releigh becket

I’m sorry, I can’t draw mechs for shit, but I tried haha *sobs* Still had loads of fun with this though.

When I saw the prompts for Lapidot week 2, my eyes landed immediately on the Day 7 “pilots” and my brain was screaming for me to do a Pacific Rim crossover haha! [Pacific Universe]

Had to skip the last two days just for this one, since had to do a bit of research on the pilot suits and Jaegers. Honestly the designs aren’t as original as I wanted them to be due to time constraints, Lapis and Peridot’s suits are essentially the same suit Mako wears minus the star. The Jaeger I just slapped some designs together and said “eh good enough”.

Yeah Peridot’s got a scar on her forehead due to a training accident. Also the name of their Jaeger is ”Viridian Cobalt”. Admittedly I’m surprised this crossover isn’t done more often, since “drifting” in the Pacific Rim verse is essentially a mind meld and the closest humans can get to fusion.

“The deeper the bond, the better you fight”  - Releigh Becket -

Anyway I’ll shut up now, sorry I talk too much.

CO-PILOTS | a Jaeger pilot mix | LISTEN

01. Do You Want To Die Together Stars | 02. Glory and Gore Lorde | 03. Timeless The Airborne Toxic Event | 04. Ghosts that we Knew Mumford and Sons | 05. Trojans Atlas Genius | 06. Rivers Kankouran | 07. By Your Hand Los Campesinos! 08. Bloodstream Stateless | 09. Until We Bleed Kleerup with Lykee Li | 10. I'm Gonna Be Sleeping At Last