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What doyour tatttoos mean

So I have 4.

The birds on my shoulder were inspired by my favorite scene in the movie Dead Poets society. Where Knox rides down the hill on his bike into the Geese. That scene really resonated with me.

The word ‘Relentless’ on my collarbone is inspired by one of my favorite songs called Relentless by Audrye Sessions. Listen to it, very beautiful. I got it after I beat my addiction.

The one on my back says ‘Just smile for me.’ And was inspired by one of my fave parts of the manga Fruits Basket. Where Kyo says that of Tohru.

And then there’s my prison yard tattoo of a 30 seconds to mars triad 😂 on my wrist. Which I have been meaning to get covered for so long. Long story about how that one happened…haha

Scratch - Calum Chambers


Another relentless training session was over and the boys and I were all getting changed. Somehow throughout the day the chosen topic of conversation had been our girlfriends/wives/partners and our sex lives. I had luckily always diverted the question away from Y/N and I as I knew that word would somehow get back to her that I had blabbed, probably through Theo or Alex as they loved to see Y/N cross with me, and I wouldn’t get any love whatsoever. I didn’t want to tell the lads about mine and Y/N’s sex life, that was our private stuff. God she was incredible though. I had experienced that last night and boy, had she made her mark. My back was now littered with dark red scratches and fuck were they painful. Although, I had made my fair share of marks on her. I had attempted to not hint in any way, shape or form that my back was causing me discomfort or pain as I knew the boys would guess immediately and I would get ripped for it. 

I started getting changed out of my now incredibly sweaty training kit, looking forward to be home. 

“Cal got some last night!” Alex whooped, making me turn around quickly. Fuck, I had gotten changed with my back to them and Alex, being the observant guy he is, had noticed my scratches. 

Resounding whoops, hollers and cheers were echoed around the dressing room and I could feel myself going red. I wasn’t easily embarrassed but this had my face as red as a baboons butt. 

“Fuck off.” I mumbled, in a pathetic attempt to stop the jeering. Aaron clapped me on the back, making me hiss in pain; he’d got me right where the biggest scratch was. Another round of laughter was released and I held my middle finger up in my team mates direction. I hastily pulled another shirt on and continued to get changed, hoping to avoid the conversation. 

“Was she good mate?” Theo teased, making all the lads ‘oooo’ in chorus. 

“That’s none of your business.” 

“C'mon mate, you must’ve pleased her judging by the size of the scratches.” Aaron joined in. I was about to reply before Alexis interjected. 

“Leave him. His love life is, how you say, not ours to hear about.” Alexis said. His English may be fragmented and hard to comprehend but I was thankful. Luckily the guys seemed to take his advice and shut up. 


As I walked out of the training centre with my bag slung over my shoulder, I saw a familiar face leaning by the wall. Y/N. She spotted me as soon as I spotted her and the smile that I loved so much illuminated her face. 

“Hey baby!” She said enthusiastically. A smile made it’s way to my face as I walked over to her. As soon as I reached her I leant down and embraced her gently. 

“Hi gorgeous.” I said into her ear as we stayed in our embrace for a moment. When we pulled away the smile was still evident on her face. I placed a small kiss on her forehead and took her small hand into my large one. We began walking away from the training complex when I heard my name shouted.

“Aye! Calum, Y/N!” Aaron shouted, with Alex by his side. I sighed and pulled Y/N close to me. 

“Hi boys.” Y/N said shyly. 

“Have fun last night?” Alex laughed and nudged Aaron suggestively. 

“We can tell by Calum’s back that you did.” Aaron laughed. Y/N went bright red and looked up at me expectedly. 

“Did you say something?” Before I could answer Alex spoke up. 

“On the contrary love, he refused to say anything but he couldn’t hide the scratches.” I was shocked at Alex’s reaction. I expected him to get me into deep trouble with Y/N, but he was defending me. 

“Well I suggest you need to keep your nose out of our private life. Maybe you should get your own girlfriends.” Y/N teased. Aaron and Alex went silent and began walking off; knowing they had lost. 

“Nice one babe.” I said and we kept walking towards my car. 


Sorry I haven’t posted in sooooooooooooo long! I hope you enjoy this one though :)
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Oikuroo ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

Christy ily so much omg

send me (a) haikyuu character(s)/pairing(s) + a topic and i’ll give you a fuck ton of headcanons!

