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Before I Am a Woman, Before I Am Black, I Am Freddie: Freddie Harrel

Infectious blogger Freddie Harrel opens up about the relentless racism she faced while growing up in France and how meeting her Prince Charming in London has empowered her to state: “Before I am a woman, before I am black, I am Freddie.”

Red Velvet’s Reaction to: You Gesturing To Them While Singing Certain Lyrics on Stage

Irene: i think she’d try to keep her composure, to not give away to the world that she was getting really flustered inside. might playfully smack you after the show and tell you to act more conspicuous or else the media might go crazy but also meet her in the hotel Jacuzzi ;) ;)

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Wendy: can’t help the grin spreading across her face. of course, the relentless teasing she’ll face after your performance will drive her insane but she found it incredibly sweet that while performing on stage, in front of thousands, you were still only thinking of her

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Seulgi: was beaming brighter than even the sun. she loved how much you cared for her, could hear the adoration in your voice as you sang and gestured to her. it made her feel loved and like the most beautiful girl on the planet

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Joy: turned really shy. she hadn’t expected you to do that, was a little embarrassed that the eyes of the world were on her since your gesture but also flattered at the same time. you were proud to call sooyoung your gf, to display her to the world, and while that made her feel shy it also made her feel cherished and appreciated

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Yeri: turned into a pile of goo. she felt so special and adored, barely even hearing her unnies “aww” and nudge her. she was extra cuddly afterwards, forgetting there were cameras and hundreds of people all around. she just wanted to hold your hand, to touch you and cuddle you (you’re joy)

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My Girl

lolcat76 requested, “Robin discovers one of Regina’s hidden talents.”

So, here is a bit of Outlaw Queen and baby fluff that is loosely set in the Second Chances world–thank you for the prompt and I hope you enjoy it :)

It’s the middle of the night when Regina lifts the red-faced, fussy infant from her bassinet and cradles her in the crook her arm. She smiles wistfully despite the fact that it’s well past three in the morning and she’s barely slept since Hope came home a week ago.

“You won’t outlast me,” she says gently, in a near whisper, as she stares down into the girl’s crystal blue, teary eyes. “Really,” she insists. “Your brother cried constantly. I’m really good at this game, so you might as well just give up now.” But Hope is relentless and her face scrunches as her muffled whimpers turn to an all-out cry.

Regina sighs, as she sways back and forth, rocking the baby in her arms. “I should have known you wouldn’t give in that easily,” she tells her with a soft, tired smile. “It’s not in your genes.”

Regina closes her eyes and the baby up against her chest, rubbing circles against her back. She remembers those first weeks with Henry—his restlessness, the constant crying, her insecurities creeping up with every moment when she couldn’t soothe him until she finally…

A smile creeps up on her lips and she moves to the rocker, again shifting the screaming baby back into the crook of her arm. She settles herself, stroking two fingers over the wispy red hair atop the girl’s head, remembering the first time this trick worked on Henry.

She clears her throat and takes a breath, slowly exhaling as she decides…

“I’ve got sunshine,” she begins, her voice a little shaky—she doesn’t remember the last time she sang. “On a cloudy day. When it’s cold outside, I’ve got the month of May. I guess you’d say, what can make me feel this way?”

She smiles down at her daughter, whose looking up at her with wide, teary eyes. “My girl…my girl…my girl…talkin’ about my girl…my girl…”

Down the hall, Robin’s eyes flutter.

“I’ve got so much honey, the bees envy me…”

A smile creeps up on his lips as he opens his eyes, turning his head toward the baby monitor—it’s Regina’s voice, but it’s…different. She’s singing, he realizes as he slips back into full consciousness. He’s never heard her sing.

“…I’ve got a sweeter song than the birds in the trees. Well, I guess you’d say, what can make me feel this way? It’s my girl, my girl, my girl…talkin’ about my girl…my girl…”

Climbing out of bed, he moves down the hallway to the nursery and leans against the door frame. It takes a moment for his eyes to adjust to the light, but nonetheless, he smiles at the sight of her holding the baby—their daughter—in her arms as she sings to her. He’s completely transfixed, completely amazed by her voice—she has a way of doing that, of taking him by surprise at the most unexpected moments. His smile deepens.

