. Even his own hand was too heavy, too hot to bear the touch of it on his skin. “Whatever I did to deserve this headache, I repent for it.”

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My Top 5 Favorite Animated Characters of all time!~
Well as of this moment anyhow!

These guys are the type of characters that I could cheer for relentlessly every time they show up on screen, I love them to bits and they help inspire my own characters immensely. 

iamnotademigodkiller  asked:

Roxy for the ask meme~!

general opinion: fall in a hole and die | don’t like them | eh | they’re fine I guess | like them! | love them | actual love of my life

hotness level: get away from me | meh | neutral | theoretically hot but not my type | pretty hot | gorgeous! | 10/10 would bang

hogwarts house: gryffindor | slytherin | ravenclaw | hufflepuff

best quality: she does nothing except her best, always putting her own problems aside to help others and remaining relentlessly cheerful through it all

worst quality: always puts her own needs below others, goddamn it girl focus on yourself sometimes!!!

ship them with: Jane and Callie!!!! Also John, Aradia, Equius, Feferi, ♠️Sollux♠️, Jade, Nepeta, ♠️Terezi♠️, sometimes Kanaya, Tavros

brotp them with: ♦️Dirk♦️, Gamzee, Rose, Dave, Jake

needs to stay away from: Brisket

misc. thoughts: literally perfect, I adore her, she’s so good, I love my panromantic pansexual polyamorous gamer girl. May she find every happiness.

Happy Man

Characters: Single!Jensen x Reader

So, here’s my first actor x reader. I understand that they’re not everyone’s thing, but I couldn’t resist.

I consider this an AU, as Jensen is single in this fic. This is completely a work of fiction, and I wouldn’t want his reality to be any different, this is purely for entertainment.

Kind of loosely based off of Jensen’s answer when asked what his “guilty pleasure” song was.

Thanks again @iwantthedean. I don’t know what I’d do without you reading my fics. You’re amazing.

You had been on the cast of Supernatural for a little less than a year. You played the badass hunter the boys had met halfway through the last season, but didn’t become a regular until recently. It was as if your dreams had come true, you couldn’t believe this was your reality. You had taken a big leap by sending in your headshot and resume and were completely shocked when you received a call back. Much to your surprise, you had gotten the part and were immediately welcomed into the Supernatural family. Now, Jared, Jensen, Mark, Misha, Kim, Briana, and the rest of the cast were people you actually knew and traveled with.

Which brought you here, to San Francisco, for a convention. It wasn’t your first, but you were nervous each time. You all had just finished a Q&A with Jared and Jensen and were relaxing for a brief before the last panel, where you would answer questions with the rest of the cast and got to listen to Jensen and Louden Swain belt out rock songs for the finale. You couldn’t deny that you found Jensen extremely attractive… and sure, you flirted with each other whenever you spent time together (which was often). The rest of the cast would tease you relentlessly, asking when you two would just admit your feelings for each other, but you both denied it. You were convinced that he couldn’t feel that way about you, you were just a normal girl after all. While, of course, he was convinced you were just friends as well, that you wouldn’t ever want him as anything else. Classic misconception, right?

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Keep your head up, put a “smile” on your face, and stay productive, citizens of Desert Bluffs! 

(This broadcast has been approved by StrexCorp Synernists Incorporated).

An instrumental mix of relentlessly cheerful music for a bright, positive little town… as long as you don’t look too closely. Companion mix to “A Friendly Desert Community”.


getting physical (GoGo/Tadashi)

Title: getting physical
Summary: According to Einstein, “gravitation cannot be held responsible for people falling in love.”  Not even two physics teachers. / GoGo&Tadashi, teacher!AU, oneshot.
A/N: *sobs* how did I write 4000+ words about this scenario? NO ONE KNOWS. for meochis, who requested this way, way back.

[Read and review here] or continue under the cut.

Scenario: team-teaching!AU

San Fransokyo Preparatory School is known for three things: its beautiful campus, its small class sizes, and its science program.

Thus every fall, Leiko Tanaka (“GoGo,” to her friends and colleagues) makes the trip up the tidy white steps and through the shiny glass doors to her classroom, where her eighteen students for the coming year wait. Already, they have made themselves at home, voices tumbling over each other as they talk about their summers. In the corner, two boys have turned their desks around so they can play a game of finger soccer, flicking a tiny ball of paper between themselves, while the girl beside them has started organizing the contents of her pencil pouch.

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SENRAN KAGURA Estival Versus - Localization Blog #1

The world of SENRAN KAGURA keeps on expanding. Estival Versus is our fifth SENRAN KAGURA title here at XSEED, and my fourth as the main localizer. (I started here right around the time Burst wrapped up.) In that time, the franchise has introduced about 20 new characters, provided detailed lore around (almost) all of them, and – perhaps surprisingly – let the characters grow, in more ways than one, from game to game.

On the one hand, the girls are still in the same school year they were when they started in Burst. On the other hand, it’s been an incredibly eventful year for them – even with the Versus games being on a slightly different timeline than the numbered series – and their experiences throughout that year have, in most cases, refined their personalities and strengthened their bonds with each other. That adds an extra layer of challenge to the localization process, in ways I’ll get into shortly, but it also helps enrich the end result.