- Everyone assumes they hated each other at first, but it’s actually the opposite. They hit it off pretty much immediately.

- They met in college through the team. Both were immediately reserves, not good enough to make regular yet, and had to endure being the team’s slaves for the first year along with the other newbies that weren’t instantly qualifiable - the latter being Bokuto.

- This lead to constant bitching and half jokey/half serious taunts to the ‘fifth best and proud’, which were usually followed by behind the back/down low high fives.

- Their taunts were shit and they were the only ones who found them amusing/thought they were witty.

- Bokuto dragged the both of them to relentless practice sessions after training, and after the first one Oikawa dropped to his ass staring and Bokuto in a mix of abject horror and admiration. Kuroo plopped next to him and offered him his water bottle and said ‘pack three, next time’, and Oikawa just nodded dumbly.

- He never packed three, him and Kuroo share every time.

-  Kuroo knows Oikawa’s coffee order off by heart, and has a spare key to his dorm.

- Whenever their morning schedules sync up, he takes Oikawa a cup to wake him up.

- It sounds sweet, but it usually involves Oikawa kicking him in the shin and Kuroo threatening to dump the coffee over his head.

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The Relentless Sessions: Pierce The Veil

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Hillsong United ZION Full Acoustic Session Live


Your love is relentless Jesus <3

Published on Dec 25, 2013  

Laus Deo Semper
0:01 Relentless
4:24 Up In Arms
9:12 Scandal Of Grace
13:36 Oceans
23:20 Stay And Wait
28:30 Mercy Mercy
33:34 Love Is War
39:58 Nothing Like Your Love
48:45 Heartbeats
53:15 A Million Suns
1:00:22 Tapestry
1:07:11 King Of Heaven


5SOS 4/4 preference: cuddles

LUKE: Cuddles were Luke’s expertise, as he loved nothing more than cradling you in his warm embrace. Even so, he managed to make everything an excuse for cuddling, revelling in the warmth you provided him. As he locked his arms around your torso, he tangled his legs with yours and rubbed soft, long ovals upon your back. He adored the way you slept, usually gazing down at you as you fell deep into slumber, nuzzling his sleepy face in close and kissing your forehead before soon falling asleep himself, your gentle purrs matching his. If you ever broke your cuddle in the midst of the night, he’d wake immediately to steal your body back into his arms in great need of your warmth. When you awoke, Luke tightened his hug around your waist, refusing to give you up just yet.

ASHTON: Regardless of being less touchy feely when it came to cuddling, Ashton still couldn’t resist wrapping you in his strong arms and snuggling up against your back. He relished being the big spoon, pressing his body flush against yours and always making sure you felt protected and loved in his safe, warm and snug cuddle. He often allowed you to move about in your sleep, as did he, but always ensured that your fingers were laced between his and tucked under the covers. Always the charmer, Ashton loved peppering your hands, arms, neck and face with petite kisses and whispering sweet nothings into your ear before tracing soft patterns upon your hand, soothing your mind into slumber. He relied upon your warmth and delicate breathing to lull himself to sleep, forever loving moments like these when he felt most peaceful and comfy beside you.

CALUM: Calum’s guilty pleasure was your endless cuddles, when he was able to encompass you in his arms, his fingers clasping tightly together around your waist as he gently nudged your body to face him. You savoured the feeling of him pulling you snugly into his chest and softly kissing you on the head, his long fingers gently combing through your hair and brushing shapes upon your back. He craved your touches, and always confirmed that you were alright and comfy before allowing himself to fully relax. Calum was always relentless about cuddling sessions, regardless of his constant tossing and turning throughout the night. As you both rolled around under the covers, he guaranteed his infinite soft snuggles, always an arm or leg draped around you and a smile playing at his lips before losing himself to sleep.

MICHAEL: Despite his tall stature, Michael desired being the little spoon as you rested your cheek against his back, your hands finding their way to his chest as he gently played with your fingers, occasionally bringing them up to his lips to plant delicate kisses upon them. But most of the time, Michael couldn’t help but hold you tightly in his arms, your face tucked underneath his chin as your ears caught the soft vibrations of his heartbeats and your breathing evened with his. You smiled into his chest as you felt his gentle fingers faintly stroke up and down your side, claiming you as his own. If you moved, he moved along with you, carefully trapping you in his embrace so that in the morning you wouldn’t be able to escape his tantalising cuddles without a fight, securely enveloped in his arms.