Regina looks down at the baby in her arms, her screams have turned back to whimpers and she’s looking up curiously, listening to the new, soft melodious voice of her mother. “…I’ve got sunshine on a cloudy day with my girl. I’ve even got the month of May with my girl. Talkin’ about, talkin’ about, talkin’ about my girl…oh, my girl…my girl…”

Her voice trails off and she watches as Hope’s eyelids begin to weigh heavily. Her cries have drifted further and further apart, but she’s still awake; so Regina picks up the song’s opening lines again, singing it all the way through a second, then third time and by the time she reaches the end of the third round, Hope is asleep. She exhales, hoping the quiet lasts for more than a few minutes.

“I never knew you could sing.”

Regina jumps a little, looking up to see Robin in the doorway. Her cheeks flush. “H-how long have you been standing there?”

 “Long enough to know that you have an absolutely beautiful voice.”

“I don’t know about that…” she scoffs. Looking up at him she shakes her head, “I didn’t mean to wake you.”

 “I’m glad I woke up,” he tells her. “That was such a sweet moment to witness.”

Her cheeks flush again as she slowly rises from the chair, moving carefully as she places Hope back into her bassinet. She hovers for a moment, holding her breath as she waits to see if the little girl wakes. And when she doesn’t, she smiles glad—and more than a little relieved— to have been able to soothe her back to sleep.

“How long have you been up with her?” He asks, stepping in and standing close behind her.

“About an hour…I think,” she shakes her head, laughing a little. “I’m so tired, I lost track.”

He sighs, settling his hands at her waist and hugging loosely from behind, “You should have had me get up instead.”

She leans back into him, “You’ve been up with her most of the week and you were sound asleep…and…I…wanted to make sure that I could comfort her.” She grins down at the sleeping baby. “This time around the learning curve was much shorter.”

Robin hugs her closer and she closes her eyes, enjoying his hold. Slowly, she pulls back and turns in his arms. Leaning up on her toes, she pecks his lips. “Come on, let’s go back to bed,” she tells him, offering a coy grin. “And I’ll show you another one of my hidden talents.”

His eyebrow arches as she leads him from the nursery. “Oh?” He asks, “And what’s that?”

Looking back at him, she catches her bottom lip in her teeth, letting his mind wander over the possibilities for just a moment longer. She takes a step back toward him, pressing herself close. “I can fall asleep at the drop of a hat,” she whispers. Laughing softly, she kisses his cheek, then pulls back, taking his hands in hers as she leads him back to bed.

All i need is five minutes, chap 2 (My mama don’t like series)

For the wonderful @otppurefuckingmagic that needed fluff <3

read chapter 1 and the rest of the series on ao3

“Izzy! Can you stop punching me?!” Alec shouts, trying to defend himself against the relentless assault he’s facing. She’s so aggressive today that he can’t get her to pause long enough to tell her about his date with Magnus tonight without risking a foot in the face.

“Isn’t it the purpose of this? You guys hitting each other?” Clary asks from the sideline, fucking around with her phones instead of watching and taking notes like she’s supposed too when she’s not actively participating. Unbelievable.

“Not when I’m trying to have a conversation!” Alec retorts, rolling around to avoid a kick to the chest.

Izzy snickers and shouts “You’re next, Clary!” as she tries to use her lighter built to pass under his defense. He knocks her down the best he can but she evades him with a backflip, her ponytail whipping him in the face. That actually hurts a lot. When she lands she pauses and cocks her heads on the side. “What do you want to talk about?” She jumps from foot to foot, keeping herself moving lightly around him. They have been grounded in the Institute since Jace disappeared with Valentine and Izzy is the worst at waiting around. Hopefully, their parents will green lighted them to go back to active duty soon. They can’t teach everything to Clary in the safety of the Institute.

“Magnus and I are having dinner tonight,” he says in a rush, knowing well that if he doesn’t speak quickly she will try to land a blow on him again.

“WHAT?” Izzy and Clary scream at the same time. Clary drops her phone on the cushioned bench and gets in front of him so fast it gives Alec a headache. Now she pays attention?

“How come this is the first time we hear about this?” she asks, tone demanding.

“Yeah. I’m so punching you for that by the way! You’re supposed to tell us those things!” Isabelle threatens behind Clary.

“Don’t remembers signing anything forcing me to do so,” he says as he rolls his eyes. Those two are the most gossipy persons he knows. And Simon. Simon is the worst.

“Magnus told you about this?” Izzy asks Clary, ignoring Alec completely.

“Nope… which is weird. Magnus practically sends me a victory snapchat every time Alec smiles his way,” Clay muses.

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