Here’s an original epilogue of Frozen Teardrop from Asagi Sakura art book.

This is a summary I made when I read this for the first time. There are some points or details that I skipped and didn’t mention it in the summary.
My Japanese skill isn’t good and I’ve never translated anything into English, so if there’s any mistakes in this summary, please tell me and I will fix it. :)

Epilogue: 静寂の終曲 (Finale of Silence)

- Heero proposed to Relena in spring of MC0023 (the end of novel vol.13) and they lived together on Mars, in the lakeside house with flower garden. In this epilogue, it was summer of the same year. They were married for 5 months.

- They didn’t sign the marriage license because Heero didn’t have ID no. (Lol) but that was fine to them.

- Relena still kept calling Heero “Heero”. He wanted to change his name but he had no idea (He didn’t want to use “Aiden” or “Clark” or “Beta”) so Relena decided to call him the same.

- In epilogue, they were having afternoon tea together after Heero tended their garden (how cute)

- After the tea, Heero showed his birth certificate with his mother’s name “Aoi” on it to Relena. The father’s name on the document was blank. He told her that he could use this to register for ID no. and then they can sign on their marriage license to become (real/legally) husband and wife. Heero also said that when they have their own children, he didn’t want the father name was blank. (Awwwwww) That made Relena blushed and she was very happy.

- Relena and Heero came to see the white rose iceberg that she planted by herself. She told him that the flower language of white rose is purity/innocence and mutual love. And the another name of iceberg is “Snow white” (same as the name of his gundam)

- When he saw the rose garden, Heero was surprised that he felt the tear in his eyes because he thought that his tear was frozen all along.

- Here’s the last scene’s conversation:

Heero : This is wonderful. This rose garden is the most beautiful place in Mars.

Relena : Eh?, then tell me where is the most beautiful place in space?

Heero : ….I can’t.

Relena : Why?

Heero : I’ve never looked all around the space, so I don’t want to lie to you.

(Relena thought that it’s ok if he lie for once)

Relena : Heero, you are so mean….

Heero : Relena who still keep calling me “Heero” is mean.

In the garden with sunset, their silhouettes were together forever.


That’s the end of the long journey. After all these 20 years. Congratulations, Heero and Relena (and 1XR shippers)


YO so I rewatched— well more like watched because the last time I saw Gundam Wing was when I was in kindergarten and I did not understand/remember anything lmao

This is a scene at the newest LN of GW: Frozen Teardrop. (Near the end haha)

this is a parallel (kinda) to episode 1 and im just here, rolling bec 1xr is canon

blatantly canon– not an insinuation, not a hint but gdi a marriage proposal heero u nerd

(although FT is a bit of a contradiction to the series haha)