With Estival Versus being a direct sequel to Shinovi Versus – and there’ll be some spoilers for the latter below – the first question I had to ask was, “Which story from Shinovi Versus?” Veteran SK players know that the girls’ first Vita outing had four different plotlines, one for each faction, and that no two of them were anywhere near the same. Characters who survived one story didn’t necessarily live through the others, and the stories’ tones ranged from bouncy and carefree to grim and bloody. So which one really happened?

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Hunger Pangs-- Thank you.

I’ve got quite a few new patrons on patreon this morning it would seem. Thank you.

And thank you to Pete for the audio clips, to the people making fanart (I’m still screamin that you’d want to) and to everyone reblogging and commenting and relentlessly cheering me on. The last month or so has been really hard on me, especially trying to write seen as how the worsening pain in my jaw is making it impossible to think clearly and the constant need for painkillers is taking away my energy.

I’m still struggling a bit, as you can tell by how often I’m making typing mistakes or just straight up using the wrong words. But I’m getting back on track.

I managed 10k words this week. And I’m determined to be proud of that.

I’d like to tell you I’ll meet my personal deadline this month. But I also want to give you the absolute best work I can give you. So I’ll not say a date right now. Only that it’s Soon.

And I hope you’re going to love reading it as much as I have writing it. In the meantime time, thank you for being there.

Thank you for cheering me on and offering love and support, just thank you. It means a lot.

Love tumblr mom x

Here’s another Jathea headcanon we can cry about. You can also read it on AO3. It starts when they first move in together in Ep 16. 

Jade reads whatever she can find on the bookshelves at Althea’s place, even though it’s mostly fashion magazines. After four articles on how to please your lover, she gives up (but not before trying #8 on Althea that night). Maybe there’s a use for those magazines after all.

When they move in with Batchi and later, Wila, a slow and gradual collection of books starts to accumulate. Althea repeatedly trips on them and struggles to glare at Jade for being messy (and a Senorita). Wila is much less civil and loudly whines about not being a cleaning lady for an heiress.

As Miggy adjusts to life at home with the two of them (and weird Aunt Wila), Jade starts to bring over books that they can read together. She can tell that Miggy doesn’t like it at first, mostly because he would rather play outside, but also because his reading level is far below other kids his own age. Jade patiently starts with easy books and relentlessly cheers his progress. Althea shakes her head as she watches them; her son doesn’t stand a chance against that smile.

Reading with someone is not something Miggy has ever experienced before, but he soon loves curling up into Mommy Jade’s side and giggling over the funny voices she makes. Sometimes one of them falls asleep on the couch, sometimes both of them do – which is why they completely miss Althea’s too-bright eyes as she carefully drapes a blanket over them. After they complete their first big book, Miggy spends an entire afternoon sketching Miggy the dog with three heads. 

On the rare and precious nights when Miggy is away at Marinelle’s, Althea pushes any and all books off their bed and Jade is all too happy to let her. It’s how they learn that Althea has a weakness for Jade wearing her reading glasses and Jade has a weakness for Althea whimpering in long-forgotten Tagalog words.

It all comes to an abrupt end. Miggy and Althea move into their new place and for weeks, Althea finds books hidden within different boxes (that sneaky son of hers). She refuses to have anything to do with them and dumps them all into one box to keep in Miggy’s room. 

It’s only on her weakest days that she allows herself to caress the sleeve of a book that is not hers – that will never be hers – and attempts to trace Jade’s scent among the pages. Over the next months, Althea slowly begins to read every book that she has ever seen Jade read and collect those that she doesn’t have (even while telling herself that this habit has nothing to do with Jade herself and more to do with becoming a better informed mother. Miggy gets a lot of practice rolling his eyes at this explanation).

Time passes and life is peaceful for Kathleen, Miggy and Althea and no one really comments on the growing bookshelf that lines the walls of Althea’s bedroom. Kathleen sometimes wonders why Althea has so many travel books, especially to foreign destinations which Kathleen knows that Althea has never actually visited. And why there’s a few business magazines and newspapers tucked in among bridal catalogs, all featuring the same prominent Chinese-Filipino tycoon and his family. She keeps these questions to herself, mostly because Althea has never been forthcoming about her own past. One wrong question and the woman seems to brood for days. And really it’s Miggy who endearingly shares details about a woman named Mommy Jade. 

Seeing Jade at the park destroys many carefully constructed illusions. Within a matter of seconds, Kathleen witnesses every painful truth that Althea has hidden from her. She waits for Althea to say something, but the woman stumbles home that night in no condition to talk. The alcohol lays her flat, but Althea sleeps fitfully and twice over, calls out for lablab. It’s not the first time Kathleen has heard that word and when she presses for an explanation in the morning, Althea has none to give.

Nothing changes outwardly, but the temperature at home begins to simmer with tension. Above them hangs the looming threat of a confrontation. And maybe that’s why Althea finds herself increasingly escaping to the same park where her past had stood before her like a shimmering daydream.  

Sometimes Althea sits on a park bench and reads until the evening light has completely faded. Sometimes she doesn’t read at all and just sits, running her thumb up and down the ridges of a worn out cover. 

There are some books that are meant to be read in reverse, she thinks, and some that were never meant to be written with final chapters at all. 

She finally accepts why she’s been reading the books all this time.


This moment is not life waiting to happen, goals waiting to be achieved, words waiting to be spoken, connections waiting to be made, regrets waiting to evaporate, aliveness waiting to be felt, enlightenment waiting to be gained. No. Nothing is waiting. This is it. 

This moment is life.